12 Days of Giveaways - Day 6 - The Misters - JA Huss

12 Days of Giveaways – Day 6 – The Misters


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Mr. Romantic – Ivy is the “preacher’s daughter”. She’s desperate for a job after just graduating college when an offer comes in from the infamous Mr. Romantic. All the Misters are infamous from a media-frenzy college scandal but everyone knows Mr. Romantic was the one who “did it”.

Mr. Corporate – Victoria is self-made, super-competitive, and drowning in debt when she finds herself battling with her ex, Weston Conrad, for a job. She moved on because the two of them were never going to work. But now Weston is back and somehow he brought all her old secrets with him.

Mr. Mysterious – Cindy is a girl who goes after her dream no matter what and she set her mind on her brother’s best friend a long time ago. She does not give a crap about the best-friend’s-little-sister rule. She’s confident that Mr. Mysterious can hold his own against her brother, Mr. Match.

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Mr. Five – Princess Rory has been in love with Five Aston her entire life. Nothing can ever come between them. Except Five thinks she’s better off without him. But Rory Shrike wants her man back. And not even the genius brain of Mr. Five will stop her.

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My kids are grown now, so Christmas and the holidays are different. I think this is something no one tells you when you’re a parent of young children. You know they won’t be young forever, and maybe you even understand what that means in a small way. They won’t need babysitters, they will graduate school, they might move away for college or work. But no one really explains how the holidays change. Especially in that in-between time when your grown children don’t have kids. 

My kids don’t eagerly wake up on Christmas morning and head straight to the tree, but some things never change. We still have baked potato soup on Christmas Eve, we still make Christmas cookies every year, and we still watch Elf and A Christmas Story. 

Still, I do miss those days when they were small and Christmas truly was the best day of the year for them. 

How do you spend your holidays?



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827 Replies to “12 Days of Giveaways – Day 6 – The Misters”

  1. Baking cookies with the little ones and eating them by the fireplace with hot chocolate.
    Thank you for the chance ❤.

    1. On Christmas eve, we line our street with luminaries to “light the way for Santa’s sleigh”. Everyone in our neighborhood does this. It looks so cool.

    2. When my husband and I started a family we were moving a lot for my work. Different cities, states and countries. Holding to the traditional Christmas meals, decor was very challenging so we started our own traditions. My favorite is that on Christmas Eve we have a mashed potato bar. Normal mashed potatoes but with many different toppings. We all choose the ones we want to have but them we also choose two strange ones. We have done walnuts, dill pickles, olives, chicken curry, boiled eggs, and the least favorite of escargots. We have special bowls and glasses we use and we invite tons of friends to join. It’s fun, easy and has become just part of our holidays.

    3. Our Holiday tradition is driving through Folepi’s Winder Wonderland and seeing all the lights and displays and of course decorating the tree.

    4. We make Christmas candy, sing carols, check out all the great Christmas lights and go to the farm on Christmas day! Our kids are 25 and 16, so opening of gifts is not as fun as it used to be, still enjoy being with the ones I love on Christmas day though! Happy Holidays to you and your family!

    5. Christmas Eve brings my entire family together. It’s a crazy chaos of kids and food and spirits. After gifts, the guitars come out for carols but we always wind up singing Hotel California or some stuff like that.
      Thanks for this chance!

    6. Our family tradition on my husbands side of the familyhas their christmas on christmas eve we all dinner then open presents,

      Sometimes i help my mother in law cook cookies or some dips

    7. When my brother and i were young our family went to the cabdlelight service st church on christmas eve then go ride around to look at the christmas decorations and lights,

      Then we would go home and lay out cookies and milk for santa,

      Then my dad would read the night before christmas and we went to bed

    8. My favourite holiday tradition is we don’t gift to adults in the family instead we all make a food item and get together and spend the whole of boxing day as a whole family eating and laughing and being together

    9. My family decorate the Christmas tree together. I was so happy when my kids got old enough and I wasn’t the only one decorating.

    10. Spending Christmas Eve doing a program where my family would celebrate the true meaning of Christmas as well as each other. Haven’t done it since my mom died but only once in 10 years after my dad died.

  2. Like you, we have grown children who don’t get up super early to open presents. In fact, we end up opening our up after Xmas since we’re traveling to family for Xmas Eve and Xmas day. We do put on Xmas music, though, and enjoy our favorite chocolate, Wilbur Buds out of Lititz, PA while opening them up. Just being together I guess is our favorite tradition.
    Many thanks.

  3. Until the last few years (because of our current world), my favorite holiday tradition was going to see Trans Siberian Orchestra. I’m hoping all is back to as normal as possible so I won’t miss them next year.

    1. My husband and I couldn’t have children, so we have our own traditions. We wake up, when we want to, and make Eggs Benedict for breakfast. Then when breakfast is all cleaned up we put on Christmas movies and open presents.

  4. I love doing my baking for my family and hubbys work party. But my fav tradition was always waking up and my dad making everyone have at least toast before opening gifts lol. He would always be the one to hand them out and he used to get on the floor with my daughter and shake each gift and ask her what she thought it was! We no longer do this as my dad has passed away and I miss this so much!

    1. Biggest tradition is both my hubs and and my family all come together for a banging good meal made by me. My son always gets an advent calendar every year.

  5. Happy Monday! My favorite thing to do every year at Christmas is definitely getting together with family and friends to make cookies and then driving around to see Christmas lights. 🍪🎄

    1. Ok Julie, this is my favorite giveaway!! So many traditions over the years. The nicest thing now is seeing my kids keep some of the same ones!! Our big dinner is Xmas Eve. One present can be opened ( when they were young it was pj’s) that evening and before bed is the reading of the Night Before Christmas.

  6. My favorite tradition is spending Christmas Eve with my family and searching for the pickle 🥒 on the tree🎄! My stepmom has done this since we were teenagers, and even now that we’re in our 30s, we still do this every year!! We have now added our husbands and nieces and nephews to the search as well! 💖 Whoever finds the pickle wins the prize!

  7. Our kids are grown with kids of their own. We go to my sister in laws on Christmas Eve, all our kids and grandkids are together. It’s gets crazy but we love it. We have dinner and then the kids open gifts from each other. Then our kids and grandkids come to our house to open gifts from us. Another crazy couple of hours. Love it!!!

    1. My husband and I generally have a quiet Christmas Eve as it’s just the two of us. Thankfully, he has embraced my Italian heritage and enjoys the Christmas Eve seafood dinner that is a great memory from childhood. We usually end our evening at a church service nearby. Christmas Day is usually spent with my sisters and some of their families. Thanks for this giveaway opportunity. I have loved every single book of yours I have read.

  8. We are from Venezuela and we make a special traditional plate. It is a family’ work. We get together and prepare a stew with meat, pork, and hen, with a sauce with many more ingredients. Then, we use corn meal,prepared with the hen broth, and then extend it on a plantain or banana leaf, put some of the stew, garnish with olives, raisins, onions and red pepper, and close the banana leaf with a string. So, one person extends the corn meal preparation, other puts the stew, another puts the garnish, and finally, the last one ties it with the string. It is a lot of work, but it’s like a party, we dink eggnog, sing and the work is not so heavy.

    1. Used to love seeing everybodys faces in the morning, we used to had 1 present after breakfast then the rest after lunch, but as got older, we end up opening all the presents before lunch why it was cooking, so we can full asleep before the best show were on the telly.

  9. Baking cookies with my nieces has always been one of the best Christmas traditions. They are teenagers now, so timing is harder. We also had some wonderful years of going for Afternoon Tea at the Palmer House in Chicago. Christmas really is wonderful through the eyes of children! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  10. Christmas is a little different this year for me and my, now, teenager. We had a lifelong diagnosis of T1D back in June of this year. So no more making candy and cookies like normal. So we are starting a new tradition of making low-carb cookies and treats that are healthy for all to have. With everything thrown our way, I’m excited to celebrate Christmas with him on Christmas Eve as he goes by his dad for Christmas day. Reading is what I need to escape life for a bit asks will be doing all I can over break since he’ll be with his dad. Merry Christmas to you and your family! ❤️

  11. My husband’s family is Italian so every Christian Eve was always a shouting match. Whoever yelled the loudest gets heard. It sounds horrible, but it was really so much fun. Now most of his family is gone, but those great memories are wonderful.

  12. My favorite traditions
    Decorating the tree while drinking eggnog and rum
    7 fish Christmas Eve dinner
    Opening 1 present after midnight madd

  13. Good Monday Morning! (If a Monday morning can be good…) I’m grown now as well, but I still spend Christmas with my parents. I agree, it is so much different that when we were all young, or even when the kids were young. But my mom and I do a lot of the Christmas day meals prep on Christmas eve, so we can enjoy the day together and relax as much as possible. We live in different states and only get to see each other a few times a year now, so those times together with my parents are even more special.

  14. My favorite holiday tradition is making homemade holiday treats and ornaments with my kids. No matter how old they get it’s still a fun thing we do as a family. The toughest part is not having my kids on Christmas night, if it happens to be the ex’s time then we try and get everything done on Christmas eve.

  15. My favorite family tradition has always been to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. When my siblings and I were little we would hide in our rooms and my dad would shake bells and pretend to be Santa coming to our house(how we never made the connection is still a mystery). The tradition continued when my sister and I had kids. Unfortunately my father passed away at the end of October of this year. So hopefully my brother will step in to the role of Santa. I still have 2 out 4 of my children that still believes in Santa 🎅

    1. My husband was from a big Italian family. When he was little, his uncle dressed as Santa and brought one gift to each child. The kids were reminded that they must be in bed and asleep for Santa to drop in with all their other gifts. His uncle passed the Santa suit to my husband who took over Christmas Eve Santa duties. No one suspected who he was, even my kids never suspected that the Santa who stopped by was their dad.

      I loved riding with him around to the next generation of children. When kids on the street would see him in the car, they went crazy. At stop lights, he would tell the kids to make sure they were in bed early, because he was off to get Rudolf and his sleigh.

  16. My favorite Holiday tradition is boxing day- the day after Christmas, I take presents I don’t need or care for, rewrap them and send these to a local Community center – there, social workers sort the gifts and take them to homeless shelters and group homes.

  17. When my son was younger, we lived near Disneyland. So every Christmas Eve we would go to the Disneyland resort area, visit Santa, go thru the Christmas stores, Watch the tree lighting and skate on the ice skating rink. Then we would go back home, have a sandwich buffet then open gifts from family and friends.

  18. We drink eggnog and rum while decorating the tree
    7 fishes dinner on Christmas Eve
    Opening 1 present after midnight mass
    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas

  19. As our family grows and changes every year the traditions from when I was kid are pretty much gone. So I made new ones with my daughter like baking cookies on Christmas Eve and driving around to look at the lights. She’s 14 now but thankfully humors me and still goes along with it all.

  20. Our traditions have changed the last few holidays. Due to my cancer with the whole covid issues. But will be missing our normal traditions of getting together with family and friends celebrating life and being grateful for what we have

  21. Our kids are grown and have kids, so they come to our house on Christmas Eve and have lunch and get their presents from us. Then on Christmas Day we go to their houses and see what Santa brought the grandkids.

  22. Happy Holidays! Now that my family are all older or have moved away, I invite a few friends over for drinks and food, then we watch a Christmas movie together. I have 4 best girlfriends, for the last 23 years, our favorite tradition was to draw names, get together at one’s home while her chef husband fixed us a 4 course meal! When Covid struck last year we weren’t able to get together. This year we are starting a new tradition where we will go to a fancy restaurant to celebrate our friendship! I still love to decorate my home for the holidays!

  23. I love how even now I get to open a present on Christmas Eve, also I love that my whole family comes together and we all have dinner together on Christmas day.

  24. My favorite tradition is making cookies with my daughter and my dad. It’s one of my favorite memories from when I was kid, when we would make cookies and the aroma would fill the house.

  25. We let our kids decorate by themselves while listening to Christmas music and me and the hubby bake cookies (well I bake them and he steals them as soon as they come out of the oven)

  26. I loved Christmas when mine were little too! Now we all get together Christmas morning and watch the little’s see what Danta brought. We all wear matching pajamas and the best part is we go eat Chinese food!! There’s something we all like and the kids love it!! Then we vote back for dessert and watch a movie wishing for the hectic day to be over!! Lolol

  27. I actually have three Holiday traditions that we never miss out on…December first is the day we put up the tree and decorations. Now that we have bay windows, we decorate them to look as if you were looking into a shoppe window. Another tradition I look forward to is spending Christmas day watching a marathon of Christmas movies, including: A Christmas Story, A Year Without Santa Claus, Nightmare Before Christmas and all Grinch movies. The last tradition I look forward to is the preparation of the reindeer that carry Santa’s Sleigh. My Autistic son was never one to fret about Santa, but rather his reindeer. We have this mixture of plain oatmeal and a shimmery glitter and we sprinkle it out in the yard, in a trail right to our back porch. In the moonlight, it shimmers as a path right to our house. And we leave out carrots for the reindeer. Even though my son is now a teenager, we still do these traditions together and I am forever grateful for it!

    P.S. I am in LOVE with this unicorn tote!!

  28. Every black Friday we always decorate for Christmas. We put on Christmas music and set and decorate our tree. We sing and have a lot of fun. Its a time where not only are we all together but we are all happy and in the Christmas spirit. I look forward to it every year.

  29. Since my wedding anniversary is Christmas Day, my favorite tradition is spending the day with my husband after we see our family. 🥰

  30. Christmas is so different when family members are no longer with us. We were always a family that placed the food as the main Christmas activity. It was also a time for family games. We played a lot of different card games.

  31. Our tradition, is everyone gets together at my moms Christmas Eve, we munch on appetizers and have some Christmas cheer..when the kids were little they could open one gift, now the6 are grown and have significant others, so we do our gift exchange also..the evening is an open house for neighbors and friends..

  32. Favorite Holiday tradition is watching the Christmas movies. As we have gotten older we have scaled down our Christmas festivities, but the movie watching isn’t going anywhere.

  33. Our Christmas tradition is to spend Christmas Eve at my grandmother’s house. My dad has 11 brothers and sisters and we all get together eat, play card cakes, and tell stories from when they were young.

  34. I am in the same place as you are. My kids are grown, no grandkids only grand dogs so far. Our Christmas seems to be all about the food. I’ve been married to the same guy for 36 years, we adopted all of his family recipes for Christmas and I couldn’t be happier. Christmas Eve he makes tortellini soup, I make biscuits and gravy the next day then he makes flank steak and pilaf for dinner. I love that this holiday is really about him doing the majority of the cooking, I clean up. The kids aka grown ups now, love the food and would say that it is their favorite part as well. We are super laid back and Christmas has always been about just the four of us, and the animals. I come from a large, very loud and competitive family, while I loved that I like the quiet on Christmas. **I have just discovered your books, I absolutely love them. I am currently reading and listening my way through your library. I rush through them then I am depressed because they’re over; I fall in love with your characters. My husband thinks I’m losing it while I have my moments of sadness for the book ending but I will definitely reread them. Merry Christmas.

  35. Our tradition is collecting Christmas ornaments. My husband and I get a new one every year since our first Christmas together.
    Thank you for the chance!

  36. My favorite Christmas tradition is my husband’s homemade cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. The kids used to sit on the floor in front of the oven with the light on, watching them bake, most times with our dog there between them. With all backs to the camera, we have a sweet string of pictures over the years showing the kids growing. My 21-year-old son decided he was too old for this a few years ago, but my 18-year-old daughter still seems willing, even this year. We never know when the last picture will be added. They started when she was three. <3 Oh, and the cinnamon rolls are to die for. Yum! We don't have them any other time of year. My husband is somewhat of a bread king (oh my God, his pizza crust!!), so no bread failures ever happen,and my son has inherited his talents. We could open a bakery, but who wants to get up that early? LOL

  37. Decorating the tree! Every year when we take out the ornaments, everyone is always taking about the memories associated with a lot of them.

  38. My son’s family and my 2 grandsons moved to Puerto Rico in May. Mom is from there so I am going there for Christmas so it will be a whole new adventure this year for me.

  39. I get a Christmas ornament for each of the kids & have started making candy cane reindeer to put on one of their presents!

  40. My favorite Christmas tradition is having our entire family together on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. My mom has 4 brothers and 3 sisters and most still live in the same city. On Christmas Eve we gather in one place (usually up to 40 of us) to have a huge dinner and sleepover so that we are all in one place to open gifts together on Christmas morning. After the gift opening we have breakfast, spend the day playing games and have another dinner on Christmas before everyone returns to their own homes. We had to skip it last year due to COVID so it is even more meaningful this year. I absolutely love my family.

