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Welp, we’re back. I don’t even know what to say about 2020. It was a shit show from start to finish. It very much feels like a stolen year. At the beginning of the new year I take a look back on what I accomplished in the previous one. I think this is a good idea even if you think your year was shit. Because you will often figure out that you did a lot more than you thought. And sometimes life gets hectic and it’s hard to appreciate achievements in the moment.

January 3rd is my fiction writer anniversary. On this day in 2012 I started writing my first book, Clutch. A sci-fi thriller that turned into a 6-book series and is now sold in two omnibus editions called I Am Just Junco and I Am Not Junco. Those books got a brand-new audiobook version in 2020 and that (seriously) was one of the highlights of my year. I’m so in love with the narrators and their talent, and how they brought my first vision in fiction to life eight years after it was written. There are a bunch of narrators for Junco because there are FIFTY HOURS of audio and the last book had seven points of view. But most of it was narrated by Kristen Sieh as Junco and a little cameo as Tessan.  Steve West was the voice of Lucan, Ray Porter was the voice of Tier, and Maks Daniels was the voice of Ashur with cameos as Isten and Annun.

Want to listen to JUNCO? Grab it HERE:





So that was a huge pick-me-up going into summer and now, as I sit here writing this End of Year Shit, I mark the ninth year of being a fiction writer. Most of you probably already know this, but before I wrote fiction, I wrote non-fiction. Specifically, science books for homeschoolers. Because I actually went to school to be a scientist. I have BS in Equine Science because I was going to be a large animal veterinarian. But then, at the last minute, I decided to go to grad school and ended up with a MS in forensic toxicology. But science is filled dumbasses, to be quite honest. And I wasn’t in the mood to work with dumbases, so I decided to become a writer instead. (Though, if NASA ever asked my fat ass to get on a ship going to Mars, I’d still fucking do it.)

Anyway, this is January 3rd is a major milestone for me. I have never worked at the same job for nine years in a row before. My non-fiction writing career started in 2007 and then slowly ended in 2013 when I started writing Tragic, book one of my Rook & Ronin series. So, while I have been a full-time writer for fourteen years now, only nine of those have been writing fiction. Funny thing is, I’ve started writing some non-fiction again. Not going to get in to it here, but it’s been a super-fun way to take my mind off the never-ending shit storms that just keep rolling in.

2020 definitely felt like a year that was out to steal our happiness and achievements. So it’s important that we take a look back and give ourselves props for what we did accomplish, especially if you don’t have people around to say it to you.

As far as brand-new stories go, I started 2020 with the release of Bossy Brothers Alonzo in January. This was kind of a difficult book to get started since it was switching gears from the Boston brothers to the Dumas brothers. Plus, it was book four in the series and the further you get into a series the harder it becomes to keep your overall plot arc. Because each book has a plot that should resolve by the end of that particular story, but the series also has a plot. And the Bossy Brothers Series was all about untangling the secrets of each family and then, once Alonzo came along, it became about typing the two families together in unexpected ways. (ALL THE BOSSY eBOOKS ARE FREE IN Kindle Unlimited – and Book One is FREE EVERYWHERE – no KU required!)

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Bossy Tony released in the spring after the COVID bullshit died down a little (at least here where I live). And the last book in the series (Bossy Brothers Luke) is releasing this Tuesday, January 5. I really, really loved the Dumas part in the Bossy Brothers series. I think each book (and brother) was totally unique. Alonzo was mysterious man with a filthy mouth. Tony was putting the past behind him and looking for a second chance at the same time. But the really amazing surprise in that book was an old character from my Rook & Ronin series who came back in the Dumas books and played a major role in Tony’s story. And Luke’s story is about trying to hold to something. People, and places, and most of all, it was facing your demons.

And the narration for all three of them in audiobook were all fantastic. Just really, really outstanding. Bossy Alonzo is narrated by Jacob Morgan and Erin Mallon. Bossy Tony is narrated by Jason Clarke and Emma Wilder. And Bossy Luke has three narrators – Hathaway Lee, Aaron Shedlock, and James Cavenaugh. (ALL THE BOSSY eBOOKS ARE FREE IN Kindle Unlimited – and Book One is FREE EVERYWHERE – no KU required!)

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BTW – the Bossy Luke audiobook will release on Tuesday, the same time as the eBook. This is something I changed in 2020 and I love this change. I don’t know if I would’ve had the patience to hold a book back for narration if it was any other year than 2020—because I was just SO not interested in publishing or marketing, even though I was still writing. So it was a good time to make that change and from now on all my audiobooks will release at the same time as the eBooks. (ALL THE BOSSY eBOOKS ARE FREE IN Kindle Unlimited – and Book One is FREE EVERYWHERE – no KU required!)




I released Pretty Nightmare in between Bossy Alonzo and Bossy Tony. This is the second book in the Creeping Beautiful series. This is a continuing series, so while the story does wrap up in each book, they all have cliffhangers that lead into the next book. I had planned on publishing the third book, Gorgeous Misery, in the fall of 2020 but that didn’t happen. Lots of books I thought I would be writing didn’t happen. They are still on the schedule, but as I mentioned, I just wasn’t interested in publishing while all this shit as happening in the world.

But I’m loving the Creeping Beautiful series. This story takes a darker, more serious look at the Company storyline that runs through several of my other series—but with all brand-new characters. So if you haven’t read any other books by me and you want to pick up Creeping Beautiful, you can. And you won’t get lost. Because these books are self-contained.

