The Pleasure of Panic

The Pleasure of Panic

A new day. A new game. A new girl to (try and) please. 

Series: Jordan's Game 2

Issy Grey is a control freak. There’s no problem she can’t solve. Issy’s also a successful self-help author, presenter, and life coach. She has every answer, every time you ask for it.
That is… until her BFF butts into her life and signs her up for a sexual fantasy fulfillment game she never asked to play!
Now she can’t turn it off! She can’t quit, because Jordan Wells refuses to admit she’s even a player!

Finn Murphy’s half-hearted attempt to revamp his FBI career isn’t going as planned. And being assigned to protect Issy Gray isn’t exactly a step in the right direction. The whole thing is stupid.
She thinks she’s playing some kind of game.
She thinks the interrogation down at FBI headquarters was fake.
She thinks he’s taking her to a sex club, not a safe house.
So what’s a guy to do? He might as well just play along…

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