  41. Don’t really celebrate Christmas but I do cook with some friends and watch Christmas movies. Just spending time with friends and family.

  42. It used to be getting up at dark black friday and going out with my mom but the pandemic hurt that and now we go online lol, so the new one is going to be more baking like we need that hahah

  43. I have several favorite holiday traditions but one of my favorites is going to church, playing games, singing karaoke, opening two presents and eating good food too on Christmas Eve. Thanks 😊 ❤

  44. My family has always opened gifts and gotten together the evening of Christmas Eve, instead of Christmas Day. We did save the kids’ Santa gifts for Christmas morning, but family gifts are always exchanged on Christmas Eve. And just like my mom told me, I made sure my adult son knows Christmas Eve is mine. He can do anything he wants Christmas Day, but his ass will be with me Christmas Eve night, no excuses.

  45. My family always does the big thing on Christmas Eve and individual family on Christmas Day. I love that my kids could just stay and play in their pj’s.

  46. My favorite tradition is spending time together on Christmas eve. We open our stockings and play games and be very merry!! I totally agree on your thoughts about how Christmas changes when the kids grow up!! Thanks for doing what you do!!

  47. Every year we each get a special ornament that represents that year. when they move out on their own they will have decorations for their own trees!

  48. The older I get, the older my kids get, the less Christmas spirit I seem to have. Typically, we get up early, kids open presents then I make a full breakfast the. A fancy dinner.

  49. I agree completely. Christmas is way different for us now. Our daughters their spouses and the grands always have to many places to be. So we get sqeezed in, now Christmas morning is just hubby and I. I really miss the morning surprise and chaos.

  50. My favorite tradition is definitely watching the Christmas Story and decorating Christmas cookies for Santa. My boys are teenagers now, but they still ask if we are decorating cookies every year! It is definitely bitter sweet when they grow up.

  51. My parents started it when I was born and I’ve kept it up since I left home. Each year they bought me a dated ornament for the tree. When I moved out, they sent them with me. Now my tree is filled with memories.

  52. Our holiday tradition is too open gifts on the first day of Hanukkah as we celebrate both holidays then we go to family for a big dinner

  53. Christmas eve ham dinner with my husbands family at our house and christmas morning breakfast bake and “Linner” with my family at our house again. All very low key and laid back just the way I prefer it 🙂 Christmas is different with teenage kids now so we are going to try a new tradition of “hunt a killer” christmas day with my family 🙂

  54. My daughter is now 16 and when she was 10 we moved to Montana and her dad still lives in Northern California; so every year for her “Christmas Break” she is off to sunny CA for almost two weeks. We now move Christmas Day around. We usually try to celebrate with family before she leaves, but if that doesn’t work we wait until she gets back. Her dad is a first responder so I learned early on that the day isn’t as important as the people, so moving the day isn’t as much as a bother as I just miss her.

  55. My favorite holiday tradition is Christmas, we have eight children so we do elelf on the shelf..which is always fun making the elf get into all kinds of trouble..We also do ginger bread houses and decorate the house.. the kids live to draw names so they can get each other a special gift .I’m sure as the kids grow up Santa and the elf won’t be as fun or special but I’m enjoying it while I can

  56. We are all grown now so we do family game night on Christmas Eve. We have all kinds of snacks, put on movies and play whatever games we have. It’s just a fun night of hanging out.

  57. Good Catholic girl here, so we always go to Christmas Eve mass at church (not Midnight Mass though, I’d never stay awake for that). After church we go to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner, then go home and watch a Christmas movie. My boys are grown now too, Josh is on the East Coast and Alex is usually off with friends, but we still keep the tradition going, even though it’s just Tom and I doing it.

  58. Putting up the decorations and getting the gifts wrapped. Hiding the presents so my dogs and cats don’t destroy them.

  59. We love to bake cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve and the curl up on the couch with hot cocoa to watch Christmas movies!

  60. I don’t have any kids but when I was one my favorite tradition was coming home from school the first week of December and seeing Christmas has exploded in our house. My mom would decorate each room, in a different theme, and the house was colorful and cheery. Always meant that Christmas was here for me.

  61. My soon to be 9 year old son was born on Christmas Day 2012. Every year since then, we have a huge birthday breakfast (brunch, really – we’re not early risers) complete with birthday cake pancakes, fruit, meat, all of the best breakfast foods. Taking the couple of hours in the morning to focus on my sons birthday, and then taking out time to enjoy Christmas presents a little later in the day, is my absolute favorite. When I was a kid I can remember being SO excited for Christmas morning. My brother and I would wake up super early, drive my mother crazy begging to open gifts, and when the time finally came we ripped everything open and “Christmas” was done usually by 9am. I just love the nice, slow pace we’ve created for our kids/ family on Christmas.

  62. We have a few traditions. Me whole family has to sing songs together before we open presents. I gift my kids and ornament each year so that some day they will use them to decorate their own family tree with them. Every year I take my(mostly grown) kids to look at lights all over town. ❤

  63. Christmas baking with my mom and sister, now we include our children. Listen to Christmas music and bake all kinds of goodies.

  64. Having a Christmas movie marathon all day while eating take out and relaxing together on Christmas is my families tradition.

  65. My favorite tradition is on Christmas Eve, my boys open a present, which is new pajamas and a movie and we all snuggle up on the couch and watch movies until bedtime.

  66. One of our favorite things to do is watch Christmas movies and bake cookies. We exchange gifts with immediate family on Christmas Eve , play games , eat and enjoy the evening.

  67. My favorite holiday tradition is baking Christmas goodies with my mom and my daughters. Unfortunately my mom passed away so now my daughters and I continue the tradition.

  68. My favorite tradition was when my daughter was young I started putting elves out and they would write notes. The elves wrote the notes backwards so you had to use a mirror to read them. Each year a new elf would be added. Now my daughter, at age 20, likes to help put the elves around the house and wants to still add a new elf.

  69. On normal times before Covid my family would get together make tamales a few weeks before Christmas so we could eat them Christmas Eve and then Christmas morning my favorite breakfast is fried tamales and eggs. I will do that this year to but without all my family. Trying to keep my mother safe. I will make some cookies and candy. My daughter , her husband and my beautiful granddaughter will be with us on Christmas Eve. But we won’t see the rest till they are all vaccinated. I miss they big family get togethers.

  70. Our favorite family Christmas tradition is getting up Christmas morning, opening gifts in our Pj’s then enjoying a family breakfast. With everyone having significant others, it’s hard to hang on to them all day. We try to have everyone together for Christmas dinner but with jobs also involved, that is not always possible. If one of my children (young adults) has to work on Christmas day, we have a family dinner on their next day off. It is getting harder and harder to have family time together. You would think with all the modern technologies and advantages we now have, we would have more time, but that unfortunately is not the case. We try to hang on to as much family time as possible. Thank you for the chance to win a wonderful giveaway that will surely bring a smile to someone’s face and warmth to their heart.

  71. Every year we pick out a new ornament for our Christmas tree! My husband and I started this a few years back when our kids were babies. We hope one day when we are old out tree will be filled with one of a kind ornaments we all picked out as a family.

  72. My favorite holiday tradition is going to my uncles house for Christmas. We do a secret Santa gift exchange with the adults and then watch the kids open all of their gifts!!

  73. My favorite Christmas tradition its baking and making up trays for neighbors and friends. It seems my list of who receives them gets longer every year. I try to do a new cookie or candy to add every year.

  74. My favorite holiday traditions are getting our tree & decorating on Black Friday AND on Christmas Day watching Christmas Story over and over again!

  75. My favorite holiday tradition is putting up the Christmas tree. I love pulling out all of the ornaments and remembering why they’re special!

  76. Hubby and I started a new tradition last year, after 35 years of marriage, of spending Christmas Day with just each other. No family, no visitors, just the two of us. Thanks, Mother Nature, for the crap-ton of snow that you dumped on East Tennessee on Christmas Eve. It was our favorite Christmas ever and we plan on continuing it this year.

  77. My kids are all grown now but they come over to do Christmas pj photos for our Christmas cards. We do cookies and they keep the tradition I had for them with there kids

  78. My favorite holiday tradition is driving around and looking at Christmas decorations. It brings such joy to my heart to see all the beauty and whimsy!

  79. Every year for the past 30 years we have gathered at least 25 friends and family for a Christmas Eve Lasagna dinner at our house. (Except for last year, darn Covid) We watched all the kids of all these families grow up with our kids over the years and many of those grown kids still come back every year for the party. I am thankful that my kids still live in the area so we can have Christmas together.

  80. We open a present on Christmas Eve with the kids and watch a Christmas story and just relax. Christmas Day is hectic, I cook a huge meal and my whole family comes over to eat and spend time together. We always have card games going after we eat and I love it since we have been doing that since I was a kid.

  81. I started baking for family and friends a few years ago so we do like 10 different kinds of goodies and make up baskets so its part of their traditions too ❤

  82. We always have a big Christmas eve for our family (anywhere from 40 to100+ attend) and a smaller Christmas day for us and the kids, and now a grandson. Things are different but still kind of the same…we just have to work around them leaving to see their significant others family at some point during the day.

  83. Every year we go drive around and look at Christmas lights. Also each year since my kids birth I have bought them each a Christmas ornament. Thank you for the chance <3 Love this prize pack!!!

  84. Traditions in my house have changed over the years… Like anything they change with Life.. My boys are grown and I have grandchildren now, and a new husband bringing his own grown children and grandchildren into our beautiful, crazy life! So we have a little tradition we started…. I purchase all the grandchildren Christmas pjs and everyone comes to our house Christmas Eve. We eat Pizza, bake cookies, and make ginger bread houses, we exchange gifts. All the kiddos get baths and put their Christmas pjs on and head home to wait for Santa. We get FaceTime calls Christmas morning with everyone talking over each other about what they are most excited about! It’s the best!

  85. My favorite tradition that we’ve continued is decorating Christmas cookies together, but when the kids were young it was our nightly Christmas book. On December 1 I would wrap 24 different Christmas books and place them under the tree. (I used the same books each year) Each night at bedtime the kids would together choose one to be opened and read aloud that night. I always put a bow on the book that had to be saved for Christmas Eve, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. It made all of their favorite Christmas books exciting again and I cherished the quiet family time each night.

  86. My teenagers and I started new Christmas traditions. We celebrate Christmas Eve with making cookies and watching all of their favorite childhood Christmas movies. We stay up really late and sleep in on Christmas morning. We make a big brunch and open gifts. We all decided to take out the stress of Christmas by simplifying our new traditions.

  87. My husband and I exchange gifts on Christmas Eve. We mostly do stockings for each and there’s always scratch off lottery tickets! On Christmas Day we get together with the kids and grandkids for a meal and gift exchange. We do Dirty Santa do it’s always fun!

  88. Everyone being together is my favorite. We don’t all get together so much throughout the year but at least at this time of year we all come together.

  89. Baking cookies with my kids and watching Christmas movies. I also love the Christmas eve gift. They are allowed 1 gift each for Christmas eve to open. And even though they are teenagers we still sneak the presents out to put under the tree very very late at night lol it keeps us young 🤣

  90. My favorite holiday tradition is spending Christmas Eve with my family. We used to host a big party but now it’s just us and it’s lovely.

  91. Taking our children and grandchildren to see a Christmas movie. Then go to eat at a restaurant. We have good food, good company, lots of love and laughter. Making memories

  92. My favorite thing is watching the Christmas parades as that has always been the same, and making my family happy whether its a gift or their favorite foods.

  93. My favorite Holiday tradition is making hard candy with my family. It has been a tradition since my Dad was a kid. The laughs as we are burning our hands trying to cut and make shapes out of super hot, sticky candy before it hardens, is the best.

  94. Christmas eve night I read A night before Christmas aloud. Even though my youngest is 21 he still wants it to be read, using the book I bought when I had my first son. It only takes five minutes but it always makes me smile

  95. My favorite holiday tradition is making/giving fudge and candy. The variety varies from year to year but usually always include Ritz crackers with peanut butter dipped in chocolate, buckeyes, and dipped pretzels.

  96. Every year I take my nieces and nephews driving around to look at decorated houses. We drink hot chocolate and play Christmas music. We rate the houses and fight over which was the best and the worst. I’ve got many nieces and nephews and great nieces and nephews. We have a lot of fun. We didn’t go last year. We are this year ☘️

  97. We go to my mom’s for brunch on Christmas morning. Then we open gifts. This year is going to be different since half my family is in another state and don’t think they will come. Hopefully they can

  98. We go to zoo lights every year. We’ve been doinging this since my very first date with my husband.and do it every year with our little.

    1. My mom has a huge family, 12 brothers and 2 sisters. Christmas eve is spent with them eating a soup supper of chili, oyster stew, baked potato and whatever goodies everyone else brings. The adults start a pepper tournament and the kids play their games. It’s loud and crazy and I love it.

  99. Xmas is very different for this year we have lost 2 brother in laws a ver dear friend 2 furbabys my 1 brother in law diagnosed with prostate cancer and my mother in law in hospital for over 2 months now not sure she will be out for Xmas or new year but we have a very close family that will pull us all together xx

  100. Every year, me and my kids make cookies for our neighbors and listen to Christmas music. Thank you for this amazing chance

  101. Every Christmas morning I make the kids cinnamon rolls and they open their presents. I love watching their reactions and the joy in their faces. Christmas is my favorite time of year ❤️

  102. On Christmas day my family and extended family all get together at my Nana’s to eat, gifts for the kids and secret Santa for the adults. I have also started a tradition for my nieces where I buy them matching pajamas for them to open Christmas eve and water Christmas morning.

  103. Every Christmas Eve is a family gathering at my parents’ house with siblings, nieces, nephews and some aunt and uncles. Most of us attend the candlelight service at our church after. Cookies out for Santa in Christmas Eve and the craziness of Christmas morning that never seems to last long enough. Then we end Christmas with a get together with my dad’s family at his sister’s house. So much family time ❤️

  104. It is hard to adjust or should I say readjust your holiday traditions for adult children and your growing family. Sadly when they are young you are so overwhelmed, tired and think it will be great when they are older but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I guess it is best to embrace and enjoy the chaos of youth, and mold your traditions to include the adults you have grown. I hear the chaos and fun of youth returns with grandchildren although I am not there yet. Our traditions include a big seafood dinner for Christmas Eve and large family breakfast on Christmas morning. We open presents one at a time so each can enjoy what everyone receives and opens without getting lost in what you are opening. All phases are great, but you must embrace the changes as your family matures.

  105. My favorite tradition was waiting for the kids to go to sleep and my husband and I got to put all the toys together. I miss that since they are almost grown. I am glad they since get up on Christmas morning before daylight

  106. Not many traditions other than baking cookies and leaving them out for Santa. When my kids were little, we’d open presents at our home in the morning then drive to the grandparents and open the rest and eat. Now that the kids are young adults, we do all the opening at my parents house. This year my daughter is going to her boyfriend’s house for Christmas and I’m sad. I agree it’s different when they aren’t little anymore.

  107. Our children are adults now with children of their own. It’s fun to get my granddaughters together and make Christmas goodies with them even though they are adults themselves. I still take a goodie basket to different family members (single brothers) and to my daughters family.

  108. This is “Perfect” 😉 My favourite Christmas tradition is playing board games with the family to open stocking presents. Whoever wins the game gets to open a present. Fun!

  109. Every year when we put up our Christmas tree, we all do it together an talk about each ornament as it’s put on the tree. We don’t use plain,.commercial, all the same kind ornaments. Every year we buy a unique one to say something about that year. If we go somewhere then we get one from that vacation or city. If we add a new pet, then they get a welcome to the family one. Every year, we have laughter from the good memories and tears from the sad ones and when we put an ornament on from someone who passed. I have my original angel ornament that ny grandparents got me from 1976. It’s not a tree that you would see in a store, professionally decorated but it’s our tree and our story

  110. Decorate and baking ahead of time. Christmas eve we go to daughters in Rv as 200 miles. Snacks. Christmas eve church. More snacks, the family Christmas box clues are figured out and box with movie and movie snacks opened, and usually new pj’s for kids. Christmas morning the kids open their stocking as they are up 1st. Breakfast and gift opening, great meal. Games and fun times together. This year we are at other daughter in Fl so Christmas will be a maybe some different and some the same traditions

  111. All the family together on Christmas eve. Allowed to open one present.
    The unbridled excitement and anticipation of that first gift! And feeling like we were getting away with something.

