Mr & Mrs

Mr & Mrs

Is it the wedding of the century? Or a disaster in the making?

Series: Mister Series 7

All the Misters are gathered together on Five’s island paradise for the most outrageous wedding in the history of weddings.

Mr. Perfect wants one last dream-date with Ellie. Mr. Romantic is trying to learn how to be a “girl-dad”. Mr. Corporate needs to know why his adopted son is sneaking out at night. Mr. Mysterious is on a bizarre scavenger hunt for his crazy Cinderella. Mr. Match is desperate to give Katya the dream wedding. And Mr. Five… well, Five didn’t raise his family on a secluded tropical island just so his teenage daughter could up and leave one day.

It’s a wild ride featuring a crazy cave adventure, swimming pigs and feral little girls, a boy who wants to be like his father, a detective looking for his sugar cookie, kittens climbing up a wedding dress, and Five.

Who will need to redefine what “paradise” is, because his princess has put her foot down.

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