Both the Creeping Beautiful and the Pretty nightmare audiobooks released in the summer of 2020. These have four narrators – Zachary Webber as McKay, Ava Erickson as Indie, Shane East as Donovan, and Teddy Hamilton as Adam. And then, in Pretty Nightmare, Jason Clarke narrates the parts of Nathan. So there were both a big production and they are amazing. The books are formatted with an interview style between Indie and Donovan, so that was like getting a duet narration surprise in the audiobooks.

I’m just about to start the third book, Gorgeous Misery, in about two weeks. Then I will write the last book, Lovely Darkness, directly after that and the both of them will go to my audio publisher and should release about a month apart sometime in the early summer. Maybe? It all depends on narrator schedules. So I will keep you posted on that.

CREEPING BEAUTIFUL BOOKS are on sale everywhere!








Next, I decided to a little side project called Bully King! Which was a huge hit, both in audio and eBook, and released in the Top 100 on Amazon in August. That was a duet and the second book, Ruling Class, released in September—so that storyline is all finished. And it’s not related to any other books or series, so it’s a total standalone. I had never written a bully book before and I had not had a true “new adult” title like that in a very long time. Not since the Rook and Ronin series, to be honest. So that was fun. And… AND… the Bully King narration (Jacob Morgan and Emma Wilder) was actually fucking fantastic. I loved it. I will often listen to my favorite parts of my audiobooks, but I almost never listen all the way through. At least, not right when it releases. I usually need to give the story time to settle before I want to hear my own words spoken back to me. But I really enjoyed the Bully King audio. BOTH BULLY BOOKS ARE FREE IN KINDLE UNLIMITED!


Not Just Audible and iTunes.

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And then I I finally finished the last Harem Station book—Uncrossed. So this is funny because Uncrossed was actually the first book I wrote in 2020. But it’s the last book in that series, and when it came back from the editor I just didn’t have the creative energy to finish it and pull it all together. So it sat on my hard drive for about 7 months before I got back to it and finally, that was sent to my audio publisher in October and will release on Feb 6.

This is actually a CHANGE IN RELEASE DATE.

I haven’t changed it on Amazon yet, I’m waiting for the audio files to come back this week so we can be super sure that it’s all good to go for the pre-order. Unfortunately, Christian Fox, who was going to narrate this book, had something come up and his scheduled changed. So we got another fantastic narrator to take over. I’ll announce that when I know the files are ready! Lol. But for sure, Shane East is back for the “narrator” parts in that book. If you’ve never read the series, you don’t know what I’m talking about. But if you have, then you get what I’m saying. So that’s coming up quick.



Want to listen to BOOTY HUNTER? Grab it HERE:





Ohhhhh…. I almost forgot! I re-recorded the Rook & Ronin Trilogy on audiobook this year too! It’s AMAZING!! Narrated by Jason Clarke as Ronin, Erin Mallon as Rook, and a cameo appearance by Teddy Hamilton as Ford in the Panic Epilogue! These audiobooks are also WIDE! And I know for sure that they are on Hoopla (library!!!!)



So if you want to check those out  YOU CAN CLICK YOUR PREFERRED STORE HERE










So SEE! I actually released a lot of books this year if you add in the audio. A literal shit load of books were released in 2020 by me! lol

The only other thing I wrote in 2020 is a standalone book that should release in late spring of 2021. I’m still working on that one, actually. Should be finished in about two weeks. And then it goes to editing and audio, and then we’ll have a release date for you. So details on that one will have to wait.

But enough about 2020, right?

We’re all about the future now!

And this year I have so many things planned.

I have that book above.

I have an erotic paranormal romance under the KC Cross name. (Same name I write Harem Station under). This one may or may not be a series. It depends on how people respond and how I feel about it once this book is done.

I have two dark, erotic thrillers planned – also standalone.

And I have Vic Vaughn on the schedule. If you don’t know who Vic Vaughn is, don’t worry. This will be a standalone book as well. In fact, 2021 is all about the standalone for me. I just want to chill and write new stuff for a while. But if you DO know who Vic Vaughn is… that’s fucking cool, amiright?

They could all turn into series. Maybe. But they won’t be written with cliffhangers.

One thing I will say about 2020 – I had more story ideas in that year than I’ve had my entire career. I don’t even know where all these ideas came from, but they just kept coming and I have them all written down on my iPad. And I want to write them all. I’m sure all writers feel that way at some point. Too many ideas up in my head – I need to get them all out.

So that’s my plan for 2021. Just get these stories out and see which ones have staying power. Maybe they all will. Maybe none of them will and I’ll move on to something else.

But I just spent the last two years writing two seven-book series and a standalone sounds really fucking fun right now!

I’m also looking into finding some new narration talent. I LOVE ALL MY NARRATORS. ALL of them. If I didn’t, they would not be my narrators because my publisher lets me choose them. But I write enough books, and those fabulous narrators are busy enough, that there is space and time to find new talent and give them exposure and help them get their names out there. Don’t worry – I will always have a story for Teddy, Jacob, Emma, Ava, Savannah, Shane, Joe, Jason, Erin etc. etc. etc…. But there are some really great up-and-coming narrators out there and I want to hear them!

I think that’s it for my look back.

I did a lot more than I thought I did. I put out a crap load of hardcovers. Which was super cool and many of them have secret, hidden case covers under the dust jackets. And I put out a book box for Pretty Nightmare and I did a MASSIVE annual signed-book order form filled with tons of homemade goodies.

In fact, candle-making turned into my new hobby. When the COVID bullshit first started that was what I did instead of write. lol. I’ve made nearly five hundred candles this year and I feel like quite the expert now. It’s a passion I will definitely continue.

Then I did manage to pull off an incredible 12 Days of Giveaways in December. I put a lot work into that but it was super fun, I got a bunch of new readers, and fourteen people won an amazing prize by the time it was over.

Definitely gonna do that again next year.

