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  1. The best holiday gift I received was the birth of my daughter after 8 years of fertility issues. She was due Christmas day but came a week early. Then, on Christmas, my parents brought over a small wooden rocking chair that had been my grandma’s when she was a little girl. She had passed away many years earlier, but had made my grandpa promise to give it to me for my first baby. He said that he had worried that he wouldn’t live long enough to keep the promise, and he passed away a few months later. My baby girl just turned 18 a few days ago and we still cherish the rocking chair.

  2. Nothing really sticks out to me except a doll I got when I was little. It was a baby shivers doll and my dad went to every store in town trying to find it and he finally found what we think was the last one lol I am 40 years old now and still have that doll and will cherish it forever ❤

  3. The best present I over received was a quilted blanket that my Grandmother made with colors from my wedding purple and teal. So beautiful. It’s a treasured gift.

  4. Awesome gifts you got.. We didn’t get a lot of gifts when we were younger but I got this stuffed Dalmatian dog with a bell in its ear. Loved that dog it went everywhere with me. I still have it.. Merry Christmas!!

    1. Christmas was magical before my parents divorced and it was always stressful after (this was back when divorce wasn’t very common). It’s my favorite holiday, and I love to decorate. My greatest joy is to find special gifts to give, I love seeing the surprise and joy on people’s faces. This past January we lost one of our dogs, who was my husbands constant companion. One of the teachers at my daughters schools paints the coolest pictures of pets, and I had her paint one of the dog for my husband. I can’t wait for him to open it, he has no idea. My most treasured gift is my Edgar Allen Poe book my dad gave me when I was 13.

  5. My oldest son, Patrick, was born 12/10. So yeah, he’s the best gift I’ve been given. Oh, that and the Wham! LP I got when I was 11. 😉

    BTW, your EX sounds like a baboon! I hope you ran the hell outta that Jeep until it died! 😁

    Marry Christmas❤

  6. When I was 10 I got an Annie set. I loved Annie. I used to walk around and sing “The sun will come out tomorrow” all day long and drive everyone crazy!!!! Lol

  7. Every handmade gift I have ever been given are my favourites. From the knitted dolls clothes my Mum made to the little cards from my kids.

  8. The best present I got was a gift set of Love’s Baby Soft perfume when I was 10! I felt so grown up to finally wear perfume for the first time! Thank you for this amazing giveaway. Merry Christmas to you and yours°

  9. Wow, that is hard! The best Christmas gift I ever recieved would have to be my very 1st Fitbit. Honestly don’t think I would have lost weight without it! Best gift ever? We will go with my kids, otherwise, I would look like a bad mom, lol!

  10. Best present one time was when we were stationed in Alaska. My husband was deployed every year it seemed. Out of his 24yrs of active duty he was overseas 11yrs of those. This particular year he was due back after the first of the year. It was our second child’s first Christmas. He surprised us by catching an earlier hop. It was incredible watching him exit the C-130 in his uniform and Santa hat on Christmas Eve knowing he would be able to watch our little ones open their gifts from Santa.

  11. A Somy Walkman when I was a teen and it’s so special because my parents we legit poor but they got it for me anyways. I’ll never forget it.

  12. I have no words for your ex – just wow. People never cease to amaze me.

    My favorite gift at Christmas was when I was 8 (I think) and I received the Charlie’s Angels dolls, van, and tree house. I was obsessed with the show back then. I don’t have the Charlie’s Angels van or tree house anymore but I still have the dolls. (I also own the complete series on DVD!)

  13. Best gift I recieved was a past, present and future diamond ring for Christmas from my husband! We got married at 20 and only had gold wedding bands so I was excited for this!!

  14. The best Christmas present I ever received was simple. It was from my daughter and it was a coffee mug that said “You are my person”. It made me cry.

  15. Honestly, I don’t know if I’ve received a great gift in awhile. My son who was 18 years old last year bought gifts for the first time, and he bought me these Converse Hello Kitty shoes that I had wanted but didn’t want to buy for myself. It was sweet. Unlike your ex, my husband is notoriously AWFUL at gift gifting. One year, he bought me an old lady robe and old lady slippers (his mom had the same ones and she was in her 70s).

