Well, how is everyone?

Hanging in there?

Here’s something to be happy about. We made it to November. What a fucking year, right? I don’t even know where the time went because I feel like I got a whole bunch of nothing accomplished this year. That’s not really true – I actually did a lot but the time is passing so weird.

Anyway, it’s been a stressful week and I’m not going to talk about that shit–I’m sure we all have places we can go to hear about the real world, but that place isn’t here. I just wanted to pop in and give you guys some updates and let you know I’m fine. My family is fine. There’s actually a whole lot of nothing happening in my end of the world (locally speaking).

But I have a whole bunch of new audiobooks coming out. I’ll tell you about the predictable one first.


It’s up for pre-order now and the narrators are Emma Wilder and Jason Clarke. (So great, right!) And I have a sample for you below too! So make sure you play the video and give it a listen. Bossy Tony is a very different book in the Bossy Brothers series and it’s pretty much a standalone, so if you haven’t read all the Bossy books, you don’t really need to. If you’ve read Bossy Alonzo (Also a SUPER FUN and SEXY audiobook with Jacob Morgan and Erin Mallon!) then you’ll be a little bit ahead. But Bossy Tony has almost no mystery in it. It’s almost all love story. But there is a twist. Isn’t there always!





And since we’re talking about the Bossy Brothers…

Bossy Jesse and Bossy Joey will be going into the Audible Plus Catalog.

I don’t have the exact date on when they will drop, but it will be soon. I have already signed the contract and things are in the works. If you don’t know what the Audible Plus Catalog is, it’s like Kindle Unlimited for audiobooks on Audible. (All the Bossy books are still in Kindle Unlimited, by the way. So they are all free to read as well) But the Audible Plus Catalog is a selection of FREE audiobooks for all Audible Subscribers. There used to be the Romance Package (Later renamed Audible Escape) but they have cancelled that program and not it’s this new program called Audible Plus. Which is pretty cool. I use it myself to listen to books.

LOTS of audiobooks going into the Audible Plus catalog!

Here are the titles and narrators! (Can you tell I love Teddy Hamilton? lol I actually love them ALL! I can’t choose a fav because that’s like choosing your fav kid.)

Sexy (Sebastian York and Elana Wolfe)
Rock (Sebastian York)
Eighteen (Ava Erickson)
Bossy Jesse (Ava Erickson, Teddy Hamilton)
Bossy Joey (Joe Arden, Jill Redfield)
Anarchy Found (Sebastian York, Anna Riordan)
Anarchy Chained (Teddy Hamilton, Kate Russell)
Five (Anna Riordan, Teddy Hamilton)
Total Exposure (Elena Wolfe, Christian Fox, Teddy Hamilton)
Pleasure of Panic (Savannah Peachwood, Aiden Snow, Teddy Hamilton)
In to Her (Savannah Peachwood, Teddy Hamilton, Tad Branson)
Pretty Thing (Emma Wilder, Christian Fox)
Sweet Thing (Emma Wilder, Christian Fox)
Booty Hunter (Savannah Peachwood, Teddy Hamilton)
Sin with Me (Tad Branson, Ava Erickson)

Once again, I don’t know exactly WHEN they will go into the catalog, but it will be soon! So I will keep you updated once I know for sure. 

New audiobook versions of Rook & Ronin!

My other audiobook update is that the Rook & Ronin trilogy has been totally re-narrated and is about to go live any day now. It’s been in review for 6 weeks already, but they were finally approved this week. So. Any. Day. Now. It’s taking forever, I know. But I did put up 18 chapters of TRAGIC for you to listen to for free in my Facebook Fan Group. So if you want to get a nice, long, sexy-fun sample of Jason Clarke as Ronin and Erin Mallon as Rook, head on over there and give them a listen. (If you’re not a member already, just ask to join and someone will add you as soon as they see it). I will be taking all those chapters down as soon as the Rook & Ronin books go live (Contract reasons) so if you want to listen to them for free, do it quick!

And I would just like to say that the older versions were all wonderful BUT the Tragic contract was up and I didn’t want to renew it for business reasons, so that’s why we got all new versions of the first three books in that series. There will also be an omnibus version (Tragic, Manic, and Panic in one audiobook) but that will probably take several more weeks to go live.


So. That’s the audiobook updates for you!

Now I do have two announcements for NEW books! 

First – BOSSY LUKE is the last book in the Bossy Brothers series and it now has a release date of January 5, 2021. I’m going to have a surprise cover reveal tomorrow (I think – for sure by Sunday). Bossy Luke is a MFM and went into audiobook production with three narrators (Hathaway Lee, Arron Shedlock, and James Cavenaugh) Hathaway Lee is “new to you” but trust me, you will LOVE. LOVE. LOVE HER.

Check out my blog tomorrow (or any of my socials) and I will have the cover and blurb for Bossy Luke for you guys.

SECOND – The other NEW BOOK releasing soon is Uncrossed. The final book in the Harem Station Series. This will be narrated by Christian Fox and Shane East. This is book SEVEN and the series is finally done. I wrote this book back in January but this year was crazy stressful so even though it came back from first edits in February, I didn’t actually get back to work on it until August. So it just took forever. I was busy with other books (Creeping Beautiful Series and Bully King and all that shit). So we don’t have a release date for that just yet – but it will probably be around the first week of February 2021.

I think the narrators are working on it now. Or maybe it’s in post production, I’m not sure. But from now on ALL MY AUDIOBOOKS WILL RELEASE AT THE SAME TIME AS THE EBOOK. This is why these new books are taking so long to release. I will have a cover reveal for Uncrossed as soon as we nail down a release date. 

Oh, and by the way – if you haven’t started the Harem Station Series yet – the first book in that series (Booty Hunter) will also be FREE to Listen to in the Audible Plus Catalog.) And all the Harem Station books are still in Kindle Unlimited right now, so you can read them for free as well.



The third and forth books in the Creeping Beautiful Series will release in the Spring of 2021. I will have more updates on those in about a month. I also have a couple other projects going on in the background, but those announcements will come in January.


If you placed an order for a signed book a few weeks ago I have GREAT NEWS! The paperbacks are already arriving. I have one smaller order that came in, one larger order delivering today, and one more smaller order coming soon. So the paperback orders will all be going out well before Christmas. 

Hardcovers… not sure. I don’t know when those will arrive yet, so we’ll see. They just take longer to print. I’ll keep you guys updated though.

OK, that’s it for now. I have a GREAT sample of the new Bossy Tony Audiobook below co click that shit and give it a listen. I swear, you won’t be disappointed! And don’t forget to listen to the FREE TRAGIC AUDIO in my fan group on Facebook before I have to take it down!







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  1. So happy to hear that you will be adding to the Audible Plus catalog. I was very close to cancelling since the Escape package ended. I now have a reason to stay! I love, I mean LOVE, everything you write! I have read or listened to almost everything you publish…and then I read/listen again and find things I missed the first time. Keep doing what you are doing!!

  2. I am a HUGE fan—it all started with the Mr. Series and then all of Rook and Ronin, etc… but I recently began the Harem Station series and OMG!! What fun—and hot and intriguing… So looking forward to relishing every one of these… It’s Sci Fi at it’s best!!

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