12 Days of Giveaways - Day 7 - Pretty Thing - JA Huss

12 Days of Giveaways – Day 7 – Pretty Thing


AND THE WINNER IS… Sabrina Boehm

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Welcome to my annual 12 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS! 

If you’re new to this – here’s how it works:

1.   Each day from December 1 through December 12 I will put up a new giveaway HERE on my website with instructions on how to enter, a detailed description of the prize, and some stuff about the book or series. Each giveaway is different and each has ONE WINNER UNLESS you are the winner and you are from Australia or New Zealand.


MY GIVEAWAYS ARE ALWAYS OPEN INTERNATIONAL BUT the United States Post Office has stopped all mail delivery to AUS and NZ. Shit is weird BUT you can still win if you’re from AUS or NZ  because each giveaway has a GIFT CARD as well as a physical gift. So if the winner chosen is from AUS or NZ – there will be TWO winners. The AUS/NZ winner will get the GIFT CARD and the second winner will get the physical prize but NO gift card.

2.   Each giveaway runs UNTIL DECEMBER 13.

3.   Winners are CHOSEN and NOTIFIED on December 14. I will be notifying winners in various ways depending on how people enter. Sometimes on FB, sometimes on IG, sometimes in my FB fan group (Shrike Bikes), sometimes via email – and all winners will BE LISTED AT THE TOP OF EACH GIVEAWAY POST HERE ON MY WEBSITE on December 14.

4.   Winners have 24 hours to respond, then another winner will be chosen.

5.   ALL PRIZES WILL BE MAILED ON DECEMBER 15.  If I’m waiting on a winner to respond and they miss the December 15 mail date, that prize will be mailed when I get around to it. I live in the middle of nowhere so a trip to the post office is a “thing” for me. 🙂 So make sure you’re checking for winners on the 14th.

6.   I will send newsletters announcing giveaways on December 1, December 6, December 12, and a Winner newsletter on December 14. I NEVER send this many newsletters in a month so sorry if that feels spammy. I just have quite a few readers who do not do socials and there will be at least three giveaways that do not involve socials in any way. So I need to get the word out.

7.   You can also FOLLOW MY BLOG. I will also make a blog post HERE announcing ALL WINNERS on the 14th. If you want to follow this blog there will be a form at the bottom of each post to do that. Then you get an email when I POST HERE. I don’t do that often – December is the exception because of the 12 Days and my yearly “Wrap-up” post.


THAT’S IT! I HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY THIS! The world is INSANE right now so I’m just trying to spread some cheer and give back to all of you who support me and enjoy the stories I create.













PRETTY THING (Naughty Things Box Set!)

Pretty Thing is new sexy, brother’s-best-friend romance filled with tender moments, second chances, and steamy love scenes that will make you sigh with happiness when you turn the last page!

My best friend made damn sure I knew the rules.
His sister was strictly off limits.

Growing up it was always the three of us. Me, my twin brother, Kyle, and our best friend, Aiden. We were inseparable all the way through high school.
But Kyle made damn sure we both know the rules.
I was strictly off limits. Forever.

Every time Kyle caught me lusting after his twin sister, Kali, he reminded me of the rule. “You were my friend first.”
All these years I’ve honored that. I never broke his trust. Until now.
I want Kali. I want to marry her, and have kids with her, and keep her in my bed forever.
But I want Kyle’s blessing too. And that’s something I’ll never get.

SWEET THING is a  standalone older-man-very-young-woman sexy romance filled with forbidden lust, too many ‘first times’ to count, inappropriate touching in public, and an angsty, but perfect, HEA. 

Aria Amherst lied about her age the first night we met.
But when I kissed her… I knew exactly how old she was.
I wanted more of her.
Until I found out that her father was making a deal with my business partner.
Then I wanted ALL of her.

Ryker North blew into my life like a wall of hot, tattooed muscle.
And did I mention he’s thirty-five years old?
And my father is going to kill me when he finds out I’m dating his new client?
It’s… complicated.
But take my word on this. He’s worth every risk I’m taking.

WILD THING is a smokin’-hot, sexy story of a runaway princess and her reluctant Prince Charming. A tantalizing tale of forced marriage, captive submission, and a hero who doesn’t know he’s a hero until he meets the girl he was meant to save.

Kidnapping her was the easy part.
Now I’ve got to tame her.

Freelance princess hunter, Mason Macintyre, thinks he’s so tough with those bulging muscles. He thinks he’s so smart with his plan to tame me with spankings and submission. Well, I’ve got news for him. They don’t call me Wild Thing for nothing.  I’ve been playing unruly princess my whole life and I’m not about to stop now.

