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12 Days of Giveaways – Day 9 – 321


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Battered, barefoot, and huddled under a bookstore awning in the pouring rain, Blue only knows one thing. After fifteen months of captivity, finally… she is free.

Self-made millionaires JD and Ark are not out to save anyone when they stumble upon a wet and shivering girl one early Sunday morning. But when you sell sex for a living and salvation rings your bell… you answer the call.

After years of searching, love lifts the veil of darkness, and three people—with three very big secrets—find themselves bound together in a relationship that defies the odds.

Or does it?
Love. Lust. Sex.
This trinity might be perfection… but not everything should come in threes.

WARNING: This is a STANDALONE non-traditional M/F/M ROMANCE with a non-traditional ending.

P.S. – While I would NOT call 321 a “holiday book” it does take place at Christmas. 🙂 




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2. Whatever Bitches Tote Bag

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4. 321 Candle Tin

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6. Super Swag Pack

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This book is not free but it is Whispersynced. So if you download the ebook (free in KU or purchase on AMAZON) then you can get the audiobook for just $7.49 on Audible. It’s also available on Apple Audiobooks.








(2) COMMENT BELOW and tell me what is your favorite holiday dish!


I often make a huge rib roast on Christmas Day and I’ve been doing for about twenty years now. So I def like that. But it’s really the Christmas Eve food that I love the most. So my favorite holiday dish is Baked Potato Soup. We’ve been doing this soup for twenty years as well. Some years we will have ham or turkey for Christmas Day. We’ve had tacos before too. 🙂 But we never deviate from the Baked Potato Soup on Christmas Eve.

Here’s a picture and the recipe if you’d like to make it yourself! If you tap or right click the image, you can save it to your computer or phone!


HERE is a sneak peek of tomorrow’s giveaway!


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655 Replies to “12 Days of Giveaways – Day 9 – 321”

  1. Favorite holiday food…THE STUFFING!!!! Always my favorite especially if there gravy on it. I could skipp everything else and eat just that.

      1. We have all kinds of Mexican tacos with lots of good toppings and spicy chiles. My dad cooks them and doing them outside is best, so we always home for good weather (not snowing/freezing).

    1. My favorite Christmas food, which is just a memory now, was Christmas tacos at my grandma’s house. Home made shells from masa flour that were fried. We all took turns using the taco press. I’ve not had a Christmas like that for a long time, miss her dearly, but that is okay, I’ll always have those memories.

    2. My fav is mashed potatoes, I just love them, and yes I eat them all year long, but I also associate them with the holidays as well.

    3. My favorite thing is my sweet potato soufflé. I have been making it for years and have no clue where I got the recipe. I have search online for the recipe but can not find one like mine anywhere! Since I can’t find it, I share it with anyone who asks…it is just that good.

  2. My favorite dish is turkey soup. I use the left over turkey and make soup or of it. My son can’t tell the difference between the chicken or turkey. Haha. He gobbles it up. This year will be different and I’m searching through low-carb turkey soup for us! 🦃🎄

      1. I make the ABC pies every Christmas. This is a big family tradition. Growing up it was always Apple, Blueberry, and Chocolate Silk pies. I tend to change them up year to year. Apple never changes. But this year I am doing Boston Creme Pie and a Cherry Cheesecake. I make everything, including the pie crusts from scratch!

        1. As you said “holiday” dish, I’m going to go with that concept (already mentioned I was Jewish) and, tbh, there is nothing Kosher that I find particularly appealing. (JMPO). However, Thanksgiving food is awesome and I really like sweet potatoes w marshmallows slightly burned on top. Not positive, but likely that’s a food dish leading to diabetes and heart problems, but I’m ignoring all of that dietary petty nonsense for now. If ppl think it’s way too fattening and not good for one’s diet, I also am a great fan of the turkey itself. And stuffing. And gravy. But I’ll stop now bc I’m actually getting hungry just writing this down!! 🍗❤️🥰🥰

  3. My favorite holiday dish is anything my Mom makes! She is an amazing cook and baker! But if I have to pick my favorite of her’s it would be her chocolate mousse cake! Delicious!

  4. I would have to say Blue Cheese Dip (with bugles and pretzel sticks). My grandma used to make it for Holiday parties and I always loved it! I hadn’t had it since she passed away 10+ years ago and I finally tracked down the recipe from a cousin last year. Shortly after getting the recipe I was at a garage sale and found the exact glass bowl with etching and gold plating she would put it in (every time). I was crazy excited, I had never seen one anywhere that was the same, and then a few weeks later found another bowl with the same etching and plating just a different shape. I like to think that was her doing somehow 🙂

  5. There are 2 things I LOVE at the holidays. Green bean casserole and the Spiral ham. Yes I know I can make these ANY time but at the holidays they just seem to taste better! Thanks for the chance

    1. My favorite holiday dish is made for Christmas Eve. It’s a nod to my Italian heritage. A lot of people have heard of the feast of Seven fishes on Christmas Eve. My Grandmother was a widow with 12 children. She could afford ONE type of fish. Plus I am not sure of the availability of seafood in rural Pennsylvania in the 1930’s and 40’s. My Mother followed in her own Mother’s way. We usually had a house full on Christmas Eve. Even as a child I was permitted a small glass of that nasty Italian jug wine cut with some ginger ale. We had a nice haddock steamed and then flaked into a wonderful butter, olive oil and insane amount of garlic sauce. This was combined with a plain cooked spaghetti and cheese. A portion of the cooked fish is reserved before the sauce to make a chilled fish salad. It is just seasoned with a very fine chopped celery, fresh parsley and lemon juice. I continue to prepare these same dishes for my husband and I each Christmas Eve. It wouldn’t be Christmas Eve if the house didn’t reek of garlic and it’s perfect!💕 Merry Christmas and Thank you for the opportunity to win one of these giveaways.

  6. Ermahagawd 321! Was my first ja huss it broke my ja huss virginity and by gosh has it been a fucking amazing journey!!! My fav Xmas dish has to be pigs in blankets ! Yummy 😋

  7. All the food! I love just getting together with my friends and family and just eating all the different types of food. But when I was younger my mom would make all this candy and chocolate for a whole weekend and those were my favorite thing to eat during Christmas time.

  8. My mom always makes this stuffing..it’s some kind of wild rice with Canadian bacon, and other stuff….it’s so good!! I also like when my grandma would make homemade tamales and beans

  9. Next to Stuffing….my other favorite is my husband’s family recipe for 3Day buns. I have tried to make them and was not very successful so I leave that job to my two sister-in-laws for the holiday dinners.

  10. We have been doing a Prime rib for Christmas dinner for a bunch of years now, with fresh horseradish. I printed out your recipe and I’m gonna try the baked potato soup this year too! We always go to our favorite Mexican restaurant on Christmas Eve after church so we don’t cook any food that night.

  11. Sweet potato casserole and classic frosted sugar cookies…yes, I consider them a dish, lol!!! I LOVE 321, it’s my fave of yours and one I own. Thank you for the chance <3

  12. Favorite holiday dish is Christmas casserole. Bag of croutons, 1 lb sausage, 12 eggs and 1/2 lb cheese. You can only eat this once a year

  13. My Family’s favorite dish is the Brown Sugar,, Mustard and Coke ham.
    Mine is my late aunties recipe Rum cake I get asked to make about 5 of as gifts…lol

  14. Thanks for the chance! My favorite is my Turkey. I’ve made it the last 5 years and it has turned out amazing each time.