  112. This year I’m so excited that all but one of my siblings will be here along with my mom. We all live in different states now and this hasn’t happened in many years. We play games on Christmas eve and make our own Christmas ornaments. And whoever finds the Christmas pickle in the tree gets to open the first present. 🙂

  113. Christmas is my families favorite holiday my favorite tradition is Christmas Eve we celebrate all our blending families traditions Italian Baccala to Norwegian fattigmann and all the parts and pieces in between… the night is capped of with Drunken Christmas Carols and the kids opening one present 🎁… haven’t been home in 4 years can’t wait to go ! PS the Misters is an amazing series … I could read it over and over 🎄

  114. We always have breakfast at my in-laws then open presents. Then while all the kiddos are playing with their new toys the adults do our scratch offs we always get in our stockings! Then we start making food for later in the day when the extended family comes over. I’m afraid it will be different this year because my mother in-law starts chemo today and we don’t know if she’ll feel up to it all this year 😔

  115. A few years ago, my husband and I realized our younger kids don’t need more toys or games or devices. We were struggling with figuring out gifts. We both agreed that the one thing we missed out on as kids was family time. Now, each Christmas we give them each a few small gifts and the family gets one big gift. We buy annual passes to nearby amusement parks, aquariums, zoos, museums, etc. On the days we use those passes, my husband leaves the work phone at home and it is just us. The younger kids start trying to guess which passes we will get at our non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner. (We do a seafood boil since none of the kids like the usual Thanksgiving foods) – So…Family time is my favorite Christmas tradition.

  116. On Christmas eve, we sit around the fireplace in our jammies and read the night before Christmas while eating cookies and drinking hot chocolate!

  117. Spending a weekend making at least 15 types of cookies, which I then package and give away to friends, family, co-workers and others!

  118. My favorite holiday tradition is driving around town to look at all the holiday light displays. My kids and grandkids love this.

  119. I am also in that in between stage, my son is 19, but still lives at home, while taking classes online through College, he doesn’t get excited for Christmas, because he works doing video editing for a a couple of Youtubers and also has his own channel, that Google pays him for. He can buy what he wants, when he wants so, there isn’t the same feeling, not to mention that he doesn’t believe in Santa 🎅🏻 🥲

    We still have brunch at home and don’t go anywhere, unless I have to work, which I do this year again.
    We take our time opening gifts, while Christmas movies or music is on. We talk, reflecting on the year and try to plan something for our upcoming birthdays 🎂.

    We usually have homemade cookies and snacks through out the day and evening, it’s usually just a very chill day/night.

  120. We sit down in jammies with hot chocolate every Christmas Eve and watch Home Alone. Nothing better than spending time with my babies laughing.

  121. I would drive around town looking at the Christmas lights listening to the chipmunks Christmas music with my kids, now my grandkids and great grandson, then back to my house for cookies and hot chocolate

  122. My family makes all of the goodies that both my husband’s and my grandmother used to make when we were younger: Spritz cookies, sausage balls, Ice Box cookies and Cheese Wafers, Rum Balls, fudge, divinity, and Chex-Mix. While we’re baking… we’re reliving memories and tell “Grandma stories.”

  123. We try to watch many Christmas movies as a family. And then catch the 24 hours of A Christmas Story Christmas Eve/Christmas day. Lol

  124. We started doing a book swap between the kids and the adults that read. Christmas Eve we swap books drink hot chocolate and play a movie which each of us read our books, the kids then tell us their favorite part of their new book, and as for the adults, we’ll we wait til the kids go to sleep and the share all of our favorite scenes from our books!

  125. The whole family watches the Christmas parade our town holds, then everyone goes to my mom’s house to eat and put up her Christmas Tree 🎄

  126. Usually all the women in my family get together to bake all the Christmas goodies while maybe partaking in a bottle or more of sparkling wine 🍷 🤣

  127. The family traditions my kids have most enjoyed relate to the tree. We all go out every year to buy a real tree, and I’m always the one reminding the others that we don’t have a lot of space, or high ceilings! We decorate it while Christmas music is playing, and scented candles are burning, and they take it in turns to put the topper on.

  128. Hoping to get the mother in law home for Xmas shes been in 3 hospitals since September due to having a stroke shes 82 and has such a strong will im sure she will do her best 🤞🤞🤞🤞💜💜

  129. Baking cookies with the kids and having them open Christmas Eve boxes which usually have pj’s, a book, a stuffy and snacks

  130. Making Christmas cookies and decorating them to see the looks on my kids faces doing this no matter their age is so much fun.

  131. I always make Springerle cookies as well as Anise candies. Like you, my children are grown and no longer home. The boys are in the military, so most years we cannot get together. I still ship them my homemade cookies and candies 😊

  132. My favorite tradition growing up was making popcorn balls with my mom and dad, then the whole family decorating the tree and watching Christmas movies. Thanks for the chance.

  133. I honestly do not have a holiday tradition. I grew up with divorced parents so we did it holiday whenever we could find the time.

  134. We are starting a new tradition this year! Baking cookies. We live away from family and usually wait for family to send us treats! This year we want to make our own with our kids.

  135. Kids are grown, definitely different, all will be home this year, which is a first in a few years. My mom is coming to visit first time in 30 years, so that is definitely different this year. Looking forward to it.

  136. What used to be my cookie marathons has now turned into a marathon with my teenage son where we bake cookies for three days to hand out.

  137. I have always given my boys pj’s to open Christmas Eve. They are 27 and 22 now. I still get them pj’s. They enjoy it…(at least I like to believe they do)

  138. My favourite Christmas tradition is my family getting together to play games and watch movies on Christmas Eve at my Grandma’s house.

  139. Christmas Eve we open a huge box that has PJ’s, a movie, hot coco, snacks, popcorn, socks and a blanket for each of us. We then call gather and have a Christmas Eve movie night. Either I make the box or one of the grandmothers. It is so fun. We have other, but I love this one most.n

  140. even though my daughter is a grown woman, she still lives at home with her father and I, our traditions still carry on with the baking and decorating the tree. We have this Calander that is the 25 days of Christmas and every morning before she leaves for the office, she pulls it down one day. I sit and remember when she was little, and we would have to hold her to reach it.
    I would love this gift so I could share it with her. being in a law office the bag would go over big.

  141. My kids and I bake Christmas cookies and other desserts during December. On Christmas eve I let them open one present. My kids have an Elf on the shelf and their Elf does funny things every day since December 1st lol. Last week we planned a new tradition…we are going to have our own watch Christmas movies marathon–12 nights of Christmas movies! We’re really excited for that!

  142. My favorite holiday tradition is taking my daughter out on Christmas Eve to drive around and look at Christmas lights. She loves it and my aunt started doing this with us kids. We would get ice cream. Laugh and enjoy the spirit of Christmas. I hold this memory close to my heart.

  143. I love decorating the Christmas tree, we usually put on a Christmas movie, Home Alone or Christmas Vacation and take our time putting on ornaments and enjoying the moments. Once it’s all done everything just feels a little more magical.

  144. I started a dew years ago but every year I get my kids a Christmas ornament for when they have their own house and tree.

  145. Baking day is the main pre-Christmas tradition left. We used to wrap together before one moved a couple hours away and the other has my 2 grandkids. So baking day is this weekend and we bake and play games.

  146. So far, my favorite tradition is split pea soup on Christmas Eve. I’m starting a new one this year by taking my daughter to The Nutcracker. Trying to sink into each moment and enjoy even more these years with little ones.

  147. Every year we always do secret Santa and on Christmas Eve we always have a theme. This years theme is Christmas PJs!!!!! Oh and on Christmas Day a Christmas Story is ALWAYS on the TV lol

  148. I’m with you, I his Christmas is very different for us. Oldest has a more serious relationship and is trying to learn the balance of splitting time for holidays. Our youngest is in the military and as of right now, today he will not be coming home. I knew this would happen, we’ve been very lucky this is the first time, we are trying to find a new way this year. It’s hard!!

    Traditionally, we enjoy and relax in Christmas Eve. We have a big meal, play cheesy games and let the “children” unwrap 1 gift. It will all be different and hard for this mama.

    This may be why I’m really enjoying these interactions and games/contests/giveaways this year. Thank you AGAIN for doing this!

  149. Favorite holiday tradition. Opening up one gift on Christmas Eve that is always a set of new pajamas. Every year my mom always acted like she was thinking hard about which one present each of us could open and it always turned out to be a new set of pajamas. So I continued the tradition with my daughter.

  150. I enjoy my druid groups tradition of home made solstice gifts. I also love all the time spent with families (my husband’s and mine)

  151. having big breakfast before opening the gifts where my husband just about guesses the gifts right.and yes he gets a few wrong.

  152. The only tradition that we actually keep is allowing the kids to open a gift on Christmas Eve. This is a tradition both myself and my husband grew up with as well. 🙂

  153. My kids have a love hate relationship with one of our traditions. I buy cheistmas pjs for everyone. Last year i did them based on their personality. Mind you most of the kids are teens to adult. My daughter wasnt happy with the black shirt saying “ray of fu??ing sunshine”

  154. Growing up we had 2 rules on Christmas mornin (there were 5 of us kids)…1) DO NOT GO INTO THE LIVINGROOM UNTIL DAD GOT UP!!!!! This was Christmas Law! 2) don’t wake dad up before 7am. My dad always got his coffee and sat under the tree and sorted the presents. He would literally just throw gifts at us from across the room. He did this until there were so many kids and grandkids that we had to rent a hall.

    I did this with my daughter growing up, and she’s doing it with my granddaughter.

    Although there hasn’t been any gift throwing in a couple years as my Dad had passed, It will be a little different this year due to my mothers passing, it’s the first year without either of my parents. It’s a wonderful memory, I think it was the one day out of the year that none of us kids were fighting or arguing and all got along with each other.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  155. Hubby goes either on Harley or with model A and buys tree. Brings it home and I decorate with my hallmark ornaments.

  156. It is so true how things change as the kids get older. So we have always hosted Christmas day with both families but with grandparents getting older, niece’s and nephew’s having babies and my daughter getting married next year things this year will be different. My tree still went up a few days after Halloween and I will still bake up a storm and definitely watch Christmas movies as a family. My kids still want to be home with us and they do still get up fairly early but my bride to be stays at her fiance house and opens gifts there first then they come here for gifts and the day. We are doing dinner here and whoever wants to come is welcome but we will not have the big craziness that it has been for 18+ years…which really is fine with me!🙄 New Years Eve which we usually host too will not be here this year. We are going to our friends lakehouse and my kids are going away for the weekend. And next year we are hoping to be going to my daughter and new son in laws house if they can find one to buy and eventually be enjoying our own grandbabies!! Old traditions to be passed on to create new memories, its all about love and family!!❤❤

  157. My favourite holiday tradition is reading “a night before Christmas” with my family on Christmas eve, right before bed. It is delightful.

  158. My mom loves A Christmas Story and every year there is a 24 hour marathon where I live starting at 8pm on Christmas Eve. So it’s our tradition to watch it together. I look forward to it every year. We always have a good time. Thank you for the chance.

  159. , Before COVID 19 our family (our mother’s children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren) gets together to have Christmas dinner. We sit around laugh, talk and just have a grand time. Our last one was Cowboy-style (I won best-dressed). But the most fun part is “Dirty Santa” where my youngest son always ends up with ladies lotion at the end. All in good fun. Miss my mama and those days.

  160. My favorite is driving around looking for Christmas lights! We do it every year and we always stop at this one house that always goes all out for Christmas.

  161. My kids are also grown, but do not have children of their own yet. We’re enjoying the college years. 😉 But every year me and my girls get together with with our local cousins and aunts and make tables full of all kinds of candy from fudge to toffee to just little bags of muddy buddies. You name it, we’ve made it. We divide it all up and take home trays of goodies for our individual Christmases. I love this tradition because it ensures the homemade recipes that we treasure are passed down to each new generation and that they really know how to make them!
    Christmas morning I make a big breakfast and that’s what they wake up to. Then we unwrap gifts. And I free them to go celebrate with their friends or significant others. ❤

  162. Lol that’s something I don’t want to hear because my favorite tradition is my 4 yo daughter and I decorate the tree together. It will definitely be a sad year for me if she ever gets to the point where she doesn’t want to do this anymore. We just decorated it yesterday.

  163. Happy December 6th Julie! I started this when my son was little and even now when he is in his late 20’s I put all his presents in a cloth bag I found that looks like a Santa suit. After opening we eat cinnamon rolls for Xmas breakfast…

  164. My Christmas traditions and it with my son aged out. He’s an only child and decided not to have children of his own. That took the fun out of Christmas. So we just watch a lot of football and eat.

  165. On my dad’s side there are over 80 of us. We gather at my aunt’s house the Saturday before Christmas Eve every year– ALL of us.

  166. These days my favorite holiday tradition is taking a Christmas picture of my dog with all her Christmas themed toys…everyone loves it, I swear they do even if they say different!

  167. When my kids were younger, we’d go to a showing of the Polar Express in our PJs at a local museum’s IMAX theater. We’ve since moved to FL so we now don’t have that option; however, since my kids are now older, our biggest Christmas tradition is to watch The Hog Father as part of our Xmas movie offerings.

  168. I guess we don’t really have a tradition. I do understand about the kids waking up and running to the tree. My daughter turned 16 this year so while she likes Christmas she isn’t gung ho on waking up early. My son is 23 months old on December 23rd so he will be excited for Christmas. You don’t realize how much you miss the little things until you don’t have the little things anymore. I am blessed to be able to do Christmas again with a toddler!

  169. Favorite holiday tradition has always been Thanksgiving Day dinner. Sadly, since Mom passed, it’s just not the same now, though I do try to keep the spirit alive by following her tried and true Thanksgiving recipes (killer stuffing and gravy to knock your socks off).

  170. When I was little every Xmas night we would pick a Xmas movie to watch and when I had my kids I kept the tradition going. It’s nice relaxing quiet time with my family. Thank you 🎄

  171. When my kids were little we’d go see a movie Christmas Eve then on Christmas Day we’d go out for Chinese. I miss spending those times as a family. Now they’ve all got their own homes. I watch movies at home now. Thank you for the chance!

  172. Every Christmas Eve everyone gets a new pair of PJ’s. I make my Christmas casserole with sausage, hash browns, cheese, a little onion and as soon as we get up . I scrabble up some eggs pouring it over the top and bake. It cooks while everyone one looks in our Christmas socks and open present. No small kids any more. But we still do socks. Everyone buys small presents for in the socks. O and we have to have at least a live 10 foot tree. Happy holidays everyone!

  173. A few years there was a family squabble and I have been spending my Christmas’s by myself, so the traditions have been on hold. But one of my favorites was spending the night at my sisters so that I could wake up with my nieces & nephews and after while we waited for then to fall asleep reading the local paper with the kids letters to Santa with my sister.

  174. I love decorating the tree with my son. We have Christmas at my house every year as well. I can’t wait to see my family.

  175. My favorite family tradition is watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation every year after Thanksgiving Dinner. We watch it to bring in the Christmas season.

  176. My favorite tradition is to watch my husband and son, now husband and grandson, put up the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.

  177. We go back home to PA and have Christmas at my moms then see my nieces. After a few days this year we are also traveling to NC to visit my BIL and my husband’s family for a few days before coming home and having New Years at home!

  178. My fave tradition is going to my sisters house for Christmas dinner. All of the family get together and exchanges gifts, plays games and watches Christmas movies.

  179. I prep cinnamon rolls the day before Christmas to bake Christmas morning. We are still evolving our Christmas traditions now my exhusband is no longer a part of our lives. He hated traditions so we never created any solid ones. Sometimes I have to work, like this year, so two of my teenage sons will be doing a rib cook-off to see who’s is the best. This may end up a family tradition!

  180. Christmas traditions have changed for me as well over the years as my kids grew up! As they got older (late teens to early 20s) we started going to the movies on Christmas eve together…then Covid hit … so now Christmas Eve is game night and home movie! One thing that hasn’t changed over the years is making Cookies with mom/grandma and we are talking a TON of cookies! That has always remained constant and the best!

  181. Decorating for Christmas has always been my favorite. Having our 13-year old twins help decorate both inside and outdoors with all the lights was a lot of fun this year. Lots of family bonding.

  182. Holy snow balls this is my favorite giveaway day!

    Favorite Christmas tradition is making Christmas countdown chain out of construction paper with my boys. They are teens this year and didn’t love my tradition anymore.

    So Saturday after thanksgiving every year we make the countdown chain, sign Christmas cards, and then get in pjs grab a hot chocolate and then drive around looking at Christmas lights.

    The hard part of having growing kiddos is you never know when rhe “last magical year is” til it’s happening. Thanks Julie 🖤

    Brittany Nicole R.