This was supposed to be a simple kidnap job. Catch her and bring her in so she can be married off to the son of a family friend. But once her father realizes the man he hired to reform his unruly brat of a daughter won’t be able to handle her, he blackmails me into reigning her in.





1. Signed Pretty Thing Paperback

2. Lollia Perfume and Sachet Set

3. Hello Beautiful Bath & Body Works Shower Gel

4. Hello Beautiful Bath & Body Works Body Spray

5. Hello Beautiful Bath & Body Works Lotion

6. Shrike Bikes Candle Tin

7. $20 Gift Card

8. Nordic Pine Soap

9. Sweet Tea Lights

10. Gift Bag







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(2) COMMENT ON THIS FACEBOOK POST and tell me – What are your hopes and dreams for 2022?


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(#3 is not required, but I still love comments and I read every single one! I don’t always have time to reply, but I really do read them all)

I am hoping 2022 is the year I finally get my little ranch going the way I always envisioned it in my dreams. I already mentioned the chickens and the raised garden beds that are on order, but I also want a few goats and some horses. Of course, we have those two donkeys! I have a special donkey surprise coming up for you guy too – it’s gonna make you laugh pretty hard – but donkeys are well… donkeys. So I think I’ll get some horses this year and just enjoy the outdoors more. I also want to make a point to visit somewhere in Colorado that I’ve never been. I’ve been a lot of places in this state–but there’s so much to see. So I’m gonna make that a priority in the spring once the snow melts up in the mountains. 

I also hope to write new stories about new characters. I know everyone loves the Company world–well, not everyone, I’m sure. But if you’re one of my fans, you must enjoy the Company because there are like 30 books in that world and they are all top sellers. lol

But in March I will finish up the Company story line (for now, at least) with Lovely Darkness and then I’m going to start a whole new world — some of the same themes, some different — and see where that takes us. I’m also gonna publish TWO Damaged Gods sequels. The one on pre-order for April and then another one in December. I’m writing that April book right now and it’s just a lot of fun. 

I have more stuff planned for books but I’m going to so a post in the new year mapping it all out, so I won’t bore you with it here.

Anyway, hope you’re enjoying the giveaways! We’re more than halfway through!

P.S. – THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE COMMENTS. You have no idea how much I’ve enjoyed reading them. It’s really awesome to get a peek into everyone’s lives. <3


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Stay calm, stay safe, and let’s have a great 2022!

WINNERS FOR ALL GIVEAWAYS will be chosen on December 14 and announced on FB, IG, my fan group, my blog, and my newsletter. All gifts will be mailed on December 15th with priority mail, so hopefully you get them before the big day. ALL MY GIVEAWAYS ARE ALWAYS OPEN INTERNATIONAL.

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      1. Ooooh new stories and worlds, I like the sound of that. Getting horses sounds like fun. You can enjoy your property and have fun riding your horse too. Donkeys huh? Hmm will enjoy seeing what you’re talking about. Great boxset love it!❤🎄☃️🎄☃️🎄☃️🎄

  1. Hi Julie! My hopes for next year is that my husband and I continue to have good health, I’m hoping he fully retires so he can take it easy and stop worrying so much! Thank you for the wonderful books, I just discovered your writing this year and there are so many more of your books I want to read!! Have a great day!!

  2. Hello, again. Thanks again for this opportunity and for the time and effort you put into each of these prize packs.

    1. Julie, thank you for continuing to write these sexy, sexy hot stories. They make me laugh, touch my heart and get the “lady bits” all warm and tingly.

  3. I haven’t read this one yet but I can’t say no to that narration team! I think I’m going to have to take January off just to catch up on all my book recs ☺️

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  5. Hi! My hopes & dreams for 2022 is wishing for my family & I to be success, happiness, and financially stable. 2021 has been a rough year for us. I hope things will look up for myself & my fam, xoxo

  6. Hey girl hey!
    The ranch life is the only life. How exciting for you! Love reading your books and working on completing your collection in my library!
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  7. Every year I say I want to live healthier. Lose some weight, eat right, exercise. This year is going to happen. I also want to get my house organized. Get rid of things I don’t use but someone else maybe could. Lots of Love.

  8. I want to take my 1st plane ride and hopefully get up to New Hampshire to see my daughter whom I haven’t seen since before COVID started.

  9. My hopes for 2022 are to Kick Cancer’s Ass and get our lives back to some normalcy. It’s been a struggle although we get through it. Reading takes me away from my life for a bit. Thank you for the chance to win such fabulous gifts.

  10. Thank you for all the chances for the books, I love playing for the chances, it gives me something to look forward to every day! Have a great one 🙂

  11. Thanks for this giveaway chance! I love them all!

    My hopes for 2022 are the biggest ever. I expect that my youngest will be graduating from my little homeschool, so I need to figure out what I’m going to do next. 21 years of my life have been dedicated to raising and educating my kids. I think I want to write, but I don’t know where to start. I’m so SCARED. I know so many good authors as a book review blogger, and so it’s intimidating.I know what I love to read, but can I write anything like that? We’ll see.

