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This 2500+ page set contains the USA Today Bestselling Series and spinoffs Taking Turns, Turning Back, His Turn, Total Exposure, The Pleasure of Panic, The Boyfriend Experience, and Play Dirty. More than 100,000 copies sold worldwide.

TAKING TURNS – When her friend wants out of an arrangement she has with the owners of the exclusive invitation-only Turning Point Club, Chella is only too happy to take her place. Her time with them was supposed to be temporary. Just a little trip into the dark. A teeny-tiny peek into the forbidden. She never expected to like them. And she certainly never expected to fall in love.

TURNING BACK – Rochelle left Turning Point Club behind last year. She made a new life and moved on. But when Bric shows up asking if she’d like to play again, she can’t resist. What she had with them could’ve been so much more. It would’ve been so much better if she didn’t let it get so… personal. But now she’s got her priorities straight. She doesn’t need them. They need her. And this time, she’s playing for pleasure.

HIS TURN – Bric’s friends are settling down. That game is over but no one said he couldn’t play another one with new people. Jordan Wells is a lot like Bric—demanding, stubborn, and dominant. And he’s got a third player for them—but she’s just like Bric too. Three alphas vying for control of the game? It’s ridiculous. But it sure won’t be boring.

TOTAL EXPOSURE – When her therapist suggests the unconventional treatment of total exposure to cure Evangeline’s fear of being watched, she is scared to death. But the anonymous stranger on the other side of the cameras isn’t playing by the rules. He leaves her commanding notes, demanding she obey—and suddenly Evangeline finds herself craving his attention.

THE PLEASURE OF PANIC – Issy has no interest in other people’s games. She’s a player, for sure. A good one too. But she is control one-hundred percent of the time no matter what. Until her best friend, Chella, gifts her a game from Jordan Wells she never asked to play. Suddenly her whole life is turned upside down and… it’s not terrible. Because there’s a hot bodyguard playing along with her.

THE BOYFRIEND EXPERIENCE – Oaklee needs a boyfriend like… yesterday. And Jordan Wells is the game master, so she hits him up for a fake boyfriend game. Unfortunately for Oaklee, her reputation precedes her and Lawton Ayres the only guy left in town willing to put up with her over-the-top antics. He’s a billionaire, he’s well-dressed, well spoken, smart, kind… and well, he’s sorta perfect. But she’s not buying the boyfriend for herself, she needs Lawton to ruin her arch enemy. This is probably not going to turn out the way she imagined…

PLAY DIRTY – Jordan is tired of the games. He doesn’t want to do it anymore. He wants the love he lost years ago. And when she shows up looking to try again, for a moment he thinks it might work out. But it was never just the two of them. It was always three. And suddenly Jordan finds himself playing a whole new game. One he didn’t set up. One he’s not in control of. One that will change his life forever.



1. Signed Taking Turns Paperback

2. Bath & Body Works Magnolia Charm Body Spray

3. Bath & Body Works Magnolia Charm Shower Gel

4. Bath & Body Works Magnolia Charm Lotion

5. Taking Turns Candle Tin

6. Taking Turns Wooden Wick Candle

7. $20 Gift Card

8. Nordic Pine Soap

9. Gift Bags

I feel like I didn’t get a good view of my new wooden wick candle in this gift set pic so I wanted to add another one so you can see it better. I really like these. I made a few of them that will be up for sale (eventually! lol) and I really like them. They have obsidian stars and moons, snowflake obsidian tumbles, and tiny red rose buds. They are a good New Year candle because all this stuff represents balance and new beginnings. 




ALL seven of these books are in one big box set which is FREE in Kindle Unlimited and TWO of the books in the box set are in the AUDIBLE PLUS CATALOG so they are FREE if you have a monthly subscription.

The two free ones are:

Total Exposure

Pleasure of Panic 





(2) Comment below and tell me what was the best gift you ever received OR the best give you ever gave.


I’m really excited about the gift I’m giving my mother this year. I bought her a CD player that looks like an old-time radio. And then I got her a bunch of CD’s that have old-time radio shows on them. I think she’s going to like this so I can’t wait for Christmas morning. 🙂


And don’t forget to check this blog on the 14th for the complete list of winners!


ABSOLUTELY FREE! I’m NOT collecting emails for any of these freebies. You will not be put on some random newsletter list. It’s just FREE! So you can start Taking Turns as a gift from me and see if you like it. If you do like it, and want more, good news! There are SIX MORE BOOKS in a huge box set that you can read after you’re done! That box set is free in KU and there’s a link for it at the end of the book. 




You might not be aware of this but before I wrote fiction I wrote non-fiction science and history books for homeschool families. I have hundreds of these so I figured I’d give ya’ll a Kid Freebie too! This is 66 pages of WINTER CONSTELLATIONS! It’s got a craft project, all the text and pictures they need, worksheets, a final test, and a parent guide! ENJOY! (This is for grades 2-5 but ANYONE can learn this stuff- no matter how old you are!) 

P.S. I wrote this back in 2011 so don’t judge me! haha.

This is a PDF file so you can download to anything. You don’t need an ereader. And you can print it out too.




MOST of my audiobooks are done through my publisher. So there is NO WAY for me to make them FREE. But I do have a few that I did myself and are wide (not exclusive to Audible) that I CAN put up for FREE. And the FIRST THREE ROOK & RONIN audiobooks are on that short list! 

So I’ve made them FREE. BUT – there IS a catch. Isn’t there always? There is no way to make an audiobook free on Audible. We have NO CONTROL over pricing. But there is another way to do this through Author’s Direct. 

Author’s Direct is a storefront where I get total control over my audiobook pricing, which is good news for you! It’s SUPER EASY to download these books to the Author’s Direct app and start listening right away. And it’s 100% FREE.

Not all my books on there are free, just these three. BUT LOOK AT HOW EASY IT IS – THIS GRAPHICS SHOWS THE STEPS!


If you have questions about Author’s Direct, here’s a handy FAQ Page for you to check out!





P.S. – I will also be putting up THE BRAND NEW, AND ABSOLUTELY FREE, Audiobook of the very last Rook & Ronin book, HAPPILY EVER AFTER, to this same place. So downloading these first freebies is good practice for that!



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Stay calm, stay safe, and let’s have a great 2022!