OK, well this is long enough. I only wrote 3000 words today in my current work in progress and this blog post is coming in at nearly 2500—which makes me feel like I should’ve written a helluva lot more fictional words this morning! So I’m gonna let you go, but before I do…


FOR A CHANCE TO WIN YOUR CHOICE OF MY 2020 BOOKS leave me a comment below and tell me what your #1 read was this year AND which if my books you would like to win!


(caveat – Junco has no paperback – so that’s Audio or ebook only because I don’t have any extra hardcovers right now)


My number one read for 2020 was The Invisible Life of Addie Larue by V. E. Schwab and narrated by Julia Whelan. I did the audio, so that’s why I’m telling you about Julia. The story was amazing and her narration just took it very next level. It’s a hard book to describe, but I loved it. I got a special edition hard cover from Illumicrate. I went book-nerd crazy with the young adult book boxes in 2020. I have so many signed special edition books on my shelf now, it’s nuts. But this one was my absolute favorite of 2020!

OK, well, I’m out of here!




164 Replies to “END OF YEAR SHIT GIVEAWAY – 2020”

  1. I loved A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire by Jennifer L Armentrout!! I would love Creeping Beautiful please! Thanks so much for the chance 😊

    1. My fave reads this past year? Hard choice but probably both, Den of Vipers by KA Knight Or the Madison Kate series by Tate James. I’d love a paperback of Rook and Ronins Tragic.🖤 Happy 2021🥂

    2. I read a lot and loved a lot but offhand my favorite (or one of) is In The Middle Of Somewhere by Roan Parrish. I would love Pretty Nightmare in paperback. Thank you!! And happy and safe New Year

  2. I read too many good books to pick just one. I would love a copy of the audio for Bully King. Thank you for the opportunity. ❤ I hope everyone has a fantastic 2021.

    1. I read a lot of books in different genres this year & had a few that really jumped out at me for different reasons.
      I would love a physical copy of Rook
      Thank you for the chance!

    2. My all time favorite read this year was pretty nightmare and creeping beautiful. I already have the first book but would love a paperback of the second book.

      1. I have read too many books in too many genres to pick just one favorite this past year. I love everything you write and just get so excited when a new release date is announced and always have. I would love a physical copy of Junco. Thank you so much! Happy 2021 to everyone!!!

  3. It was a series vs one individual book. I loved The Hood River Hoodlum Series by K. Webster. Absolutely unforgettable!

    Thanks for the chance. Wishing you all the best in 2021.

    1. My favorite new read was probably Ruthless Princess by RVD. I would love a paperback of The Company, but any paperback would be great.

  4. I’d love Creeping Beautiful or Pretty Nightmare in paperback!

    I can’t pick a number 1 read I’ve had 1 to many books I liked this year!! I will say J.S. Cooper’s It’s Complicated released just after Christmas was pretty amazing!!

  5. My Favorite Book of 2020 was Beyond the Roses by Monica James
    And would love to have a copy of Bully King
    Thanks for a chance, Happy New Year

  6. This year was hard as a reader. By September I’d lost my reading drive…who’d have thought that. I think Creeping Beautiful was my fav for the year. I realized I like the long series and suspense. I also discovered CD Reiss. And my other fav for this year was Ilona Andrews Emerald Blaze.

  7. Julie, I am not sure I can pick a favorite read for 2020! I read a lot of RH and the motto is, why choose? 🤣 I love my books! I love my authors! You are ALL amazing! I recently watched The Man Who Invented Christmas and it reminded me of all my authors! ❤ If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it. It is about Charles Dickens and how he came to write A Christmas Carol.
    Anyway, I would choose Junco since that is one series I don’t have yet. I have most of your ebooks, but that one I haven’t made it to yet. Happy New Year! I am looking forward to see what you have in store for us this year. 💋

  8. I read too much to pick just one favorite of a year. I just can’t. But my most anticipated certainly was Pretty Nightmare and the whole twisty, turny great mess that is Company. So that’s also the backlist book I would love to have in paperback because it’s also so pretty.

  9. Happy New Year!! I would love to start the Bossy Book Series. U keep saying I’m going to get to it but I keep reading other things. The best book this year for me was by you “Pretty Things”. I could not stop crying and smiling and I loved it.

  10. I have Addie Larue in my Audible library. My favorite book was Pretty Nightmare truly was my favorite. I would like 321 to add to my growing hardback collection. It’s my 60th birthday this month so this would be a great treat.

  11. Hi Julie, my favorite 2020 read is hard to pick as I have read several books. But I will have to say is The Poet by Michael Connelly. I would love an ebook copy of Alonzo or Tony. I have not had a chance to get them yet. Thank you for the chance, you are AWESOME as always!!

  12. Wow! I am going to be reading these comments to find some more authors! The book I read this year that really stick with me was Tyrant Twins by Isabella Starling. I had never read anything that dark before and I’m a bit surprised at how much I enjoyed it. If I win, I consulted my Kindle library and I see I don’t have Ruling Class. I would probably pick that to have both of them. Thanks for the chance!

  13. My favorite Read of 2020 was Sea of Ruin by Pam Godwin! Would love a Paperback copy of Pretty Nightmare 💛 Thanks so very much for the opportunity!

  14. This was a tough year for me as a reader. I didn’t read nearly as many books as in previous years, and I was drawn to lighter books to counter balance against the bleakness of 2020. One book that I really loved was Little Lies by Helena Hunting. My book choice is an ebook of Pretty Nightmare.