  183. Mine is to play board games with my family. It is one of the few times of year I can convince them to do that with me! We make cocoa and have the fireplace going and laugh and it is just lovely. Thank you for the chance! Love the Mr. Series.

  184. The winter holiday season is so magical, regardless of individual beliefs on religion/spirituality, Santa, celebration: people feel more comfortable sharing what matters to them, and as we all think and speak differently, we learn that the heart really is the same! How cool!!! My favorite family tradition, when I was a kid, was driving around local neighborhoods to see the holiday lights and decorations! There is something so special about dark skies and chilly air seeping though open car windows while basking in the colors and creativity adorning homes, trees, and yards all around us!

  185. My kids are grown too. It’s nice and sad. Christmas Eve is my mother’s birthday, so we all (the entire family) gets together at my house. We spend the day making tamales, drinking and playing games. We do a name draw on Thanksgiving, so we exchange our gifts. Except the grandbabies they get one but have to wait till the morning to celebrate Santa. I actually LOVE this day.

  186. I loved seeing the kids reaction to the “Santa” gifts when they were little. The other holiday tradition I love us that I make ornaments for all the babies born at my hospital on Christmas. I am a Labor and Delivery RN. We write their names in them for a memory.

  187. A Christmas Story was always played for 24 hours on Christmas Day. We always watched it and left it on in the background. When we got rid of cable, we bought it on iTunes and still play it all day. My son bought my husband the lamp, and I got my husband and both boys the pj pants. This Christmas, I got a tshirt that says “you’ll poke your eye out kid.”

  188. I miss all the excitement of waking up super early and watching presents be ripped open as fast as possible. All the food being consumed and naps being taken.

  189. Getting up at 6am even though our daughter is now 20 and eating whatever chocolate comes out our stockings with along side our cereal.

  190. When the kids were little I would wrap 25 kids Christmas books In gift wrap and as a Christmas countdown we would open a new one each night to read! They loved it!

  191. My family has a tradition of my grandma sending all the grandkids and great grandkids a Christmas Book every year. That is the first present that is opened and is read before any presents are open. We also do this while drinking a big cup of hot chocolate.

  192. I love every Christmas Eve our whole extended family gets together for dinner & to just hang out. It’s nice to see everyone at Christmas but then Christmas Day is just for your immediate family.

  193. My favorite family tradition is how our oven baked turkey 🦃 is prepared and the gravy (I could fight someone over the gravy) it produces. It would be 5 generations old, at least since 🤷🏼‍♀️ How far back it actually goes) if my daughter made turkey. It is just not Christmas dinner without a turkey made the way my great grandma made it. Although I never had her turkey, just my grandma’s.

    Fyi i have seen other prepare their turkeys in a non-traditional manner but I have never found anyone who makes it exactly or even close to our family’s method.

    1. Janet, you cannot taunt people with that kind of throw-down talk about your vastly superior turkey recipe, without at least an offer to share it with those who might be interested. Do y’all not agree?
      Prove to us the superiority of this recipe, Janet! (Please?) 😉

  194. We moved away from all our family 7 years ago so Christmas feels didfeynot run it around to visit all the families and extended family however one traditional has stayed the same I get the kids née pjs every year for them to open early and we bake homemade cookies for Santa. We always open our presents after Santa comes Christmas morning.

  195. I love decorating my house inside and out – practically every room. Usually the Sunday before Xmas, my mom bakes a double batch of cut-out cookies and we spend the afternoon decorating all of them. It seems as if the pile of cookies never goes down but eventually we make it to the bottom.

  196. My favorite tradition is opening our Christmas jammies on Christmas eve so that on Christmas day we lounge around in our jammies, eat open gifts, and don’t have to go anywhere all day.

  197. I love the holidays with my family as we have 3 adult married kids and lots of grandkids of all ages and it is so much fun on Christmas Eve to watch them open their gifts. Time flies and they grow up quickly. We love our family time with the laughter and joy they bring us. God has blessed us!

  198. My favourite tradition is to have all the kids and grandkids making cookies to give to our extended family and neighbours.

  199. Every year we take a family picture with a photo prop! I have bought red blinking noses, antlers, Santa beards, props to hold, necklaces with bells, etc. it’s a fun family tradition 😊

  200. My kids are grown we still have Christmas dinner and play the Saran Wrap game!! And cards against humanity is a good one also!!

  201. We always spend the 2 days leading up to Christmas at my in-laws and wake up at their house on Christmas morning. My favorite tradition is everyone gets a new pair of warm comfy pjs on Christmas Eve, then we all watch the Polar Express together.

  202. We make or decorate cookies, have dinner with my parents and then they stay over so we can all be there in the morning and open the presents.

  203. I was always the one to decorate our house for Christmas, even as a very young kid. Then I moved out on my own and my husband is not a big Christmas fan so I stopped decorating for many years. Finally I’m back to decorating! It just makes me so happy to see the lights on our little Christmas trees out in our yard.

  204. Let’s s see . . . We had many, but the funniest one is the Christmas Stockings. Every year there would always be an apple or orange in the toe, candy, a coloring book and crayons, a breakfast bar, toothbrush, toothpaste, candy cane and a banana along with some small gift that would fit in the stockings.. Now the kids are grown and, when I mentioned not doing them, boy did I get an earful! I was told that they look forward to new toothbrushes every year! The coloring books went through high school! 🤣🤣

  205. I love decorating for the holidays! there are a minimum of 6 trees in my house each year. I even put up 1 tree in the formal dining room that has nothing but food related ornaments, including an awesome butter ornament everyone comments on ! LOL

  206. Holiday traditions definitely change as time goes on. Honestly, after my grandparents passed away the holidays just have not been the same. I am Polish and Christmas Eve Wigilia was (and still is but it’s different now) huge in my family. Everyone, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents etc got together and we just had a blast! We would eat all the delicious (homemade) Polish food and hang out the entire day. We would then hop in cars and drive around to see some Christmas lights/listen to Christmas music and then go to midnight mass. I miss the big family gatherings, this kind of fell apart after my grandparents passed and everyone got older and started having families of their own. I’m thankful for all the great memories I have and also extremely thankful I got to spend time with my grandma prior to her passing and was able to learn all the family recipes 😊 I can at least continue cooking the delicious food for the much smaller family gathering we have now 🙂

  207. Early in my marriage, after trying and failing to create the perfect holiday experience (making myself and everyone I loved miserable), I tossed it all out the window and instead gave Christmas pajama’s on Christmas Eve to be worn through Christmas whilde drinking hot chocolate, watching cheesy holiday movies, and eating Christmas lasagna.. prepared and frozen in advance. Now the only problem is everyone wants to come to our house and stay for the holiday!

  208. Coming all together on Christmas Eve and eating together as a family every day till the second Christmas day. Also we’re playing cards and board games every evening.

  209. As a kid, my favorite tradition was opening a present on Christmas Eve! As an adult, it was spending Christmas Eve in church singing Christmas carols with my grandparents & uncle. When we lit our candles, I always whispered, “I love you,” to whichever family member was sitting beside me.

    1. My favorite tradition is having all 3 of our girls & son in laws and 7 grandkids together Christmas eve and we have homemade pizza made by grampy (the older grandkids help him) then we watch a Christmas movie and open one gift then they go home and come back first thing in the morning for breakfast and opening the stockings &gifts and then ham and turkey dinner..We have been doing it for 11 years and i love having family all together..Merry Christmas everyone..🎄

  210. My favorite way to spend the holidays was to open one present on Christmas Eve, usually pjs, and making cookies; and then open presents on Christmas Day and have pancakes together. ❤️

  211. Hi! When I was a child we would put the Christmas tree and decorations up the day after Thanksgiving and they would stay up until January 6 (Three Kings Day). Christmas Eve was for family gathering and festivities and Christmas Day was to open presents (if you didn’t open them at midnight) and to relax at home with family. As an adult I follow the same traditions except this year we put our tree up a week before Thanksgiving. Thank you for the chance and Merry Christmas!

  212. My favorite holiday tradition was making cookies with the family. All of us would have one job or another and we’d all be in the kitchen listening to Christmas music while we mixed, baked and cleaned up after making dozens and dozens of cookies. Don’t do that anymore because almost all my family has passed and there are only three of us left, but it is a beautiful memory.

  213. Lol, I feel kinda bad after browsing all the heartfelt comments above, but our favorite holiday tradition is creeping out guests with Elf-on-a-shelf. My kids sneak him into strange places, maybe a coat sleeve, or he’ll drop down from the cabinet when they reach for a glass..

  214. Our tradition started when I was a baby, my mom sent picture Christmas cards. Had a professional guy come & wrangle us 6 kids every year! I still send out snail mail picture cards although way easier now than 56 years ago!
    Really see the changes in my son along with our parade of pets 😉
    We still make marzipan, bake cookies & breads to give away as gifts (only to family now w CV19 buy for bank, post office, etc..)
    Must admit some forcing going on to decorate but all happy after it’s done *until Jan 6th when it’s time to take it all down lol
    Merry Christmas!
    Btw not to be a PITA but Dec 25th is the 1st day of Christmas and the 12th day is the epiphany (or 3 kings day), January 6th
    Love your books (JAH & KCC) both reading & audible!!
    All the best
    V 🥰

  215. The best Christmas memory I have is of my kids on Christmas Eve they’d all get new jammies and then we’d load them into the old station wagon with blankets and popcorn. We would drive around the city looking at all the Christmas lights and we’d drive til they all fell asleep and take them home and put them to bed to dream of Santa. They’re all grown now with kids of their own…but they still talk happily about the way they used to spend their Christmas Eve rides.

  216. When we were younger, we used to have to wait for our grandparents to come down to our house before we could open presents. This then turned to waiting till after lunch, which as a child is pure torture, lol, but as an adult, it’s quite nice as it prolongs the day (or in my case, let’s me sleep in, lol). Thanks for the chance.

  217. Every year my sister and I go to our local Barnes and noble, where we spend 1 hour searching through the others favorite genre, and pick a book for each other to read on Christmas Eve.

  218. I love to bake cookies for our neighbors and friends. If we’re lucky enough to be with our granddaughters, they help me to bake.

  219. My 2 daughters are grown and are married to brothers. They have blessed us with 5 grandchildren and we all live within 2 miles of each other so we do everything together. We do things all during December like baking cookies, going to plays, and to other Christmas events. My favorite is visiting a local historical village that has decor and events that take you back to the early 1900s. Since my daughters share the same in-laws we get together with both families for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (which is my husband’s birthday). Our grandkids are now passed the Santa stage and I really miss that, but they are still a lot of fun? It’s all wonderfully exhausting.

  220. We don’t really have any set traditions. We watch a movie on Christmas Eve, usually wearing new pjs and eating snacks. Christmas Day we go to my mum’s house. It’s all pretty relaxed. It’s my daughter’s first Christmas knowing that Santa isn’t real, so although I’m sad she didn’t get another year of magic, I’m relieved that I don’t have to pretend to be Santa anymore lol. I told her it’s her turn to keep the magic alive for all the littles now and she’s excited to be grown up and in the know now. That’s about it. Maybe we will start something new this year ☺️

  221. My husband’s family does the traditional sugar cookie cutout with a little twist. A limited number of the cookies are in the shape of Santa and decorated with the boots, coat, beard, hat, buttons, fur trim, etc. These cookies are strictly rationed. The rest of the dough is made into trees, bells, stars, etc. and frosted with the same frosting but without a lot of details. Those imposters are treated like they are subpar and only eaten as a last resort. Everyone keeps track of the # of Santa cookies and consumption of them. God forbid anyone took more than their allotment of two cookies. Even the toddlers know they are rationed. Now, these cookies are no different than the other shapes just a lot more work went into them. Since I retired, I now make a batch of just Santa cookies and keep them to the side for those who have been good enough to earn an extra cookie. My grandkids always get extras 🙂

  222. My family has a tradition where the adults give each of the children an Christmas ornament every year, so I have a box full of ornaments that were given to me over the years by my grandparents, parents, and aunt, and now we do the same for my nieces and nephews. I love unpacking the box every year and remembering the holidays when each ornament was given, especially now that my grandparents ans auntie aren’t with us any more.

  223. We are an Interfaith family so truly, I love celebrating both Hanukkah and Christmas with family and friends. Every year, we host a new family for one night of Hanukkah. I make a traditional Jewish meal, we teach about the celebration (and why it’s more cultural than religious), play dreidel, light the candles and just share in the celebration of light with people who may not know much about it or the whys of the holiday. It’s always fun and gives me an opportunity to brush up on my own Hebrew (I am not the Jewish member of our household so I learned enough to participate in services and my children’s religious school education).

  224. I don’t really have christmas traditions, my family doesn’t celebrete, so we only go to my sister’s house and have dinner together. now i have nieces (4 girls), so you could say my new tradition is babysitting, at least is fun.

  225. Thank you for the opportunity! We always go to Hallmark and pick a new ornament for the year, it started with mine and hubby’s first Christmas together and we still continue it. Now the kids get to pick their own each year as well. The kiddos have matching jammies for Christmas Eve, we watch Elf and Nightmare Before Christmas and they get to open one present before bed. Christmas morning they can open their stockings without us but have to wait for us to open presents from Santa. Then whatever family is in town either comes to our house or my mom’s and we open presents. We do Christmas breakfast and the. Everyone goes back to their houses to get showers and dressed and we get back together that night for dinner. It’s usually at our house and we have our fireplace inside and our fire pit outside and just hang out. I love it!

  226. When I was a kid, it was all about the presents, now a really well prepared meal, hopefully not cooked by me, is the thing I most look forward to on Christmas eve.

  227. My 4 kids and I bake Christmas cookies while listening to Christmas music and then making trays for family and friends as gifts! We have a list of cookies we bake that is from my grandma and generations before and every year we add a new one! Then ill pass to my kids for their family!

  228. When my kids were teenagers they started getting up Christmas morning around 5am. My husband and I wanted to sleep longer so we told them they could open their stocking but nothing else. Now they are all grown and out of the house however they STILL show up around 530-6am Christmas morning just to open their stocking and get my coffee ready! All 3 of them and our 2 granddaughters as well!!! Don’t tell them but my husband and I secretly love it!

  229. It will be different in so many ways. My Dad who is 95 is with me for the winter months this year. I normally go up to visit My daughter’s and family. So even with her kids getting bigger.(13-21) it still fun doing the” Christmas things”.
    My dad was alwas the Grinch. As I was decorating all I heard was ” I don’t know why your doing that. Nobody is gonna see it”. He told me we can just have Hamburgers 🍔 for dinner because thats what we normally have on that night. How many more days till Christmas????
    Wait till he finds out I leave my decorations up till February 1

  230. We haven’t really got many Christmas traditions and my son is grown up now but we still get together first thing Christmas morning and unwrap our presents as a family. We all sit around the Christmas tree and pass the presents around.

  231. Our tradition is to let mom sleep in until at least 7, then eat breakfast before opening presents. The presents are done one person at a time, rotating people after each gift. My kids always hated this part because I am one of those people who like to save wrapping paper (if it’s from someone outside the house), which means it takes forever to open them.

  232. My favorite holiday tradition is our adult ornament exchange and white elephant gift exchange. Every year we have a competition to see who gets the best ornament and funniest gifts. It’s amazing and so funny!

  233. No nobody tells you when your are young how different things will be once the children are grownup and gone. We have never been big gift givers to each other, it was always to the kids. Now that they are grown, on their own and have moved away, Christmas is early. We buy gifts to wrap and send off to them. Then Christmas day we just relax and spend the day with each other, doing nothing.

  234. First, I’d like to express that for generations, my family takes the time to write out the word “Christmas”. The point of Christmas, is Christ, NOT x-mas or cmas. That’s an insult to Christ. That is one tradition that has held true.
    Second, our children (all 3) are either full grown or a teenager so it has changed the dynamics of the holiday, but not too much. We start our day around 9am, celebrate with those that still live in our home, then we wait for our oldest son and his family to come over. By 10:30am, it’s chaos in our home, but the good kind of chaos. My husband and I have both lost our mother’s and he has lost his father this year. Our Christmas will be smaller, than in years past. It’s sad, but we know they’re in heaven watching over our family.
    Merry Christmas to everyone and please remember to spend time wth your family while you have them. Xoxo

  235. My favorite holiday tradition is going to the cottage with my aunt and we veg in our pajamas on Christmas day – all day. (I buy a new set of pajamas for both of us every year.) The we sit down to a fancy diner in our jammies!!! 🙂

  236. My whole family is together at my aunt and uncles house. Being spread out across the US, it the only time we are all together.

