Friday Night Freebie - July 26, 2019 - JA Huss

Friday Night Freebie – July 26, 2019


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NO MYSTERY THIS WEEK! You’ll know exactly what you’re getting! The second Bossy Brothers book is releasing on Monday and by some miracle the paperbacks came in today while I was working on the new handmade journal. So yay! Gonna give one away this weekend!


I have not had any journals as a prize lately because my printer died in a power surge and had to get a new one. Plus it takes hours and hours to make all new inserts and I needed new Bossy themed ones for the next few journals. But I finished the Prison Princess book yesterday and that means today was a “day off”. Sorta! lol I’m not sure I really know what a day off is.


By the way, if you’re one of those people who cringe at the thought of using books in craft projects dot’ worry. The condition of every single book I use to make these is considered “beyond repair”. The spines are almost always cracked and pages are already falling out. I take all the pages out, repair the spine with binding tape, and then put new pages in.


I did not put a new cover on this journal because I thought the cover was quite beautiful and I don’t know for sure that it’s leather, but it feels like leather.

BTW – BOSSY JOEY RELEASES MONDAY AND you can get it on pre-order RIGHT NOW!


Get the e-book:

Paperback available at:


So peek at the journal pics below and then enter the giveaway!
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There really is a box. If you win it will be mailed inside a USPS Priority Mail box so it won’t be dirty when it arrives.








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A sexy sci-fi alien romance series!

Naughty Things

All three are sexy standalones!

Read in any order!


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100 Replies to “Friday Night Freebie – July 26, 2019”

  1. I’m more a reader than a listener. I’m reading Wicked Whiskey Love by Melissa Foster! I’m loving it!

  2. I’m not a big fan of audio books I’m dyslexic with audio processing issues so it just doesn’t work for me. Also the accents do my head in.

  3. I read 99% of all books, but my husband loves audiobooks. We always listen to Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum books together. They come out around Thanksgiving and we listen to them in the car.

  4. Nothing currently. I do my audio books at night and I have to take my son to camp in the morning so no reading or listening tonight. But I haven’t finished the vampire coalition book set yet by js scot.

  5. Not a fan of audio books, especially since I like sexy romances. If I don’t like the narrators, it’s cringe worthy.

  6. I love to read, prefer physical books but read on my Kindle app on my phone for convenience. I got hooked an audiobooks from your books with Johnathan McClain! I can listen all day at work (most days)! I’m just finishing up Pierced and haven’t decided what to listen to next over the weekend.

  7. I love audiobooks because they allow me to get my chores done or my get my workouts in while I get my book fix.

    I’m not listening to any this weekend though because I’m catching up on my true crime podcasts while I catch up on my emails.

  8. Audiobooks are kind of hit and miss with me. Really depends on the voice(s) of the narrator(s). Gotta be a deep sexy voice for me with a romance novel. Some just don’t make the cut.

  9. Sorry, I loathe audio books. The narrators usually sound like “bad” actors — either stilted, flat, unnatural, or overdone delivery. Haven’t heard a good one yet. I prefer to read. Characters always sound better in my head — we know how they’re supposed to sound, not someone’s bad interpretation. Sorry, but audio’s a hard limit for me.

  10. I love audiobooks but I mostly just listen when I’m on the treadmill. It makes the time pass so much faster lol
    I just finished Seven Nights Of Sin by Kendall Ryan!!

  11. Usually prefer ebooks, but really like the idea of listening while exercising … yet it’s really hard to give up loud music.

  12. I love audio books so I can avoid migraines. 😉 I’ve been listening to Kristen Ashley’s Moonlight and Motor oil series which I’ll finish in a little bit, then I FINALLY get to start Penelope Douglas’s Kill Switch 😀

  13. I love audio. Going to listen to Richard by SM Stryker and All I Want by Tamara Lush
    Thanks for the chance!

  14. I’ve recently discovered audiobooks and especially love to listen to them when I commute for work meetings. Currently listening to Black Sheep by Meghan March.

  15. Sorry, not a fan. Too distracting… the melodious tones of someone reading to me tends to either put me to sleep or I spin off into a fantasy about the person behind the voice….

  16. The only audio book I like is Jane Eyre. It’s read by a cast, can’t remember what they call those….

  17. I enjoy audiobooks, but don’t have a lot of time to actually listen to them right now. Perhaps after my boys head back to school and I’m alone in the house again!! Ha ha!