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  15. I have so many of your books to read! How did I not know about your books sooner! I stumbled on to Taking Turns by accident and it was the best accident ever!

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  17. Hi! I’m enjoying this give away and getting to know your books. I’ve added most of them to my TBR list. Thanks for the opportunities

  18. My hope and dreams are that I can retire and start enjoying life. Spend more time with my Family and maybe actually read alot more than I have been. And of course PEACE on Earth.

  19. Hello!! Thank you for all these amazing giveaways! Thank you for being the amazing person and author you are and thank you for sharing your stories that allow us to escape the realities of the world we live in right now! You are much appreciated! ❤️❤️

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    Thank you for all this and the many hours of listening bliss you have given us!
    Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season❄️

  25. Good morning ☀️ sounds like you have a busy year planned already. I try to do that but I never seem to stick to it. I’ll get a job and be gone for five months and then get around to doing my house.

  26. Good morning. ( well it’s morning here in Northwest Ohio, and cold) Thank you for the chances to win some great prizes!

  27. Hopefully we can get past and over this covid mess. It’s caused so much heartache and loss for so many. Thanks for chance!

  28. Pretty Little thing etc were my second set after the Bossy family! love the older guy/young gal as its my relationship

  29. Julie you are without a doubt my favorite author! I read (or listen to) your books compulsively. Your story lines, your character development are unsurpassed. I primarily get your books from kindle unlimited or audible but have reconsidered that strategy and am going to purchase them all so I have them forever and ever.

  30. Our favorite tradition is cups of hot chocolate in our pjs watching Charlie Brown Christmas and different versions of the Grinch.

  31. HI! I cannot wait to see what other characters and story lines you introduce us too! I am listening to damaged gods on audible now. I have read the book and I had to revisit the characters. I am looking forward to the next book!

  32. My hope for myself, is basically the same one I’ve had for the past almost decade now.. Just to figure out this chronic stuff and start working on rebuilding what’s left of my life. Recovering and starting to work on my plans for a business and publishing my works.

    My hope for the world is that we FINALLY start learning to work together instead of casting blame and pushing and pulling each other apart. Again, something I continue hoping for year after year. Hopefully someday.. my hopes will be at least partially realized..

    Another great book/series. Thanks for the chance! Happy Holidays! 🎄💕

  33. Most of my hopes and dreams for this next year are for my children and grandchildren. My oldest, 26, I await him to finish up his electrical apprenticeship, so that he and his family will have a more secure future. For my 24yr old, I await him graduating from college and heading to nursing school. He wants to work in the ICU where he feels he will do the most for others. For my 16yr old, I await her early graduation from high school. She’s homeschooling and therefore further ahead of her “normal” level of schooling, rather than if she was in public school. For my grandchildren, just to grow strong, healthy, and with a great sense of humor. We all need humor in our lives. As for me, my hope is to go back to college for writing classes and pursue my dream of writing novels/ books.
    Merry Christmas to all! Xoxo

  34. Hmmmm…. My hopes for 2022, to spend more time with my adult children and their families…. We all have had such busy lives and life gets away from us! I want to take more trips with them, I want to sit on the beach and listen to the waves roll in while I listen to my family laugh and joke around! My Dream for 2022, is to finally have our pool in after 7 years of living in our home! Again life gets away from us! 2022 is the year of pool
    Parties and Adventures!!! May all our Hopes and Dreams come true!!! 💋

  35. I hope you are having a good day. You amaze me with all you get done. I’m working on getting all of my Christmas cards out today. Happy Holidays!!

  36. Hi ! My hope for 2022 is to be employed full time and to continue to enjoy my time with my family. Thanks so much !

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    Here’s to a great 2022, can’t wait to read what you put out next.

  42. Hopes and dreams? Well, I hope that my health stays pretty good, and that I can get a handle on how I spend my money. Things only seem to be getting more expensive so I need to buy less. Dreams, just to keep living and that the world starts to be a better place! Thank you for the chance at these giveaways, they and you are fabulous!💕

  43. I love your pretty giveaway videos. I now only want pink deer to eat my flowers. 😃 After reading the synopsis of Damaged Gods the other day, I was glad to see you are writing more in that series. It looks like a fun book. I had wondered if you had written any books with magic in them. Now I know.

    Thank you for all the entertainment and chances to win. Have a wonderful day.

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  50. Happy Day 7! Yay for new books next year and I can’t wait to see your ranch adventures next year. I’d love to have all those animals, although it sounds like a lot of work.