  15. My favorite holiday dish was my mom’s bake Virgina ham. My husband tries to recreate it every year, although his is good there’s nothing like moms

  16. My favorite holiday dish is stuffing. I don’t eat it all the time, but when I do I make sure it’s delicious

  17. Because I don’t like eggs, mayo or mustard my mom always makes me diced potatoes with just butter. It started out being a replacement for potato salad for me and now its something I look forward to every year

  18. Thank you for the chance! My favorite holiday dishes would be macaroni and cheese, sweet potato pie, yams, and roast. I also like banana pudding – yummy! 😋❤

  19. I usually make a ham every year, but this year I’m actually thinking about making a pot of chicken and dumplings. Veering off the path of normalcy a little bit.

  20. We usually either make Mexican for Christmas or bring in Chinese. Or if Chanukah coincides with Christmas, we make latkes and have rare roast beef. It’s our family tradition.

  21. We do the 7 fishes for Christmas Eve, which I’m not about, so my favorite would definitely have to be my homemade Christmas cookies!

  22. My favorite holiday dish is sweet potato casserole. Nobody in my family likes sweet potatoes so this the only time I make it.

  23. Mac n cheese by far. My mom make a cheese sauce to mix with the macaroni and then add more cube cheese before baking. It be sooooo cheesy. By far my favorite. Have a blessed day everyone.

  24. My mom makes me walnut bread every year only during the holidays and it is amazing! After recent food testing, I’ve learned I can’t have eggs, wheat, and gluten. She tried one this year with substitutes and it tasted like playdoh 😂. She made me another one with no gluten but with eggs and that one was much better! This new diet is impossible!

  25. I don’t really have one. My nan made the best food and no one else has ever lived up to her cooking so far. We typically just have a British Sunday dinner but with a couple of extra things like pigs in blankets and stuff lol

  26. Ham is the best. However that may seem boring it’s a treat for me since my diet is mostly chicken and fish. I have never liked fruit cake. Thank you.

  27. On Christmas Eve we have soups and cookies. My favorite soup is brownie stew and my favorite cookie is thumbprint cookies.

  28. My favorite holiday dish would be my homemade ravioli’s. My grandmother onky made them at Christmas and I have continued that tradition.

  29. My favorite holiday food is a bit non traditional. My stepmom is from the Philippines so she always brings what we call egg rolls however in her country they are called lumpia. They are so good I can’t even describe how good they are!

  30. Every new years eve, my mom makes a potato salad with tuna, mayonaise, pickles and onions. Not fancy but very yummie and nostalgic

  31. Squash casserole and cornbread dressing.
    Your soup looks amazing. Thanks for the awesome opportunity. Merry Christmas 🎄

  32. My favorite Christmas dishes are Christmas Eve we have a traditional Italian meal and have home made gnocchi and fish dish of Baccala … I look forward to every year and why does the food always taste better on a special day ? Merry Christmas 🎁

  33. I don’t a favorite dish but my kids and grandkids always ask me to make my fudge, Unbaked cookies and my oyster crackers. I have done this for over 25 year now.

  34. My grandma made cranberry sauce fresh every year, & it was so good! My grandpa would make stuffing from scratch as well, & it was so good! After their passing, family members have tried to make them, but it’s just not the same. I treasure those memories. Thanks for the chance!

  35. Well for years it’s always been the stuffing. However, last year my husband and I did smoked ribs. They were epic. That is now my favorite holiday dish.

  36. I’m not big on turkey so I’m all for the homemade deserts. Coconut pound cake that I make every Christmas is my fav. Ty for the chance

  37. My favorite holiday dish is my grandmother’s stuffing. My aunt makes it now and somehow it still always tastes like how my grandmother used to make it.

  38. My favorite dish is our Christmas Eve tradition of either Potato Soup or Oyster stew. I look forward to it because it makes me feel like a kid in my Grandma’s house with everyone milling about and I was trying to get in the Tom & Jerry Mix.

  39. On the holiday itself, The meal can really depend on who all is there on the day. My family is very large and we do our whole family potluck in January to celebrate together. We always do different homemade soups and crackers, rolls, etc. That is my favorite! I love trying the new soups and being in the midwest – January is a great time for it.

  40. My favorite holiday dish is a sweet potato bake. Mashed sweet potatoes in a large Pyrex dish, drizzle with a bit honey, toss a few walnuts on top and then bake in the oven until the nuts are toasted a bit. It is delicious hot or cold. Cheers and thanks!!

  41. My favorite holiday dish is my moms italian meatballs. We do eat them more then just on xhristmas but i look forward to them. Thanks for the recipe. I love potato soup

  42. My favorite holiday food is also on Christmas Eve. We have a vegetable soup really simple then we have eggnog and popcorn and watch Christmas movies

  43. My favorite holiday foods are latkes (potato pancakes) and sufganiyot (filled donuts) (I’m Jewish, celebrate Chanukah instead of Christmas)

  44. Christmas Eve…we decorate the tree and then go Midnight Mass…
    your soup recipe sounds delicious!
    So does the prize pack!

  45. Oh gosh, I love it all. I think I like the coconut cream pie my mom does just for me. I love it even if it’s not super traditional. I will definitely try your soup recipe. I make a jalapeño potato soup that I love and soups are the one thing I can make well. Haha.

  46. My current favorite holiday dish is deviled eggs because this is the first year my children have shown interest in helping cook. This is what they chose to start their learning with so that made me smile. (My true favorite is homemade Mac and Cheese with a Bacon crumble on top).

  47. We often change it up at Christmas and do a variety of different things but similar to you, we almost always make a baked potato soup – the recipe I use is so labor intensive though so some years I just don’t feel like it, but it is delicious (and SO bad for you LOL) Many times my favorites end up being the things my mom bakes that she rarely does these days, that there are no recipes for and that we’ve never been taught.

  48. Fave holiday food – Cornbread Dressing. One of my earliest memories is if me sitting in my grandmother’s kitchen stirring the huge bowl of dressing before she poured it into the three or four pans she would bake it in. The fragrant sage aroma always takes me back to Christmas at Granny’s.

  49. First let me just say… this was my first MMF book and I loved it.
    Okay my favorite Christmas dish is glazed ham & macaroni salad. Okay I know that’s 2 dishes but while I’m breaking the rules I might as well mention my favorite Christmas dessert. Homemade coconut balls. Coconut candy covered in chocolate with or without nuts. Similar to mounds & almond joy only better. It’s made with love 💕
    Happy holidays and thanks for the chance. 🎄

  50. Every year at our work Christmas luncheon, one of the Director’s wives makes Paula Deen’s “Not Yo Mama’s Banana Pudding”. I know it’s not Holiday’ish, but it’s the only time I eat it! 😜

      1. My favorite holiday food is a shortbread type cookie my great grandma made. It is made with cardomon and to my family, it is the taste of the season. Only my youngest sister and I make it.


    My favourite holiday dish is probably my friend’s recipe for stuffing. I have recently been diagnosed with celiac (GRRR), and this recipe actually works with gluten free bread (which is a minor miracle).

    Thank you for doing these give-aways it has been great fun posting every day 🙂

  52. My family changes Christmas dinner pretty regularly. In fact one year my youngest son at a 15 months old toddled into the kitchen and unknowingly turned up the oven to 500 degrees burning dinner. We had Chinese take out that night. Having a rib roast was my favorite Christmas dinner so far. My husband is an excellent cook!! Looking forward to his Lidsor cookies this year.

  53. Love spiral sliced ham and cheesy potatoes. For dessert, my cherry cream puff ring. So many great eats! Happy holidays!

  54. My favorite Holiday food is homemade noodles on Thanksgiving and Christmas is is spiral honey ham can’t wait. Oh I loved the audio on YouTube. My next on wishlist for audible. Can’t wait! Thank you for the chance and your generosity. Merry Christmas 🎄🎅🎉❤

  55. I love cornbread dressing. The holidays are the only time I make it so it’s a special treat for everyone. I also make pumpkin pie.

