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Nothing says long, continuing series like a big old family of boys. So that’s what I set out to write when I started the Bossy Brothers series in 2019. Three boys and a cousin—all with the last name of Boston.

That’s enough material to cover the baby brother trope (Jesse Boston), wayward middle child (Joey Boston), and the bully oldest (Johnny Boston). Not to mention those pulled heartstrings for the orphaned cousin, (Zach Boston) who was raised by them. These boys are elite billionaires with a sketchy, secret past that is rapidly coming back to haunt them as they search for true love.

The series starts with a kidnapping in book one. But it’s not our heroine being abducted—it’s the baby Boston, Jesse. Book one a crazy revenge scheme dreamed up by jilted ex-one-night-stand, Emma Dumas, that turns into a heart-melty second-chance.

But I love a good, long, complicated series connected by many characters so I decided to go big and add in Emma’s brothers and take the story down to Key West with her family of tatted-up beach boys. Her brothers include over-protective fisherman Alonzo, broody-sailor Tony, and their own baby of the family, adrenaline-fueled Luke.

And Luke is where we’re at now. In the last book of the series, Luke is partnered up with Zack Boston and together they fall into a crazy adventure with a scheming gossip reporter looking for dirt on the Boston family secrets.

But the Bostons aren’t the only ones with a sketchy past. The Dumas brothers are just as guilty. And the dirty secrets of these two families come crashing together for one final happily ever after.


Two hot men seeking a fun, flirty girl with a sense of adventure. You in?

My life changed the day Zach Boston walked into it. And we’ve been inseparable best friends and lovers ever since. But he’s almost seven years younger than me and I remember all too well what my twenties were like – A new adventure every day, non-stop partying every night, and a new girl (or guy) whenever I got bored.

That’s why Zach and I always have a third.

Girls are how we’ve kept it fresh all year.

We’ve gone through dozens of them since we got serious and I’m not saying I don’t enjoy the dynamic of a threesome, because I do.

But when this cute girl with pink hair comes sailing into our lives and upends everything—I don’t know if we’ll survive it.



The Bossy Brothers series is seven full-length books filled with sexy alpha males, strong females to keep them in line, a crazy Vegas wedding in the middle, and of course, the twisted HEA at the end that I’m known for. I call it Rom Com with a dark side!

They should be read in this order:
Bossy Bride
Luke (and Zach)

If you’re new to this series, Book One, Bossy Brothers: Jesse, is FREE on KOBO, Nook, Apple, and Amazon right now. And the rest of the series can be read free in Amazon Kindle Unlimited.








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Happy New Year everyone! 2021 is going to be fucking amazing! Stay safe and stay sane!

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  1. 😁😁😁💙 I’ve discovered a sweet-and-heavy-as-honey-narrator-voice that I can’t believe it! Rebecca Estrella. 😁💙

  2. Something good that happened to me is something that I worked very hard to make happen. Technology is NOT my strong suit, but I successfully transitioned my tutoring for students with dyslexia into a completely remote platform. It has been fantastic, highly effective, and I can work with so many more students now!

  3. Something good that happened in 2020 is that I am able to keep my job after my company went through 2 rounds of layoffs.

  4. Something good that happened this year was that I still had a job and because of social distancing I got my office to myself. It’s nice to some whatly not have someone always listening closely.

    1. My good thing in 2020 was our son came home for Christmas!! We hadn’t seen him in 11 months due to COVID and the Military. Is what it is, but he got come home!! Happiest mama in the state!

  5. The best thing that happened to me in 2020 was being able to spend time with my family during lockdown and we were able to stay safe and healthy.

  6. The best thing that happened to me was that my whole family was able to be together for Christmas and everyone was healthy

  7. Best thing for us was that my mom and I were allowed to work from home – we are both high risk, especially my mom, so that was a huge relief. So far, no one in our immediate family has gotten it either, knock on wood.

  8. Although Covid was rough, it did allow me to spend a lot of quality time with my son and husband, so I enjoyed that! I also read 296 books (many of them yours, thank you so much), and I edited my 45th book!!
    I hope you have a very happy, healthy year in 2021, Julie! I can’t wait to see what books you’ll have for us!!!!

  9. I made leaps and bounds creatively this year, by participating in events and classes I might not have convinced myself were important otherwise. I plan to continue that momentum this year, because if the pandemic did nothing else, it gave me time at home to work on my own journey and ambitions, goals. I think we tend to forget they exist and breathe, with everything else taking up all of the oxygen in our lives.

  10. My Daddy beat Cancer for is fifth time since 2007! Very blessed. Love your books! I have most in my Audiobook library!!

  11. The best thing that happened in 2020 was getting back into the groove of reading books! I was able to read 200 books (I think about 8 of them were yours lol- I know- I’m way behind)

  12. 2020 was an extraordinarily bad year for my family. Although, we were fearful of how we would be able to physically and financially raise another grandchild, especially a 14 month old baby. But, regardless of our fears we dug in and fought to have him come live with us and his 7 year old brother. It has been tough at times but, the life, love, and laughter he has brought to our home and our love and care in return has brought all of us overwhelming happiness.
    Thank you for hosting a giveaway of great prizes and for the chance to win some cheer!♥️

  13. I’ve had a few good things in 2020 1. I got to read more 2. Got to do activities with my daughter that I normally wouldn’t have. 3. Joined and helped build a community for the PNR genre that is not on FB and another on for the authors of a RH shared World Series.

