This book is going to DO things to you. And I hope to start by making you lust over this cover. This beautiful pic was taken by the amazing Sara Eirew and surely you recognize this model by now! Mike Chabot is on a lot of my covers. I don’t think he can take a bad picture if he tried. 

Sick Heart was a long process. It took a long time to write. It comes in at 127,000 thousand heartbreaking and beautiful words. It has a perfect ending. And it deals with some very dark shit.

But lest you think my Sick-Hearted Hero needs redemption–no. He doesn’t. He will not be apologizing for one fucking bit of his story. And neither will my heroine. These two characters are survivors and this book is about their fight. 

Oh, there IS a real fight in this book. It’s a dirty, bloody mess. But they’re not gonna apologize for that either. 

Not one drop of blood. Not one punch in the mouth. Not one horrific memory.

I will defend this story until my dying fucking day. These characters aren’t dark — that description belongs to the evil subhumans around them. These characters are STRONG and their love story is SWEET. 

And so… I present to you…

Cort van Breda has won 35 death matches as a fighter in an MMA circuit so deep underground there are no rules and only the winner gets out alive.

They call him the Sick Heart.
They say he’s a shameless monster.
They say he’s a ruthless killer.
They say he’s as twisted as the man who owns him.
They say a lot of things about Cort van Breda.
But in our world violence is money, and money is winning, and winning is life, and life is the only thing that matters.
Except… he wasn’t meant to win that last fight.
And I wasn’t meant to be his prize.
But he did.
And I am.
And now his sick heart owns me.

WARNING: This is a sweet love story adrift in an ocean of evil. It is about two survivors dealing with their darkest secrets while they fight to change their lives. It is for mature readers only and has descriptions of deeply disturbing situations. There will be pearl clutching.






(crossing fingers it goes live on time – always at the pleasure of the Zon)

It will release ONE DAY EARLY on these three platforms above (March 29) and will NOT BE FOR SALE ANYWHERE BUT AMAZON AFTER THE PRE-ORDERS DROP!

So if you want to buy the book on a platform other than AMAZON, you have to get it on pre-order.



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  1. You are my absolutely favorite author right now. You have the most awesome stories. I loved the podcast with Johnathan and hope y’all can do more SOON! I could type 5k words here about all the amazing things and people in your books. MAJOY FANGIRL HERE! btw: I heard about the weather. Please be safe & warm!

  2. I’ve had enough with the snow. Had some warm weather the last couple days, but supposed to drop back off this weekend. Hoping for no more snow here in Upstate New York.

  3. Here’s hoping you have warmer weather soon In Oklahoma we have had our share so I know how you feel I’m ready for spring!!

  4. 30 inches of snow!!!!! Ugh its to late in the winter for that mess Its actually 70 here in the mountains for Western North Carolina

  5. I’m in North Carolina and we haven’t had snow where I live in two years. I’ll gladly take some from you!

  6. That’s a lot of spring snow!! Invoking the spring gods to hurry up!
    I love this cover! I can’t wait to read it!

  7. Let’s face it the weather has been bonkers for years now, mehh. So happy to see this book coming out soon. Thank you for your hard work and amazing talent you share with us!😊

  8. Good fishing weather right now in the south! Glad spring has arrived. I’ve got the fever!! Can’t wait for the new book

  9. Putting in a good word for you to Mother Nature that she not send any snow your way or mine crossing my fingers. Hope you have a snow free weekend

  10. 30 inches of snow?!?! Holy sh*t. I pray you don’t actually get that much 🙂

    (Thanks for the chance to win and congrats on your gorgeous cover!)

  11. Sorry that you’re getting a lot of snow. Here where I am in southern California we got a lot of rain this week and now it’s cloudy and in the low 60s.

  12. It was so warm here last week I had my flip flops on! This week my ears are frozen off walking.🥶 Summer cant get here fast enough!!🌞

  13. It’s HOT here in Ormond By the Sea, Florida (Daytona Beach) the bikers just left and I am currently laying in my beach chair listening to The Ruling Class!!! Can get enough of your books, found you January 22, 2021 and I have listened to or read everything I can get my hands on your worlds are incredible, your writing is my escape and your steamy scenes make being a crazy single mom a little bit easier! Thank you Julie, What you do MATTERS

  14. Gorgeous cover 😍. I am invoking Persephone the Goddess of Spring to bring you the weather you desire 🌺

  15. Boing, Boing, Bonig it’s Spring or it soon will be. So hang in there like everything else there an end date even for snow.

  16. Sending warm thoughts your way! I can handle snow for a weekend with a million pounds of snow gear – I’m at the beach where it’s sunny and about 58 (and I’ve got two layers of clothes and a jacket) – this desert girl is seriously freezing when it’s below 70.

  17. I hate snow we had a little last month and it was awful. My 74 year old neighbor had to come over and clear the snow from my front door. I hope you stay warm and safe.

  18. I will make you a garden and hope the spring gods let it grow..


  19. Sorry to hear about your bad weather! 🙁. Our snow has melted here in Ontario but we’re still having cold days 🥶. Love the cover of Sick Heart!!💕💕

  20. I completely identify with your weather plight. My family and I were hit by the bad weather in February. Three of our apartment rooms got water damage. We were without running water for two weeks. Positive vibes and best wishes to you and your loved ones.

  21. Looking forward to reading it and hearing who gets picked for Audiobook. 🤞🏾 for Sebastián & Andi team up on this. Thank you Sara Eirew📸 and Mike Chabot🤤

  22. No snow here in Virginia, but stuck in bed with a migraine. This hot cover art is amazing! I spent the last two days listening to the Creeping Beautiful books for the second time to catch some of those Julie deets.. I have read or listened to almost all of your books at least once. You are an amazing author. Rook & Ronin hooked me, Taking Turns intrigued me, but the world of The Company appeals to my dark romance and suspenseful side like no other author has ever been able to do. I love how you intermingle the books. BTW, I missed the end of book shit these past two books. I LOVE listening to you speak on your writing.

    1. I saw the stuff you posted, that was insane. It’s still cold in IL & kids are on Spring Break. Looks like the first time in a few years it won’t snow!

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