  51. My hope & dreams for 2022 is that I don’t lose myself in this crazy world. Also, that my family & friends are happy & healthy. Can’t wait to see what great reads you have for 2022. Thanks for the chance.

  52. Hope your holidays are awesome! Your hopes and goals sound lovely, so best of luck with them. Thanks for all of the incredible books and I look forward to each and every new one.

  53. My hopes and dreams for 2022 is that the world will finally recover from the coronavirus pandemic and things will go back to normal.

  54. My hopes for 2022 is to take a family cruise since it has been some years and for children to be successful in their college and work life. For my whole family remain safe and healthy.

  55. Thank you for this amazing chance here, hoping and praying that 2022 is going to be way! better than 2021.. for real..

  56. You’ve curated this prize perfectly because everything in it is so Pretty! 🙂 I hope you had a really good day. I’m just finishing up with all of my work and emails, etc for the day and am going to go warm up some soup and watch some TV to relax before bed (and getting up to do it all again LOL)

  57. I hope foe ALL of us a Wonderful and Blessed NEW YEAR and staying Healthy and Happy spending TIME with tour FAMILIES.

  58. Hi Jules, you have quickly became my favorite Author! I can’t put your books down! And I love how sometimes the stories may have come from a little part of your past at times. I like hearing about that in the EOBS! You are the best!

  59. I love that you want to get your own little farm going. I’d love to have some chickens but living in the city means that’s a no go. I do garden a bit though and enjoy that a lot. Thanks for the chance.

  60. My wishes for 2022 are to enjoy retirement, and getting use to being home and with husband more. I want to be productive and do things I enjoy. I want to spend time with family and friends and maybe travel some.. I will need to see where my new life leads me.

  61. Well 2021 is closing out crazy. As of Sunday all of my husbands family will have houses here. The only hold out is my sister. Who would have thought a whole brood of multi-genrational CA natives would uproot and move the entire clan to another state. Craziness. My hope for 2022 is that my son finds happiness in his new career path. He starts working for Jeep as a mechanic next week. That my daughter is able to start working as a teachers assistance. She will graduate from a 2nd college program this May. And that were able to help my parents either find a house or build out our Barn into a condo space for them. And as far as something for me. That maybe my hubs and I could take a vacation with a beach, warm weather and cool drinks.

  62. My hopes for 2022 is to find myself again, find my happiness that seems to have left, I want to find my light so that I can me the best mother to my kids then just a shell of myself.

  63. My hopes and dreams for 2022 is too finally graduate with honors and fit my boyfriend to propose and get started on our family. Its been a journey and though we’ve been trying and have not yet succeeded we haven’t given up hope. Though my grandmother says that when I stop wanting it so bad it will happen. I’M HOPING FOR BOY/GIRL TWINS SO I CAN BURN MY TUBES LOL!

  64. Hi Julie! Hope you had a fantastic day today. I’m so excited for your 12 Days of Christmas giveaway. I really hope that I win one of them. You are so talented and I absolutely love your books!

  65. I love your books. I’m hoping 2022 will be better for my family & friends. It seems this year has been good only to a few.

  66. This is so kind of you to have a really nice giveaway for this many days of December! I’m honored just for the chance. Thank you♥️

  67. My hopes for 2022 is for my family to remain healthy. We have been blessed this year with good health with all the Covid craziness.

  68. My 2022 goal is to hopefully get to visit my son and daughter in law . He’s in the Navy and isn’t deployed this year.

  69. Hi, Julie. I love reading your blogs, especially about your life on the ranch. In my mind, I pictured you as a city girl. I can imagine how peaceful it is on your land. A lot of hard work, but it’s sure worth it.

  70. I need to have a couple of surgeries and hope them to be successful and I can recover quickly because I need to work. I’m already worried about less pay and a house to pay for.

  71. I love your books. I wish you good luck on getting your ranch. It would be wonderful. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  72. My hopes and dreams for 2022 is that my family and friends be happy and healthy and find the light at the end of their tunnel.

  73. I am super excited about Christmas this year. We have been serving at one post or another since we adopted our little girl. This is the first year we’ve had home leave during the holidays which means it is her FIRST American Christmas!!!

  74. Hi Julie. 👋. I’m know I noted your FB post, but think I forgot to say ‘hi’ on here 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️. Thanks for all of your fab giveaways xx

  75. You are so good at putting all these gifts together, I have loved every single box you have put together. I am going to use some of these ideas for my gifts this year. Wishing you and your family a very happy holidays!

  76. There are so many wonderful gifts I can’t thank you enough for giving you readers a way to make us feel better. Thank you!

  77. Hello! Trying to get caught up on the giveaway entries. Thank you so much for the generous chance and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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