  56. My favorite dish is mashed potatoes. Yes I know they are a dish eaten year around but there is just something different about eating them during the holidays

  57. I love the turkey but everyone and I do mean everyone for any holiday or special occasions or gatherings asks me to make deviled eggs. Some how I have become the deviled egg queen lol. I have deviled egg carrying container, fancy plates and even hard boiled egg cooker!

  58. Christmas dinner has varied the past 15 years or so from ham with the trimmings, this year it’s going to be ribs in the crock pot, Mac and cheese homemade of course and baked beans, Christmas eve is usually soup also and junk food snacks, thank you for the opportunity,

  59. I would have to say my favorite dish would be the standing rib roast also, and, have been cooking it for our Christmas dinner since I found the recipe in a Woman’s Day magazine in 1995. It is the only time that I make this roast. The other dish would be my mom’s deviled eggs. Very simple recipe that again, is only made at the holidays.

  60. My favorite more traditional holiday dish is probably pumpkin bread. But my real favorite holiday dish is not really specifically a holiday dish: it’s my mother’s homemade chicken & dumplings. She hated making it but she did it anyway for me every year at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I really miss that since my mom passed.

  61. Favorite holiday dish. Oohhh that’s hard! Could be the cream of crab soup or seafood imperial in bread bowls or the homemade cheesecake or the noel ball cookies my mother used to make or the most amazing sugar cookies I used to make but cannot find the recipe for since we moved.

  62. My favorite holiday dish might not be really a dish but I only eat it at Christmas. My dad would always make cream cheese and green olive spread when I was growing up. It’s just cream. Cheese and sliced green olives with a little juice and you mash it all together and eat it on Keebler club house crackers. So good!!!

    1. Chicken Tortilla soup, we have it Christmas Eve. It’s not exactly a holiday dish but it’s my favorite thing to eat around the holidays. Took a Screenshot of your potato soup, can’t wait to try it. It looks delicious. Thanks

  63. Crab cakes is yummy absolute favorite food to have on Christmas Eve. I haven’t had them for the last few years. The boy hates seafood. This yr he is going to his Dads house in California. So it’s the return of the Crab Cakes

  64. My favorite holiday dish is sweet potato casserole. I also love my sisters cheesy potatoes and her potato salad. There’s a theme here, lol. Three, Two One is a forever favorite. Thanks for the amazing chance! I’d adore this!
    Happy Holidays!

  65. This is going to sound so BASIC… but, I cannot have a holiday meal without brown-sugar-baked yams! My grandmother does this weird combination of brown sugar and strawberry fanta and slices her sweet potatoes into discs and lets them bake and candy until they’re just… yum. I love them!

  66. My favorite holiday food is making and eating pizzelle cookies with my parents. I remember making these with my grandparents ages ago.

  67. I have always said Lasagna was my favorite which I served with Ham and all the trimmings. But last year I also did the Prime rib, and it turned out perfect. So I think I found a new favorite Prime Rib.

    I love ❤ potato soup, so I will be trying your recipe. Mine just never turns out .
    Merry Christmas 🎅 🤶 everyone🌲

  68. Fave is mom’s rice dressing. Not really specific to the holidays, but we always had it no matter what else we made!

  69. Hi! My favorite holiday dishes are green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole and squash soup. Thank you for the chance and Merry Christmas!

  70. My favorite is chili with crunchy peanut butter sandwiches and chips and salsa on Christmas eve. Snack on Christmas day. Buckeyes.

  71. My favorite holiday food is overnight blueberry French toast. I love this because I’ve always make this Christmas Eve for Christmas Day breakfast. On Christmas Eve I always make coco and give my kids there Christmas Eve gift (always a book, video and Christmas pjs) and while they are occupied I make breakfast and stick in the refrigerator. In the morning they always wake up to the smell of the French toast cooking and we know Christmas is officially here and time to open gifts. My girls are grown but whenever they are home for the holidays we still hav the same tradition.

  72. My favorites are my mom’s veggie soup, my daughters sausage balls and banana pudding yummmmmmm❤️❤️❤️ We do soup, snacks and desserts for Christmas, nothing heavy. Thanks for chance❤️

  73. My favorite holiday dish is cheesy potato casserole. Some may call them funeral potatoes but my mother in-law only makes them at Christmas and Easter, if we’re lucky, and they are my absolute favorite!!

  74. My mom makes Swedish meatballs they are so good we have a get together on Christmas Eve with family it’s a tradition..
    Baked potato soup sound delicious thank you for the recipe.
    Great Prizes
    Thank you 🎄

  75. I love stuffing, I make my mom’s recipe and it makes me feel like she’s still with me. And roasted asparagus its one of my favorites. Thanks so much !

  76. All of it. I love food! But if I had to choose just one thing I would go with my family’s homemade pierogi. Mushroom sauerkraut and kielbasa pierogi to be exact 😁 My family and I have had some pierogi parties to try new and interesting flavors but I think my favorite will always be the mushroom sauerkraut and kielbasa flavor. I think this is because it reminds me of my Grandma 💕

  77. One of the things I most look forward to Christmas is the food, family and friends and all the laughter and love we all share with one another.

  78. I always buy a box of chocolate cover cherries at Christmas. It’s the only time I will eat these. They are so sweet I can’t eat more than one at a time.

  79. The last few years I switched from a rib roast to a beef tenderloin but the one constant is a canlis salad from the restaurant of same name. It’s everyone’s favorite

  80. Thanks for the soup recipe!! My favorite is my Party Hashbrown Potato recipe. Everyone raves about it. I even made it for my bff’s wedding reception! Merry Christmas!! Thanks for the chance!❤

  81. If I’m having Turkey, my stuffing is made with cornbread bread crumbs, chicken flavor rice a roni, hot Italian sausage, and seasoning to make a yummy stuffing for the turkey.

  82. Chocolate eclairs made from scratch. My mom started this as a must have dessert on Xmas eve along with Xmas cookies and I try to continue it

  83. The baked potato soup sounds amazing! My fave holiday dish is simple; mashed potatoes. We eat pretty healthy & clean the rest of the year so the creamy potatoes are a yummy indulgence. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family 🎄♥️

  84. Pie! My daughter tries a different recipe each year and they are always good but sometimes “interesting”. It’s fun to be her guinea pig. My favorite so far – Matcha cream pie. Thanks for sharing the potato soup recipe!

  85. My favorite holiday food, although more for Thanksgiving, is my dad’s stuffing. For Christmas we rotate in more Polish food and I love the pierogis.

  86. I would love it if my favorite was a healthy food, but I like the sweets! Pecan Pie is what I splurge on for Christmas. Then I semi diet for the whole month of January. Have a wonderful holiday!

  87. We always make Tamales and eat them on Christmas Eve this is our bi family meal. I like to make prime rib on Christmas day! I am definitely saving your recipe looks delicious!!!

  88. My mom makes these amazing butterscotch crescent rolls, they are like cinnamon rolls but butterscotch instead of the cinnamon. We have them with brunch on Christmas morning

  89. All the desserts, that’s my fave lol. Actually I came across this Ina Garten roasted chicken recipe and I tried it (adding my little to it as well) and Ive been making it.

  90. My absolute favorite holiday dish is Grandma’s sweet potatoes! They are a candied version (no marshmallows—very frowned upon those marshmallows!!) and are a pain in the ass to make, but oh so worth it!

  91. I don’t have a favorite holiday dish per say, but I the sweet potato pie, coconut custard pie, candy yam and all the baked sugary stuff, especially Caribbean Rum Fruit Cake (I make this once a year around the holiday season).

  92. Yum…that soup looks delish…I’m going to have to copy that recipe. For me it’s the one time of the year I make my three cheese mac & cheese for my family…it’s a lot of work, but it’s so worth it. That along side of some HoneyBaked ham and you have a dinner worthy of over-indulging!