  16. Man, a jeep is an awesome gift!! My best gift was a beautiful emerald sapphire ring that my husband got me for my 30th birthday!

  17. A Raggedy Ann mug from my daughter when she was in kindergarten. It was the first gift she picked out for me on her own from the Rudolf shop at school.

  18. The best gift I ever got was a cabbage patch kid when I was really young. It meant a lot because I didn’t think my parents could afford one. It’s been 30 plus years and I still remember my surprise and excitement.

  19. Just finished Bossy Bride & absolutely loved it! Another great addition to the series! Can’t wait to read what you have coming next in 2020!

  20. I too have a stupid ex so I enjoyed your story, lol. Definitely not TMI 😉
    I don’t really have a favorite gift. I can say that I remember getting up early when I was really little and there was a yellow bike with a banana style seat under the tree. I loved that dang thing.

  21. My favorite gift was a family cookbook that my Mom made me. I still use it! I’ve been working on cookbooks for each of my kids to give as gifts once they’ve moved out and are out on their own. I gave my oldest hers last year. It was awesome! ❤️

  22. I could say my husband since his birthday is on Christmas Eve and in our house it’s Christmas STEVE. I am a huge Snoopy fan and have been since my Dad gave me my first Snoopy when I was 7. A few years ago my boss/friend gave me a Snoopy lamp with a working phone!! Still one of my prized possessions in my Snoopy collection.

  23. I have to go way back for best gift at that time. When I was really young I got one of those stuffed poodles that had a radio built into it that I wanted from Radio Shack. I loved listening to music and took it everywhere

  24. Best present ever for me, is being able to spend one more Christmas with my kids and mom every year that goes by (it was hard at first, knowing that your life can end unexpectedly, but better to be me, so I accepted it, and I feel very blessed).

  25. When I was growing up we were poor. My mother wanted me to enter this local pageant. We had look every where for an evening gown and finally at the last store we could check (of course) I found the most stunning fabulous peach color gown. It was way to expensive for her to buy so we agreed to go to another city to look for gowns. When I came home from school the next day, that gown was hanging up in the doorway to my bedroom. I immediately turned around, looked at my mother and burst out crying. I realized how much that really cost her, but just said thank you as I knew she would not take it back. My mother is gone now but I tear up (like now) every time I think about that gown and/or story. There has and there never will be a gift more loving and meaningful to me as that gown, including ex and present husband.

  26. I love the Black Stallion series…it’s the first book series that I bought with my own money…I read most of them twice and kept my favorites of the series.

    My favorite gifts have been: my daughter, born two months early 20 days before Christmas. And, my son (on time) born five days after Christmas…he was born on the day my daughter got to go home from the hospital two years earlier.

    Merry Christmas, Julie <3

  27. That’s messed up Julie your ex sounds like my ex. But mine was a terrible gifter. One year I asked for a terry cloth robe from Lane Bryant he didn’t want to spend the money so he got this terrible half of a robe from Mejers which is a store like Walmart where they sell clothes and food in one big store. The material was terrible and then he also bought me a night light that you would buy for a 5 year old that spun around and had dolphins on it.
    But the best Christmas gift I ever got was from my mom and dad they knew I loved to get stuff to clean my house and one year I asked for a Hoover floor mate and since they are awesome they got it for me. Best Christmas gift ever. I still have it but it doesn’t work right anymore.

  28. There were two gifts…. when I was in the seventh grade (long time ago) my parents surprised me with tickets to New Kids on the Block, I was on cloud nine. Last year the hubby surprised me with tickets to see Carrie Underwood, was so freaking excited!

  29. I was a huge fan of the Baby Sitter’s Club series in elementary school, so for Christmas one year, I wanted the Ultimate Guide that showed all their houses, details, etc. That was a tad obsessive when I think about it LOL.

  30. The best present I received was my daughter, who lives in New York, surprising me jumping out behind a door on Christmas Eve. She wasn’t supposed to be able to make it home that year. It was best Christmas Surprise present ever!