  15. Midlife Magic and Midlife Blues by Victoria Danann. Both the Junco books in Audible. Thank you for the opportunity.

  16. My favorite read this year was my re-read and first listen of the Junco series, it actually got me hooked on audiobooks as well! I would love a copy of Pretty Nightmare

  17. I am going to say my favorite was Harvest by Tess Gerritsen. It’s and older book, I just found her, but the reason is because after reading it and another in her series I had a rather funny experience at the dentist office involving nitrous. I would pick a paperback of Tragic.

  18. My favorite book this year was Sea of Ruin by Pam Godwin. (It’s so hard to choose just one.
    I’d love Pretty Nightmare. Thanks so much for the chance! Happy New Year!

  19. I think my favorite this year was the Grip Series by Kennedy Ryan. I know they weren’t all from this year, but the audiobooks were fantastic and so darn poignant when I listened to them late this past spring. Both narrators did a great job too (Maxine Mitchell and Jacobi Diem).
    Speaking of narrators, if you’re looking for new male narrators, Connor Crais!! He is fabulous! And Jason Clarke isn’t really new, but he is sooo good and diverse. And I just can’t get enough of Vanessa Edwin. Everything she does is wonderful – and her “male voice” is incredible. 🙂
    Happy New Year to you, Julie! Can’t wait to read whatever you have in store for us this year! Stay safe & healthy!

  20. Julie I just got through reading A Time For Mercy by John Grisham soo good I would like Bully King and Ruling Class the paper back copies thank you so much for the opportunity and your generosity hope you have a wonderful blessed New Year

  21. I loved Bentley by Melanie Moreland (audiobook). I would love to listen and review Rook and Ronin Omnibus : Tragic~Manic~Panic – The Complete Trilogy (audiobook)! Thanks for the chance!

  22. Callie Hart Riot Rules was my favorite for the year. I don’t have any of your signed pretties yet so I would be thrilled with any . Can’t wait to see what kind of magical words you are going to share with us this year

  23. My favorite book was Pretty Nightmare! I became 100% invested in those characters from Creeping Beautiful. My favorite completed series that I read this year was the Pucked series by Helena Hunting.
    My kids go back to school on Tuesday so I’ll be hanging out with Luke and Zach!!!
    My pick would be a physical copy of Ruling Class!
    Thank you for the update!!! We have so many books to look forward to!

  24. OMG! I started with the Mr Series ~ then went back to your books to read in order and I’m almost finished with Merc. 😉
    The chance by to win any Amazon Audio book ~ maybe from the Bossy Brothers Series would be wonderful! Thanks for the opportunity & Congratulations on your 9th year! 💗

  25. I’d LOVE to own Pretty Nightmare—just wow. My favorite book from the works outside JA Huss land would be a duet of A Boy and His Ribbon and A Girl and Her Wren by Pepper Winters. Excellent!! But I keep coming back to the Huss and now Cross books…

  26. Thanks to YOU, I purchased The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue on audio & loved it! So I have to say that was my fave of 2020 as well. I would love to have Bully King on audio. LOL! I just caught my typo on that but at first it said “Bully Kink” haha… thank you for all your hard work I’m 2020 & sharing what’s to come. Happy New Year!

  27. My fave this year was Man down by Kate Meader. And I’d love to listen to Creating beautiful, thank you for the chance !

  28. My number one read was Angry God by L J Shen. It would be amazing to have a paperback of Pretty Nightmare. Thank you for the chance.

  29. Ok. I am terrible at remembering titles. What was the one about the women that owned the bar in the mountains and the two guys? Omg hit and twisted and I loved it! That would be the hard back I would love. And between audible and kindle I have so many favorites, but favorite authors more than titles. You, Lexi Blake, Sarina Bowen, Kim Grissom to name just a few!!

  30. It is so hard to narrow down my favorite book outside of the JA Huss world since I read over 200 books in 2020. But, If I pick December as the month to choose a favorite book (or two lol) I would choose See Me After Class by Meghan Quinn (and a runner up of Hunter by LJ Shen) (if November, it would be Little Lies by H. Hunting and Twisted Fate by Ella James).
    If I have the amazing opportunity to win one of your books, could I please have either Pretty Nightmare or Ruling Class for my kindle please.

  31. My number one read was House of Earth and Blood by Sarah Maas. I’d love to have a paperback of Creeping Beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway.

  32. Ny too tree ead of 2020 is Sea Of Ruin by Pam Godwin You just have to love a badbutt pirate and her man/men!! I’d love to win a paperback of Creeping Beautiful I equally obsessed with that series too Thanks for rhe chance

  33. Oh my, I cannot just pick one, I read so many books, but not enough (Never have enough time to read all that I want).
    Julie I would love the chance to win any of your books and if you physically signed it I would go all gaga!!! I’m super easy to please 😜
    Thank you for the awesomeness and the opportunity to win 😊

  34. Pretty Nightmare was for sure my favorite of yours.
    I have everything so I don’t need anything from you.
    Love your face!!

  35. Loved them all! Would love a pb of beautiful creatures please. One of my favorite reads this year was a few of of yours 😉 and Jodi Ellen Malpas’s Artful Lies

  36. Well I’ve been reading all of your as you release them and loving every single one! So your books are really special to me and could choose any of yours for my favorite. But I did come across an author I have been enjoying her name is Alice Clayton. She has written a series called The Cocktail Series. The first book is Wallbanger and it’s funny, romantic, sexy and hot! With great friends on both sides. I would love a physical book from you. I love the way they smell and feel in my hands and I love looking at the art work on the covers ( and when lucky the inside cover.) They look so great on my book shelves too! I would really love The Sexpert! It was a great fun story. It made me smile and laugh out loud. The banter is wonderful and sexy too. Thanks Julie for your devotion of 9 years of fiction writing and to many more!