  237. Our favourite traditions are making cookies on Christmas Eve then having all of my kids over for breakfast on Christmas morning. Love having the house full. ❤

  238. We don’t have a bunch of tradition but for the past 17 years since my nephew was born we have always got together on Christmas Eve and cooked steak and the fixing and opened gifts. Now it’s usually just him coming but that’s ok because he will always be my baby.

    1. We come together on either Christmas eve or Boxing day, as my children now have children, and we feast! So much food! My grandies are only little, but love to spend time together as they live far from each other, and only get to meet up once a year. All the pets come, too. It’s great

  239. My favorite things now since I’m grown and my grandparents have passed is watching Christmas movies and baking/cooking for my dad and brothers. I love A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, Christmas With the Kranks and all those wonderfully cheesy Hallmark movies, especially the 2012 ones, great year for them!

  240. Just me and the husband this year. We’re going to drive around seeing Christmas lights and have a nice low key Christmas this year. Merry Christmas to you and your family 🌲💕

  241. My favorite Christmas tradition is decorating gingerbread houses. Hallmark channel playing in the background and lots of laughter as we try to see who is most creative decorating between my mom and daughter. Then we create a story to tie the 3 house together as a theme for Christmas Eve dinner.

  242. My kids are in their late teens and early 20’s and the last “kid” tradition left was Christmas Eve Katan or a some other board game until this year. Going through old Legos I found a little Lego elf figure and pulled it out thinking it would be cute to hang on the tree. One of the boys saw it and then posed it partially hidden somewhere. Then someone else found it and hid it….and now we have a few rules and an ongoing hide and seek the elf game. No prizes. Just how clever can you be to hide the elf the longest in “plain” sight. And yep now we realize this is basically like elf on the shelf lol. Thank you Julie for these giveaways and the chance to connect with you and other readers. 🙂

  243. Christmas has changed so much since we no longer have little kids around and the family has dwindled from 40+ to just 5 of us. All over 55 years of age.
    We still pick one night to watch It’s a Wonderful Life.
    We go to candlelight Christmas Eve service. Then come home and eat ham sandwiches. We used to drink Pina Coladas, but now we’re all on some kind of old person pills that keep us from drinking alcohol. We sit around the tree and open our gifts. Then head to bed. It’s all over by 10pm. Except for the cooking/ baking which needs to be done for the next day. Even though we’ve dwindled in number we still fix all of the food that we always have. We’re stuffed to the gill and eat leftovers for days but love it!
    We miss those we’ve lost and that makes the holidays harder especially since we’re all older and praying we’ll still be together for the next year. God willing.

  244. Christmas breakfast was a thing for my family. After we woke mom up, she’d make her coffee then let us into the living room to open gifts. Once all the gifts were open, she’d make pancakes or French toast. She’s gone 18 years this January and I’d love another chance at Christmas breakfast with her.

  245. Christmas tradition, we always do family photoshoot xmas before or after xmas, so we get one every year to look back on, since we don’t get together much. So holiday is special for us where we can always reunite.

  246. Every year my kids get at least one new Christmas ornament and those are the first ones to go on the tree. With that said, whenever they move out, they will have at least 18 ornaments for their Christmas tree. My mom did that with us and I know it helped me when I first moved out. I wouldn’t have been able to purchase ornaments as well.

    Thank you for the chance!

    1. We used to celebrate with extended family on a Christmas Eve, but too much has changed and it’s kinda sad. Now we do nothing on Christmas Eve, but on Christmas Day we wake up early for breakfast with my sister and nieces/nephew. We then spend a few hours opening gifts, watch movies, listen to musics, have lunch and play/set up kid Toys.

  247. My great-grandson liked to ice the cookies so I gave him this responsibility. He is now 13 and, together with his mom and dad, comes to my house where they cut out cookies and ice them. This is his job. It helps me save time and he likes the responsibility.

  248. My favorite tradition is our Christmas morning treasure hunt.
    It starts with a clue left under the kid’s pillows.
    They follow it to the next clue, and so on,
    until they find the special gift at the end of the treasure hunt.

  249. Our Christmas has gone from humbug, when they kids were all grown, to fun, now that there are 4 grandchildren. We have a giant 16 ft. tree every year, that we get ourselves from the back of our property. There are ornaments galore, and everyone has favourites that they enjoy seeing. Many of the ornaments are handmade, that have lasted over 40 years.
    Also, we have our Christmas dinner and open the presents on the 24th, as it’s a Swiss tradition. It’s always worked out well, because it doesn’t interfere with the grandkids opening of their presents at their house, on Christmas Day.
    Christmas has become a joy, again.

  250. Wearing our P.J’s and watching Christmas movies. Then before we go to bed we all open one present on Christmas Eve. Love the quality time with the kids.

  251. My Christmas tradition has changed through the years as my siblings and I have grown. The day of or the day after Thanksgiving we would start getting all the Christmas decoration out and ready to put up. My mom has at least one Christmas tree per room (including bathrooms, guest rooms, craft room, laundry room foyer, EVERYWHERE!). When we were younger we would wake up at 5 a.m. to open Santa gifts. Then we would drive two and a half hours to my moms side for Christmas with them, then we would sometimes go to another side of that family after lunch for more presents and food. Then for supper we would drive an hour from lunch place to have dinner and presents with my dads side of the family. We would then go home. Now since we have all grown up we spend early morning until late afternoon at my parents where we are only allowed to wear PJs so then we can stick with the tradition of wearing them when we had to get up at 5 a.m.

  252. Decorating the tree with my kids. I do the lights and they hang the ornaments. We usually have hot chocolate and Christmas music playing. We have done this since they were little.

  253. My husband and I have been married for 12 years now and every Christmas Eve we have dinner at Red Robin before going to Christmas Eve mass followed by celebrating with his entire family at his grandmothers house. This will be the first Christmas without his grandmother and we just found out Red Robin will be closed this year so we’re hoping to start some new traditions this year. 🎄

  254. My favorite holiday tradition is rather silly. When I was a child we opened presents after dinner on Christmas Eve…. so I always asked for Tacos since it was the fastest meal to make and eat. Now that I’m married, he wanted to open presents on Christmas. So now, we still have tacos every Christmas Eve, the we go driving around listening to Christmas music and looking at lights.

  255. One present on Xmas Eve when son was little. Now hubby cooks pasta from family recipe that simmers all day long. Thank you for the chance.

  256. We started getting our boys socks and underwear as Christmas gifts when they were little. It became a joke as they got older and now as adults (the youngest turned 21 in October) we still get them socks and underwear along with their other gifts. The underwear has become finding the most ridiculous pair that I can for each of them. They actually look forward to opening them on Christmas morning. It’s great!

  257. I spend the holidays with some of my immediate family- we have a delicious turkey dinner then play some games afterwards-fun for all of us!

  258. A couple of favourite traditions here…I love our tradition of making Christmas cookies and candy with my Momma, Sister, Niece, and Nephew; and I love getting together for stockings and brunch on Christmas Day at my Sister and Brother-in-love’s home. It’s the gatherings that I love the most, and the people who are no longer with us that are most dearly missed this time of the year.

  259. One of our traditions is themed Christmas trees at our house. Our main tree is a “mouse” tree. For over 38 years, we have added a new “mouse” ornament to our tree. Each ornament is different and very unique. We also have smaller themed trees throughout our house, including an “I Love Lucy” Dance/Ballet, Tennessee Vols, Cowboy, Pillsbury Dough Boy, Nativity, and others. I also have a special tree for our grandson (who is 4 yrs) so he can decorate it with his own theme. Last year it was “Baby Shark & Bubble Guppies.” This year he has chosen “Bluey.” Another tradition with our grandson is a twist to the Elf on the Shelf. We have “Peyton the Elf” that comes and visits us. Can you tell we are Tennessee Vols fans?

  260. I have two favorite traditions. The first being decorating the tree because it requires all my kids to participate (even the teenagers). And the other is Christmas day because we just have appetizers (so no cooking) and play family games all day. Both are awesome!

  261. My grandma always had a nice get together on Christmas Eve. She had good food and all the great pieces of candy in the red and green tin foil. We didn’t have much, so that candy was one of the times we actually got to have candy! She would then come home with my mom and sister and me to spend the night to be with us on Christmas morning. It was one of the highlights in my childhood. When I was older and had my own house, I took over that tradition. It is one of my favorite parties. I make all the food and deserts and always buy the Christmas candy wrapped in the red and green foil. I spoil my nieces and nephew because it is the one time I get to.

  262. I spend Christmas with my brothers and sister and their kids. We bake cookies and go look at lights and do some caroling and its a beautiful time of the year,spending time with them. Ty! For the chance at this awesome giveaway! I love the whole No Fucks given theme!😁

  263. Honestly, we wing it every year based on my kids. Growing up with divorced parents I hated the holidays, hardcore hate. With my kids and their challenges, we love flexing to whatever fits them that year. I especially love it when we break out the board games.

  264. My favorite tradition is my ugly ornament tree! Every year my friend and I try and find the ugliest ornaments we can and send them to each other!

  265. I love driving around Christmas eve looking at the lights people have on display, it’s even better when we have snow. Then we usually go to church with my family followed but drinks and games with nieghbours.

  266. Christmas tree decorating, baking cookies for Santa, opening present on Christmas morning and having the family over for lunch. I can’t decide to be honest. I love everything we do for Christmas.

  267. Cutting down our Christmas trees with our whole family! We’ve done that since I was a kid! But now elf on the Shelf is becoming a huge hit for my boys the last 3 years! So I’d have to say both these traditions are tied for favorite!

  268. We leave cold New England and head down to visit our families in FL for Christmas. There’s nothing better than opening presents and then going for a swim in the pool!

  269. My favorite tradition is letting my kids and grandkids open their Christmas Pajamas on Christmas Eve. My Great grandparents started this tradition so I’m just carting it on now😀

  270. One of my favorite holiday traditions is picking out an ornament for each one of my kids. I always pick something that represents their year for example I got my daughter a blow dryer ornament the year she passed her state boards for cosmetology because she wanted to do that in high school to have something to do while going to college. But it’s not just my kids when I go shopping for them if I find one for others like one of my bonus kids or a family member I will get them one too. My kids just always get one. One year my husband and one of his twin brothers shot an 8 point buck on opening day but the other brother did not and while shopping I found a deer with a hunting vest and gun so I of course had to get it. I just think that it is so much fun when we decorate the tree and I watch my kids grab one of their ornaments and say omg do you remember the year that mom couldn’t get you to stop playing video games that is why you have this ornament or remember when you caught the biggest fish on that fishing trip it’s their memories. Sorry it’s long I just love talking about it. This is also why finding the perfect Christmas tree each year is so important.

  271. I love being home for the holidays! Our neighborhood has a get-together where Santa arrives in a red convertible, and gives a small gift (provided in advance by parents) to every child there. He calls each one by name and they sit on his lap, or are held by mom or dad if they are scared. Then we go caroling, and come back to snacks, drinks, and kids playing in the park. It’s been going on every year since 1984.

  272. Our family usually has a huge party on my dad’s side where we rent the town hall and all the aunts, uncles, and cousins attend.

  273. As a family we would cut down our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving and spend the day decorating and eating everything!

  274. My favorite Christmas tradition is going to the Christmas Eve candlelight service, then opening up our Christmas pajamas, changing into those and snuggling down to watch White Christmas as a family!

  275. We would take our kids and now our grandkids to pick out a fresh balsam fir tree, usually 6-7 feet tall. The littlest one always got to climb the ladder with pop pop holding them to put the star on. And then we make, bake and decorate sugar cookies.

  276. My husband, the kids and I all pick out a new Hallmark type of ornament each year for the tree. My kids are now 22 and 25 so I know parting with them will happen. Since we have done this for 25 yrs. I’m sure my tree will be a little bare once they have their own homes. By the way, The Mister series is in my top 10 of all time favorite series. I even own audiobooks and have enjoyed listening to them multiple times. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  277. We all (40-50 extended family/friends and the 10-15 dogs that come with them) get together at my mom’s on the day after Christmas. We have a white elephant exchange and a “trash box” where we choose something wrapped in newspaper or something. What we choose is what we get, unless we can talk someone else into a trade. Some of the things in there are hilarious!

  278. We have had many holiday traditions throughout the years. Ones that my grandparents passed down to my mom and her siblings, that she passed down to me and my sister, that are now being passed down to our kids.
    My mother loves to go take baked goods to different fire departments each year. And she loves taking family pictures each year (or trying to with 7 grandkids). Then of course on Christmas Eve we do family presents so on Christmas Day we can have that dedicated to Santa gifts.
    A tradition I started with my 3 daughters is that on Christmas Eve or even close near and almost any night we can during the holiday break. We watch as many Christmas movies during those days with hot chocolate and popcorn. I’m a huge sucker for Christmas movies.
    And the one I have done with both mine and my sisters kids each year is that on Christmas Eve I read ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas. Since I am the book nerd of the family I am the one who reads to the kids. It’s the one thing I get to do with them by myself.

  279. It is just my Dad and I now and we do get to see my sister and her husband on Christmas Eve. Last year they didn’t come out to Dad’s because of COVID. By the way, love the graphics for day 6.

  280. Riding around and looking at Christmas lights. It’s one of the few things we still do to celebrate the holidays.

  281. My favorite holiday tradition..hmmm….I love decorating cookies with my little one and watching her open presents on Christmas.

  282. My favorite tradition for Christmas is everyone getting together. My mom always makes homemade veggie soup, and we all bring desserts and snacks we pig out. No big dinner.

  283. My favorite holiday treat is to gather my family for a holiday celebration and to give out holiday treat baggies to all my grandchildren.

  284. We have a real Santa come to our family get together on Christmas Eve (also my husband’s birthday). Of course last year we couldn’t have our traditional Christmas get together. My 23 year old son who lives with us was so very sneaky last year. He called Santa from my cell phone and became friends with his wife on Facebook. Christmas Eve I got a face time with Santa and when I got off the call, I cried like a baby. This is the kid that isn’t that thoughtful. Santa has also made my brother, who was in his 30s at the time, cry. It was his first time at our family gathering and when Santa came in he cried. I don’t know what this man looks like out of his Santa suit, but he has watched our family grow and change over the years. In a strange way he is just as much a part of our family. He has watched all 3 of my kids grow up. This one reason is why Christmas is my favorite holiday.

  285. to open gifts with the kids, now grown, on Christmas eve, of course when they were young santa still brought lots of gifts, but we always open certanin gifts on christmas eve. and it happens at my house, eventually i will turn it over to my daughter, oh, and eat lots of cookies

  286. Our long standing tradition with our 3 kids, was putting up our outdoor Christmas lights and decorations on Thanksgiving Day and the following day while we at left-overs. In the evening of the second day, we put up our tree and inside decorations. Now that they are all grown and married, and moved away, it was just my husband and me so it took us a lot longer to decorate outside and we haven’t put the tree up yet inside. Hopefully this weekend. The tradition for Christmas dinner when they all will be here, will always be a standing rib roast. They ask for it every year. Merry Christmas to Everyone.

  287. Although my son is older and in college, when he comes home, we see the Macy’s Light Display in Philly, and then go ice skating. Christmas is spent at home in our jammies all day.

  288. Our traditions are a little in flux at the moment, but we still get together for a holiday meal, and I always end up wrapping presents Christmas Eve.

  289. I love giveaways!! Holidays are trying. My 2 kids are grown. I have 2 great granddaughters that I seldom get to see. It gets lonely living alone.

  290. Being Jewish, I don’t have Christmas traditions (albeit, as a teenager, my high school friends and I would get together on Christmas Eve and eat Chinese food & go bowling – it was a tradition of sorts…) In any case, our holiday traditions now involve attempting to gather together all family members who live within the tri-state area in order to light the candles [at least for a few of the eight nights of Chanukah] and since Zoom entered our lives (bc of the pandemic), we can even try to light the candles together as a family, even tho we are spread throughout the East Coast and California.

    And, tbh, since I happen to love Christmas music & musicals in general, I always try to catch Holiday Inn, et al musicals that are constantly being played during the month of December (and if not, I happen to have purchased most of them myself).

    And, but of course, it would not be the Winter Holidays without watching Its a Wonderful Life. Just because. “To my big brother George. The richest man in town..!”

  291. Favorite holiday tradition playing Mah Jong with family members switching out when it is their time to cook their side dish so we aren’t all crowded in the kitchen.