WINNERS FOR ALL GIVEAWAYS will be chosen on December 14 and announced on FB, IG, my fan group, my blog, and my newsletter. All gifts will be mailed on December 15th with priority mail, so hopefully you get them before the big day. ALL MY GIVEAWAYS ARE ALWAYS OPEN INTERNATIONAL.

627 Replies to “12 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS – DAY 12 – TAKING TURNS”

  1. I think by far the best gift I have given is a pair of slippers to my mom this year. She can’t wear regular shoes thanks to a bone spur she is in the process of slowly having removed. In the meantime it’s just slippers.

    1. The best gift I ever received was a new car in 2013. My husband parked it at the end of our driveway so it blocked it. I went out to get in my car to go to my family’s for Christmas and here was this car blocking our driveway. I just couldn’t believe someone would do that. I turned around to ask my husband what we were to do and he had a huge smile on his face and the keys dangling from his finger!!!

    2. The best gift I ever received was the first one my son went out and chose on his own – my cousin took him shopping and he was apparently very thoughtful and careful about his purchase – a wallet – which he realized I needed and I still use, years later. But what made it truly special was his effort

    3. I know this is silly, but my favorite gift I have ever received was The Barbie Dream house when I was a little girl. My parents didn’t have a lot of money and every year I was told that I had to understand that Santa can not get all the gifts that children want, but he does the best he can. When I opened that box I must have danced around our living room for hours because I was so happy!!!!

    4. The best I have ever given was these rescue bots for my kids for Christmas one year. They enjoyed them sooooooo much, and still talk about it to this day; which it’s been about 6-8 years since they got them.

    5. The best gift I have ever got was money to help me with bills. For me this was a selfless gift, and it helped me sooo much!!!

    6. I gave my Grandma a clothes rack to keep her clothes on the first floor of her house when she stopped doing stairs. It was a big help.

    7. The best gift I ever gave was after my dad passed away I bought my mom a I home. She talks to that thing all the time and gets it to play music and asks it about the weather or anything else she can think of. It makes her feel like she is not alone.

    8. I think I will say it’s the gift I gave my mom this year and I gave it to her already. My mom was recently diagnosis with breast cancer and I found a beautiful ornament that i just had to give it to her to have on her tree to try and help her have some holiday cheer.

    9. When I was a kid, my mom gave me a hand crank sewing machine in a carrying case. It looked like my mom’s treadle Singer machine.

    10. Best gift I ever gave was a mother’s ring for my mom when I was 17. The happiness on her face will always be a favorite memory. The best gift I’ve ever received was her giving it back to me when she passed away.

    11. The best thing I remember getting was when I was a teenager and I got a waterbed Oh how I loved that thing. We moved like 10 years later and we didn’t move it because it had a leak. I tried the bed with the tubes but it wasn’t the same. I alway love to give people books I think they will love.

    1. The best gift I ever received… was an engagement ring after knowing him for less than 3 months. 12+ years of marriage and still going strong!

  2. My son was almost kinda a late birthday present but was two weeks early and has my heart. He will always be my favorite and BEST present

  3. The best gift I was ever given was a car! My grandpa bought me a car for Christmas when I was 16 years old. It was a total surprise I wasn’t expecting it at all. Thanks for the opportunity! Happy Holidays!!

  4. My favorite gift was my purple Schwinn banana seat bike when I was 10. It was beautiful! But now I truly love giving presents more. We got our older son a 3D printer this year and I can’t wait to see his reaction.
    God bless
    Cheers and thank you!!

    1. The best gift that I ever gave was to my daughter and getting her a play kitchen set. Even receiving it at 1.5 years old, she was so thankful and she plays with it every day still. Never fails to make her/us smile.

    1. The first Christmas my husband and I were together, some 28 years ago. He bought me this windmill powered by candles that has a Manger scene. I still have it and put it out every year, except this one. My 2 youngest grands do not know how to leave my stuff alone and I don’t want it broken.

  5. The best gift i recieved was a locket my daughter gave me the first year she was in college. She put a photo of us from our trip to Disneyland when we stopped on the way to drop her off at college.

  6. The best gift I’ve ever got was homemade ornaments from my kids and the best I’ve given was to my mama, it was a memorial stone for my grandma who passed last year

  7. The best gift I ever got was a 72 Hour emergency back pack ( for two), this came in handy the following winter during a week long power outage, the supplies helped me get by until our electricity was restored.

  8. The best gift I ever got was one I DIDN’T want. Christmas of 2013 I opened up a box to find a used Nikon camera. It was gifted by DH so I would stop whining that he was taking too long while photographing animals at the zoo. The next week it was a fluke nice day and after some tutorial we headed to the zoo. To my utter surprise I took to it and enjoyed myself. Soon after, I started going out in nature and now, 8 years later, I’m a pretty decent wildlife photographer in our area <3 You never know when that gift you inwardly go "What the F&*k??? I don't want this!" will end up being your favorite gift ever.

  9. The best gift I have ever given was to a friend of mine who had had really tough and sad few years. I bought us two tickets to see Queen and Adam Lambert in London with flights and the hotel. I do not regret a single penny I spent on that trip because we had a blast and she really needed and deserved the wonderful weekend break.

  10. Best given: Laptop. The year my mom lost her dad we got her a laptop. She never puts herself first. That year she gave up so much, and it was never because someone asked her to, it was because that’s what she does, puts her stuff on the back burner. Her laptop had died much earlier in the year (I personally believe my kids killed it, but she says it was her fault.) So the day of his funeral I had to go to Walmart to get socks, because that’s how well the day was going, and I roamed the store for a bit, because I knew once I had. socks we would be saying goodbye to him for the last time, and I saw the laptop and decided this would be how I want to remember this day. Not all the sad, and all the goodbyes, but that’s what Grandpa would do, he impulsively made your dreams come true, so it seemed appropriate to do it for her.

  11. The best gift I gave…it’s gonna seem silly..but… I bought my adult son a grilled cheese maker. He loves that thing and was so excited when he opened it. It’s the little things for me 💜

  12. So when me and the hubby first got together he always had wanted a Harley and we kept going into the local Harley shop and we kept seeing these custom paint tank & fender set that we loved and wanted to see on a bike. So little while later my grandma passed and I got an inheritance and we went to the Harley shop and the night before they put those tank & fenders on a 1999 soft tail so I bought for my husband we still have her to this day but now I ride her!!!

