Mr. Corporate

Mr. Corporate

Victoria is self-made

Series: Mister Series 3

…super-competitive, super-aggressive, and currently drowning in debt when she suddenly finds herself battling with her ex, Weston Conrad (AKA Mr. Corporate), for a job that could literally change her destiny.

She was there when the whole college scandal went down at Brown University and the Misters got their infamous nicknames. She saw the whole thing. And she always knew Weston was innocent.

But there were other things happening that night. Things in her world. Things in his world. And he always was a bit cagey about his past.

That was a long time ago now. She had moved on because let’s face it—the two of them were never going to work. They are fire and ice because Weston wants a girl who needs him and Victoria can handle things just fine on her own, thank you.

But now Weston is back in her life and somehow, some way, he brought all her old secrets with him.

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