  31. My best ever gift was a camera. He brought it in piece by piece. A Pentax K-1000 then he gave me the flash. Next came a wide angle lens, then a 75m lens then the 300, the camera bag, 9 different filters, film and the tripod. One at a time he’d go get it then lay it out on my coffee table. Best Christmas ever!

  32. When they first came out.. My nook, then it was the new new nook Then nook came out with Samsung nook, I see a pattern right?

    I’m one of those lol who drop hints all year long what I like, I even put up pictures of what I want in the fridge up to 2 months prior to Xmas …. And when Xmas day comes i get gift cards and the kid and the hubby are like uhhhh we didn’t know what to get u … Ur so picky 😒right

    oblivious right!

  33. When I was 5, I got a purple foot pedal corvette! It was rocking awesome, and I rode that thing even when I was too big and had to sit on the trunk! My brother, of course, then had to have a purple car tool His sucked! It was a cheap plastic, wide and so not as cool as mine!

  34. My best Christmas gift was being able to make my mother’s wish come true of finding my brothers who were adopted and having dinner with all 5 of her children, being able to give her that was gift enough. She passed 8 months later, but she passed having mended her relationship with her son’s and having all her children close.

  35. My dad didn’t spend much time with me growing up or showed a lot of affection. One year he took me to the jewelry store to pick out an antique ring. He wanted it to represent just how much he always loved me and was proud of the person I’d become. It wasn’t really expensive or fancy. It served as a positive trigger to remember everything he had said. I deeply cherished it.

  36. I was 7 years old with 2 brothers 5 and 8. My Mama who was single could only afford to get us one gift each. She bought us Shoe Skates that had just come out for Christmas time. Her Dad our Grandad, gave them to us before Christmas so we could enjoy them all through Christmas Vacation. My Mama was very sad and cried because there was nothing under the tree for Christmas from her. It’s a bittersweet story with a happy ending that the next Christmas was to bring for all of us. My Mama had known a man for a couple of years, but they had always been dating other people, until they weren’t. He swept my Mama clear off her feet and married her. He was 25 and she was 30 with 3 kids 6, 8, and 9. They lived a full and loving life. I even got a new baby brother out of it when I was 13. He was a great Daddy to us and treated us like his own. So I think t

  37. The best present I have ever received was a pair of wireless headphones I was lusting after for a long time from my mom <3

  38. 15 years after my mother passed away, my sister surprised each of us with a photo album of never before seen photos of my mother. She had reached out to a family member who was a photographer, and he was able to find a ton of photos from her past photo shoots. It was the greatest gift because my mother had such an aversion to having her photo taken, so we didn’t have very many captured memories.

  39. 27 years ago my sister got married a few weeks before christmas. We also found out she was pregnant with my nephew. Finding out that my boy was coming soon was one of the best Christmas gifts for me. I bout him presents that Christmas even though he didn’t arrive until July. Thank you for letting me participate in this giveaway.

  40. We were fostering a dog & I fell in love with him & he with me from day 1. My hubby had always said 3 dogs max. Well he signed the adoption papers for our Leo & wrapped them on for me. We now have 5 dogs LOL

  41. Hmmm… Mine was a book called The Giving Tree I loved it so much and my aunt had it I went every weekend and would copy the book down in my notebook just so happened around Christmas I was almost done and my dad got it for me! It was and is my favorite gift ever!!!

  42. A pink watch when I was a kid (I don’t remember my exact age).
    This is my favorite because is the only gift I remember from my father.

  43. Thanks to God, I’m already experiencing the best Christmas present ever, because after my mom’s massive stroke this year, I can only count my blessings each day at seen her here, at home with us, where she belongs. Her recovery process may be a little slow, but health wise, she’s improving. ❤

    ❤⛄🎁 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 🎁⛄❤

  44. For my 8th birthday, I got a REAL cabbage patch doll. Before that, I had several of the “fake” dolls. My mom said we couldn’t afford a real one and then they surprised me on my birthday with one. 🙂

  45. As a teenager I got a language course in London as a present? I was so happy and during that trip I fell in love with the city.

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