  13. The BEST gift I EVER received was on my birthday in April. My 1st child and only son was born that same day! He is now 26 years old and still a mama’s boy. And we still celebrate our birthdays together.

    1. I think the best gift i ever gave someone was last year when i had my nephew paint a picture for my husband which i said had to include a polar bear, a light house and the northern lights. He definitely delivered. Its a masterpiece.

  14. I’ve give my daughter gifts of experience. Each year I buy tickets for concerts, Broadway plays, etc and we go on adventures together throughout the year. I want to build a collection of memories with her that will last a lifetime.

  15. The best gift I have given was for my stepmom the Christmas after my brother passed away. My sister and I made this huge collage and other things of his for her. We were all grieving, but to see her face light up was something I will never forget 💖 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!!!

  16. The best gift I ever received was driving from Washington state to Canada to see my family and getting a flat tire in the middle of a snow storm no cell service nothing … random tow truck stopped and then the tow truck driver replaced it with a full tire not my tube spare and didn’t charge me !!! I tried to find the driver on my way back down and couldn’t find him … makes me believe in Christmas miracles to this day 🎄

  17. The best gift I’ve ever given was a gift to my husband last year – his favorite dog had died a couple years ago and one of my girls teachers does paintings of pets from photographs – so she took one of our pictures and did a great little painting of Peter Pan (that’s what I get for letting the 4 year old name him). Made my husband cry but it was the most memorable present he’s ever received.

    1. The best gift I ever got is one I haven’t received yet. On November 29th my Dad passed away. The funeral home he was cremated through took a scan of his thumbprint and there’s a company that makes custom jewelry with the prints. My Mom ordered me a necklace with his print on it for Christmas. As everyone has their own unique prints it is something of his that I will treasure until the day I die.

  18. My mom made a whole set of James Bond tapes for me, before you could buy them. She figured out how to transfer from videodisc to VHS. Way, way back in the day!

  19. Julie, I feel as though you reach my feelings deeper than my psychiatrist. Thank you. I should send you the copay.
    This year I sent my bestie a framed photo of us with our significant others from Vegas over Thanksgiving. We are 1700 miles apart and in everyday life we are distracted. I like to send her reminders she is always in my heart.

  20. The best gift I ever gave was taking my mom to Hawaii. She was 85 and had never flown. It was so much fun. As it turned out that trip was the best gift I’ve ever received.

  21. I dont think I have a favorite or best gift story. I’ve had plenty of great presents but nothing that really stands out as a best gift. I dont know if I’ve given anyone their favorite gift. I’m more about the ppl and food, those are the things I enjoy about the holidays.

  22. My mum bought me and my sister matching Pandora bracelets.. we add to them each year. It’s my most prized possession. 💕

  23. Best gift that I ever received was when I was maybe 4 years old. It was a white polar bear from my uncle. I still have it to this day and my daughter sleeps with it now.
    Best gift I gave was for father’s day after my wedding, I had a frame made And found the best picture of my dad and I dancing together and gave to him. He cried all over again.

  24. The best gift I ever recieved was my promise ring from my hubby I wear it every day even tho it’s now missing a couple of diamonds my other favorite gifts are ones my kids make/give me

  25. Best gift was this year for my son’s 18th birthday. I got him tickets to an NFL game where he could watch his team play ( NY Giants).

  26. My best gifts ever were concert tickets. I love going to concerts, aside from reading, live music rejuvenates my soul. I’ve gotten lots of concert tickets for the holidays and it always makes me super excited ❤️

    1. The best gift that I gave was to my husband, it was a record player that could be plugged in to his computer so he could play his records & put his 78’s on the CDs & the best gift I have received would be my new workbench.

  27. The best gift I was ever given were round trip plane tickets to see my family at Christmas. My aunt set up the trip because my mom had mentioned I was terribly homesick. I hadn’t been home in 3 years at that point. I am extremely grateful as my aunt passed suddenly early the following year. I miss her so much but I am so grateful I got to spend time with her and my family that year. ❤

  28. A couple years ago my parents bought me a chibbles and chuckles. I had these toys years ago when i was young and i would playfully give them a hard time because they took them away because i would play with them instead of going to bed. I was so thrilled when i opened my package that year.

    1. The best gift I ever gave was to my only son. The year he graduated college, I made him a combined scrapbook/photo album from birth to college graduation. He loved it!

  29. The best gift I ever gave was to my mum. It was decades ago, and it was the first Christmas after graduation from uni, and I’d been in my first adult job for 4 months. I bought her a beautiful coffee table book about pearls, and a really fancy make up collection. It was the first time I had proper money to spend, and she couldn’t get over it. She was so thrilled, and said it was the sort of stuff she wouldn’t buy for herself, but loved being given.
    The best gift I ever saw given was to my nephew when he was 2 1/2. It was a Brio wooden train set, loads of bits, and the box was bigger than he was. He was literally shaking and squealing with excitement as soon as the paper came off.

    Good memories!

    Thank you again for another awesome chance ❤️

  30. The best gift I ever got was my plastic mixing bowls from my kids one year! They picked them out on their own and they are my absolute favorite because they are so light and easy to use. I think the best gift I ever gave was a trip to Disney to the kids one year they were absolutely surprised and we left the day after Christmas.

  31. The best gift I ever received was a replacement wedding ring from my husband. We got married when we were totally broke so it was cheaper ring and 5 years in to our marriage it broke. But he saved and made payments on one for over a year and bought me a new one❤

  32. The best gift I ever received was my daughter Noelle who came 9 days before Christmas. After trying for almost 3 years- she is by far the best present ever!

  33. My favorite Christmas gift is a small diamond cross necklace that my wonderful Mother gave me. It was the last Christmas gift from her as she passed away the following March. I wear it everyday.

  34. 22 years ago my husband asked me to marry him on Christmas Day. Seriously still gives me all the feels when I think about that day!

