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If you don’t know the history of the Friday Night Freebie this used to be a regular thing for almost two years back when I ran a romance book blog called New Adult Addiction. I’m not even going to link to it because no one has posted in years – don’t even bother to go check it out! lol!

I started that blog in late 2012 back when I was writing new adult science fiction because I was looking for book blogs to promote my fiction but there really weren’t any in the SF genre.

But I did notice that romance bloggers were everywhere and they had these cool memes and weekly “things” they did like Top Ten Tuesday and Waiting on Wednesday. And it was a pretty small and tight community. 

So even though I wasn’t really into romance books (and I was not writing romance books either) I kinda got caught up in this whole romance book blogger thing and for whatever reason New Adult Addiction gathered quite the following over the next year.

I read and reviewed hundreds of romance books. I signed up for every cover reveal, and every release blitz, and (if I had time) I made long posts for the weekly meme stuff.

In fact, doing that book blog was how I first taught myself to use Photoshop. I went a little crazy making graphics.

There used to be this app called Linky that all the blogs would use to kinda sign-up for these meme things. And you could click on the Linky link at the meme home blog (who was the sponsor of the event) and go visit all the other people who were blogging about this that week. 

And a lot of people did. I met so many people (lots of whom I still talk to today!!) doing that romance blog stuff. 

So anyway, the Friday Night Freebie started at New Adult Addiction. And by 2014 I was going to signings as an author and I would just buy signed books so I could give them away for Friday Night Freebie. And every week I did one of these. 

So I kinda miss blogging. I only have so much to say about myself here on so I figured – hey, why not bring back the FNF? It would give me something to talk about every week at least. And I’ll have cool giveaways and make readers happy. 

The Friday Night Freebie is super simple. The giveaway starts every Friday afternoon (usually between 3-4 PM Mountain Time) and it ends Monday at 12:01 AM. Winners are chosen and announced on Monday. Very short giveaway. Super fun thing to do real quick.

And your chances of winning are pretty high because this ONLY runs on my blog. No other blogs host it so there won’t be very many people entering.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO “ALL THE THINGS” IN THE RAFFLECOPTER. You enter the way you like best. So if you don’t want to join a newsletter list – DON’T. If you don’t want to share a post on Facebook, SKIP IT.

None of it is required. As long as you enter at least one way, you’re eligible to win.  And there is ALWAYS a very simple “Leave a comment” option. I love comments! 

Usually the post is not this long. It’s very short and simple. So sorry for that. I just want to get everyone up to speed. Typically you’ll see the stuff below and none of that wordy stuff above!


BTW – IF YOU ARE A ROMANCE AUTHOR and would like to co-sponsor a FRIDAY NIGHT FREEBIE with me, feel free to fill out this form!


(1) Journal hand-made by ME! (See detailed pics in the gallery below)

(2) All my May book releases in paperback. Signed, of course! This includes Wild Thing, Booty Hunter, and Star Crossed.

(3) A little rocket ship bath bomb I purchased at Etsy.


This one starts on May 31 and ends at 12:01 on June 3rd. Winners are picked at random using the Rafflecopter app. NO INFORMATION on the Rafflecopter will EVER be shared with another party. Nor will I ever use your private information in way you have not authorized. i.e. I will NOT be secretly adding you to my email list! 😉

Journal Pics

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171 Replies to “FRIDAY NIGHT FREEBIE – May 31, 2019”

  1. Relaxing and getting ready for the next phase of my life – I start dialysis next week 😞

  2. I’m planning on cleaning my little apartment so when you show up with the donkeys to sleep on my couch the place is ready….my love and adoration is that real….

  3. This weekend I will be working, cleaning, shopping, reading, and writing. So chores and fun.

    1. This weekend I’m going to a party, taking my oldest to get her 2nd ear piercing, reading, and chores.

  4. Relaxing and reading. I’ve been on the go all week without a break, I just want a moment to sit down with a book, a cup of coffee and no disturbances.

