Mr. Match

Mr. Match

Katya is a girl with secrets. 

Series: Mister Series 5

If she had been at Brown when that scandal went down with the Misters, they’d have included her in all those news broadcasts and nicknamed her La Femme Nikita.

Is she a Russian spy? A liar? Or just a lost girl who fell in love with the wrong man?

Meeting Oliver Shrike, AKA Mr. Match, four years ago changed everything in her mind. Who knew fate would intervene just when all hope was lost?

But she should’ve known better. She should’ve known that happiness was never part of her future. And now Oliver’s billion-dollar dating site is the next target. The final piece of the puzzle in the Mister end game and she’s right in the middle of it.

But maybe… just maybe… she can do something about this?

Maybe she can save him, even if she can’t save herself.

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