  35. Happy Holidays everyone! Anything anyone has ever given me as a gift is a blessing. But I will say, the most impactful, feeling I ever have, is helping purchase gifts for The Salvation Army Angel tags each December. These are children that are asking for a coat, boots, a book, and maybe a toy. These are needs, not even wants. I do this every year as a way to pay it forward, because after my Dad passed away when I was 5, my Mom needed help and the Salvation Army stepped up and helped my Mom with coats and boots and books and toys for us kids, as well as a holiday meal. I will never forget that feeling and seeing my Mom trying to hide the tears. I will be forever grateful and will always pay it forward every year. 🙏🏻❤️

  36. One year our family was going to our timeshare. It happened to be during my sister’s birthday. I called ahead of time to ask the staff to set up our unit for a surprise birthday party. They had decorations, balloons and a cake. That was my best surprise gift. This year I bought my sister (who is also my Bestie) a plug and play Hot tub. She does so much for me and deserves it and more. I couldn’t wait to give it to her so we set it up and surprised her with an early Christmas gift. I love her so much. She’s been in it everyday and it was the best thing I could have ever given her. 💕 Thank you for the chance.

  37. Best gift I have was tickets to Ireland for my dad and I to go. He had been with my mom. Her wish was to have some of her ashes scattered there. I had been working on my ancestry for years and found where my dad and mom’s side was from. So it was a beautiful trip.

  38. Best gift I ever received was my engagement ring – a sapphire. And the best gift I ever gave was a cruise to Hawaii for my husband, myself & our best friends.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  39. My friend Jennifer Kerfien sent me a signed copy paperback by Marie Force. It was so unexpected and I loved she thought of me. She knows how much i love signed books.

  40. Happy Sunday! My favorite or most memorable gift I ever received was when I was 6..maybe 7. Strawberry Shortcake was huge then and I really wanted the dollhouse. Santa left it for me under the tree and I still to this day can remember how excited I was and the smell from the dollhouse cause of course everything that had to do with Strawberry Shortcake smelled amazing.

    The best gift I ever gave was a few years ago. My husband has two brothers and all three of them are kind of spread out so their parents only get to see them a few times a year. Through a lot of emails and texts I got the guys to redo pictures from when they were kids and made a book of then and now. Her face was priceless. One of the best moments ever.

    Have a great week and thanks for the chance! 💜

  41. The gifts I have appreciated most were homemade things from people, you know a person cares about you when they spend their time, money and effort making something just for you. Last year I received a beautiful scenic cross-stitch scenic picture for example. The best gifts I have given were also of myself, like working toy drives for needy children. My favorite part of the year right there.

    1. The gift I’m most excited about giving this year is for my mother. My mother was born and raised in Santa Cruz California. She moved away about 34 yrs ago when I was a little girl. So I thought I’d get her a little piece of the ocean from where she grew up. I got her a wind chime made by a local artist made with driftwood and seashells from the local beaches. I’m hoping she loves it.

  42. My boss would say the best gift I ever gave him was a small digital camera years ago that he still uses. My favorite gifts I’ve given have been home made scrapbooks that all they needed to do was add photos and journalling

  43. The best gift I ever received was a high school graduation ring. My late husband knew I never got one because my parents couldn’t afford one. It was such a touching gift that made me cry. Now that he’s gone it means even more to me.

  44. The best gift I was ever given was when I was 10. We didn’t have much money. Our tree was tinsel hung in the wall in the shape of a tree so presents weren’t really gonna be a thing. My mom went to the thrift store and had found an old beat up jewelry box. She fully sanded it down, cleaned it up, and even added some decals that she cut it off a wallpaper sample book. It was beautiful and perfect!!! I still have it 26 years later!!!

  45. When I was much younger, I asked for a Cabbage Patch Doll. My parents said we couldn’t afford one and told me to pick something else. For three years I asked for a Cabbage Patch Doll, turns out the third time was the charm because I was finally gifted one. I was a little old for dolls at that point but it became somewhat of a treasure to me because I had waited so long.

  46. If your mother grew up listening to radio shows, she’ll be thrilled!
    My best gift received was from my late husband: a pinch bud vase with a single rose bud in it…so beautifully delicate.
    Your candles are fabulous!

  47. The best present I ever got was a statue of Selket, the Egyptian scorpian goddess of magic. That’s when I knew he really listened.

  48. Thanks for the gifts, they are totally awesome and I can’t wait to get started! My favorite gift is a unicorn snow globe music box that plays “Winter Wonderland”! I’m a single mom and I had worked very hard to get us our own Mobile Home. Every time my daughter and I was in my car, I was teaching her the words to the Winter Wonderland song, she has the most amazing voice (she’s won awards in Choir). Anyway that year right before Christmas, I finally managed to get our new home, she was so excited to get her own room! With moving in and all I didn’t have a lot of money left for presents, but of course I managed to get her a few, but to me my gift was her joy at having our new home. My mom, helped her get me the snow globe, which was not only special because I had been teaching her the words, but because it was her choice, she did the shopping! She laughs at me now when I try to get her to sing, but then she works all the time and my granddaughter inherited her voice but has no interest in singing Christmas songs! Have a wonderful holiday season!

  49. Thank you for book I think my grandson will really like it. He’s into that right now.
    My favorite present will have to be the Waverunner my husband got for me our second Christmas together so 28 ago..ouch. he gives great presents but that one was a shock, he had his best friend drive his Truck up to our living room window and it was in the back with a giant bow on it..yep that was a good one 😊❤️

  50. On December 24th, 2004, I got engaged. Best gift ever, hands down. I wasn’t expecting that but I had asked for a birthstone ring and when I saw the packaging I thought “wow, this is super nice from Target” we got married in April 2005, have 1 daughter who is 13 and are just as happy as ever!!

  51. The best gift i ever got was my mental health service dog at age 13. 2 years ago i had to put him to rest after almost 12 years together. I miss him so much and my heart still hurts

  52. The best gift I ever received was when my son who was stationed in Washington state brought his family and newborn daughter home for Christmas to visit and then broke the news… they were moving back home for good in the next few months!

  53. Confession: I love giving gifts, but I struggle with receiving them. One of the best gifts I’ve given so far was last year. My son had been dreaming of a drum set. And I’m a deal hunter so I’m always planning ahead and hunting for the best deals on things. Last year I was able to get him a starter drum kit. He actually teared up and was just stunned when he saw the drum kit with a big bow on it.