  37. My fav book that I read in 2020 was Savaged by Mia Sheridan. I would love a copy of Pretty Nightmare to start out my 2021!!

  38. Loved all your Bossy Brothers!!! Especially Joey!!

    Bully King was probably my favorite read this year since I’m a sucker for bully romance and was fortunate enough to receive an ARC!!

    Would absolutely love a paperback copy of Pretty Nightmare since it’s one of the only one of your books I don’t own yet!!

    Happy New Year and thank you for the awesome giveaway ❤️

  39. I have to admit, I reread Junco series again…I just love it, it’s so mind bending! Thanks for your brilliant writing and happy new year 🥰💕

  40. The Bossy Brothers are my favorite for this year!! The Bully king comes in a very close second. Any of the Bossy Brothers would be great to have.

  41. My #1 book of 2020 is Sea of Ruin by Pam Godwin and if I could win any book of yours it would be a paperback of Taking Turns, it’s my absolute favorite. Thank you!

  42. Happy New Year’s
    Lord of London Town by Tillie Cole was sooo good!! I would love Pretty Nightmare 📖📚🖤

  43. I can’t say that I have a Favorite book Bc I just love to read in general. This year has been a little rough with the reading but I have tried to squeeze it in when I can. I love hard backs over my kindle Bc I’m just one of those girls who just enjoys having it in my hands to read and getting to see it on my bookshelves!! Love your books!!! Your a great author! Happy New Year, here’s to 2021!
    Julie C

  44. My favorite in 2020 was the final book in Sierra Simone’s Thornchapel series, Door of Bruises.
    I would love to have the paperback of Pretty Nightmare, please. 🙂

  45. Happy New Year JA! My top read of 2020 would either be Credence by Penelope Douglas or Blood of Zeus by Meredith Wild!

    I would love to win a paperback copy of Bully King or Ruling Class! Love some bully drama!

    Thank you for the chance!

  46. I read Bully King and Ruling Class, couldn’t put them down I was so into the books I could not put them down. When I wasn’t reading them I was talking about the books with friends.
    I would love to win a hard copy of any of the Bossy Brothers series. Thank you for the opportunity and look forward to more of your books this year😀

  47. Well 2020 sucked for me until I found the Mr series and then the Bossy brothers … I love Alonzo I laughed so hard after the first chapter I had to go back and restart the book . I only was able to have audio for the first 6 months so now that I can read I would love to. Have Alonzo as a paper copy … oh Jan 3 is also my birthday so I’m buying Bossy Luke for my birthday gift to me … and I just read on your blog you are writing Vic Vaughn … I’m so excited !!!! Happy 2021 Julie !

  48. To be honest I read a ton this year and I loved a lot of them but I gotta say I really loved Bossy Tony. It felt like coming home or revisiting an old friend if that makes sense. So I would love Bossy Tony in paperback.

  49. My fav book this year was Little Lies by H Hunting and I would love any of the Bossy brothers because I need them all on my shelf lol

  50. The Chateau by Penelope Sky was one that really stood out for me. I would love to have Creeping Beautiful in paperback. Thanks for the chance. Happy New Year!!

  51. Sea of Ruin by Pam Godwin or The Pearl by Tiffany Reisz. I would love the newly redone Rook and Ronin audiobooks. Thank you.

  52. My favorite read of 2020 was A Time for Mercy by John Grisham.
    I would like to have a paperback copy of The Sexpert.
    Thanks for the giveaway and Happy New Year!

  53. Pretty Nightmare and Creeping Beautiful are up there with my top 2020 reads. K. Webster and Penelope Douglas had some good ones as well. I am waiting for another signed book signup as I want all the beautiful shit! Thank you for helping make my 2020 a little brighter.

  54. You are always so generous with your giveaways Julie…Happy New Year!
    If I had to pick one book that captivated me this year it would be Keri Lake’s Master of Salt & Bones.

    1. J, I love your dark books. Creeping Beautiful etc,, I can’t get into the mushy romance but dark romance with suspense,, I love.. I also agree with about Keri Lake. This just called to me and hit all of my buttons, Master of Salt & Bones

  55. Hi! Happy New Year 🙂 I’m going with either Focused or Floored as my favorite read of ’20. I’d love Pretty Nightmare to add to my collection (since Harem #7 isn’t out yet…but, SOON!). Thank you for the chance 😀

  56. Congratulations on the anniversary! I’ve been with you since Tragic, and I’ve enjoyed all your books. I’ve read so many books this year, but only two are stuck in my head. The first was about the 1918 pandemic, and well, that stuck with me for obvious reasons in our current pandemic (so maybe that one doesn’t count). I loved the story telling and character growth in The Midnight Library by Matt Haig; I borrowed the audiobook from the library, and I might purchase the hardcopy. I’m not commenting to win a prize…I just wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your fiction-writing journey.

  57. Favourite 2020 book was a series – Jeanne St. James – Down & Dirty MC and then it spun into Guts & Glory. Totally, totally loved those two series. Now it’s spun off into Blood and Bones. The e-book I would love to win from you is Pretty Nightmare. Happy New Year

  58. This year my favorite book was Cold Wicked Lies by Toni Anderson. My favorite Huss book was Bossy Tony, I loved the premise. That Tony didn’t get the girl he went after was a surprise and getting a Vaughn brother, he’ll yeah!

  59. My favourite read of 2020 was Famine by Laura Thalassa. I’d love to read Rulling Class by you, in paperback, please <3

  60. Hey Julie – Happy New Year and happy anniversary for yesterday! According to GR, I’ve read 19 of you books but looks like I’ve still a way to go through some of your back catalogue.

    In response to your comment about finding new audio narrators. I listened to Amy Stricker’s audio debut on Looking to Score by CoraLee June & Carrie Gray in August. I thought she was fantastic!