  93. We used to eat Tacos or just get pizza on Christmas Eve since we are military and can end up anywhere but now that my husband will be retiring soon we are at home more and either have sandwiches due to our younger kids or whatever they pick for Christmas Eve. The next day is Ham ect on Christmas.

  94. We have fresh oyster stew on Christmas Eve. It’s very simple. Oysters and butter just heated until the oysters curl, milk, salt and pepper. It’s delicious with lots of saltine crackers.

  95. I always make the mince pies in our family I spend the hole day just baking mince pics soaked in brandy over night and then dish them out to each member of the family 👪 😅 😋

  96. My favorite is my husband’s smoked turkey. I could eat it everyday. It’s even better because it is less I have to cook. Lol

  97. Has to be pigs I blankets on Christmas day. Boxing day I always look forward to cold chicken withbubble and squeak. Not sure if that’s a US thing. 🤔

  98. My favorite is my late brother’s recipe for his coke ham he would put coke and brown sugar and baste it about 3 or 4 times depending of the size of the ham and it would always turn out so good when he would make it !

  99. My favorite food is actually dessert. I carried on my mother’s tradition of making church window cookies. Melted chocolate then stir in colored marshmallows, add coconut to a piece of wax paper add the chocolate mixture and roll into a log. Refrigerate and cut. Thank you for the chance.

  100. My favorite holiday dish isn’t really a dish. It’s the cookies! Lol. Also, my neighbor makes us all kinds of snacks and desserts that we look forward to each year.

  101. I’m not big on yam so for Christmas we have lasagna. I look forward to it each year. I also make a fruit salad with mini marshmallows and cool whip, one of my favorite desserts. This soup looks awesome! I’m going to have to make it. Thanks for the chance!

  102. There is always so much good food for the holidays. But my favourite to make and eat is hands down shortbread cookies. They need to be handmade it’s not the same from a store. They also need to have red and green sugar crystal sprinkles.

  103. Christmas is all about the food dont care about the presents!!! Xmas day is all the trimmings In my own style always three courses starts with soup my fave spiced parsnip yum! both ham and chicken with buttered skin wrapped in bacon with honey and orange glazed carrots, roasties, cauliflower cheese, dauphinoise potatoes, spiced red cabbage and the most meaty gravy to cover the Yorkshire puddings. Then onto dessert live a good sticky toffee but my husband loves bread and butter pudding so I do my own version with white chocolate and salted caramel oooh I cant wait 😋

  104. It’s usually the one time during the year that we make our saffron and cardamom breads. They’re so good. We use my Emmi’s recipes and the smells and the taste bring back so many wonderful memories.

  105. Hands Down Pumpkin Pie!! Because you can’t go wrong with pie! And I don’t wait until I have eaten my dinner before I eat dessert! Cause what’s the fun in being an Adult if you can’t have dessert first! 💋 Happy Holidays!!!

  106. My favorite Holiday Dish is Plum Pudding with Brandy Butter( Or Brandy Hard sauce if Brandy butter cannot be obtained)

  107. My favorite holiday dish is actually our whole Christmas morning breakfast. My mom and I have cinnamon sugar monkey bread, sausage balls, scrambled eggs and sausage gravy. It’s always delicious. Couldn’t imagine having anything different, plus spending time with mom. Merry Christmas and thank you!💕🎄

  108. Favorite holiday dish is any dessert! We usually make at least pecan pie & then any other cake, pie, cookie that my mom & sisters find in magazines throughout the year.

  109. My favorite holiday dish isn’t really a dish. The only one that qualifies, as it’s the only dish that only gets made for the holidays, would be Lefse. It a very traditional Norwegian potato flat bread. I am actually learning to make this from my grandma as she is getting old and I don’t want it to be lost to my family. ❤

  110. My favorite dish is he dressing my dad always made. Lost him three years ago and have been trying to get it right since than.

  111. Stuffing! My mom makes the best stuffing, and we only eat it at Thanksgiving and Christmas, so it’s extra special because it’s rare. So good!

  112. First, thank you for the recipe. It sounds delicious! I will definitely make it. Our Christmas Eve has been changing as the years go by. It’s always involved a lot of family members, usually 20 to 30. The location rotates and so does the menu. I love the appetizers. My favorite is the chicken puffs I make. I make the cream puffs, incorporating a good Swiss cheese in the dough. Once baked in cut them in half and stuff them with a homemade chicken salad. My other favorites are baked Brie in a puff pastry with cranberries and a nice charcuterie board. We have several Italian dishes as the meal. On Christmas Day we do a buffet style meal and finger foods. People come and go and the kids can’t be bothered with sitting down to a meal. So we have ham and scalloped potatoes and the best stuffed cabbage that I order from a Polish, family owned catering business. I look forward to the cabbage rolls most. It’s relaxed and casual. The kids entertain us with dance routines, Tiktok dances, and karaoke. BTY, 3,2,1 is way up on the top of my best-of-the-bests! I keep going back to it because it tugs at my heartstrings in the best possible way.

  113. My favorite dish has to be the good ol’ mac n’ cheese! We do a different twist to it each year– broccoli and cheddar, chipotle, toasted bread crumbs– but it’s always my favorite dish. Also cookies and milk, but that’s not really a “dish,” more like a snack that brings the holiday spirit like nothing else.

  114. I love Sweet Potato Casserole with lots of butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, eggs, milk, with brown sugar and pecans on top. Dressing with water chestnuts, celery, onions, butter, broth, and seasonings, simple and easy both. They can be prepared a day or two ahead so no rushing around and baked together in oven. Don’t care what meat is served, but I love gravy on dressing, and mashed potatoes, and turkey. Like to say I love Prime Rib! Love this box so much! I think I want to start a new Christmas Eve tradition, and have your Potato Soup! 😜🎄☃️🎄☃️🎄☃️🎄☃️🎄☃️🎄☃️🎄

  115. My favorite is cornbread dressing. It takes a long time to make, so I do it the day before. I boil a whole chicken to shred and use the fresh chicken broth. And make all the cornbread. It’s a process, but I only do it for Thanksgiving and Christmas every year.

    1. First of all the soup looks yummy so thanks for the recipe. I always do a huge Christmas meal. My favorite would most likely be the baked Brussel Sprouts. But if it would be my favorite food of the season it would be my soft sugar cookies.

  116. We don’t really have a favour dish in our home.
    I do love Christmas day dinner because it has ALL the trimmings. Although I do make an amazing cauliflower cheese and I only make it at Christmas so actually maybe I do? 😂
    We have 3 boys tested positive for covid today so my heads not really with it! Lol We love cheesy potato pie to but that’s an all year thing 😋

  117. My favorite isn’t really a “dish”. My family gets together the day after Christmas to celebrate and we all bring appetizers to graze on, rather than making a big meal. My brother-in-law is a chef and always puts together an amazing charcuterie board, often with cheeses he made himself. It’s my absolute favorite.

  118. When you are in a big Italian family sometimes the food can get overwhelming!🙄 And since I am the baker and would rather eat sweets than food I dont really care if I eat any food just give me the sweets! But my husband is an excellent cook and the one thing he makes every Christmas that I love fresh fried right out of the pan is Arancini(rice balls). And upon request every year I have to make Tiramisu. Although that is the one sweet that I dont eat I have been told it is the best ever. I will send pictures of each on the FB post.

  119. We go to my sister in laws on Christmas Eve. She makes a ham and homemade Mac & cheese. We all bring a side dish. The kids eat fast so they can open presents. So much fun! Christmas Day was always prime rib at my mother in laws. We lost her 5 yrs ago. Thank you for the recipe, I love potato soup. Will make it soon.