  54. You didn’t specify Christmas or physical item, so the best gift I ever gave both my parents and myself was throwing them a Surprise 50th Anniversary Party including a professional photographer to take pictures of the 4 generations that came from far and near to be there…my 3 brothers and their children and their children’s children…a total of 27 of us!! 🥰

  55. Hmm, that’s a hard one. This year I got my husband a cover for the bed of his pickup truck. It will come in handy for all the baseball and soccer tournaments we go to.

  56. The best gift I gave was a boxful of cool Batman merchandise since the person is obsessed with Batman. I was the best girlfriend for the whole next year.

  57. Best gift I ever got was my Toby Keith concert tickets in 2019 and got to finally go in 2021. It was the best concert ever and he is a dang good performer.

  58. The best gift I received was the 23 and me DNA kit I got for Christmas a few years back. It was fascinating to find out my heritage. The best one I’ve given was a weekend getaway for my mom and step dad.

  59. I don’t know if it’s the best but it was funny..when my niece was small she loved the group black eyed peas..so she asked Santa for Blackeyed peas for Christmas, she didn’t specify the music so we got her a can of black eyed peas ..her face when she opened them was priceless..

  60. When I had my first child, who arrived a little ahead of her Christmas Day due date, my grandpa gave me a child’s rocking chair that had been my grandma’s when she was a little girl. He said that shortly before she died she made him promise to save it for my first child, and he worried he wouldn’t live long enough to fulfill the promise.

  61. The best gift I have given will be this Christmas. We were finally able to go to Kauai post Covid with my parents and my sister’s family. It was my Dad’s last trip as he is 89 and his health makes it hard to travel. I put together a photo album of all of the pictures from our vacation. I can’t wait to give it to my Mom!

  62. The best gift I received was a stuffed dinosaur when I was 3. My Granny made him and I still have him 35 years later. He started my obsession with dinosaurs! I have him tattooed on me and have passed my love of dinosaurs on to my nephew and nieces. It’s become a tradition that I give them dinosaur presents for birthdays and Christmas 🙂

  63. The best gift I ever received was when my grandma passed & my mom gave myself & my siblings each something special of hers for a few Christmases ❤

  64. My favorite gift that I gave was my mom’s handwritten meatball recipe that I reproduced on my circuit machine and gifted my brother. It is extra special because now we both have a copy in her handwriting!

  65. The best gift I was ever given was my wedding ring and engagement ring again. After giving birth to my last son I could not get my rings back on my fingers. I had taken them to the jewelers to have them resized. We tried for almost two years to pay to go pick them up. We didn’t have much money with trying to raise three boys. The jewelers called telling us if we didn’t come pay for them they were getting rid of them. I understand after them holding them for two years. I thought I was going to have to give them up. That Christmas sitting in front of my boys and my parents, my husband handed my one last gift. It was like him asking me all over again to marry him. I was a blubbering mess. My engagement ring is not big or expensive but it means so much to me. My mother in law didn’t have much in her life, a small low income apartment and a tv. But her mother sent her money for Christmas and she gave it to my husband to buy an engagement ring. She passed away two weeks after Christmas (two days after my husband’s birthday). All she wanted was for us to be married and a family. To love each other. It was the last gift from her to both of us. I was eternally grateful to get it back

  66. The best gift I ever recieved was a frog water fountain from my son. It was the first gift he bought me as an adult and actually put some thought into it lol

  67. I feel that the best gift I have given was glass blown hearts made with the ashes of my grandfather within. I saw an ad in an airline magazine for them (before his passing) and thought what an amazing gift of remembrance. I had five made: for my mom and aunt, myself and my two sisters. It still makes my eye leak thinking about how much they were all received.

  68. One of the best gifts I did was for my mom. One year she always wanted a picture wall so I did everything for one. I did all the pictures to finding all the frames for them. When I put it all together and wrapped it all I was amazed I did that. She Loved it so much! Happy Holidays too you and Thank you for all your great giveaways!

  69. The best gift I ever received was my dog – I was about 10. She was an Old English Sheepdog puppy & this big ball of fluff came running out from behind the Christmas tree on Christmas morning

  70. I remember a particularly really rough year in my early 20s. I wasn’t home, using credit cards, and just trying to get buy. My family knew I was struggling but I refused their help. My mom and sister each picked a large bill that I owed and paid it off. They gave me envelopes with the pay offs. I cried.

  71. I know some people do not like Disney movies but I have always loved them, snow white, cinderella, alice in wonderland, sword and the stone…..all of them 🙂 I have always loved fantasy stories 🙂
    All growing up my parents never made alot of money so christmas was always fun and good but we never got anything “big”. When I was out of the house and around 22 years old my parents were more finacially stable they bought me like 10 vhs disney movies and my little sister bought me an alice in wonderland tea pot set. My absolute best christmas and my most favorite presents 🙂

  72. I think my favorite was a sign I had made for my husband. He works a very demanding job and his peace is getting on his bike in the summers. I found him a shirt with the saying “ Sometimes it takes a crooked road to get your head in straight” .. last Christmas I had it made into a metal black sign and his motorbike is carved into it. He had no idea and now it hangs where he sees it every day. Best smile ever. 🎄

  73. The best gift I ever received was my first car, granted it was ol only had AM radio but it got me arond. It was awesome.

  74. Aside from my beautiful children, the best gift to ever receive was a trip to France when I was 17 years old. It was a great summer!

  75. In a previous comment regarding holiday traditions I mentioned that my family gets together the Sunday before Christmas at a small school house. That tradition has been going since I was a little girl. The year that I was 5 I had broken my hip and was in a cast from my chest down my right leg. Needless to say that put a damper on a few things at that age. Instead of skipping the family party that year my parents made sure I still participated. I laid in the backseat of the car for the trip and laid on a cot for the festivities. It was the best present anyone could have given me.

  76. My best gift I received was a digital camera! I love taking pictures and this camera had all the bells and whistles! Still have it 30yrs later. Thanks Julie for 12 Days of fun.

  77. The best, or at least my favorite, gift I received when I was a kid was the Charlie’s Angels dolls, van, and the hideaway house. I was obsessed with the show back then and still watch the reruns when they air to this day.