    One of my Top Reads of 2020 was Fallen by Mia Sheridan – a modern Gothic read that was beautifully written. I’d love a UK audio of Bully King, please, if I win.


  61. I read lots of amazing books last year. The Ravenhood Duet by Kate Stewart and The Fallen Men series by Giana Darling stand out as my favs. I’d love a paperback of The Company. I am looking forward to reading Luke tomorrow.

  62. Happy New Year Julie!! So as much as last year sucked, for me book wise it was awesome because I discovered you, Tillie Cole, Devney Perry and Penelope Douglas and Im so glad I did! I am totally hooked on all things Company and looking forward to discovering more secrets. As for my favorite book last year I am going with A Dark Place(A Tomb of Ashen Tears book 5) by Kailee Reese Samuels. Thank you for a chance and since Tragic was my first by you and its always special I would love a paperback.🥰💕

  63. My favorite read this last year has to be 3,2,1 by you. It’s my go to book when I need a great listen with love and great heartache.
    I’d love 3,2,1 or social media 💓💓

  64. Love it when you do this sort of thing! Gives me ideas on what to read! My fav has to be Lost Boy, Fight or Die by M.Robinson. I’d love an audio of Taking Turns…thanks for everything you do!! Love you!

  65. I hope that you enjoyed your Christmas and New Years. I think one of my favorite series not from you was AL Jackson falling stars series. And from you the Bully King/Ruling Class books were like whoa for me. If I get chosen I’d like the hard copy of Pretty Nightmare to go with my Creeping Beautiful. Thanks.

  66. I am sooooo happy Vicious Vaughn is going to get his day. You are doing so much this year. I’m so excited about all of them of course but had to give a shout out for Vic. Happy 2021!

  67. My #1 read was The Ravenhood Duet by Kate Stewart and I would love a paperback of your Bully King. Thank you for the chance!

  68. Not My Heart To Break collection by Willow Winters.
    I would love Bossy Brothers- Alonzo
    Thank you for the chance ❤️

  69. Creeping Beautiful series books 1 & 2 have been my favorites of yours (love them all though), and One Time Only by Lauren Blakely is the other.

    Since I just notice that I’m missing I Am Not Junco (Omnibus 4-6) audiobook, I would love the chance to win a copy ❤️. Thanks Julie, and Happy New Year ❤️ ❤️

  70. One of my favourite reads of 2020 has to be Across Eternity (Parallel Series) by Elizabeth O’Roark. This book has it all: steamy, tragic love story with time travel. The details and characters that the author weaves has you completely wrapped up in the story!
    I would love to read Creeping Beautiful as I have devoured all your books in The Company series! 🥰 Thanks for the opportunity!

  71. Movin on by PJ Fiala was a fantastic read. I would live a signed copy of Rook and Ronin. Thsnk you for the chance.

  72. Happy Anniversary! Let’s see! My number one read would be Pretty Nightmare. I am a huge need when it comes to this whole story line! I fell in love with your writing the Tragic, so it is a full circle carry on thing (Bossy Luke is a close second!!)
    I would love The Company…..❤️❤️

  73. Gah, looking at your list, I read a bunch of books this year. I also discovered audio books with my first listen of Junco. I had already read the ebooks and the audio gave me all the feels. I also reread all of The Company because Creeping got me excited and I had to freshen my memory on the characters and timeline. Started with Rook & Ronin, which is the first book I ever read of yours, and it is still my favorite next to Junco. I also joined a book club that has introduced me to some new authors this year. Happy New Year! It’s going to be a great year!

  74. I think my #1 read was The Testaments by Margaret Atwood. If chosen, a physical book of Bully King would be great! I <3 that read this year!

  75. I read a lot of good books this year,really hard to choose just one,but Dear Ava by Ilsa Madden Mills was one of my favorites!
    I’d love a paperback of Creeping Beautiful-I have the ebook,but haven’t read it yet(waiting for the whole series)
    Thank you!

  76. My #1 read this year was Smitten by Lauren Rowe. This year sucked between Covid and my brother getting diagnosed with cancer so I needed a feel good book badly. I would love to get Tragic on audio if I was chosen. Thank you for the chance and Happy New Year Julie!

  77. My #1 book this year was actually a duet. The Ravenhood Duet, Flock (book1) and Exodus, (book 2) by Kate Stewart…amazing!
    I would like a paperback of Pretty Nightmare. I love this series

  78. I’ve read some really great books last year, so it’s hard to choose. I think I’ll go with Three Dates by Grahame Claire.
    About your books, I’ll choose one of the Bossy guys.
    thank you for the chance and Happy New Year

  79. I can’t pick just one. I read/listened to over 200 books on 2020. My top favs are The Hunter by LJ Shen, The Rivals by Vi Keeland, & The Anti-Boyfriend by Penelope Ward. I would love a paperback version of Pretty Nightmare. Thanks for the chance.

  80. 3 of your books were on my best of list. If I had to choose the best book? Hard to say but Sorrow by Tiffanie DeBartolo is up there.
    Thanks for this and I’d love a paperback of Bully King please. Happy New year!

  81. I read 67 books that I can’t choose just one. Some authors I read were new to me and enjoyed every word. I’d enjoy any book from you!
    Happy New Year 🥂

  82. Really lived Bully King and yet the second book set off my PTSD. As far as which of your books I would like surprise me.

  83. Random Acts of Crazy by Julia Kent on audiobook tops my list because it made me laugh so much and we can all use a good laugh these days! I also loved Creeping Beautiful and Beautiful Nightmare by yours truly since you are my favorite author! You have unknowingly gotten me through the last 5 years with your audiobooks as I have fought Lyme disease and POTs and spent more time in bed than I would wish upon anyone. I would love an audiobook of the new recording of Rook & Ronin.