  120. My Mom’s jello salad. She made it all through my childhood and now that she’s gone I’m carrying on the tradition. It’s delicious 😋

  121. Turkey and stuffing, but apparently there is a shortage of turkeys this year, so we’ll see if we get our traditional meal?

  122. My favorite would be my great grandmother’s dinner rolls! Since she has passed i have inherited the recipe and make them all the time! They are amazing! Heck I am making a batch right now!

  123. My favorite holiday dish is a fat, juicy, lightly sweet baked ham. I’m not much for turkey and therefore, my husband makes the turkey during the holidays and I make the ham. You can’t go wrong with ham, ever, anytime. No matter if it’s a holiday or not. 😀 I’ve been baking ham since I was almost 8 and my grandma taught me how to do it. My mother developed leukemia when I was 7 (in 1983) and I was in charge of helping with everything around the home. Everything. 7 years later, she finally went into her last round of remission and lived until she was 68. She’s passed 6 years ago. Even when mom was feeling better and was at home, I still baked the ham. So… ham it is!
    Merry Christmas everyone! Xoxo

  124. We have lobster for Christmas. It is the only time all year we eat lobster. This goes back to growing up in WI where it was a very rare and expensive treat.

  125. My favorite dish at Christmas is the wonderful oyster dressing that my Dad makes and that has been passed sown in my family for 5 generations. He just turned 95 years old. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy, Healthy New Year.

  126. Growing up Nicaraguan, Christmas Eve is the night!! Food, gifts, stay up late.
    Then marrying into a non- Latino family I’ve brought my culture with me. So Christmas Eve I buy Nacatamales from my cousin’s wife, rice & Beans ( from my favorite Cuban restaurant) and empanadas. It’s a mellow and sweet night.

    321- had so many emotions for me. Thank you for writing it.

  127. My favorite for the new year is Hopping John.
    It’s basically a mix of black eyed peas, rice seasoned with soy sauce and Tamari. I cook the rice in vegetable stock for more flavor.
    Serve with a side of greens.
    It is supposed to bring luck and money for the coming year.

  128. We have lots of favorite Christmas dishes, but I always make a Multi Layered Salad to go with the rest of the dishes for Christmas Eve Supper. I only make it a couple times a year and it is everyone’s favorite with lettuce, bacon, eggs, celery, water chestnuts, , green peppers, peas, green onion all in layers with sour cream and mayo dressing then grated cheese on top. Yummy!

  129. I live in Romania and we have a lot of traditional dishes that are just yummy and that I can’t translate in english unfortunately 😁. They are based on pork or turkey. And we also have this cake that is just fantastic.

  130. I can’t choose just one. Which is perfect for Three, Two One. I have to have the mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, candied yams and corn! Darn, I almost forgot the rolls! I don’t care about the Thanksgiving Turkey or the Christmas Ham, just bring on the sides! Please!! 🤣🤣

  131. My favorite Christmas dish is really dessert! I love making and eating Christmas cookies especially the shaped sugar cookies decorated with icing and peanut butter blossoms. Yum!

  132. I love the stuffing, and also party foods – never homemade, always from the supermarket!

    Thank you for the chance ❤️

  133. I love turkey (we use to eat turkey in christmas eve here in Brazil) and mayonnaise salad (we use mayo and mix it with cooked and chopped vegetables like carrots, corn, peas)!

  134. My favorite Christmas Eve food is seafood. I am Italian and formerly Catholic so meatless Christmas Eve dinner was a must. Christmas Day dinner changes all the time but having a bowl of wedding soup along with dinner is my Christmas dinner favorite.

  135. I love candied yams! I also love sweet dumpling squash. I suppose I should mention a third since this is the 321 giveaway, so I have to add in sweet potato pie. It counts as a vegetable right?

  136. We change it up and like you, you never know what actual Christmas dinner might be. But at some point over days of celebration, I have to have baked ham. My Grandma always had one so it’s a Christmas staple to me.

  137. My favorite is a holiday drink, rather than a dish. We’ve enjoyed Scarlet O’Haras since my grandmother first started making them around 1960. Equal parts cranberry cocktail juice and Southern Comfort, with a squeeze of lime

  138. My favorite dish for Christmas would be the sweet potatoes! My mom and I love them any which way you make them so every year I look for a different recipe and a different way to prepare them.

  139. I am a meat eater!!! So I my fav would have to be the glazed Christmas ham!!! So yum! And leftovers for sandwiches are so good too!

  140. My grandma’s pressed spritz cookies with royal icing. They are a total pain in the a*s to make since the cookie press always seems to break or jam up, but they are so worth it in the end. BTW what a great giveaway on my birthday. 3,2,1 is one of my all time favorites Julie! Much <3

  141. I actually have 2 favorite dishes.. my sweet potato casserole with many many marshmallows! Also, Mac n cheese! The best part of it is the crunchy noodles at the top!

  142. I have tamales on Christmas Eve. Christmas morning I have fried tamales with eggs my absolute favorite breakfast. And for dinner we do ham with all the fixings

  143. Many years before my mother passed away, she handed down her homemade pumpkin pie recipe. Her recipe is for 6 pies. She even told me before she passed that my pies are better than hers. What a compliment! I only make her pies at Christmas and somehow I have been talked into making 12 pies this Christmas. I now do 6 with regular pie crust and 6 pies with graham cracker pie crust. Are wondering what I do with 12 pies? I give most of them away. We only save 1 or 2 for our Christmas Eve dinner. All 3 of my adult children know how to make the pies, so I am hoping that this gift my mother bestowed on me keeps going long after I am gone.

  144. We rotate on traditional holiday meals – lasagna or prime rib roast on Christmas Eve, brined and dry-rubbed and deep fried turkey(s) and baked ham on Christmas Day. That baked po soup looks amazballs, so thank you for sharing the recipe. Thank you also for the immense, well-written distraction of your books during a tough time. Gratitude and respect.

  145. Hmmmm… food!!! So many great ones but my favorite during the holidays is green bean casserole (mom’s) and my grams homemade cinnamon rolls (not the same since she passed but still good.)

  146. My favorite holiday dish is my moms stuffed potatoes. This year she has been sick and was unable to make them for thanksgiving I am hoping to learn her recipe good enough to pull them off for Christmas that way she can have them for Christmas dinner. ♥️

  147. My favorite, and everyone else in my family LOVES my deviled eggs 🤷🏽‍♀️. I can’t give you exact amounts because I’ve never measured but I only use best foods mayo, garlic powder, pepper, and both regular and smoked paprika IN the egg yolk mix then I sprinkle more of the regular paprika on top. I also use my electric hand mixer when making the yolk mixture then pipe it into the egg whites. I also used to put onion powder in them but I’m told I can’t have onions along with gluten so this year’s holidays have been an adjustment 🤪.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season 🍽🍁🎄

  148. I always make a green bean casserole every Thanksgiving and Christmas. I always add crispy bacon along with the French fried onions on top, sautéed onions mixed in with the green beans. One of my families favorites. As well as my pumpkin cheesecake and regular pumpkin pie

  149. Oh I love soup, Thanks for the recipe! We make Tamales on Christmas Eve and do brunch on Christmas day. But my favorite treat is probably the Huckleberry Horns.

  150. I make a Cranberry Christmas cake that everyone always asks for the recipe! It’s buttery and cranberry delicious. 😋

  151. Awe this is a good one. I started making my own rules and about 6 years ago we started doing bbq ribs on the grill and all our favorite holiday sides. My boys love it.

  152. We don’t really have a traditional menu for Xmas. It’s more like potluck of Asian food. So I love the dry noodles, fried rice, egg rolls, spring rolls, noodle rolls….all of it

  153. Ham is probably my favorite holiday dish. We almost always have a baked ham. Occasionally, my family has turkey, and my father’s family had spaghetti one Christmas and steak another, but I still prefer ham on Christmas.