  18. Not a fan of audio. I get distracted if my eyes are elsewhere and I have to keep rewinding! Lol!

  19. Although I’m not listening to anything right now, I enjoy listening to audiobooks while driving, doing house work, cooking, etc, Audiobooks are tricky because the narrator can make or break the experience. A good narrator makes the story come to life, but I have returned a couple of Audible books because of intolerable narration.

  20. Yes, I love them. I’m fairly new to them, but so far the book News I’ve listened to we’re great! Now I am listening to Balance by Lucia Franco.

  21. I do I do, I am currently listening to Treasures Lost, Treasures Found by Nora Roberts… Not sure if she is the author for me I keep trying but sadly nothing is catching me.

  22. I don’t really listen to audiobooks. I’m currently reading the last book of the Bootleg Springs series by Lucy Score and Claire Kingsley called Highball Rush.

  23. I love audiobooks! Especially when the narrators have sexy as sin voices. This weekend I’m reading ARCS no audiobooks. I mostly have Meghan March in my library though, love her!

  24. For a long time I wouldn’t do audiobooks, but I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I chose Meet Me in the Dark as my first audio, and DAMN. It’s still my favorite. I’m finishing up an Elle Kennedy audio right now, and my goal is to finally listen to Wated Lust next week. It’s been sitting on my app since it came out. I just haven’t been ready to go back into that story.

  25. Went to Hawaii this summer with my family and we needed the time away! Had a great vacation! Hope you’ll get to get away too!

  26. Yes, I do have, and I love you for that 😁❤️
    Your books were the ones I’ve discovered audio with.
    This moment is Take – Pam Godwin ❤️

  27. I’m just starting to be able to absorb them and appreciate them. My current list is Throttled by Chelle Bliss. Love me some City 😉

  28. I have yet to listen to an audio book. I love to read and when I was raising children I didn’t have time to read, so now I am making up for 20 years without reading books.

  29. I am totally addicted to audiobooks! I have always read, always. But with audiobooks I can be driving the car, eating, deleting emails, even when I go to bed. Multitasking is the way I live. I follow favorite authors (like JA Huss) I love that she writes faster than anyone else and she doesn’t cheat us by writing a 4 hour book, I also follow favorite narrators. I keep a list on my phone of authors, next date a book is due out on audible, and my favorite narrators. I hate cliff hangers, but sometimes, well what can you do; however it does cause me to hold off on the book until right before follow-up book is due out. I also love JA Huss’ “end of book s——“ ! So thank you for writing as I will continue to read & listen!

  30. I would love to get into them … But I get distracted quickly. Especially if it’s noise, like music, tv, or even someone talking .

    Don’t get me wrong I have tried them, Read Me Romance, I just can’t sit there and listen to someone for so long, and then if I start doing things like make dinner, ugh I’m barely listening.

    It’s funny though, the hubby loves audiobooks.

  31. I don’t really listen to audio books. The only one I have ever listened to was Challenged by Amy Daws.

  32. I don’t do audio books. I like to read the words myself because listening to someone else read them puts me to sleep lol

  33. Thanks for the recommendation. I love audiobooks! Like love them, love them. I’m listening to two this weekend: Raising Hell by Daryl Banner and Last Days of Night by Graham Moore.

  34. I recently started listening to audiobooks. I got a couple this week and I’m not sure what I’ll listen to yet.

  35. Yes, I DO love audios! I usually have two going at a time but, I finished the one I was listening to in my car so, now it’s just Mason Dixon #2 by the excellent Eric Asher 🙂

  36. I listen to audiobooks on my commute to and from work. I can only listen to books that I have already read, it’s too hard for my brain to follow otherwise. Right now, believe it of not, I am listening to Wasted Lust and just finished Meet Me in the Dark <3

  37. I’m reading the Devil’s Night Series & I’m on book #3 Kill Switch, can’t wait til book #4, Will’s book comes out 🤩

  38. I love audiobooks. I listen to them when I walk and when I clean. I just finished Plan B by Jana Aston.

  39. The only thing I listened to this week is the girls from Read Me Romance podcast. I normally listen to two books a month.

  40. I do love audiobooks. But atm, I’m not listening to any yet. But some of the ones mentioned here sound great! 🎧😘❤💋

  41. I never thought I would like them but I am trying my first one–Transcendence by Shay Savage–while I drive. i think i could only handle them while I drive though, or are doing something around the house like baking or cleaning. Basically in times that could replace music. And only of books that I have already read. I wouldn’t want to “read” a first book through the audio version. So far I am really liking Shay’s though!

  42. No I don’t listen to audio books. They tend to put me to sleep. I just can’t focus without reading the words.

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