  84. Happy new year and happy author anniversary! Difficult to choose number one pick of 2020 but one of them was The Not Outcast by Tijan. Would love a copy of Ruling Class in e-book format. Thank you for the opportunity!

  85. Love your books. My #1 of yours is a tie with Rook and Ronin and Alzono. For free in audio would be Rook and Ronin, In to Her or Sexy. I love Elena Wolf and Sebastian but would be happy with either of those in Audio. Thanks keep em coming. Happy New Year

  86. Happy New Year! I have read a lot of great books. One of them was He Saw Me First by M. Johnson. I would love to own Mr. Five. Thanks so much for the chance.

  87. Happy New Year!! My favorite books this year were Thornchapel series by Sierra Simone and the Creeping Beautiful series by you! To that end, I would love a paperback of Creeping Beautiful if I was so lucky to win – The covers of that series are so excellent too!

  88. I just realized I was supposed to pick a book from 2020 sooooo guess I was sleepy when I read your post it was almost 3am, mehh. I would like to choose Bully King in paperback please. Still going with The Wallbanger by Alice Clayton, so much fun to read.🙃 Happy New Year Julie! And good riddance to the shit show 2020!

  89. My favorite book this year is actually a series of three books. Maximus, Cassian, and Drago: A Medieval Scottish Romance (The Immortal Highland Centurions Books 1- 3) by Jayne Castel. I would love to win any of your books because you are new to me! Thank you for the chance to win one of your books!

  90. I read 528 book in 2020 and I can’t chose only one that stood out for me. They were all amazing to me! The Bully king in paperback would be my first choice!

  91. I had a tie for 2020 between SEA OF RUIN by Pam Godwin and IN THE DEEP by Loreth Anne White. I would love a paperback of TURNING BACK.. 🥰

  92. My number one book this year was The Testaments by Margaret Atwood. I’d love to have Creeping Beautiful. Loved it big time!

  93. https://smile.amazon.com/Final-Winter-Apocalyptic-Horror-Novel-ebook/dp/B0052F4GLW/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1YZONVXV4WTBA&dchild=1&keywords=the+final+winter&qid=1609879084&sprefix=the+final+winter+%2Caps%2C413&sr=8-1 I bought this book back in 2018, but I just read it in 2020. This book left an impression on me like no other. I probably shouldn’t be reading apocalyptic books during a pandemic, but this book is amazing. I would love to own The Bully King in paperback. LOVE your writing.

  94. My number one read of the year was Knockout Queen by EM Moore. I actually loved the whole series, but the finale was amazing. I would love Pretty Nightmare. Thanks for the chance!

  95. I read so many books in 2020 that it is hard to choose just one, actually it is hard to remember them all. But there are several authors who have series of fun short stories which always put a smile on my face, which is a really good thing with everything happening. So Jane Fox’s Zaftig Dating Agency series, Mazzy King’s Alpha Force Elite series, Frankie Love’s The Way to a Man’s Heart series, Flirt Club’s series Daisy Gold’s series, Kate Hunt’s series, Louise Rose-Innes SAS Rogue’s series, Emma Tharp’s The Monroe series, JA Huss’s Bossy Brothers series, and so many more.
    For me I would choose Bossy Bride: Emma and Jesse (Bossy Brothers Book 4) in eBook format.

  96. My favorite read of 2020 was Sweet Retribution by Shibohan Davis which was the third book in the trilogy of the Elites of Rydeville High.
    I would like an audiobook of Tragic

  97. I love the ‘Lies’ series by Ella Miles. So dark and they love each other but continue to hurt each other. I would like ‘Pretty Nightmare’ in paperback

  98. I absolutely loved reading the HAVOC series this year. And would love to win any of the bossy brother books in ebook. Thanks for the chance to win.

  99. I read many books this past year but none that I can say was my favorite. I miss the books that grab a hold of your heart and won’t let go.
    I would take any one of your books in paperback to add to my collection.

  100. I have been going through all of the series by Ginna Moran, I think I only have one more to go , I guess I see an author I like and so I read everything that they have published before going on to the next author and yes JA Huss is an author I like so I have read everything. But I would love to win any of your books.

  101. My favorite read of 2020 has got to be the Ravenhood duet by Kate Stewart. It left me with the biggest book hangover! I love the Bossy Brothers so I would love to get Alonzo! Thanks for the chance and Happy New Year!

  102. My favorite 2020 read was probably Blood of Zeus. I would want any of your Bossy books. Have not read any of them

  103. I read alot of books this year-one of my favorites was Desiring the Dragon Lord. I would love to win Bossy Brothers: Johnny

  104. There were so many great books that I read in 2020: Fatal Fraud by Marie Force, Torn & Bound Duet by K. Webster, After the Climb by Kristen Ashley, The Dirty Ones, Bully King, Pretty Nightmare, The Sainthood – Boys of Lowell High series by Siobhan Davis and so many more. I need Ruling Class in audiobook or ebook please.

  105. My favorite book was Every Step She Takes, by Kelley Armstrong. For some reason, I couldn’t put it down! I would love I Am Not Junco in audio. Thank you for the hoopla books…I just downloaded Tragic to start tomorrow on my way to work! I’ll love you forever if you add more…even though I have most of your ebooks already. Thanks again!

  106. My favorite read for last year was the HAVOC series. And I would love any of the bossy brother ebooks. Thanks for the chance.

