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Vic Vaughn is Vicious Cover Reveal Giveaway


AUDIOBOOK NARRATION IS BY EMMA WILDER AND CJ MISSION and that pre-order should be up soon!

My name is Vicious. God-given name, I cross my heart.
And it fits.
I’m a hot-as-f, inked-up tattoo artist at the trendiest shop in the Rocky Mountains.
I have the looks, I have the bike, I have the reputation.
That means I get the ladies.
Sure. There are lots of women out there who hate tattoos. Wouldn’t be caught dead with guys like me. And that’s fine. I’m not looking for girls like that.
I’m looking for that other kind of girl.
The wild one, the bad one, the crazy one.
Funny thing is… the one I fell for isn’t that girl.
She’s the Good Girl.
And maybe back when she was nineteen I came off as a ‘maybe’, but after seven years of distance I am now the definition of ‘not a keeper’.
But I can be a keeper.
I can make the good girl swoon.
I can be the dream guy she never saw coming.
If she would just… not press charges… I’m pretty sure I can turn this whole relationship around.

Vic Vaughn is Vicious is a bad-boy-trying-his best-to-win-her-back romantic comedy about a misunderstood tattoo-artist-biker called Vicious and a good girl named Daisy who ghosted him seven years ago after she came to her senses. It’s filled with funny twists, dreams of grandeur, and all seven members of the most inappropriate family in all of Colorado.

IMPORTANT! The eBook will release a day early on Nook, Apple, and KOBO (August 30th) and then IMMEDIATELY BE TAKEN OFF SALE so that Vic Vaughn is Vicious can go directly into Kindle Unlimited. This book WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE ON AMAZON after August 30th.







PRIZE – $50 Gift Card
ENDS – July 18, 2021 (Winners will be notified using entry email)


81 Replies to “Vic Vaughn is Vicious Cover Reveal Giveaway”

  1. To be honest, I don’t remember! I’ve been with my husband for 25 years and my memory of before him is a bit fuzzy😂.

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever really ghosted a bf before but I definitely regret choices that I have made! Happy cover reveal!

  2. I have never ghosted a partner, and I hope I don’t ever have to. – I can’t wait to read about Vic!

  3. I haven’t ever ghosted a current partner but an ex because it was not going to turn out well. We weren’t happy together for a reason so I disappeared when he tried to hook up again.

  4. Yes definitely more than one 🤣😂🤣 and not sorry either. Love both the covers on this new book!

  5. I have never intentionally ghosted anyone but I have not always done a very good job of keeping in contact with friends.

  6. Never ghosted anyone, though I’ve got tons of friends who do it on a daily basis, online dating and all.

  7. No way, I would never ghost someone. Why? Because it happened to me & it hurt badly!!! But guess what? I confronted the asshole, and now I’ve been very, very happily married to him for 25 years, ha ha!!!

  8. Yes, not my proudest moment! I’m so Freakin Excited, InLove with This cover! Can’t wait to Read..

  9. Sort of once….it was just for a couple of days so I could sort something out in my head.
    This looks like a fun story.

  10. Sure haven’t! But… I started dating my husband in high school and we celebrate our 11 year anniversary this month! 💕

  11. Unfortunately I am horrible at this; I ghost texts a lot. Flip side, they don’t get the original hint that I am not interested, so I just flat out ignore them then. So, not sure if that constitutes the traditional definition of ghosting LOL

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