  78. I think my favorite gift that I have ever given was a surprise visit of my sisters daughter and her new baby. The look on her face!
    My favorite gift received was probably the China I had wanted for years to complete my set. I love it! Hubby did good!

  79. Best give I ever got was a puppy. This was many years ago, but it was and always will be the best gift I ever got. Miss her and think of her every day.

  80. The candle is amazing!! As a rock collector I love the obsidian star and the tumbled snowflake obsidian celestial bodies. Taking Turns is such a memorable story, I absolutely love it! I know that this sounds sappy but I have to say my husband is my best Christmas present every year. His birthday is Christmas Day so he’s the gift that keeps on giving (we’ve been married for 50 years). The best present I ever gave was to my bestie. She had a major cancer surgery five years ago and I wanted to give her something to look forward to during her recovery. I bought tickets for us to fly to Florida in February and rented a condo for us a week (we live in Michigan so heading to a warm, sunny place was good for her recovery).
    Thank you for this incredible giveaway, Julie. The prize packages are fabulous!! It was a fun 12 days of revisiting the books I’ve read and reading about the ones I haven’t yet listened to. I love the audio clips. I also love that you share your responses to your questions so we get to know you better. Win or not, it’s been a blast! I wish you and your family the happiest holiday season ever. Enjoy your traditions. I’ll be making your potato soup for New Years Day. Love, good health, and peace for 2022. 🎄🥰☮️❤️

  81. I think the best gift I’ve got was a book set that I wanted fir a long time and a new bookcase since my old one was running out of space.
    Thank you for the chance and happy holidays.

  82. The best gifts were my children. My daughter s 20 days before Christmas, my son is five days after. I’ve always considered them as the best Christmas gifts. 🎄💗😂

  83. The best gift I ever got was a locket from my dad with a picture of both of us in it. He passed away a month before Christmas when I was 6 yrs old. He had picked it out for me knowing he most likely wouldn’t be there to give it to me himself.

  84. My mom was a divorced women raising four kids in the 70s and Christmas was always incredible. I asked her years later how she did it. She said she started layaway in January! But the gift that instantly came to mind was the year she gave my lasik surgery. I cried!! She has been gone now since 2009, but created holiday traditions that are important to my adult children today.
    Thanks Julie. This has been fun. And I’m sure lots of work for you. I had my Christmas party last night and one of my friends opened her bitches mug!!

  85. The best gift I have received happened last year (of all years). Hubby and I, for 35 years, had “holiday hell” as we called it – starting on Christmas Eve and into Christmas night, we would have to go from in-laws and out-laws homes to eat and exchange gifts with all of the extended family, both his and mine. It was always absolutely exhausting every year. We don’t have kids so everyone always thought we could just run here and there, no problem. We reached the point of dreading the holidays. Last year, by some freak of nature here in the South, we started getting snowfall around noon on Christmas Eve and by 5:00 pm we had almost 8″ on the ground. Christmas Eve plans were cancelled, and because of road conditions, Christmas Day plans were also cancelled! (Hey, here in the South, unexpected snow is a major event!). Hubby and I got the gift of spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with each other…just us and the cat…for the first time in 35 years! BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!

  86. The best gift I received was yarn and crochet hooks from my mom, who then taught me how to crochet. It was so special and something I will treasure forever!!

  87. The best gift I ever gave was when I was still a single Mom, I was able to give my 2 girls a trip to Walt Disney World. It was a gift to them and to myself with them!! We had such a great time. And I felt such a great sense of accomplishment that I was able to do that with them and have those memories with just me and my girls!! The three musketeers! Loved that!

  88. Since my husband’s birthday is 6 days before Christmas, he’ll say that the best gift I’ve ever given were tickets to see Trans Siberian Orchestra. I got excellent seats. We went and it was FABULOUS.

  89. When I graduated from college, my mom and stepdad went in with my dad and stepmom and got me a trip to be part of a dinosaur dig. That was my best gift ever! The best Christmas gift I ever got was a painting my youngest sister did of the first dog I owned.

  90. My best Christmas gift would have to be when my son and daughter in law announced at our Christmas get together that we were going to be grandparents.

  91. The best gift, was December 23, 1968 … we were approved to adopt our son, left the court house and headed to the hospital to bring him home (he was 4 days old).. he has been a wonderful son and the light of our lives all of these years!

  92. Best gift I’ve received was a few years ago my sisters got me a few things unexpectedly. It wasn’t what they got but the thought to get me something at all. We don’t exchange gifts among the adults but they knew I would be the only one not opening anything and even though it didn’t bother me they cared!

  93. The best gift I received was from my oldest daughter. She bought me a ring with “love you to the moon and back” and had it engraved inside! Absolutely love it!

  94. The best gift I ever received was one I never knew I needed. My husband put a little, red Swiss Army knife in my stocking one year. Best. Gift. Ever.

  95. The best gift I gave was to my husband and he still loves it. I was able to find two different paintings that i saved for of his favorite artist Royo and went and had them professionally framed at the frame store and he was so happy. He never thought I would get him a present that big that took me a long time to save for….

  96. The best gift I ever received was last year for my 40th birthday/christmas present was my man built me a library off our bedroom! It’s gorgeous 😍

  97. I absolutely love the CD player. You mom is going to appreciate it so much. I’m sure it will remind her of lots of happy memories and after all isn’t that what family is. Lots of happy memories to remember and to make. I hope you have an extraordinary Christmas. Merry HoHo !

  98. Hi! The best gift that I received as a child from my parents was an ET big wheel bike in the 80’s. Thank you for the 12 days of giveaways and the chances to win! Merry Christmas!

  99. The best gift I ever received was a sea turtle necklace that belonged to my beautiful niece who past away. It was one of her favorite possessions and her brother gifted it to me. The best gift I gave was to the same niece and it was a lighted Hula hoop, she loved to hula hoop and when she traveled for work she would take that hoop and hula in different states.

  100. I would have to say since it was so unexpected the best gift ever was my daughter saying she wanted me there when my grand daughter was born. She had insisted no one was going to be in the room and at the last minute she was all I want my mom. That was an experience I will forever be grateful for.

  101. The best gift I ever received was a Cabbage Patch doll when I was little. My grandma had just had foot surgery and couldn’t go into the store (with the massive shopping mob) to grab two (one for my brother and one for me). She handed a complete stranger $100 to buy the two dolls on faith – and the woman kept true to her word.

