Mr. Romantic

Mr. Romantic

Ivy is the “preacher’s daughter”.

Series: Mister Series 2

Everything about her screams “innocent” and ready for corruption.  She’s well-educated, well-respected, and desperate for a job after just graduating college.

She’s sunning herself one day when a sweet job offer is literally hand-delivered from the infamous Mr. Romantic, Nolan Delaney, himself. Well… his driver, anyway.

Ivy knows who Mr. Romantic is. All the Misters are infamous. They were involved in a media-frenzy college scandal some years back and everyone knows Mr. Romantic was the one who “did it”.

They miraculously beat the rap and have been busy being billionaires ever since. But even though Ivy is ready for the challenge (and really needs this job) something is up at Mr. Romantic’s desert resort.

Nolan Delaney might be deliciously hot, but he’s got a dark side lurking under that charm. And when I say dark… I’m talking… depraved.

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