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12 Days of Giveaways – LAST DAY!


The winner of the BOSSY BROTHERS Prize is: Jessica R. Brotman

Please respond to the FB PM I sent you from my personal profile with your mailing address.

Well, we’re at the end! I hope the first twelve days of December have been just a little bit better because you stopped by my blog. I have a couple of cool things to tell you about the Bossy series.



Emma is super pretty, super smart, and super rich.

So WHY is she kidnapping the billionaire she just bought in the bachelor auction?

Thirteen years before Emma Dumas bought me in a bachelor auction to teach me a lesson she stole my heart down on Key West. I fell so hard for this girl I made all the promises. Only with Emma, I really meant them.
And then I disappeared.
But it wasn’t my fault. Let’s just call my reason “Family Business”. I’d tell you what that business is, but then I’d have to kill you. Just kidding. I can’t tell you what my family business is because it’s so secret, even I don’t know.
My point is… I didn’t ghost. It was a weird twist of circumstances. And OK, yes. I did hook up with pretty much every girl on the island that week. But after I met Emma, I was ruined. She’s the only one I wanted.
It’s been thirteen years. I’m a changed man. I STILL want her. I have ALWAYS wanted her.
But it’s kind of hard to tell her that with a gag in my mouth and a hood over my head.

Bossy Brothers: Jesse features a bachelor auction gone wrong, four smart ladies who botch a crazy revenge kidnapping, a fancy power dream date with fast cars, private jets, and expensive yachts, lots of ex-sex, and a happily ever after that proves… sometimes the best man for the job is a woman.


AUDIOBOOK is not free, but it’s Whispersynced on AMAZON (So you can get it for $7.49 if you already own the eBook) and available at AUDIBLE and APPLE AUDIOBOOKS.






1. Signed Hardcover of Bossy Jesse

2. Signed Hardcover of Bossy Alonzo

3. Bossy Sticker Swag pack

4. Bossy Candle Tin

5. Bossy Tea Lights

6. $25 Gift Card

7. Bossy Christmas Ornament



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Stay calm, stay safe, and let’s have a great 2021!

WINNERS FOR ALL GIVEAWAYS will be chosen on December 14 and announced on FB, IG, my fan group, my blog, and my newsletter. All gifts will be mailed on December 15th with priority mail, so hopefully you get them before the big day. ALL MY GIVEAWAYS ARE ALWAYS OPEN INTERNATIONAL.

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  1. These 12 days have been so much fun. Thank you for your continued generosity AND for sharing these incredible stories with us. You are da bomb diggity! xx

  2. This was so much fun! Thank you for giving back to the readers. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family . Xoxo

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  4. I think I’m pretty much following you everywhere. Hope you have a wonderful day and a Merry Christmas, if I miss out on your posts from here out. ❤️😊

  5. Thanks for the 12 Days, Julie. It was something to look forward to each day. I appreciate your efforts. You do a tremendous job of keeping our group connected.

  6. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year , be Safe , and Thank you for doing these 12days of Christmas Giveaways ❤️🎄☃️🎅

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  11. It’s been a super weird year, but the community you created has remained solid and has provided some normalcy for me. Wishing you and your family (including the animals) a very happy and healthy holiday season!

  12. Thank you so much for your generosity, these prizes are amazing! Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday 🎄❤️💚

  13. Hi! Thank you so much for your generosity & doing xmas! I’d love to win anyone of the prizes I entered for, thanks for the chance & have an amazing holiday! Xx 💋

  14. I want to say Thank You for giving me and all of your other readers a chance to win some amazing things. Even if I don’t win it was fun and I know the twelve people who do will be doing a Happy Dance. I finished reading Total Exposure and now I’m trying to decide whether to read Pleasure Panic or Pretty Nightmare. Oh decisions decisions!! I hope you have a wonderful day and Happy Holidays!!

  15. Thank you Julie…this 12 days of Christmas is incredibly generous. I wish you and your family the best of the holidays and a happy and prosperous New Year!

  16. Thank you for your time and generosity with all of these giveaways, and all throughout the year. Wishing you and your family the happiest of holiday seasons.

  17. Well this has been a blast! And I hope to win something but if not I still had a great time🥰 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours Julie!

  18. You do the best giveaways-I haven’t won one yet,but I’ll keep entering! I know the holidays are going to be a little different this year,but I hope you have a great Christmas & Happy New Year!

  19. Thank you for putting together the12 giveaway packages. I’ve looked forward to your prize announcement posts everyday! Happy holidays!