  102. Thank you so much Julie…you’re always so generous with your gifts…I downloaded those three audiobooks, thank you.
    The best gift I’ve ever received is the gift of time…now that they’re older and have their own lives I love it when my daughters make a special effort to ask me to lunch or go to a special event with them and the grandkids…I love spending quality time with them.

  103. The best gift I have given was a picture photo with my siblings names and grandchildren to my father in the Alzheimer’s ward of the Veterans home. He loved being able to point out his kids and grandkids to his visitors.

  104. The best present I received was from my husband and 3 year old daughter at Christmas the year my mom passed away. He gave me a diamond necklace that had three diamonds (past, present and future) and it was pretty but then he gave me a gift “from my daughter” (remember she’s 3) it was a necklace with a heart locket that had my daughter’s picture in it. I don’t know if it was because I just lost my mom or what but I just started crying. That heart locket is my favorite necklace and I’ll always remember that Christmas.

  105. The best gift I got was when I was young I got a Schwinn 10 speed bike, everyone was still opening presents and so far all I got under the tree were socks underwear and mittens, I thought that was it for me and got upset my parents had hid my bike outside and gave it to me later. I’m in my fifty’s now and still have that bike

  106. Best gift I ever recieved had been 5 years ago when my mom was ready to get another cat. She gave me a box of stuff with a theme of soft and hints to a cat. There were soft slippers, soft scarf, soft gloves and then a little sign that said in adog person. She took a marker crossed off dig and wrote cat. It was hard to see, but we still laugh at it today. We went the day after Christmas and found a cat, she was about 5 years old (maybe more) and a very shy, scaried cat. We tried to love her as much as she let us and even got a another cat 6 months later so she’s have a friend. During this pandemic, she came out more and even let me pet her. A few months ago, she even crawled up on me. That was HUGE! Sad part here: sshebecame sick and passed away about a week or two after she finally crawled up on me. That was the most affection she showed me. We were just happy to that we could give her a loving home.

  107. The best gift I’ve ever gave will be this year but in order to understand it you’ll need some back story. Almost 20 years ago (10th grade) I had to create a poster on the person who I looked up to the most, I chose my Great Uncle (my grandmother’s brother). After the project was done I did a report on him also, he kept the poster, now at 80 years old he asked if I could frame it and updat it with some pictures of his great great nieces and nephews, well that poster was to old to add to so I framed it and made him another one to go beside it with pictures that came after that one was complete, that’s all he wants for Christmas so that’s what I’m doing for him as we know this will possibly be his last with us as his health isn’t very good.

  108. The best gift I have ever received was for my birthday about 15 years ago. My parents gave me the cutest little tuxedo kitten named Zoe. She was my best friend for the 12 years I had with her. Unfortunately 3 years ago she passed away from this world but she will always be with me in my heart. 💜

  109. Thank you again for the chance. One of my favorite gifts would be or what I want to say is giving gifts to others and seeing their reactions those are “special gifts” to me 😉❤

  110. Tbh we don’t do a lot of gifts / presents in our fam at all. Best gift I can think so far is just money. Best give I ever give was getting my good friend hard paperback of your books!! I got her into your work & she loves them. So I order her PB & she was super stoked!

  111. I would say everything my daughter ever gave me. I feel those girls are priceless. Sometimes I feel like she knows me better than my husband when it comes to gifting to me. Best gift I ever given is the truth to my daughter. About 10 yrs ago I was diagnosed with lupus & RA and it was rough for a few yrs and I had to teach my daughter how to be independent at a young age and she ask why a few yrs later. So I gave her the whole truth of what was happening and why I react to things the way I do. I wanted her to know who her mother is as a person not just her mom. People have different perspective of who a person is and I felt nobody can tell my daughter who I am better than me. Reading is my escape, I be the fly on the wall in every book. Hope everyone have a wonderful Sunday.

  112. I have 2 best gifts! The first is getting to go to my favorite bands concert! And my son made me a jack and zero statue from clay.

  113. The best gifts I’ve gotten were an ornament my cousin made that contained dried flower petals from my aunt’s funeral, and from my mom bleacher tickets to the Rose Parade when my alma mater was in it. The parade and game was a bucket-list experience, and I’ll always treasure the memory of my aunt.

  114. One year we surprised our son with New Year’s Eve suite tickets to the Rockets/Warriors game that I was lucky enough to get from one of my work contacts. He was so excited!!

  115. Best gift I ever gave was to my Dad! He LOVED the Chicago Blackhawks, and took each of my siblings & I to games individually when we were kids to spend time with each of us (& to watch his fav team!). For his bday I purchased tickets on the floor for him! He would NEVER have spent the money on himself! He thoroughly enjoyed himself and it was the greatest to see!!! I miss him so much! Xo

  116. The best gift I ever gave was a video collage of family photos. My mom loved it and it was set to some of her favorite songs. Fast forward years later, I had the VHS transferred to DVD so my sister and brother could also have a copy.

  117. My family is giving the best gift this year to our families. My husband is coming home from being overseas and we are driving back home to surprise everyone. No one knows we driving home let alone my husband will be with us.

  118. Happy Holidays everyone!!
    The best present I’ve bought is for my two teenagers this year. They adore all things Harry Potter so I’ve saved up and bought the 3 of us tickets for the Harry Potter studio tour here in England and got us a hotel stay too. I hadn’t realised I’d booked it for the queens jubilee weekend, so we can go to Windsor castle too and maybe see the queen too?!

  119. The gift I treasure the most is my mother’s recipe collection. She passed away in 2017 at the age of 90. It’s fun to make or bake something and the memories just start pouring in. I tell my daughters and grandchildren about the time Gramma made this blah blah blah. I will be gifting my daughters copies of them for Christmas this year. It’s a gift that will keep on giving.

  120. My current vehicle – I bought it for myself for Christmas six years ago so I’d have it paid off before I retired.

  121. Best gift i got was my 3rd son born at 36 wks and being let home with him 2 days before Xmas that was 28 yrs ago 💜💜💜

  122. The best gifts I ever received were handmade ornaments and calenders my kids would make in elementary school with their handprints and foot prints. I still have them as my keepsake and one day will probably give it to them so they xan show their children.