    I make these chocolate peppermint snaps that have become a tradition along with my other Christmas baking.

  154. This is another tough question, I am food selective,I have an illness and I cannot eat certain foods.so my diet is basically Vegetarian and dairy.
    So at Christmas I am all about the desserts and puddings and treats.I have a unhealthy sweet tooth.
    We usually make a home made Trifle and it is Gorgeous I could devour the whole thing.
    I also love Shortbread which I dip in Chocolate and it is Not Christmas without a mince pie which I eat warm with cream.
    Now I am hungry 😋
    Thankyou so much for the chance xx 💜

  155. My favorite holiday dish is a poppyseed kolache that my grandmother always made for our Christmas breakfast after Midnight Mass. We no longer have a huge family meal with everyone at 2am (thank goodness!), but her recipe has been handed down 3 more generations now and is always a family favorite on Christmas day.

  156. Hi Julie! My favorite holiday dish is good ole country ham! Not too salty, I like to cook it myself to where it falls off the bone! Make a sandwich on a potato roll with butter and that’s all you need!!

  157. Baked Potato Soup And Mash, My Mum Always Makes Them Both On Christmas Eve And I Love Her Recipes! 💖

    P.S. Love The Tote 👜 🦄

  158. There’s always lots of amazing food at the holidays. Like you our family has been making a huge Prime Rib Roast for Christmas. Some of the favorite dishes we put with it are broccoli with my homemade hollandaise sauce and yorkshire pudding from the roast drippings. I can’t wait!!!!

  159. Roasted brussels sprouts, carrots and butternut squash with bacon and bleu cheese.and cold turkey with mayo on wonder bread

  160. My family and I have our meal on Christmas eve. We have a full taco bar with all kinds of stuff to make and put on the ultimate taco!!! I love this because I’m not much of a ham or turkey girl. I definitely will try this potatoe soup it looks sinfully good! Ty! For the chance!💋💕

  161. I always make Cinnamon Rolls for Christmas morning breakfast, and we go easy on Christmas dinner, lately we have been trading between lasagna or tacos, yum! We are happy with just comfort food! Thanks for the soup recipe, it will be well used! Have a Great day!

  162. I haven’t 2 favorite holiday dishes. The first is Kutia a Ukrainian dish made with wheat, honey and poppyseed) the second is nalysnyky (a Ukrainian crepe made with cottage cheese, dill and a yummy cream sauce) I can gain 5 lbs just Thinking of the yumminess! 😁

  163. My favorite holiday dish is Pistachio Fruit Salad. My Grandmother made it for me every year at Christmas and on my birthday. And I haven’t eaten any since she passed away because I know it won’t taste the same 😒
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  164. Ruth Uhrmann Limeburner on FB. My favorite holiday dish is broccoli casserole with cheddar cheese. Thanks for the awesome chance!

  165. My homemade scratch crust apple pie. Super “healthy” lard makes its so yummy!!! There would probably be a riot in the house if I didn’t make it.

  166. Abother great giveaway and an exceptional book.

    I like to roll up ground hot/spicy sausage and cheddar cheese inside of the large Pillsbury crescent rolls and bake them. Yum. Leftovers are great to grab-and-go on work days.

  167. My Mom would boil Carrots and Turnip or here in the States a Rutabaga mash the together add some butter, salt n Pepper. Itihht sound weird bit bring raised by a single parent she would always try to make dinner not boring. God I love her..

  168. I make Cheesy Potatoes every year . They go with everything! I like to do a Buffet and keep it chill so I can enjoy the holidays!

  169. I have 3 favorite holiday dishes. One of them is a dish I made up on the fly, my son calls is Crunchy Cheesy Taters. I start with a family recipe of potato Au Gratin and then I mix in a triple cheddar cheese mixture I grate myself, sour cream and then I top it off with cornflakes & bake it. Another holiday dish I love is my mother’s dump cake. It’s sooo good, it usually ends in a fight over who gets the last bit of it. Lastley, my great-grandmother has always made peanut butter chocolate balls for the holidays. Each family unit would get a tin of them every Christmas. I was lucky enough to have helped her one year with them, so now I can make them, even though she’s no longer with us. Making them with my son for our friends & neighbors, brings a smile to my face & allows me to bring honor to her memory!

  170. Scalloped potatoes, I could make these anytime obviously but for some reason I don’t! So I’m always super excited to have them at Christmas.

  171. Pumpkin pie and gravy! I mean, not together cuz eww. But homemade pumpkin pie is the best with some fresh whipped cream. Delish! And mom’s turkey gravy?? That shit goes on everything on the plate!! Yum. Now I’m hungry…

  172. Green Jello Salad is a must have…,, a mixed jello salad with lime/lemon jello, mayo, pineapple, cottage cheese and walnuts. It’s so addicting. It’s a good thing we only fix it around Christmas.

  173. My favorite holiday dish is corn casserole, its something my grandmother makes every year and only at the holidays but now we never thought to have her write down all those recipes in her head. Now at 89 years old she is starting to forget things and some of those old recipes are just gone from her head and we are trying to help her remember. So if you have old recipes floating around in your head please write them down for all the future generations that nay or may not want them..Thank You

  174. My favorite holiday dish is the breakfast my husband makes. He usually does a scrambled egg, hash brown omelet mixer. Then my next favorite is the honey baked ham & of course the pumpkin pie with whipped cream.

  175. For Christmas dinner my Mom’s lasagna. It’s so good. She makes her own sauce and meatballs. Christmas Eve we usually do veggies and dip and subs – you create your own. it’s fun. Thank you for the chance <3

  176. My Christmas casserole. I make it ever Christmas morning. Potato, sausage, cheese, egg and chopped onion

  177. prime rib roast!…although this year the price has tripled to around $18/lb…so i might have to get a new favorite

  178. We always make a ham in the smoker and homemade cheesy potatoes for Christmas dinner, it’s the only time I make the potatoes so my family gets excited!

  179. My favorite holiday dish is sweet potato casserole. My brother first started making this about 15 years ago and I stole his recipe. We have it everything’s Thanksgiving and Christmas. Absolutely delish! I can eat it warm or cold. Also, I make some bangin’ chocolate and pumpkin whoopie pies, an old Amish recipe that we got from an Amish friend.

  180. I have two. For Christmas dinner , I like to make scalloped corn. My family makes me make it because it isn’t the fastest thing to make. For my Christmas Eve celebration, I like to make cheesy potatoes.

  181. I love pumpkin bars. OMG the Amish that live around here have a store and their pumpkin bars are delicious, so moist. But all their desserts are great.

  182. My favorite holiday dish has to be my husband ham he does for Christmas. He has been doing it for 19 years. We have our 20 year anniversary in January. Best ride of my life! Can’t wait for 20 more!

  183. We usually get a Honeybaked ham for Christmas, so I love to make (and eat!) potatoes au gratin with it. My sister calls the dish potatoes of awesomeness, lol.

  184. My favorite dish is sweet potato soufflé which is almost a dessert. Many family members who say they don’t like sweet potatoes, once they have tried it love it. I fix it and take half of it every year to my mother-in-law and she eats on it until New Years.

  185. Prime Rib, wild rice casserole and many other sides, If time and space allow homemade Crossants but save room for amazing desserts

  186. My favorite holiday dish is Standing Rib Roast with mashed potatoes. My husband makes the best! I also love Mexican Wedding Cake Cookies…those little balls with chopped pecans inside and rolled in powered sugar. Reminds me of the times growing up and helping my Mom roll the cookies in the powdered sugar.

  187. We have beans, chili, and tamales on Christmas Eve. The tamales are my favorite dish. On Christmas Day we eat beef tenderloin with twice baked potatoes and other sides. The beef tenderloin is my favorite on that day.