  292. Driving around in my jeep (that’s decked out in Christmas lights) looking at Christmas lights with my son (hubby had been overseas must of our Christmas together)

  293. We are empty nesters, one of our sons lives out of country and the other is here closer to us, only an hour or so away. I always make my special coffee cake for Christmas morning and we munch on that while we open gifts. Then the last 5 or 6 years, we have cooked a prime rib for supper. Both of these traditions were carried down from my parents when my sisters and I were kids.

  294. Even after getting married and having kids, I’m still able to go to my parents’ house on Christmas Eve and open presents. They even have the same family friend come over as Santa & give all the kids presents! 🙂

  295. My favorite tradition was making Russian balls (wedding ball) cookies when I was little with my mom, now I make them with my grandchildren

  296. I think my favorite tradition was getting in the car as a family and driving around looking at all the different houses decorated for the holidays and depending on the weather stopping to see a live nativity where you could pet the donkey and have your picture taken with it

  297. We have many holiday traditions that I love and look forward to.
    We decorate home baked cookies, complete gingerbread houses, visit our city’s Christmas tree lane, play family games, go to the movies as a family (there’s 14 of us) and unplug/enjoy each other’s company.
    I love this season!

  298. I don’t really have one nowadays, but when we were kids, we’d open our presents on Christmas Eve and then on Christmas morning, we’d get to open what Santa brought us. 🙂 (We did this primarily because mom usually had to work Christmas day.) Then that evening, we’d drive around looking at the lights.

  299. My favorite Holiday tradition is Winter fest with my family. We help my dad at the fire department handing out coffee & hot coco. We also walk around town and kids collect stickers for a scavenger hunt and a raffle is done at end of night. They also have chili at one spot and cookie decorations at another. The kids love the hay ride. This town is a wonderful place everyone is there for each other. I have been on medical leave for the past year and everyone in town keeps checking in on me to make sure the kids an I have everything we need even gifts for the kids.

  300. Our holiday tradition is to spend Christmas Eve at my inlaws and then all our kids and grandkids come to the house for presents and games. Then on Christmas Day my husband and II spend the day together watching movies and just spending time together. We used to go to the movie theater before covid on Christmas Day.. I think staying at home is more fun.

  301. Since I have lost so many family members I no longer bother with traditions. And not having children, my husband and I never started our own traditions. When this pandemic is over I hope to celebrate with my sister and her grandchildren.

  302. Tamales!!!

    The whole family gets together and literally make a couple 100 tamales.
    This yr, I’m hosting.

    Ugh… The cleaning to do before the party, and the cleaning after.

  303. Since I have lost so many family members, I no longer have any holiday traditions. And my husband and I have no children so we never started any traditions of our own. We are just glad to be with each other to celebrate Christmas/

  304. Since I became a mom 24 yes ago, I decided that every year my kids would get a new ornament and when they get their own place I will give them all of their ornaments from past years. I hope they will carry this one with their own children. My Grandmother did this most of the years for me and she gave me mine when I moved into my own place.

  305. My sister and I bake oreo balls, puppy chow, and other yummy treats to pass out to everyone every year! My mom and I watch Christmas movies and whenever my family gets together we hang out in onesies!

  306. Watching Christmas vacation & listening to Christmas music on Christmas Eve with my kids ! Happy Holidays 🎅🏼🤶🏻🎄🎁

  307. Most of our traditions involve my mom and I. We get together every year and make goodies. Every Christmas morning we will have the same thing for breakfast before we open our gifts. Christmas eve is spent with all my siblings and mom. We have alot of fun. Wouldn’t change a thing! Happy Holidays!! Thank you.

  308. My favorite holiday traditions are baking with my kids and watching Elf and National Lampoon’s Christmas with my family.

  309. We take a family photo in front of tree every year to put in a Christmas ornament, we have always stayed home instead of having our son rush through opening his presents so we could run around to different family members houses.If anyone wanted to see us they had to come o our house.

  310. Sort of like Friendsgiving, my circle of friends gets together Christmas Eve for our group celebration. We do it up right, with the whole day of food, company, music, and gifts. <3 <3 <3

  311. My favorite holiday tradition is driving around with my kids and looking at all the Christmas lights. I do this every weekend in December. We try to map out different lights to look at and they have gotten better through the years. My grandparents started this tradition the day after Thanksgiving.

  312. My favorite Christmas tradition is baking a bunch of a cookies and fudge to drop off with friends and neighbors.
    With our parents gone, we’re always looking for new ways to enjoy the season (spoil our dogs and horses mostly). It will never be the same, but it can be special and fun in a different way.

  313. No specific holiday traditions. Just kids open theirs gift first. Then the adults would do their white elephant. After, celebrate my son’s birthday (since his’s is on the 21st).

  314. My kids had chocolate advent calendars each year just like my sister & I did growing up. I also engrave their names on an ornament each year like my parents did when I was growing up.

  315. My Favorite memory was when our next door neighbor used to play Santa Claus on Christmas Eve and we would get to open 1 gift , it was so much fun until I realized it was our neighbor 😂

  316. Every year we watch all of our favorite Christmas movies. And make a different cookie every week to snack on 😋

  317. Every Christmas Eve we attend Church as a family and then drive around looking at Christmas lights 🎄🎅🏻☃️

  318. Our family Christmas tradition was always going to my grandparents house on Xmas eve with the whole family eat dinner, watch movies, play games while waiting til midnight to pass out gifts and open them. We all still gather at whoever has the biggest house to have us all over lol we used to gather at my aunt and uncles house, but now we gather at my cousins house since her house is now bigger 😂😂😂 We will gather this year potluck style, bring out gifts and about 15 or 20 mins before midnight start passing out gifts to all the family and friends. I wish I had kids of my own to share these traditions with 🥺 now I’m just to old to have kids 🥲😊

  319. .y favorite Christmas tradition from my childhood is spending Christmas Eve around the piano singing carols as my mother played the piano. As an adult my favorite tradition is holding Christmas dinner for the whole family.

  320. Sincere thanks for the time and energy you spend on putting together these lovely gift boxes.We will be watching National Lampoons Christmas vacation and eating pizza on Christmas Eve, like we do every year! The laughs keep coming.

  321. One of my favorite things we would do growing up was we would go to Christmas Eve church service. When we got home we would be allowed to open two gifts. One of them was always new pajamas. We would shower, put on our new jammies and then put out cookies and milk for Santa. Both my brother and I carried on the tradition for our children too.

  322. My kids are older now but I still get them an ornament every year. It changes with what was going on the year and never looks the same. Sometimes they’re the same sometimes different a few times they chose which they wanted. It’ll continue until I start for Grandchildren then everyone gets one ☺️🎁🎄

  323. Happy Holidays. My most favorite tradition which my parents started is that Santa puts the tree up when he comes. My girls are older now so I cannot get away with that but it is still my most favorite.

  324. Mom of Seven here.. I miss the days when they were young and everything was exciting. They are grown and spread all over the country. Now I spend my Christmas alone or with my grandson.

  325. Me and my girls and husband love putting our tree up together and making cookies with my girls. I love love Mr Perfect. Merry Christmas xxxx

  326. When I was little, my parents let us take one gift up to bed to open in the morning. It was usually a book or quiet toy to keep us occupied. (One year they gave me a cast iron muffin pan…oops!) Then at 7 am, we could go downstairs and open our stockings. Only then would our parents roll out of bed! Nowadays, we get together with my family on Christmas Eve, then everybody goes to the in-laws for Christmas day.

  327. We always watch Its a Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve after we spend time with one side of our family. Then Christmas morning we always make a fancy breakfast and enjoy time with our kids before heading off to the other side of rhe family for dinner.

  328. On Christmas Eve, we usually have a nice dinner….we get dressed up…then we drive around town to look at all the decorations, then we go to Midnight Mass…after Mass we come home and put on our matching pajamas, then we all open one present…when we wake up, we have a nice breakfast, then open presents, then usually nap, lol….in the past we’ve gone to the local movie theater and would see a movie on the IMAX screen…hopefully we can do it this year

  329. Christmas is different since my daughter is older (turning 20 Dec. 13th) and her dad passed away 6 years ago. We used to open one present on Christmas Eve. We also would watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and How the Grinch Stole Christmas with Jim Carrey. Christmas Day we would open presents at our house and then go over to my parents and have Christmas there. Christmas night when everything is over we would sit around a bonfire and watch fireworks. We have spent Christmas in New Orleans the past few years. We still open one gift on Christmas Eve and watch Christmas movies. We open the rest of the presents on Christmas Day. Christmas is still special but not like it was when she was younger and her dad was alive. Happy Holidays Julie 🎄🎁

  330. Christmas Eve dinner then we play dirty Santa. If we’re not in the mood for dirty Santa then we still get to pick one present to open at Midnight.

  331. A favorite tradition we used to have was my dad would take my sisters and I shopping for an outfit (top, bottom and shoes) in downtown Seattle. This tradition started when I was 14yrs old and I just turned 50 this year. We spent the whole day downtown going from store to store, having lunch, and looking at the store window decorations. However, as we got older, added spouses and a grandchild – the scheduling of this event got to be too difficult. So we have changed it up to booking an AirB&B or VRBO house and getting together for a weekend.

  332. We have a huge family(27 with kids & in-laws) and we always spend Christmas together at my sister’s house. My youngest sister started a Christmas Eve tradition of baking & decorating cookies when our nieces and nephews were little-20 years later,we still have “cookie day”!

  333. We always watch Scrooge the musical version on Christmas eve eating Turkey and pickle sandwiches
    Thankyou so much for the chance xx

  334. Christmas Eve is the traditional Polish dinner followed by opening of gifts. All families, including extended, are invited. Almost everyone shows!

  335. When we get home from Christmas Eve Mass the kids have a new book and a new pair of pajamas on their pillow. Our oldest is 22 and still looks forward to it!

  336. One of my favorite Christmas traditions is seeing who’ll get the “Greetings from Rudolph” mini stocking that has (fake?) reindeer poop that gets regifted every year.

  337. My family traditions have changed as kids have grown, divorces and just getting older lol. My siblings, my stepdad and I have started doing movie marathons. The usual yummy food, drinks and conversation. We do it kind of simple, it’s very enjoyable.

  338. When my grandmother was still alive I used to help her decorate her tree. She had the most delicate ornaments and I remember climbing the stairs in her house to get the boxes of decorations. She never came upstairs with me, just reminded me to be careful. We’d decorate the tree and the house and then have cookies and tea. Such wonderful memories!

  339. On Christmas Eve we all go to church and then go to my moms and the whole family eats 2 3 foot subway sandwiches and side treats and then we all open presents. It’s very chaotic but so fun.

  340. I love putting up the tree and sitting there watching the lights with a cup of hot cocoa. We also love to make holiday cookies and watch movies. I’m hitting that middle stage where one is at college and the youngest will be in college next year. It’s a little different, but they still come home.

  341. As a single girl that is typically alone on the holidays, I still cook an amazing meal for myself on each holiday! I am making prime rib for Christmas, and homemade baked pies

  342. My favorite holiday tradition of the last few years has been following a holiday light map of our area and looking at all the amazing light displays.

  343. We love driving around looking at Christmas lights. Also, snuggling up on the couch watching Christmas movies. My daughters (14 & 8) love Elf & A Christmas Story. Also, we have hundreds of Old World ornaments that we enjoy taking hours and hours to decorating our tree with. We talk about every single one and choose our favorites.

  344. I love to watch all the holiday movies from when we were kids like Frosty,The Grinch, Rudolph, The Year Without A Santa Claus, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, A Charlie Brown Christmas etc.my husband always dressed as Santa for our nieces and nephews and I was Mrs Claus. I also love to decorate my house inside and out there’s never enough decorations to me when it comes to Christmas there’s just something so peaceful about looking at your tree and decorations as you drink your coffee.

  345. I love the decorations. I get so much joy seeing all of the wonderful decorations we’ve collected over the years. There are so many happy memories.

  346. Growing up Christmas was pretty magical at my house. It was my mom’s favorite holiday, she goes all out with decorating and it was an all day event. I couldn’t fathom not waking up at my parent’s house for Christmas even though I have my own children now. My dad died in September and my mom wasn’t sure she wanted to celebrate in the same manner without him so she posed maybe having Christmas at my house this year. My oldest daughter (11) almost had a heart attack explaining how when she thinks about Christmas she thinks about Mamaw’s house and gets the best warm and fuzzy feeling…way to guilt your grandma kid! My mom has been decorating for 3 weeks, lol. Christmas won’t ever be quite the same without my dad but I’m positive the warm fuzzy feeling my daughter was describing is the love of her family and that won’t ever die ❤

  347. My fave Holiday Tradition is going to my moms for Christmas dinner. I love seeing my son and 2 nephews open their presents and just enjoy our family blessings

  348. When the kids were young, they are in their mid to late 20s now, we would do a present hunt. They would start with a hint then follow it to the next hint so on and so on until they found their one big present. Now we have our 3 year old granddaughter that we adopted 3 years ago and this is the first year she has really been excited about Santa bringing her presents under the tree as she says. It’s fun to see the light in her eyes that my kids used to have.

  349. My favorite holiday tradition is driving around the neighborhoods to look at lights. We have Christmas songs on the radio and sing. Very nice after a snowfall.

  350. Every year I get together with a few friends and we have a Friendsmas where we wear matching Christmas sweaters or outfits and we take a “greeting card” picture. This year I am secretly making our “matching outfits” so everyone will be surprised!

  351. We always have tacos for Christmas Eve dinner, then make a batch of cookies to leave some for Santa. Finallly, we let each child open one Christmas present from a grandparent, or aunt or uncle and then call that person to thank them before going to bed.

  352. Our favorite holiday tradition is the search for the Christmas Pickle: a blown glass small pickle ornament that I hide on the tree Christmas Eve for our immediate family’s Christmas celebration and then again on Christmas Day for our friends and extended family. The winner who finds the Christmas Pickle first gets a gift certificate. It’s so much fun to see how the search is approached. Some families work together, while others search independently. There’s always trash talk between families as well as among families, and lots of aspersions on me, since I normally hide it quite well!

  353. My favorite Christmas tradition is making whoopie pies with my kids. They are all grown and out of the house now but none of them are married so they still help me with the whoopie pies every year.

  354. My favorite tradition is gathering the family the day after Thanksgiving to decorate the outside of the house and the Christmas tree.

  355. My favourite tradition is celebrating on the 24th in the evening. We would eat at around 5 then open presents around 7.

  356. I do something similar to the Tradition for Christmas Eve in Iceland where they give books, read, and eat chocolate all day. Only, I make cinnamon Pecan Pull-apart monkey bread and read the new physical copy of a book with my son(he loves reading even more than I do) and watch Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on the Food Network.

  357. I work every Christmas and My Mom and I open gifts whenever we what. OMG I love this give away because I favorite word I got a pen that says that!!

  358. My favourite holiday tradition is one that is only a few years old for us. In our family all the adults are put in a secret santa draw so they only have one adult to buy for .The draw happens after Christmas day so they have all year to fill a Christmas box with things for their person. It’s awesome and saves a lot of money. It has to include something you have made & something 2nd hand too.

  359. The family is so big now. We may see some of them Christmas Eve or Christmas day. We light the Christmas Tree and exchange gifts. The young ones like to visit friends and go outside to play. The rest of the family may watch football games or just visit for a while. It’s nice to get together.

  360. Taking my grandkids out to pick up presents for their parents is my favorite holiday tradition!
    Thanks for the chance to win some of your fabulous books! Merry Christmas!

  361. we do pjs and hot cocoa and cider and a book on Christmas eve then presents and Christmas dinner Christmas day then my favorite tradition happens after the kids go to bed Christmas night me and the better half watch horror movies while we wind down the christmas chaos. This year we are gonna bake cookies and make cocoa bombs for the aunts as gifts should be fun

  362. My birthday is Christmas Eve so there MUST be Christmas stockings. We’ve had an elf on the Shelf since 2004, and a bonus kid in 2010 so we’ll probably be 20 year elf people (if not longer), and I have my grandfather’s toy barn handmade for him by HIS father in 1915 and the animals to go with it, my grandma used it as a nativity and it always has a special (out of reach!) place in our home.

  363. Since my kids are RN’s and Paramedic/Firefighter we never know when we will be able to celebrate because of their schedules but when we do get together it’s always with a meal and have grandkids/kids opening their gifts and just hanging out. Best time ever!!

  364. One of my favorite holiday traditions is cutting down a live tree with my mom – putting the angel on is still my job! My dad and I always bake cut out sugar cookies using his babysitter’s recipe.

  365. Growing up my favorite tradition was Christmas Eve dinner at my grandparents house everyone attended. My family don’t particularly have any traditions now. I do make sure my husband, myself and our two children are at home together on Christmas day we do the gift thing, eat and just spend the day together.