  14. The best thing to happen in 2020 was that I lost 38 pounds and found a group of bookish women to do it with! 2021 will be the year to get the last 30 off! Suck It Covid!

  15. We adopted another dog 🙂 Holly (a great dane joined our family. She has 3 “brothers”, Lenny (weim) Leo (dobix mix) & Gus (great dane)

  16. No one in my family got Covid 19. That is the best thing that happened to me in 2020. That is the best thing I could ask for.

  17. I’ve spent a lot more time with my adult children and my pre-teen than would normally be the case. We’ve made new traditions and they’ve been helpful and encouraging with the new hobbies I’ve been trying to learn.

  18. My family has had a lot happen, not me personally, but between my husband, son, and 18 month old granddaughter there where 8 surgeries, 15 hospital stays, chemo, radiation and many many doctor visits but they are all still with me and another year has ended. They all have a rare genetic disease called . Von Hipple Lindau disorder or vhl.org also, my daughter is expecting a baby boy in June and he has a 50/50 chance of having this rare disease but as long as they are all here at the end of the year I count that as a wonderfully perfect year. 2021 will probably all be the same with Hughes and Lowe’s but, as long as they are here I will be happy.

  19. The best thing that happened in 2020 was my brother didn’t get covid while working at the grocery store he is a diary dept head at.

  20. 2020 wasn’t the absolute worst year but it’s up there with some of the bad ones. I’m just glad we made it through it and in a new year. 😃😃

  21. Best thing about 2020 was that my family moved into a bigger home so we could all have more space and breathing room!

  22. The best thing that happened to me in 2020 was that although I had close family members who had COVID-19, they blessedly all recovered fully and are presently in good health.

  23. My something good from 2020 was time spent with my family, it was a crazy year with a lot of ups and downs, but there was healing in my family and that is my positive take away

  24. Lets see, the best thing in 2020 for me was to not get coronavirus, yeah it was a sad year since I basically quarantined most of the year. But I did listen to some fabulous audiobooks, which was my saving grace.

  25. After our 12 year old came out to us in July 2020 as transgender and we expressed there was only love and support for him and his twin, no judgement, so we spent the rest of the year watching him be his true self. He is as God made him and he is beautiful. It was like watching him be born again. Our whole house has a new sense of happiness, love, and our twins realize there is no judgement unless it is in regards to being lazy in school or with chores.

  26. The best thing that happened in 2020-my niece had a baby and I’m so glad that they live nearby & I get to see them a lot!

  27. The best thing about 2020 was that my kiddo came home to complete college before moving 300 miles away after graduation! We have all stayed well!

  28. I am happy not to have had any surgery in 2020!!!!! I have to have at least one maybe 2 in 2021. Better than 9 in one year!

  29. The only good thing about 2020 is that I learned how my kids were actually doing in school. Their strengths and what they need help with. Remote learning is difficult without children interacting with other kids their own age but being safe for immune deficient reasons is priority in our home. We did have family and friends come down with covid and survive thank god. We didn’t lose anyone but still pray for the people who did. Hopefully this year will be better 😀

    1. My good thing that happened in 2020 was I was given a full time job after years of unemployment. I love it! It’s three miles from home and I work 4 days a week.

  30. I was able to take Zoom ballet classes with dancers from the New York City Ballet, and adult open division classes from Joffrey Ballet Academy. Normally I wouldn’t be able to afford to travel to either – let alone weekly!

  31. Best thing that happened in 2020 was my son and his girlfriend told each other that they loved them. They have both been through a lot in the past with unfaithful spouses, so they were guarding their hearts. Another was being able to purchase amazing hardback books from you Julie for myself. They look so beautiful on my book shelf!

  32. I watched 2 grandsons so my daughter and SIL could WFH plus Sil is in last year of law school. Boston had much less Covid than Cleveland, so I traveled just in time. We went on a lot of walks and took a week non-refundable vacation in August to Cape Cod. The fire pit circled by Adirondeck chairs were a good place to watch the sunsetting over the bay and to make S’mores. New Englader’s followed the rules about social distancing and masking, so it was safer than Ohio.

  33. Something good: definitely my family being in good health; no one contracted the virus and I am grateful 🙂

    (Thanks for the chance to win and congrats on the new release!)

  34. My son finished grade 10 with fantastic marks and is killing it in grade 11. For a kid who struggles with school this is just awesome!

  35. Something really good that happened to me in 2020 was that I got a new job and discovered Turkish dramas. We have been sleeping on them. Go watch Fatmagul or Hercai! so freaking good!

  36. I finally got my official diagnosis of Chronic pancreatitis… Which now Drs can finally believe me that hey I am sick and in pain and I m not a drug seeker

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