  5. This weekend I’m going to finally put my new book shelf together and organize my book collection

  6. I actually did check on that blog page a while back. I liked that page. Thanks for bringing FNF back!

    1. I like to make them better than I like to journal! lol I just like the “creation” part!

  7. My MIL’s birthday is Saturday and my mom’s 70th birthday is Sunday! Lots of old lady birthday celebrations and my mom “freaked” our 11-year old daughter out when she said she only wanted a sexy stripper as a birthday gift. Ewww grandma 🙂

  8. This is exciting! Something to look forward to every week. I’ll be celebrating my son’s 12th birthday. He is growing up too fast.

  9. I am packing up and moving out one daughter from boarding school. Then, I am watching another daughter’s award winning film at her film festival. Then, I’m drinking tea and reading. At night, the girls and I are watching some Korean drama while eating take out.

    1. Congrats to your daughter and I bet you’re glad the other one is home! I always wanted to go to boarding school when I was a teenager! I think I watched too many episodes of “Facts of Life”!!

  10. This weekend? Still trying to recuperate from kid germs! Took a group of kids to the Global Finals for Destination Imagination in Kansas City, and along with the kiddos 3rd Place Trophy (in the WORLD!!!) I came home with the creeping crud. Ugh. So this weekend I will continue to down Mucinex, Sudafed and Tylenol and hope for it to go away. Have fun on your hike!

  11. I am doing homework and hanging out with my kids and dogs this weekend. I can’t wait for your next book!

  12. Finally relaxing after a busy week. Catching up on melting my kindle. How did I not know you also wrote books as KC Cross? I’ll never catch up on my reading! I’m a true addict when it comes to your books.

  13. We are HUGE St. Louis Blues fans and had to turn down Stanley Cup Finals tickets to attend the wedding of a close family friend. But, they are turning the reception into a “watch party”, so we don’t have to miss all the action.

  14. Just taking care of my beautiful mom since she needs help with everything while she recovers after her stroke. Oh, and in within, just listening or reading amazing stories from my favorite authors!!

  15. What a wonderful giveaway! I will be working this weekend 😒 It’s not fun, but it has to be done

  16. Finally relaxing after a busy week. I’m trying to melt my kindle. How did I not know you wrote as KC Cross? I’m never going to catch up. I’m a true reading junkie for your books.

  17. My grandson has a soccer game. Than in getting ready to go on vacation with my hubby!! :). Tina

  18. Friday Night Freebies Virgin!!!! This weekend I’m starting the new Sci-Fi books! I’m totally stoked!!!! 😍 Hubby is gone for the weekend so I’ll be devoted to reading!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!

  19. I finally have a weekend off! I’ll probably go out on the boat with my hubby and relax!

  20. Hopefully getting a massage since I wrenched my neck but probably not. 3 kids to chase and wrangle!

  21. I have to work this weekend. I am on vacation next week though, so plenty of time to catch up on my reading!!

  22. Spending time with my momy and watching her telenovelas. Tomorrow, we’re meeting with her Speech and Physical Therapists for her weekly assessment.

  23. I’m picking my mom and daughter up at the airport. They spent 10 days touring Europe. They were supposed to get home tonight but had plane problems and can’t leave till Saturday morning.

  24. Wow I am impressed – you are a very crafty gal! It’s not always easy to impress me mind you – I freely admit to being a very picky-assed crafter.

  25. Going on our first picnic this year along the Niagara River/Niagara on the Lake in Ontario, Canada. Many Wineries along the way so there will be some tastings involved.

  26. I have no idea what I am doing for the weekend! I kind of like not having plans set in stone. I like living moment to moment

  27. What am I doing this weekend? I went to pick my husband up from day golfing and wound up have 3 vodka clubs… because I get sucked in… and we’re going to Atlantic City for the weekend to take their cash! Oh and they’re giving away a kindle fire to the real degenerates, so we’re getting one…

  28. It’s my birthday! But I am waiting to celebrate until Tuesday, because I am seeing a Broadway tour show then dinner. I will be reading this weekend!