  188. My favorite holiday dish is one that my sil makes. It is a cranberry salsa. Love the bite of peppers mixed with the sweet cranberries. Plus there is some pineapple mixed in. She always makes extra to send home with my family.

  189. My favorite holiday food is the ham. Festooned with oranges, cloves, and honey, it’s a once a year treat in my family. Yum!

  190. I’m all about the deserts and my aunt makes a cherry cheesecake better known as a Cherry Delight. I just gained a couple of pounds thinking about it.

  191. It is so hard to choose a holiday dish. Mom’s turkey, stuffing covered in her giblet gravy is by far the best. Pumpkin pie (never made from a can) is a close second.

  192. My favorite holiday dish is the sweet potato souffle with pineapple topping. It sounds strange, but it’s soo good. My grandmother passed the recipe on to my mother, who passed it to me. We only make it for the holidays because there is a lot of butter and sugar, so it’s a special dish in more than one way. Thanks for the potato soup recipe!!

  193. My favorite holiday dishes are Filipino dishes: Morcorn (Steak Roulade) and Rellenong Manok (Stuffed Chicken). My Dad passed away in January, but last Christmas, his last, he showed me how to make them both, and I made them for the first time for Christmas Day because he was too sick and weak to make them. So, this year, I will make them on my own and remember my Dad while doing so!

  194. My favorite holiday dish is stuffing & green bean casserole. Have it once a year so come the holidays, that’s what I love.

  195. My favorite holiday dishs are the breads my grandma makes. She makes Cranberry, apple, Zucchini with chocolate chips, banana nut, and pumpkin.

  196. Christmas Day I usually make a roast and gravy and smothered green beans. They cook low and slow all day. Then later in the day we will gather together and eat. By this time my parents have made their second visit to my home. Conveniently just stopping by to see how the kids enjoyed their day. Aka what you cooked and do you have any extra so “we can have a bite”.

  197. Thanks for the recipe! My mom always makes pistachio salad which is affectionately known as “green jello” and we devour it, lol, so that’s probably my favorite thing on the whole table!

  198. Not a dish, but my favorite thing is all of the cookies we make! Cookie Day is an all-day, multi-generational family affair!

  199. Thank you for the recipie.
    My favorite is the ham with a maple glaze. My mom and I dunk our ham into the juice from bottom of pan.

  200. I have three favorite dishes that I can’t choose from, my fresh collard greens, my homemade potato rolls – with butter OMG, and and my homemade white chocolate with swirl semi-sweet chocolate cheesecake. I’m hungry thanks Ms. Huss! 😀

  201. My favorite holiday dish is a green bean casserole recipe that my grandma always made for us during the holidays. Instead of being made with cream soup, the green beans are covered in a diced tomato, onions, bacon, and tomato juice combination. My two children call every Thanksgiving and Christmas for the recipe too.

  202. My favorite dish is hashbrown casserole. It is my anniversary so hubby and I make all our favorite dishes! 💜💙

  203. Hmm.. that’s definitely a tough one.. and I’ll level with you, since getting sick food and I aren’t on the greatest terms, so I don’t necessarily feel like any holiday dish is a favourite atm. But I used to make this yummy holiday braided coffee cake which was more of a sliced danish type dessert than anything else, and I haven’t made it in years. But you what? I miss it. Maybe I’ll try and make it this year, just to see if I still can. Other than that, you can never go wrong with a nice hearty bowl of potato and leek soup with pancetta, or a yummy mug of broccoli and cheese soup on a chilly, snowy day here.

    321 has always been one of my faves of your books! And I love your unicorn swag. Thanks so much for the chance! Happy holidays! 🎄💕

  204. My favorite dish is really a drink. My family makes this hot apple/cranberry cider every year starting at Thanksgiving and going until New Years. Cinnamon and cloves keep the house smelling amazing!

  205. Well every year I make a Broccoli casserole EVERYONE in my family loves it I got the recipe from my cousin a long time ago and a well we call it a green salad recipe many years ago from my Mother it’s a tradition now that I make it every year just can’t do with out my Mothers help love and miss her soo much!!

  206. Mine a desert I only get at Christmas Its a Bannana Split Cake woth Graham cracker crust creamy goodness banda pineapple cherries and whipped topping Yummo

  207. We don’t do this sweet because it’s very long and difficult to do, so we buy it, but it’s my favourite of the holidays, le Carteddate o cartellate are a fryed pasta with an home made wine sirup above, it’s tasty and sweet… 🤩😍

  208. My favorite holiday food…I have 2, sweet potato casserole and broccoli casserole. We only make it once a year and we all love it ❤️❤️

  209. Our holidays have changed over the years, so there isn’t one dish we have every year. But growing up, my mom would make lasagna every Christmas Eve. Still the thing I remember looking forward to the most.

  210. Oh, this is easy. It’s my husband’s Christmas morning homemade cinnamon rolls. It’s our own family tradition. The kids used to sit on the rug in front of the oven with the light on in there, watching them bake. We have a bunch of annual photos of the backs of them doing this, sometimes with a pet in between. Our daughter, now 18, kneeled on the floor next to the dog for a moment just for the photo last year just for fun. Our son thinks he’s too old for such fun (now 21).

  211. When I was a child, my mom made cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Christmas Day. I always looked forward to that diversion while we waited for dad to wake up. Now, it’s the vegetable dishes I look forward to, with Brussels sprouts topping the list. I love shaved Brussels sprout salad with parmesan and a citrus vinaigrette. My family prefers sautéed Brussels sprouts sautéed with bacon and balsamic vinegar.

  212. In the morning I make French Toast Bake with blueberry syrup. The Christmas dinner is a brown sugar spiral ham and potato casserole along with other sides are my kids all time favorite. Desert I make homemade turtles and Almond Delights and usually a pie of their choice.

  213. My favorite is a breakfast casserole that I make in the crockpot. I turn it on before we go to bed and it is ready to eat in the AM. It has egg, sausage, onions, cheese, hash browns, and bisquick. I started making this when my kids were little. It saved me from fixing breakfast because I was always tired after Santa stopped by.

  214. My favorite holiday dish is sauerkraut and potato dumplings. My mom fixes it for both Thanksgiving and Christmas day. It’s homemade potato dumplings in sauteed onions and sauerkraut with lots of butter. That’s the key: homemade potato dumplings. We’ve tried store bought frozen dumplings and imo they’re horrible. My mom is sweet enough to make them because I love them. I’ve made them and they’re a lot of work over a hot stove with pans of boiling water. It’s one of those dishes that you know your mom is making because she loves you. She could totally do it an easier way, but she puts in the extra work to make you happy. I’m 55. I thank God every night that both my parents are still in my life.

  215. I adore traditional Christmas cake with royal icing and marzipan toppings. You cannot beat cracking through those sugary layers to get to the cake!!

  216. Favorite holiday dish is *EASILY* my grandmother’s banana pudding. She attempted to show me how to make it several times, but I never could figure out how to get the merengue the perfect shade of golden brown.
    She passed away this past March, so the holidays have been a little different this year. But we have LOTS of great memories of all the years we did have with her.

  217. We stopped doing big ham or Turkey dinners on Christmas Day. My large Irish family decided to do Tacos. So my favorite is Tacos☘️

  218. I have to say, your baked potato soup sounds yummy 😋! My go to is homemade Mac and cheese and by do they get mad in this family if I don’t make it!

  219. My mother always made Popovers for breakfast on Christmas morning. I loved them so much, when I was in my mid teens, She got me my own cast iron muffin pan!

  220. My favorite holiday dish is … I’m gonna say rump roast but really I’m greedy and I love it all … well except for the potato salad and the cranberry sauce, everyone else can have that!

  221. My favourite holiday foods are the stuffing, cabbage rolls and pierogi. Your recipe sounds delicious. I will give it a try.

