I’m checking out a new giveaway app to replace the Rafflecopter that I’ve been using for almost ten years now. lol So I’m putting up this bonus giveaway for you to try out. Let me know in the comments if you think it’s easier. I’m mostly thinking about changing to this one because it loads the phone and the Rafflecopter doesn’t. So you guys have to click a link to enter.

You still have to log in – I need that so I can contract winners. But I DO NOT USE THIS INFORMATION FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN CONTACTING WINNERS. I do not add these emails and names to my newsletter list, I will NEVER sell your data. I fucking HATE BIG DATA. I have the default plug-in for WordPress that gives me very basic numbers about how many people visit the site each day and where they came from. BUT I DO NOT USE Google Analytics. I don’t even use tracking pixels on my Facebook ads. The only time I collect information on this site is if you leave me a comment (you have to leave an email so I don’t get hackers and spammers) or subscribe to blog posts, or you enter a giveaway. I do not even use affiliate links. I make NO MONEY off your data or shopping habits. 

I’m on your side when it comes to data. But I do need to know who wins so I can contact you, right! So you still have to choose a way to log in. 

So give this a try and you can leave me a comment on what you think!


51 Replies to “BONUS GIVEAWAY!”

  1. I like gleam, it’s generally easy to use, auto logged in on most of my devices and the options tend to be mote varied, which is nice for a change sometimes. Lol It also doesn’t let you enter if it’s not available in your country, which is good and bad because sometimes you just really wish that particular giveaway was international. Lol but so far the only other issue I’ve run across is the fb link logging me into a different account user, which can be a pain if you use a separate or newer email for your stuff.

  2. My phone won’t let me do rafflecopter or Kingsumo so I can never enter these types if giveaways. So this was easier and faster

  3. I’m on an iPhone I didn’t have any problems with either giveaway. For me the ease of both was the same

  4. Yes like this better. I have trouble alot with Rafflecopter kicking me out and it won’t let me back in to do the other things on list. Just says sorry log back in. but won’t let me. Very frustrating..

  5. Also it did kick me out for the Damaged Gods that you put up this past Friday. Really wanted a chance to win those goodies, mehh😒

  6. I’ve entered giveaways this way before and like it so much better. Much easier to use and enter.

  7. I sometimes would not enter contests if it was on rafflecopter b/c it was to difficult. I enjoyed the process on Gleam.

  8. Seemed about the same to me but maybe ever so slightly easier to use here? I have no problems using either platform on my tablet.

  9. The only issue I have is t
    I have to use a different email or sure why maybe because I’m doing another giveaway with this app

  10. So much easier than raffle copter, which is a lot of back and forth through different screens. It wouldn’t let me do one twitter thing because it had trouble communicating. But, we all have trouble communicating at times don’t we?

  11. Not so easy because is not honoring the points for Retweeting even though I tried several times. It only gives me an error message.

    However, thank you so much for all this amazing giveaways and this new upcoming and phenomenal release!! Can’t wait!!

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