  107. My favorite read is After. I read 126 books and that was the one that resparked my love for reading. I would absolutely love a paperback copy of Bully King

  108. I really enjoyed Joey. That was wickedly delightful. I would love to have Pretty Nightmare in paperback.
    cheers to a great new year filled with more books! #ULTIMATEHUSSIE #RIDEORDIE #SHRIKEBITCH

  109. The entire Indebted Series by Pepper Winters. She is one of my favorite authors and this series was extraordinary.
    If I were to win – I would love an audiobook copy of Bossy Brothers. Thanks for the chance.

  110. It’s hard to just pick one book that was my favorite. I love all your books (did some ARC reviews too) and just love how you write. Any one of your books I would love a chance to win.

  111. The first book I read in 2020 was eternal nightmare by Aria Adams. I would love Tragic. Thanks for the chance and let’s hope for a great 2021

  112. I listened to over 400 audiobooks this year and I too have trouble picking just one as I loved so many of them.
    I’ve recently bought quite a few of your titles, i.e, Rook & Ronin. I have all of R&R except for Spencer, Meet Me in the Dark & Wasted Lust. So any or all😉 of those three audiobooks would be great! Once the series is complete I will be able to start reading.

    Thank you, Julie!

    P.S. Whatever happened to Happily Ever After, was it ever released on audio or did it just remain in Kindle? TY, BA

  113. Happy New Year! I read and listened to so many books in 2020 it’s hard to pick one. I think it was A Very Bossy Christmas by Kayley Loring. I read and listened to it because it was narrated by Connor Craig and MacKenzie Cartwright which were both new to me this year. They are fantastic!
    I would love to listen to the audio of Bully King. Thanks for the chance.

  114. I couldn’t put down Jodi Ellen Malpas’ “Artful Lies”. It is so GOOOOD!! and I just started reading Book #2 of the series, “Wicked Truths”, which is looking just has HOT!! If I win your giveaway, I’d love to get “Naughty Things: Three Taboo Romances” in paperback. If that one is not available, I’ll take your suggestion of any of your books in paperback or hardback. Thanks for the giveaway and stay safe.

  115. I absolutely loved J.L. Drake’s Behind My Words. I would love to have Billy King and Ruling Class.
    Thank you for the chance!!

  116. One of my favorites of the year was Angry God- Lj Shen! I love everything she writes but that was one I had been waiting for forever! Happy new year everyone!

  117. Jack &Jill End of day by Jewel. E. Ann. I read lots of your books though. I have 24 of them in total. But I would like to receive Pretty Nightmare. For Kindle. Thank you!

  118. Lots of good books to choose. But from you i loved creeping beautiful and bully king paperback. Hope your new year field with lot of new and exciting accomplishments to come.

  119. Read s ton of great books in 2020. Bossy brothers were some of my favorites. I also found several new authors that I also enjoy.

  120. My favorite this year was The Lies We Tell by Becca Steele. I read tons of greay books but this one stuck with me. If I won I would choose an audio of Bully King! Yum

  121. I read over 230 books last year. I can’t honestly name a favorite lol. I’d love to have Bossy Brothers Tony in paperback.

  122. My favorite read this year was an ARC called The Attributes by Rich Diviney, a former Navy Seal Commander. It pointed out how attributes are more important than skills and there’s a free assessment at http://www.theattributes.com I gave it to my supervisor at the Cuyahoga Board of Election and another supervisor thought it had great leadership ideas. I want to read Ruling Class as a paperback book.

  123. To be honest this past year was very difficult for me to read. Typically I read between 70-80 books a year while working full time and keeping up with house, grandkids, etc. I enjoyed Verity by Colleen Hoover. But I had a hard time concentrating with COVID being my priority at work. I am an essential worker and couldn’t get into many books. I have many DNF books. Hopefully I can get back to my reading hobby. Happy New Year

  124. Such a tough question as I’ve read so many great books this year but a top read for sure was Favourite Hello Hardest Goodbye by ES Carter. I don’t have any physical copies of any of your books so if I was chosen I’d love a surprise book from you. Thanks so much & happy 2021!!

  125. I would want Ford!!! He’s my favorite book. As for best read of 2020, I’d have to say M. Robinsons Mafia series. If I fall in love with an author I binge out and read everything from them!!

  126. Thank you for your interesting characters and story lines.
    I started reading The Mister Series, and loved it so much that I read Rook and Ronin Trilogy and then just kept on reading everything that you have published.
    I read a variety of work and when I find an author that I truly love, I read everything that I can of theirs, and that list isn’t very long, but your work is definitely on my must read list.
    So thank you again and Happy 2021.

  127. I absolutely loved Bossy Tony. I loved the ending (but I can’t elaborate for the spoiler reasons, so sorry if this eludes to more than it should). Really, I have to say that it was my favorite because it handled the wrong I felt between the two characters. It gave hope to the big world of ‘wrong’ happening all around and it was also sexy and fun. I LOVE Vann and did from the moment he came into the Huss world. All around, it was a great book which tied so much together while leaving suspense for other unread and future series. JA Huss…you are the bomb!

  128. So for 2020 and this Covid nightmare came out something great because I read the whole Rook and Ronin series. I went by your timeline and bought and either read or listened to them and am caught up. I am now on the Taking turns and Jordan’s games so I would like the Junco audio. Thank you for all the stories! Happy 2021!!

  129. So I just listened to Pretty Things and I have never cried so much while listening to a book as I just did. I mean we are talking outright sobbing. Every time a new message was played I’d sob right along with the characters. To me this is the sign of great writing. You were able to make me connect with or relate to the characters well enough that I felt right along with them. I just wish I wasn’t listening at work at the time. I’m going to finish the series after this but thanks for the amazing book. And I wonder if there is something like Dead Note out there. Kinda a cool idea. 🙂

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