  222. My favorite holiday dish is our Christmas breakfast – it’s the overnight egg & sausage casserole, fresh fruit and blueberry muffins. It’s simple and basic but my family of 4 boys and husband look forward to it every year! Yum!

  223. My favorite holiday dish is deviled eggs! I love the way my grandma use to make them and since she passed my moms been making them & they turn out really good! My other fave is pumpkin pie! I love love love pumpkin pie! I could eat it all year!

  224. My favorite holiday dish would be pumpkin or apple crumb pie. From November 1 through Christmas I have at least 1 of each in my house at all times.

  225. I like the sweets! I love cookies and we always make a couple of different kinds, including gingerbread. My favorite savory would probably be the dressing. But I am more about the cookies!

  226. I love my mom’s sweet potatos with marshmallows and look forward to my next visit home so I can beg her to make them.

  227. Now that my siblings (8 of them!) and I are on our own we’ve changed the way we do holidays. We all still gather at the home we grew up in but everyone brings something to contribute to the day
    long snacking that occurs. It’s not the food that is my favorite, it’s the time we spend together.

  228. Your soup sounds delicious! My husband just ate a bowl of potato soup ( different recipe) i am goung to have to try yours!
    My favorite dish for the holidays is swedish meatballs.

  229. I always make a rib roast for Christmas Day as well! Love it! We only do it once or twice a year so it is always special. I also make a coffee cake that is a recipe handed down from my mom.

  230. My family loves the rib roast, too. We’ve done this much more often since the kids have a less than discerning palate (the ADULT kids).

  231. Does Chex Party Mix count as a dish? I LOVE it! The only time I eat it is at Christmas and I make my own–none of that pre-packaged store bought stuff for me! It’s definitely my favorite holiday dish!

  232. Love love love dark Christmas cake and every meal we make over 3 days is not to be missed, from surf n turf the night before to turkey and all the fixings on Christmas, and then ham cabbage rolls perogies and mushroom gravy on boxing day.

  233. My favorite holiday dish is my stepmoms fudge. Unfortunately she moved out of state this year so I won’t be enjoying it anymore. That’s why I will be trying to make fudge this year.

  234. My holiday favorite food is the gravy from my turkey. Now for a side dish it would be either my sweet potato casserole or broccoli cheese (spicy) casserole.

  235. I’m from Germany and my favourite christmas dish was my mother in laws roulades with red cabbage and potatoes. Sadly she’s got Alzheimers so she can’t cook any more. Now my husband makes an to die for casserole of roulades with potato gratin. The red cabbage comes from a jar, I found some really awesome one :-))

  236. It’s a classic I know but my favorite holiday dishes are homemade stuffing and macaroni and cheese. I have to make these every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s just not the same without them

  237. My favorite Christmas dish is Pavlova. I learned to make it while I was in New Zealand and started making it for Christmas.

  238. My favorite holiday food is the carrot soufflé I make for TG, Christmas, and NY’s Day. It’s a must have dish, and every loves it. On NY’s day I also have to make Black-eyed peas and cabbage as side dishes. This goes back over 90 years, as it was a tradition in my mom’s family when she was growing up, and we’ve carried it on, even though she is no longer with us.

  239. My mother in law makes the most AMAZING mashed potato buns. Farm wife so we spend all day making dozens. He had a big family so it’s perfect but even out of the freezer they are simply the softest best buns ever. Especially for leftover turkey. 🎄🎁 Thank you so very much for the chance.

  240. Every year I make a pork, apricot & chestnut stuffing. I look forward to it ALL YEAR! And, every year, I always ask myself why I only make once a year! LOL

  241. A couple of years ago I found a recipe for blood orange glazed ham (I’d never made 1 before, just always assumed it’d be difficult!) so easy & delicious even my fussy kids love it. So that’s our favorite holiday dish.

  242. My husband’s stuffing is amazing. I also love trifle and banoffee pie. They might not sound very Christmassy but it’s the only time of year we make them so we make the most of them! 😂

  243. My mom works so hard on Thanksgiving and is in the kitchen all day, so Christmas is about relaxation. We get pizza. My favorite Christmas food is cookies! My sister makes a bunch of different kinds. Thanks for the chance! I have the book so I’ll regift it in Shrikes if I win. I just love the bag and everything lol

  244. My family is Mexican and it’s tradition to have menudo (soup) for breakfast and tamales all day long! I won’t be having either again this year. But I hope next year I will be able to take my kids traveling again.

  245. Scalloped potatoes, mac and cheese, any vege with cheese (this year was purple cauliflower w/cheese) . . . are you picking up on the theme here? =)
    I believe that there is no such thing as too much cheese – that includes cream cheese on bagels and cheesecake!!
    Enjoy your holidays!

  246. We have always shied away from any traditional foods on Christmas and usually try to do a theme like Mexican, Italian or just do steak, shrimp or just something that isn’t everyday fare for us. I love all the meals we do. They are fun and taste so good.

  247. I live for side dishes on Christmas! All of them. On Christmas Eve I do shrimp cocktail, sometimes clam chowder, rye bread & dill dip. My girls are full & ready for bed by 8. 🎅

  248. Hmmm. My favorite holiday dish would either be the beef stroganoff that we have every year or my mom’s brown sugar syrup that we make for homemade pancakes!

  249. We always have seafood gumbo. My dad always made it for Thanksgiving and Christmas and I would help him. Since his passing, I make it each holiday for the family.

  250. My favorites are the 2 breakfast casserols that I make Christmas morning. One is egg, bacon and hash browns and the other is a cinnamon roll casserole that never lasts long in my house. I’m getting hungry just thinking about them! 💚❤️

  251. Wow, I don’t know if I have a favorite holiday dish. I like so many, I tend to make them throughout the year. However, some things I particularly like to have are: eggnog(get it while you can because it will all be gone from the store by Jan.1st 🙁 lefse, which I occasionally pick up even when it isn’t the holidays, and homemade stuffing, baked in the turkey. It always tastes so much better in the bird rather than in a casserole dish!

  252. My favorite holiday dish is cornbread dressing and a fried turkey. However, I don’t have them very often. However, this year I did make dressing and it was the best I have ever made and we baked the turkey because it was too windy to fight getting the oil hot enough.

  253. Christmas has always been a bring a dish affair on Christmas Eve at my Aunt’s and my favorite is the pinwheels one of my aunts likes to bring.

  254. This is not necessarily a holiday dish but my aunt always makes it on Christmas. Broccoli and Cheese casserole!! So cheesy and delicious!

  255. My favorite holiday dish is from Christmas…my family is Cuban and on Christmas we have Lechon…leg of pork and it’s marinated for 3-4 days then cooked in the oven slowly for hours and the end result is this delicious flavorful moist fall of the bone pork, it’s amazeballs.

  256. Hands down, stuffed Thanksgiving Day Turkey. Didn’t have a chance to make one this year, but next year for sure.

  257. I wouldn’t say it’s a dish but I LOVE homemade toffee this time of year. My grandma would make it and my mom and aunt would help but it’s very difficult so I rarely get it now and days.

  258. Stuffing, stuffing and more stuffing! Once I started hosting Thanksgiving and had to make it myself, I found out how much butter goes into it I realized why! 😂

  259. It may sound silly, but my Step-Mom’s pineapple stuffing is my absolute FAVORITE. She only makes it christmas ever, and i wait for it all year😂

  260. Hi we do Italian food so I love the antipasto salad and I love the lasagna it’s so thick and full of cheese meatballs and sausage then we have deviled eggs and all kinds of appetizers then there’s the dessert pistachio pudding, cheesecake, all the homemade cookies and creampuffs

  261. We usually have way too much food, but I always like lasagna with salad and garlic bread 🥖. It’s just hearty, but simplistic ♥️

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