  366. My favorite tradition is loading everyone up in the truck with blankets and cocoa and driving around to see all the Christmas lights!!

  367. My favorite holiday traditions started 8 years ago when I had my first grandchild, now every year I spend Christmas eve ( stay the night) with my son an his family now I have 3 grandchildren we make cookies an read The Night Before Christmas .

  368. Putting up the tree and hanging the ornaments! My mom collects ornaments from everywhere, and I always buy her one when we visit somewhere new!

  369. I generally don’t like the holidays. It’s a lot of stress and cost. It shouldn’t be that way. My mother has started a tradition on christmas eve that has started to change that. We hang out with just the immediate family, eat, and play games. It’s really something I look forward to every year.

  370. My favorite tradition has always been decorating gingerbread houses. It’s something I can get my kids to willingly participate in and I have a former neighbor (from our childhood) join us with her kids!

  371. Even though my kids are grown, we still get together Christmas morning to open presents followed by a big breakfast then hanging around checking out what we got. Then the extended family comes over for a big family dinner and we get to exchange more gifts. I love seeing all the smiles!

  372. Our traditions have changed also as my daughter and son are now grown and have their own homes and there are no grandchildren. We always put Christmas music on to decorate the tree. I was always very particular how it would look. Every year buying a few extra ornaments ever year as the years past until I had enough to go completely around the whole tree without bare spots. On Christmas eve I would let them open one present. We usually have a Christmas party for the whole family a week before Christmas and exchange a gift playing Dirty Santa. It’s great fun and lots of wonderful appetizers and homemade Christmas cookies that each household brings to the party. Christmas day is again at my daughter’s and son-in-laws home. We have a wonderful Christmas meal then open presents and watch Christmas movies. It’s not set in stone, sometimes we wait and open presents in the early evening. Especially if my son-in-law goes out hunting. Happy Holidays everyone. These box sets are amazing Julie. 🎄☃️🎄☃️🎄☃️🎄☃️🎄☃️🎄☃️🎄

  373. My favorite tradition is the trains. My dad lovess the trains and he builds huge platforms and has trains going all over the place and around the Christmas tree(s). He has some that blow the horns and some that smoke and a mountain they can go under and a whole bunch of little buildings and town stuff he built with my poppa back in the 60-70’s. It’s kinda magical 🖤

  374. Christmas tradition of spending Christmas Eve with our parents. It’s their anniversary so we celebrate them and do a family gathering.

  375. Christmas is celebrated at my house every year with my kids, hubby, my mom, aunt, uncle cousins and their kids and it’s simply the best having everyone together. This year we get to celebrate properly ❤️

  376. Before we moved. We had Christmas Eve dinner with my mom’s side of the family we had Borscht, fish, shrimp, potatoes, sauerkraut and pierogi. Then after dinner Santa comes to pass out presents and take pictures.

  377. my favorite tradition is making my nut roll…a recipe from my mother-in-law who passed away 5 years ago…i’m the only one who still makes this…none of her daughters or sons know how to make this traditional slovak desert…and i’m italian so it’s kind of funny

    1. My favorite thing about Christmas is that no matter what I will see my parents and my children! I get to hear the kids complain that they have a tiny stocking compared to mine and no matter how much we have eaten we always have birthday cake! This year is a rough as I am hitting the big 5-0!!! Be nice to win so I can have a present I really want!

  378. My favorite tradition is my nephew’s one week Christmas visit!! We only see him in the summer and winter since he hit school age, he is now a freshman in HS 😮) and so I look forward to these visits very much all year long!!

  379. We have so many holiday traditions, but I think my favorite is putting out the Santa gifts for my kids on Christmas Eve, wrapped in unique paper, and then seeing their faces when they spot the additions under the tree Christmas morning.

  380. We don’t have family here, so we’ve built our own little family tradition. On Christmas Eve my kids decorate a gingerbread house. We go to Christmas Eve service then the kids get to open up one gift. The other tradition we built here is the day after Christmas we have an “orphan Christmas” where we invite all our friends who don’t have family here to celebrate together with a potluck dinner.

  381. My favorite tradition is going for a walk in our neighborhood on Christmas Eve 🎄 to see all the lights. When we get home we have hot chocolate, and put out the cookies, milk, and carrots for Santa and the reindeer. My kids are little, so it’s sweet to see how excited they get on Christmas Eve.

  382. My favourite holiday tradition is cutting down the tree from the back bush, then decorating it on Christmas Eve. When the tree is done, I drink a toast to it while listening to the Nutcracker.

  383. Now that our kids are adults, with no kids of their own, we are pretty laid back. I guess we mainly enjoy getting together, sharing good food, conversation and playing games. There are certain cookies and candy, as well as a few casseroles that we have every year. And the eggnog and lefse!

  384. Driving around and checking out the Christmas Light Show listening to Christmas music and drinking hot chocoalte

  385. My favorite tradition is cooking the fish salad on Christmas Eve with my mom and my girls just like we did with my grandma. Now that my girls are adults they will take the tradition over. It’s like always having a piece of our family with us even if they are not with us anymore. We will sit and swap stories and enjoy the seven fishes on Christmas Eve😍

  386. My favorite holiday tradition is putting up the tree with my girls. We get a new ornament every year that means something to us from the year and it is always fun to unpack them and talk about each year and what the ornament represents

  387. My Favorite holiday tradition is spending time with my kids along with my grandkids. followed up by a day with my sister and her spouse. the 26th.

  388. Leading up to Christmas I’ll do a bunch of baking and candy making. Usually we spend Christmas Eve with my in laws, and Christmas Day my oldest daughter and son-in-law along with my parents come over to open gifts with my younger two. Then I cook while my parents go visit my sisters and her family and then come back to eat.

  389. Favorite Holiday Tradition ~ was when I was young and we would go look for Santa and go down this really, really steep street. By the time we arrived back ~ we always had just missed Santa!😁🎅🏻

  390. Our favorite Christmas traditions are baking Christmas cookies and everyone always opens a Christmas Eve gift. As my kids are grown now too we now have a big Christmas day Breakfast/Brunch. (depending on what time everyone decides to wake up… Lol) Going to see local Christmas lights and also Nela Park lights in Cleveland has always been a favorite too.🎄💚❤️

  391. My kids are all grown now but we still enjoy decorating the tree together and going to Lightopeia every year. I still make them Stockings and buy them an Ornament every year.

  392. Taking my kids to see the different light displays, we have a lot of houses near that go all out, lights timed to music. It just feels like Christmas magic!

  393. It is just me and my mom. We do Love christmas put up lights tree all the fun stuff. We watch christmas movies and still bake cookies! Happy Holidays to you!

  394. We often get together a week before Christmas and play games, watch Christmas movies, sing , eat. just have fuN!

  395. Decorating the tree and house. Remembering where and when we got the ornaments. Helping my mom bake cookies. Spending Christmas with both my kids, mom, and my sister & her family. Missing my brothers and dad and all my aunts and uncles that are no longer with us.

  396. My husband and I order lots of Chinese food on Christmas eve day to be eaten on Christmas day. We stay in our pj’s all day, eat warmed up Chinese whenever we feel like it, and watch silly Christmas movies all day. We have done this since our children grew up and started traditions of their own 🙂

  397. So I have 2 girls and as far as I can remember my In-Laws always had Christmas at their house. But over time I wanted to have it in mine but that never happened.
    So I would buy my kids 1 gift to open at home with me and my husband this was Our Christmas. Here we are 19 years later and Christmas went from my In- Laws house to my Sister In-Laws house and still Not 1 Christmas at mine so instead of only having 1 gift for my kids to open in our home we only take 1 gift to my sister In-laws and the rest is left for us 4 to open together and my kids are 19 & 14 they love doing Christmas at home. I know this might not be a normal tradition but it’s ours. Happy Holidays

  398. Every year I make homemade hot chocolate and cinnamon toast sticks, which we take with us in the care. We grab the dogs and drive around looking at Christmas lights and watching the deer that have come down the mountain.

  399. We always let the kids open gift on Christmas Eve. They are grown now and I love baking cookies with the grandkids and watching the Christmas magic through their eyes.

  400. We used to have a few traditions when the kids were younger, but everything’s changed now that they’re adults and my daughter has her own home and had to isolate last year due to Covid. Now that things are settled we may make some new traditions.

  401. This year I am not going to do anything. I live alone since my Mother passed and don’t have family anywhere near me. I’m not whining. (Okay maybe I am.).
    I hope the coming year will be better. It can’t be any worse.
    Wishing everyone a very happy holiday season no matter which one you celebrate.

  402. We buy our tree on our Anniversary and then decorate it the first weekend of December. It is a fun, full family day. Then, we spend Christmas Day at my mom’s with mom, my siblings, and their families.

  403. That in-between time happens way earlier than “they” tell you, whoever “they” are, “they” suck. Mine are 18-21. In between happened a few years ago, probably 5. Fondue on Christmas Eve is a pretty fun one whether it’s at home or at The Melting Pot. I think my mother-in-law is hosting it this year as The Melting Pot is a bit far to drive from her house where we’ll be.

  404. Eeeek! THIS is the one I love the most 🦄💕 We celebrate Christmas every year at my parents’ house with my three brothers, my amazing sis in laws, and my 10 nieces and nephews. My husband and I were never able to have children so my nieces and nephews are literally my world, and I spoil them like I would if they were my own kids ♥️ We are all super close and never wanted to go far from our parents so we all live within 3 minutes of each other! We have Sunday dinner together every week. Being Italian that means pasta and homemade sauce, but this has carried over to Christmas as well. Mom makes fried meatballs and we put together fried meatball sandwiches on Italian bread with provolone cheese as we open presents. Dad and the boys clean up the massive mess of paper and boxes while Mom and the girls hit the kitchen mid afternoon to prepare dinner which always includes homemade lasagna and stuffed artichokes, breaded steak, pasta and homemade sauce, and plenty of sides. My favorite part is watching those kiddos open their gifts and seeing the look of joy and excitement on their faces! It makes my heart full. Family is everything to me!!

  405. My favorite traditions are baking with my kids and opening up our Christmas Eve family present (which is a movie, book and PJs). My kids are getting older, but they still like those PJs!!

  406. Our favorite Christmas tradition is getting all of the cousins together to make ornaments and gingerbread houses.

  407. My favorite holiday tradition would be gifting my kids new PJs, slippers, and robes for Christmas Eve. I buy them a bit big so they can fit them the entire year; they grow… a lot…. LOL Then they change into them, load up into the truck with some hot cocoa and we drive around the neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights.

  408. When my kids were young, I loved watching them and all their friends in the church Christmas play. They were all so adorable. They’re all grown and starting to have children of their own now, but those memories will last a lifetime and will hopefully be passed to the next generation. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!💜

  409. Every year on my moms side we have a family gathering. My aunt use to have a gathering at her house now that she is older the younger generation puts together a pot luck and activities for the families.
    Celebrating with friends and family. Watching Christmas movies with my children

  410. I love waiting till midnight on Christmas Eve with my son, husband, and the rest of my family to open gifts!! I also love making different types of cookies and giving them as gifts to my family and friends.

  411. Our Christmases start about December 3 and continue to New Year’s Eve! As we travel to one family member or anothers for Christmas with them, including a giant family reunion Christmas, of course my immediate family’s Christmas is on Christmas Eve and then with my mom, dad, brother and family, sister and family on Christmas Day! There are a couple of friend family get togethers between Christmas Day and New Years Eve! There is a quite a few birthday gatherings during this time period as well and then on New Year’s Eve, there is a New Year / birthday/ anniversary / Christmas party for my aunt and her family!

  412. We always put out reindeer food when the kids were little and they had to find the pickle on my parent’s tree. We open family gifts on Christmas morning and then head to my sisters house for dinner and presents. It is much different right now for us as our children are also adults, but my sister had kids 15+ years after me so there are still children for Christmas time and that keeps the magic.

  413. My favorite is opening gifts up on Christmas eve at the edge of dark with all my family and we eat, exchange gifts and celebrate with each other

  414. Holiday traditions! The meals lol. Christmas eve is a version of surf n turf. Usually steak and lobster but we’ve done steak and king crab or other seafood some years. Christmas day is usually turkey with all the fixings and boxing day gets the Ukrainian treatment with ham perogies and cabbage rolls. Best part is spending it with the family.

  415. My favorite Christmas tradition would be when my kids and husband put on our matching pajamas and watch the Christmas classics on TV while eating out of the tube of popcorn and making gingerbread and gingerbread houses

  416. We buy a new Hallmark collectible ornament for our tree every year that represents something special from the past year. My husband and I started this the year we got engaged and now the kids help us pick. Our tree is pretty eclectic.

  417. Since my nephew and niece were babies, I’ve always given them pajamas on Christmas Eve. It’s a tradition that is now going on 19 years. It’s the one thing they know they’re going to get every year and they look forward to it. This year, my niece has her first boyfriend, who will join us for Christmas Eve. So I got the two of them matching pajamas. I didn’t want him to feel left out.

  418. I am italian, I have a huge family. Every Christmas Eve, since I can remember we all get together for dinner, drinks, desserts and card playing. We eat 12 different fish dishes. It involves, sisters, parents, cousins, seconds cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, great- aunts, uncles basically my entire family on my dad’s side. My great aunt Fran was the first host until she passed away, now the tradition continues at my parents home. It’s a great tradition and I love that it has continued, hopefully one day it will be held at my home one Christmas Eve. .
    Thanks for the chance!

  419. My favourite Christmas tradition is with my son and nieces. We go looking at all the Xmas decorations around certain streeta that do it for charity. They love seeing the lights and giving to charity. We also sing Xmas song while driving around. Then end the evening with hot chocolate and cookies. The joy on their little face is so worth it.
    Goodluck to all in competition but I do hope I win. Thank you. Merry Christmas everyone ❤️.

  420. My favorite holiday tradition is the 25 days of Christmas. Freeform used to have a great lineup but I like the lineup less and less each year, so I have my own custom playlist that I use for my 25 days of Christmas. I watch at least one Christmas movie a day from my custom playlist and it’s one of my favorite things to do during the holidays.

  421. This year for our Christmas we are doing something different we are doing a dirty Santa gift exchange (but not really dirty) sooo looking forward to it all my family will be here now that makes me happier than anything!!

  422. When I was with my ex, they had this wonderful tradition for the 6th of December, that is San Nicola, so for that day they exchanged presents, so there always be chocolate and then a big present for all the family they don’t exchange presents for Christmas day, I think that form next year I’ll try to take their tradition…

  423. I celebrate the holidays by decorating the family Christmas tree🎄 and by then being together for Christmas Eve into Christmas Day! Thank you for the chance!

  424. I love decorating and getting together with my family. Also love baking lots of goodies for family gatherings.

  425. Favorite holiday tradition is when we all come together with our extended family on Christmas day for a meal and gifts. It’s a great time just to hang out and enjoy being together.

  426. My fave Christmas tradition is baking with all of my grams’ stuff. I put on her apron, her favourite holiday music, use some of her cutters and recipes for other cookies and treats. Makes it feel like she’s still here with me. 🎄💕

    I already have a first edition copy of Mr. Perfect, which I love. But look at all the pretties! I need all the things.. lol 😆😍 Thanks for the chance! Happy Holidays!

  427. Our family has one Christmas tradition – we don’t do traditional 😀 My kids still get up at 7am (11,8 and 6). We only do 4 presents from us – something they need, something they want, something to read and something to wear. They love it 😀 Also we make sure we never have a normal Christmas lunch – we’ve done Greek, Australian (BBQ in the fireplace), Pizza and Ice Cream, Chinese buffet, Fajitas etc. This year we are doing a Japanese Christmas lunch – KFC! Followed by sushi on Boxing Day 😀 I love Christmas time 😀

  428. Watching Christmas Movies With The Whole Family On Christmas Eve And Making Christmas Cookies And Brownies With My Mum And Sister!
    Happy Christmas!
    P.S. That Tote Is Everything 💖😍🦄

  429. I don’t have any holiday traditions. I spend Christmas day with my two dogs and then work an over night shift so people can spend time with their families.

  430. Matching PJ’s, baking the Christmas cake to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus before opening presents…then of course the best is getting to eat cake for breakfast 🙂 Right now we have the stinkin elf on the shelf…ugh, but my 15 year old has taken over and I love seeing his creativity and then his sisters excitement in finding him.