  29. I have a regular Cowboy Action Shooting match this weekend. Always a fun day at the Cowboy range! So glad to have a new way to stalk you… 😍

  30. I will be babysitting my grandson, visiting my Dad’s grave for his birthday, heading an hour away to do a little shopping and we are having a family barbecue to celebrate my Dad. Have a great weekend. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway!

  31. No set plans for weekend. Winging it. Your journal is gorgeous! If I saw that in a store, I would be buying it!

  32. I’ll be working in my garden and reading, nice and relaxing weekend! I think that journal you made is too beautiful to give away (but I hope I win it anyway, lol).

  33. You EOMS brought me back to you, had a break, partly because I devour your books so quickly.
    Loving having new stuff to read.
    You are awesome

  34. I am spending my weekend with my daughter at UAB hospital she had surgery Wednesday and hopefully will be out Monday.

  35. Hopefully relaxing & reading this weekend. Been very busy all week and it’s busted my butt, haha. I hope you have an awesome weekend!

  36. Reading, and trying to get over being sick (again). Hoping I feel well enough to go visit my bestie on Sunday.

  37. This weekend I’ll be looking for a new job and continuing to binge watch all the tv shows I have neglected. I’ll throw in some reading and catching up on my audiobooks.

  38. Thank you for this amazing giveaway. I hope to catch up on some reading and crocheting this weekend.

  39. Yay! For FNF coming back! Have a great weekend – it’s my son’s birthday, so we’ll be eating out and stuff.

  40. Nothing really going on these weekend. I’m just going to enjoy my weekend off from work. Stay in and catch up on some reading and watch some movies.

  41. This is a really great giveaway; the journal is really beautiful – thx! Have a great weekend. I’m going to be reading and cooking this weekend so I’m really no doing anything at all. I am hoping to see my eldest since his birthday was the 30th but with a flooded basement it might not happen.

  42. I’ll be visiting my fiance in hospital and also hoping to get tickets for the RARE Edinburgh signing x

  43. Almost late to the party (and hoping that being across the Pond isn’t going to be a hindrance) 🙂

  44. Staying off my knee! I hurt it Thursday night riding Quads. Gives me a reason to be lazy and read all weekend😀😀

  45. Going to my daughter’s dance recital and then tomorrow my son’s baseball tournament! I need another weekend already lol!

  46. We’re going to FL for a few days! 🏝🙌🏻
    Those journals are SUPER CUTE! I need one! 😍😍.
    Thanks for the chance ♥️♥️

  47. We’re going to FL for a few days. 🏝🙌🏻
    Those journals are SUPER CUTE!! I need one! 😍😍
    Thanks for the chance ♥️♥️

  48. Just hanging out with my kiddos. Since my oldest boy just got back from training before he deploys. Enjoying every minute I get with him. Thank you for the chance.

  49. I love the journal, but mostly I love how interactive you are with your fans. We feel like we really know you and want to be a part of your life. Thanks Julie!

  50. You gotta love the weekends and nice weather.
    Finally a day where I can sit outside,
    drink wine and eat snacks.
    lots of fun and laughter with friends.
    The best!

  51. Very interesting, I didn’t know you used to blog! This weekend I’m recovering from the flu. Hopefully some good reading time!

  52. Went to church for a special mass for the anniversary of my great grandmother’s death and then going to clean and pack
    Thanks for the chance!

  53. It was my husband’s birthday this week so I took him to a carnival! It was rained out all week but we watched the fireworks and made it home just before we got more rain. I’m so fucking sick of rain and flooding and tornado warnings! That’s not normal for us. I’m right outside Philly and a tornado touched down about 20 miles away a couple days ago!

  54. I am really looking forward to this series. That journal is beautiful! Thanks so much for the chance!

  55. Reading, doing 3 mile walks, laundry & then trying to relax. Thanks for the chance and thanks for bringing FNF back 🙂

  56. Been a busy weekend of drinking, eating, and socialising with friends. Today, we are celebrating 19 years of marriage and trying not to think about going to work to tomorrow! LOL

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