  20. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays, and every day in between! I am so grateful to have found your books and audiobooks all those years ago Julie. Much <3

  21. I would love the Tragic prize. Have a safe and Happy Holiday this year and hug everyone you love next summer! Flu shots available so get one if you haven’t and get the Covid-19 vaccine when it becomes available. Protect yourself for the ones who love you.

  22. Thank you for the opportunity and the daily fun! Congratulations to everyone who wins! Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year! Cheers!

  23. Hi again! Today I’m working (on a Saturday) administering the ACT to high school seniors (they’ll hopefully use these scores for college admissions). I hope your Saturday is amazing! Thank you for the opportunity to get any of these amazing gifts.

  24. Thank you for all you have done. Thinking about all this makes me tired. Lol. Wishing you and yours a safe and joyful holiday!

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  26. Thank you so much for the amazing giveaways!
    Good luck to all who’ve entered.
    And, Happy Holidays (no matter which holiday you celebrate), to All!
    <3 <3 <3

  27. Thank you for doing these giveaways. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!! Hopefully 2021 will be a better one!!🎄🎅🤶❤

  28. Wishing you and your family a safe, healthy Happy Holiday…
    Thank You for The 12 days giveaway…..fingers crossed….

  29. Here’s my silly 12 days to say Thank You to you for your wonderful 12 day giveaway!!
    On the 12th day of Xmas my author gave to me…
    12 books to bond with,
    11 lords a-lusting,
    10 ladies swooning,
    9 girls a-giggling,
    8 boys a-swaggering,
    7 maids a-blushing,
    6 abs a-rippling,
    4 pole dancers dancing,
    3 menages a trois,
    2 it takes to tango,
    And, my lover with me in my Xmas bed!!

    Hee-hee! Julie, Happy Holidays! – Emily

    1. Emily, I love your Christmas song its sooooo cool. Great idea! Darn why didn’t I think to do something like that, mehh lol. Happy Holidays 🎄🎅🎄🎅🎄🎅🎄🎅🎄🎅

  30. I wish you and your family a super duper Holiday and a fabulous 2021! Thank you for this 12 days giveaway but mostly thank you for letting us have access to these worlds you’ve created from this amazing mind of yours! I’m truly grateful and appreciative of everything you do ❤️ Wishing you all the best for the following year!

  31. I read today on Jonathan’s Instagram that things are progressing very well with The Company and that The Sexpert might be a movie. I’m very happy to hear this. I laughed and laughed all through that book and it had the best banter and I was always smiling at it. I’m rereading The Company right now (a hardback I got from you a few days ago). Wonder who will be cast as James aka Tet and of course Harper and Smurfette. I bet you have several ideas who would make these people come alive on screen. Thanks for a fanf***ingtastic 12 Days of Giveaways. You have changed many lives with your stories I know this because you have changed mine for the better. I wish everyone good luck in the chance to win something from the 12 Days of Giveaways…yayyy❣

  32. Merry Christmas to you too Julie! Thanks for this amazing giveaway and 12 days of great prizes! I hope you have a Happy New Year and that 2021 is better for all of us!💕

  33. Hey Julie,
    So I wanted to let you know that Bully King and Ruling Class are weirdly not available for download in Audible. They’re claiming some kind of error. I’m only bring it to your attention because I wasn’t sure if this was something you were already aware of (audiblegate) or the first you our being told. It just sucks because just bought The Bully King 2wks ago and finished it the other day, to now not hear Ruling Class.

    But, on a lighter note, I just wanted you to know you are still me favorite writer for when I take a peek into darkness soul. And 😈💋loving every moment.

    The Happiest of Holidays to you and your loved one.

  34. Hi, thank you much for doing this giveaway and everything else you do. Especially your writing. You are an amazing author, and I appreciate the escape more than you know. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. Thank you again.

  35. You are my favourite author I have had 2 tattoos done with Stirling shores one with books and your name’s and the red and blue roses I love reading your books it like the first time every time and getting a wild one tattoo next thanks for all your hard work x

  36. Hi Julie! Thanks for making the holidays a little more fun. It sure has been a rough year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  37. Thank you for the chance at these wonderful giveaways. Absolutely love all your books that I have read. Merry Christmas everyone!! 🎅🎄⛄🎅🎄⛄🎅🎄⛄🎅🎄⛄

  38. Fa la la la! Deck the halls and all that fun stuff. Thanks for making such an exciting 12 days giveaway treat for us all. Love your ALL stories. I hope your staying warm and enjoying your Christmas. Hugs to you always!!

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