  431. My NEW Tradition shall be watching Tom Holland playing Fred Astaire in a slew of movies (Astaire was/is a God of mine from a young age forward) & while I couldn’t imagine anybody ever “taking his place” – ever since seeing Tom Holland in that Lip Sync contest, I’m pretty positive that he could do anything (and yes I mean ANYTHING) and I would be quite quite pleased…and, again, yes, that was even a British understatement…!! Ah. Youth… 🕺 😂🥰🥰

  432. Now that my children are grown and living on their own we have a get together on Christmas night. We usually prepare finger foods and play charades. Our grandchildren are old enough to participate and they really love being able to guess the clues and act them out.

  433. My kiddos are still at home & are no longer little but one of my fave traditions is hunting for the perfect tree, cutting it ourselves & spending the evening decorating it, listening to our fave Christmas tunes & drinking hot chocolate or egg nog while we do it. 🎄♥️

  434. One of my favorite memories is going to candlelight service Christmas Eve. When we would get home Santa had magically come. I always tried to catch one of my parents leaving but I was up in the choir loft and they would sit where I couldn’t see them.

  435. I enjoy being with family / taking time to see them and reminiscing. I also look forward to making fudge and yummy goodies.

  436. My mom comes from a VERY large family. We always rented a hall for five generations to gather. Lots of food, family and Santa…good times. At the end we all sang 12 days of Christmas with each sibling singing their day based on birth order (some sing obnoxiously which is extra special). Families grow, and we are now at 200 plus people. Unfortunately the last two years have been canceled. First time in 60+ years. Hopefully we can again gather in 2022.

  437. Each year, I hide a Christmas Pickle ornament on our tree that has been passed down through my family. Even though my boys are now 20 and 17, they still enjoy looking for it. Whoever finds it gets to open the first gift.

  438. Our favorite traditions is to go the day after Thanksgiving to the light parade and get our tree. We decorate it that weekend. Later in the weeks, we go and get hot chocolate or ice cream and then drive around looking at peoples houses with lights.

  439. I understand completely, the part about not realizing Christmas morning “would change” when the littles become big. A little magic gets lost when they know its really mom and dad behind the scenes. Correction: a lot of magic is lost… However, God saw this happening in my life and decided to bless me with a cheating husband and a new prospect who promptly embedded me with his seed and then captured my heart. Our daughter is now 6. I let him marry me two or three years ago on New Year’s Day, I frankly cannot remember.
    Now, the 22 year old and his 19 year old sister still get Santa presents and exclaim with delightful surprise on Christmas morning and the holiday is magical once again.

  440. My favorite holiday tradition is adopting a Salvation Army Angel, which is someone that is in need. It’s anonymous so we don’t know who we’re buying for other than their first name, age, two “needs” and a want…. Which typically is still a need. We try and add a few little things that isn’t on their list but we think they might like.

  441. Favorite holiday tradition is taking the kiddo out to look at all the christmas lights. Love the joy it brings him!

  442. My favorite holiday tradition is cookie baking weekend. Friends and family drop by to help and/or taste. We have a great time!

  443. My kids are grown too. However my youngest grandson just turned 6, so Christmas is still magical for him. We enjoy baking cookies for Santa, picking out and decorating the tree, and watching Christmas movies.

  444. I’m with you. I miss having little kids around. I even miss looking for the “toy of the moment.”

    I’m lucky that one of my kids lived with me or I lived with them so I had little ones around longer than I would have after they went out on their own.

    Our favorite tradition is the cookie/candy making days. We have a lot of fun still. We also get together on Christmas Eve to open one gift before Santa makes his appearance.

    Until recently, Black Friday shopping was a family tradition. We met at the 4 hour Ihop for breakfast, then gave out orders for who picks up what gifts. I loved getting in and fighting (not physically but getting in the right line) for the last of whatever. Unfortunately, I don’t see good deals anymore to make the no sleep, shopping trip worth it.

  445. My oldest child is 40 years old. When he was little we, along with my mom, my four sisters & any nieces & nephews got together to decorate cutouts. We also had a cookie exchange. We still do that to this day. Although now my granddaughters are involved along with great nieces and nephews. A fun filled day

  446. Christmas has always been the holiday that I spend with my family. No matter what is going on in my life I make it a point to be with my parents for christmas. We all gather around the tree early in the morning for presents and breakfast. Then we get dressed and spend the day cooking, laughing and acting silly. We take a break around lunch, then we come back together for a big family dinner. This year will be a bit different as my parents will be in New Jersey for christmas, my first christmas without them in 42 years, but I will continue the traditions with my husband and son.

  447. Holiday traditions, we usually go to our Aunt & Uncle’s house for a light dinner and then over to a hot air balloon night glow – usually Christmas Eve. We love getting together with the friends and family to do that!

  448. My favorite is my tree ive collected ornaments according to what was Brittany’s favorite thing thata year and personalized a ornament so I have them from birth to this year engaged Time sure has flown but I sure love to see them on a tree every year

  449. We make Christmas Eve gifts filled with pjs, hot chocolate, popcorn, snacks, candy, movies, and music. We hang out all day that day.

  450. Every Christmas Eve morning, the hubs walks with his rucksack, across the back fields to collect the turkey from the turkey farm in the village behind our residential estate. It’s literally 15 minutes there and back. I prep the turkey the night before and all the veggies and stuffing. My kids are past the age of believing in Santa but we still hide their presents and put them round the tree when they’ve gone to bed. For the last many years, we’ve hosted my in-laws and my older brother, who’s single, on Xmas Day. We spend hours at the dining table eating and chatting and sometimes we play games. I just love it so much. <3

  451. It may seem cliche, but I honestly love opening gifts. I can’t get enough of seeing my kiddos faces light up on Christmas morning.

  452. My favorite is Christmas Eve. The whole family goes to an aunt’s house. Lots of family food and the grab bag. The grab bag is lots of Presents everybody brings with them.. Everyone’s name that was in a hat and everyone gets a present this money is there are till we run out. Gifts can range anywhere from a dollar to Maybe twenty. But the best part is being with everyone and all the laughs

  453. My favorite is when we put up the Christmas tree. We play holiday music and everyone grabs a bag/box of ornaments and we hang them wherever, so my tree is always a mishmash of random fancy ornaments mixed with stuff they made in kindergarten. It used to be I would have to hassle everybody to help, but since they have grown older they start hassling me about when we are putting the tree up.

  454. My favourite tradition is visiting the cemetary on Christmas Eve to light up a candle on the graves of loved ones. The snowy landscape looks like a sea of candles in the darkness of the night and it’s such a spectacular and calming tradition that’s a part of Finnish Christmas.

  455. From the time I was little, through raising my kids and now with just my sister, we always open one gift on Christmas Eve. More often than not it is pj’s or slippers or robes. But it is nice when the lights are low and tree is twinkling. With a mug of cocoa and a Christmas movie on it makes it perfect.

  456. My favorite Christmas tradition is opening up one present on Christmas Eve. What an awesome giveaway. Thanks so much for the chance.

  457. Family Christmas always the Sunday before Christmas. Held in same old school house each year. The memories are priceless.

  458. Opening up Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve. Then going to midnight mass. Coming home and going to bed and waking up Christmas morning and Santa had come. Then enjoyed playing with gifts and spending time with family

  459. I think I may have answered this already. But I love the cookies and seeing Christmas lights. Also the good cheer gives me some hope for humanity. One of my favorite memories is when my family would gather on Christmas eve and sing carols, even though none of us could carry a tune 🤣 But after a few drinks we had a great time.

  460. Thanks for the chance. I don’t have any traditions anymore. My kids are grown & have their own family so I don’t have any. However, when my kids was little I loved putting up the tree with them and watching Christmas movies.

  461. My favorite holiday tradition is baking cookies. We always make sugar cookies, cowboy cookies, and corn flake wreaths, then we pick one or two other kinds and add them in. Last year we made Hershey Kiss cookies and raspberry jam cookies.

  462. We collect ornaments. My husband buys each of us a new ornament every year. We have ornaments from when his grandmother was young through today. After Thanksgiving, we decorate the tree together

  463. I bake lots of Christmas cookies to share with family and friends and watch my favorite Christmas movies. We’ll be without children this year so we’re thinking about traveling.

  464. My favorite tradition is doing a big Christmas with our extended family. we all open gifts together and take turns hosting and sleep over.

  465. After decorating the tree on Christmas Eve I relax, listening to the Nutcracker or Christmas movies. Then, the rest of the holidays are spent baking and entertaining childhood friends. Our family is very small now that most have passed on.

  466. My favorite holiday tradition is wrapping presents while watching How The Grinch Stole Christmas. I love to sing along with the movie.

  467. Whenever we visit a new place, we always find an ornament, or something that could at least be hung like one, as a reminder of where we’ve been. The first one my husband and I bought was a ceramic maple leaf on our honeymoon in Vermont in October.

  468. My favorite holiday tradition is the new PJs I would give my kids on Christmas Eve. Then they would have cute little PJs to be wearing on Christmas morning. That would be the one gift they would get to open early and soon they came to realize it was always new PJs but now that they are grown they still come to open their one gift so they have their new PJs. Lol

  469. Hi 🙂 Reading all the comments is wonderful! I have several favourite family traditions such as eating a spongy cake called Roscon de Reyes with my family and leaving my slippers outside my room’s door on the eve of Epiphany’s Day for the Wise Men to put presents on them. All sweet and harmless 😀
    Thank you for this amazing prize.

  470. Hi! I have 4 kids aged 4 to 11, so it is the best time in our family at the moment. The big ones are already starting to not believe in Santa, though still there is the wish to believe. Last years they are really having fun with Google Santa app and are already checking in to see how many days are left. We must somehow hide some presents for the Google Santa “drop down” on the Eve of the 24th of December, but the local Santa Claus leaves the presents under the Christmas tree on the New Years night, so I and my husband are usually busy late into the night and the kids woke up very early on the 1st of January to unwrap the presents. We also love to make Latvian gingerbreads. I usually prepare the dough in the middle of December and a large batch, divide it in smaller pieces and keep in the freezer and fridge and we often bake the cookies in the evenings. It is a fun activity and a lovely Christmas smell in the house!

  471. When our son was little we would get him in his PJ’S, I would make popcorn & hot chocolate & drive around to see the Christmas lights while blasting Christmas music.

  472. My kids get a new ornament every year and when they move on to their own homes I plan to pack them up and give them their ornaments for their trees.

  473. My friends all get together for a bonfire on Christmas Eve – we could even do it during “that which shall not be named” since it’s an outside activity. We’ve done it at 60 degrees and even during a blizzard! (Go Massachusetts weather!)

  474. The best tradition we have is a week of cooking and baking! We do a lot of homemade Christmas presents, which everyone seems to enjoy! I swear I try not to give out diabetes each year! 🙂

  475. I started family traditions since my kids were little. Us Puerto Ricans have a big party and invite family and friends on Christmas Eve. We cook the traditional Puerto Rican dinner, roast pork, yellow rice and peas, pasteles, lots of alcohol and rice pudding. We play games that to this day we keep playing. Then for Christmas morning we open gifts, have Christmas breakfast just with our five kids, we have a blended family. It was important for me to start these new traditions with all five kids when they were little. After that we’d take them to the movies. Now they are all adults and they all fly to meet in one of our of the homes. They still want the same traditions. I feel blessed for that. One thing my three girls set up as a rule with their boyfriends was that they would never and I mean never spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with their boyfriend’s family. They give them thanksgiving and New Years, but they will not give up our family traditions. This is something that makes me feel happy, knowing that these traditions my husband and I started with them are still import and they hold close to their hearts. This year we are going to New Orleans and the first thing my step daughter said was everyone she invited to her Christmas Eve party will have a taste of the Baez Christmas traditions because she wants everyone to experience them, trust me we have crazy fun games. 🤪😆

  476. I love all of the holidays, but especially Halloween and Christmas. Halloween my kids scare and prank each other, and try to visit as many haunted houses as we can. Christmas is about giving. My kids and I give throughout the year, but especially during the Christmas season. We bake cookies and lots of other baked goods just to give them away. We also donate food, canned goods, clothes, blankets, socks, and whatever we can. We decorate the tree and house together. Christmas is always a special holiday for my family

  477. Well my kids are still little, so we walk around the stores and the take pictures of all the stuff they want to write to Santa. My daughter that is 6 helps me bake while my done sings and dances to Christmas music. We watch a Xmas movie a night with snacks. Xmas Eve we go to mother in laws house my husband’s sisters and husbands and kids are all there. Xmas day my parents come and we just relax and enjoy family time together while the kids play with toys.

  478. Christmas Eve dinner has always been our special tradition, as well as receiving the New Year together. However, this year is going to be hard trying to keep the traditions without breaking down, as we did on Thanksgiving.

  479. We didn’t have a lot of money so we would duck tape 1 family gift ( board game) and the kids would take turns trying to unwrap it. They now do it to their kids and each other.

  480. My kids are all grown. My grandkids are far away from me but they call me so I can watch them open their presents from Santa and from me!!

  481. Decorating the house and getting together with family has always been my favorite traditions. Our family is always evolving so our traditions are changing as well.

  482. Before my daughter was born it was just stick a tree up but for the last 2 years it’s been so fun getting her involved with decorating the tree and baking cookies. This year she’ll be 3 and is old enough to really get into all the fun. Mostly the cookies in different Christmas shapes have been the best though. So funny to watch her help mix and cut out the cookies. Of course eating them all afterwards is pretty good too…;)

  483. We don’t live near any family, and now, we don’t live near any friends so our Christmas is always filled with movies. Our newer annual tradition is to watch Krampus and Murder on the Orient Express. Growing up I was always a fan of the pickle ornament tradition.

  484. My favorite holiday tradition is Scratch Party – we all buy Lottery scratch tickets for gifts, then scratch them together.

  485. My favorite holiday tradition is going to my in laws beginning of December. My husband helps his dad put up their lights and my step daughter and me bake cookies and do crafts with my mother in law.

  486. My favorite holiday tradition is not so much watching Christmas movies with the kids, and baking holiday cookies or decorating (not building…it must be pre built) gingerbread houses ( I have no patience trying to build the damn things)..but driving around and looking at Christmas lights. They get so excited with the houses and neighborhoods that go all out it ends up being a car parade looking at the lights. Some neighborhoods are over the top and get flooded by cars Fri – Sun in December while others do milder displays but it makes our kids soo happy…and sometimes we drink hot coco in the car too so it’s a fun family activity.

  487. I love holiday traditions that involves food! HAHAHA
    In my family we eat lentils under the dinning table on New Year’s Eve. I don’t actually know why, because my grandma that came up with this and she passed away carrying this mystery with her, but we keep doing it and having fun!

    1. My family and I put up our Christmas tree and decorate it with my husband and our 5 year old daughter. We watch Hallmark Christmas movies, kid Christmas movies, listen to Christmas music, look at all of the Christmas light displays. We let our daughter open one gift on Christmas Eve and than she gets to open the rest of her gifts on Christmas Day. We than go over to my sister’s and her husband’s house with their 2 kids and we all enjoy dinner together with the whole family including my parents, two other sisters and one of their boyfriend’s. After we eat dinner, we see what we got in our stockings, and open gifts and than play games with the adults and my daughter and my niece and nephew usually play with the toys that are there or they make up a game for them to play together.

  488. My husband’s family and assorted cousins rent a bus and travel from place to place to sing Christmas Carols.

  489. My favorite holiday tradition is decorating the tree with our youngest daughter. Our other children are older and have families of their own now. So I treasure having this time with our 21yo!

  490. Our tradition is McDonald’s breakfast on Christmas Eve, then doing last minute bits and pieces that day, then on Christmas Day we go to my parents house for lunch. This will be the last time we’ll all be together though as my daughter just qualified as a children’s nurse and new students always have to cover the Christmas period. Then at least for one day we stay in and have a pyjama day, watch films and eat chocolate.

  491. I decorate extensively outside and inside. Every room is decorated to include bathrooms (Christmas shower curtains, towels carpets ect) all bedrooms with Christmas quilts ,wreaths. I LOVE Christmas even though my kids are grown they find a way to come home. Except when my oldest son was deployed. 🎄🎅🤶🎁🕯☃️

    1. We were always taught to be grateful for the gifts we received, whether they were to our liking or not. My Grandfather told us to say “It’s just what I always wanted!” and we always did, even if we thought it was a little bogus.
      Now that he’s gone, I’ve learned to appreciate the thought that went into others selecting gifts, and am trying to encourage the same appreciation in my own children.

  492. When i was younger we would go to midnight service then come home and have soup and little ham sandwiches. After that we open all the presents at my parents house. Me an my family and my brothers family with 8 kids.

  493. My favourite holiday tradition is baking Christmas cookies. Nothing beats the smell of homemade baking, and puts me in the Christmas spirit.