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The Friday Night Freebie is super simple. The giveaway starts every Friday afternoon (usually between 3-4 PM Mountain Time) and it ends Monday at 12:01 AM. Winners are chosen and announced on Monday. Very short giveaway. Super fun thing to do real quick.

Your chances of winning are pretty high because this ONLY runs on my blog. No other blogs host it so there won’t be very many people entering.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO “ALL THE THINGS” IN THE RAFFLECOPTER. You enter the way you like best. So if you don’t want to join a newsletter list – DON’T. If you don’t want to share a post on Facebook, SKIP IT.

None of it is required. As long as you enter at least one way, you’re eligible to win.  And there is ALWAYS a very simple “Leave a comment” option. I love comments! 

IF YOU ARE A ROMANCE AUTHOR and would like to co-sponsor a FRIDAY NIGHT FREEBIE with me, feel free to fill out this form!


(1) A framed Rook & Ronin print

(2) Signed out-of-print edition of Slack (Ford Book 1)

(3) Signed out-of-print edition of Taut (Ford Book 2)

(4) A little sunflower bath bomb I purchased at Etsy.


This one starts on May 31 and ends at 12:01 on June 3rd. Winners are picked at random using the Rafflecopter app. NO INFORMATION on the Rafflecopter will EVER be shared with another party. Nor will I ever use your private information in way you have not authorized. i.e. I will NOT be secretly adding you to my email list! 😉




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118 Replies to “FRIDAY NIGHT FREEBIE – June 7, 2019”

    1. Celebrating being 51 today. Relaxing after teaching the first week of summer school. Enjoy some me time. Excited about the give away!!!!!!!

  1. I love your donkey pics. We have cows and a donkey, and Annie will come up behind the house and bray for treats.

  2. Awesome giveaway! Brightened up my Friday, as sadly I’m working all weekend – we have stock take.

  3. Thanx for the chance to win love the Room and Ronin print Looking forward to Big Dicker Wish Crux and Corla’s book was longer Hope they get their own. full length book

  4. Buying new school uniform for September for my youngest! Seeing friends for dinner on Saturday night and then soccer awards afternoon on Sunday for youngest. Fingers crossed the weather will stay dry!! And, trying to catch up on some ARC reading for next week.

  5. It’s finally hot here after some crappy weather so we will be doing yard work and getting it ready for the summer 😊

  6. I’m still catching up on laundry and house stuff after being away, first on vacation and then for a work conference. So, probably a combination of housework, errands, and hanging out at home. I’m looking forward to getting out in the garden, though it sort of been neglected this year. Happy weekend!

  7. Unfortunately not anything fun. Have to catch up on cleaning house (I’ve avoided it for 2 weeks lol) and working in my flower beds (been raining for a month now)

  8. I’ll be with my daughter at PVD festival where she was asked to perform with her theater group for young adults on the autism spectrum.

  9. My son graduated last weekend, so I am kicking back this weekend and chillin. Reading and more reading.

  10. We are finally going to open our pool. It’s been raining most of May and this past week so we are behind! Thank you for the great contests

  11. I’m going fishing in my Hobie then coming home and working on the boat we are rebuilding. It’s a long weekend here in Australia.

  12. Cool giveaway. Not doing a lot. My days start off like an animal sitcom right. Watching all the young birds get their flying straightened out is pretty funny. Hysterical watching them bump into each other, momma bird and piss off the other birds trying to mind their own business in the feeders in my yard.😂 I love the watching them grow and learn though it’s really fun💝

  13. Cleaning off mom’s balcony so she can sit out there an enjoy her flowers get some sun.
    Hoping and praying we get our air conditioner tray so we can PUT ours IN! It is already hot. That’s about it.

  14. Getting rid of all the whirly gig (seed pods) from the two trees on our small lot, that get tracked into the house and cars. Lots of sweeping to be done this weekend.

  15. So excited with such a fun giveaway!!
    This weekend I get to see my mom!!! She’s a snow bird and usually I go visit her in winter in Florida. It’s awesome since I live in New England and we get tons of snow!! I couldn’t travel and now she’s back for the summer. It’s been a long winter and she has been really sick so I’ll be very happy to get eyes on her!!❤️📚❤️

  16. Rook and Ronin series were the first books of yours that I read. I’ve been hooked on the worlds inside your head ever since. Thanks for sharing your stories.

  17. My Stepdaughter is hosting a Mother’s/Father’s Day get together tomorrow so we’ll be eating and laughing!

  18. That framed rook and Ronin graphic is awesome!
    This weekend I am going to drive to Dallas to hang out with some friends.. it’s the one weekend where I’m not nonstop traveling for work! Hallelujah!

  19. Thank you for the chance to enter!
    If I’m not lucky enough to win the Rook And Ronin prints is there any chance to purchase them? I LOVE them!!!!!

  20. I’m making handmade Father’s Day cards to sell at the general store I live above. And I’m still working on swag for a book signing.

  21. My first book was the start of Rook and Ronin and I have been hooked every since. I have to say Spencer and Oliver are still my favorites but my myvery favorite thing that you do in your writing is the someone from the past always makes an appearence in your books. Like finding an old friend or something special you just remembered. I know you write sooooo much along with all your other projects but I truly can’t wait for what’s next. Thank you Julie from a true fan.

  22. Oops, also going to a good bye party for family that’s moving to Germany, and cleaning my turtle tank!

  23. My hubby and a group of our friends are tailgating and then hitting the Jimmy Buffett concert in Dallas tomorrow!

  24. What am I doing this weekend? I really, REALLY need to get some re-organizing done in my she-shed! And I need to clean the basement, and I need to trim the lawn, and….. we’ll see what ACTUALLY gets accomplished!

  25. Cleaning the house tomorrow then on Sunday I’m helping to set up for an estate sale later this month. In other words, I’m working this weekend 🙂

  26. I just got back from an international trip sick with the flu. I have to catch up on laundry, grocery shopping and everything that piled up while I was gone.

  27. I’m going to my niece’s high school graduation party at their beach house. Thanks for the cool giveaway! 😎

  28. I finally figured out how to post a comment. Dummy, I know. Have been re-reading the Rook and Ronin books. Just finished the Mr’s series. Hopefully I’ll finally have the weekend off, so I can work on my pool. And right now I’m laying in my bed with my quail “Toddy” sleeping on my chest. Thank you for the chance to win. Really enjoy reading your books.

  29. I’m honestly just chilling at home since I’ve been somewhere other than since the weekend of April 6th (due to family obligations etc.)! Looking forward to just reading and relaxing.

    Thank you.

  30. We’ll be going to the humane society to find a dog. We had to put ours to sleep a year ago because she had cancer.

  31. I am putting things away from moving. I need to get everything situated. Ohhh… and I am going grocery shopping.

  32. I’m home for the weekend. We are in the moving stage. I’m living in the new town & started a new job while hubby & son are still home. Chillin’ with my guys, laundry and more packing. Thanks

  33. I leave near a golf resort and there is a huge tournament coming up….needless to say, I’m hosting a houseful of people next week. So, my weekend is all about food preparation and spare room set up. It will be a fun but exhausting week.

  34. I love your humor Julie! My niece’s dance recital is Sunday and today I have a movie date with the hubby.

  35. I’m making an Orange Creamsicle marbled bundt cake, with a bit of mandarin, and some simple and light whipped frosting. It’s gonna look and taste amazing. Can’t wait! 🍊😘❤💋

  36. I went to a birthday party last night that was a lot of fun! Today I’m hanging and relaxing at home.

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