  123. The best gift I have ever gotten is the laptop I am currently using. My oldest bought it for me with money he had earned at his first job. He bought all of us pretty awesome gifts, but it just made me cry because I had been using a hand me down one that was so…incredibly….slow. Still makes me tear up just thinking about it.

  124. The best gift I ever gave was concert tickets for an all day concert with a bunch of bands, including my husband’s all time favorite band….and it was the first concert he had EVER been to.
    I’ve received alot of great gifts, it’s hard to pick just one.

  125. I guess for myself the best gift or maybe the most memorable was around age 8. It was back in the early 80’s when cabbage patch kids were the big thing. I remember my mom and her BFF were constantly looking at adds, going to Target, Kmart, and Walmart trying to get the unattainable for their girls. We did the visit Santa thing and my mom kept telling us girls that more little girls wanted a doll than the elves can make so maybe we should pick a second favorite just in case. Then on Christmas morning my sister and I had cabbage patch twins for me and a premie for my little sister. It was so magical to not only to get what we’d hoped for but still be so young and dreamy it was the best feeling. Plus as a parent I truly know how much love went into getting us the dolls. Internet add and shopping was not a option so I know they knew the delivery schedule and went and waited so we got magic on Christmas morning and I’m grateful so so grateful for those magic moments. I truly hope my boy’s had that magic as little boys we tried every year.

  126. The best gift I ever received was plane tickets home for the holidays from my family. The first Christmas where my step daughter walked down the stairs and seen the presents and talked about Santa and seen how we do a Dean Christmas with a massive family. It was priceless.

  127. I bought my adult kids and DIL’S deep freezers and a 1/2 hog each to fill it, I love your gift to your mom, the old time radio looking cd players, merry Christmas

  128. The best gift I have to my eldest son was a full paint set from warhammer it was a lot and he’s still using it the best I ever have to my youngest was when he was 16 and I got him is first iPod it was something he had wanted for years. I don’t like to receive gifts but every year my oldest and his girlfriend but me pj’s. And once a long time ago I was bought a book all about gone with the wind, this was special to me as i ‘d read the book by Margaret Mitchell when I was ten, I still have both books in my cupboard.

  129. My friend and her husband removed my daughter’s old wooden playset in the summer. At Christmas she had repurposed the ladder to make an addition to my pool fence. It had hooks etc from which to hang my swimming pool poles, brushes, nets and toys. A memory of my daughters childhood.

  130. The best gift I’ve ever gotten was around this time 2016. December (today) is my birthday month and that year I learned I was pregnant with my daughter. BEST GIFT EVER 💗💗

    Best gift I’ve ever given was to my husband. I got him a Mustang drag/street race car.

  131. The best gift I have ever received is box seats to my very 1st football game! My husband (then my boyfriend) knew I never been to a football game in person so he got us tickets through his co-workers for my bday (which is in November) & Christmas present!

  132. My hubby is totally clueless on getting good presents, so unless I physically buy something myself or draw him a detailed map, the gifts are mostly generic, like Pandora charms or an Amazon gift card. BUT I give totally awesome gifts. Like one year, I found an authentic German manufacturer of Cuckoo clocks and bought one for his Christmas presents. I had to get my German friends to translate everything for me so I knew what I was buying. Then one year I bought him a “Be the Engineer” experience where he actually got to be the engineer and drive a genuine steam locomotive. I buy cool presents! LOL

  133. The best gift ever was the little turquoise heart shaped ring my brother give me when we were kids. My brother died shortly after and we were so close. It means more to me then any material thing I have.

  134. Looking back it was a bar of Chocolate that I got from a man at a party….I was getting divorced, and my friend took me to a party that was a chocolate party…(I know silly). Anyway a man came up and handed me a bar of chocolate..we started laughing and talking. 6 months after my divorce we were married. 27 years, 4 kids, 2 grand kids, later, I still love him and have that wrapper of chocolate (somewhere).

  135. The best gift I ever received was a puppy, last year. I was so surprised. It was totally unexpected. Everyone in my family had gotten their own dog at one time or another but I had never had my own.

  136. The best gift I ever gave was a cash gift. My friend had hip surgery, and she works for minimum wages. She was out of work for three months with no financial help. I just gave her money and said it was a gift not a loan. She cried and then I cried. We’ve been friends for almost 60 years. That itself is a true gift.

  137. The best Christmas Gift was to my Son, Daughter-in-law, and Grandson. When my Grandson was 4 I took them to California to go to Disneyland. My Grandson is a huge Mickey fan, so I wanted him to experience Mickey in person. He had the time of his life. My Grandson is autistic and the park protocols made it so easy for him to enjoy everything. He saw Mickey at his house and was able to give him a big hug and we took lots of photos. And he saw Goofy and Donald and they were absolutely wonderful with him. Gave him lots of attention and made it absolutely memorable. Plus as a bonus my Daughter-in-law had never been to Disneyland and she was able to experience it for the 1st time thru her sons eyes as well. It was definitely a trip that will live in our hearts forever.

  138. The best gift I’ve ever received is an oversized bathrobe that my mom made me out blanket fabric. Every winter when it gets cold in my house and I pull it out I think of her. That’s the mark of a good gift, when you actually remember who gave it to you and you think of them every time you use it. A close second is the KitchenAid stand mixer my mother-in-law gave me at a time when my husband and I didn’t have the money for such luxuries. I was so surprised and still use it and love it many years later.

  139. The best gift I ever received was a reversible heavy fleece jacket with bears on one side and a hunter green color on the other. It is so soft and warm it is like wearing a blanket. I have had it for ages now and it still looks great and I love it.

  140. The best gift I ever received was my son. He’s was originally due December 23, but he decided to come early. He was born December 5, so his first christmas was when he was only 20 days old. It was certainly memorable.

    The best gift I ever gave would probably be the year I cross-stitched a Dragon design for my dad and a Snow White design for my mom. It was the first time I’d ever made such large designs and I was really happy with the end results of them. My parents loved them and every year my dad asks when I’m gonna make him another.

    The best gift I’ve ever witnessed was probably when my parents gave my sister tickets to a concert she’d been dying to see. She was in her mid to late 20s and she cried when she opened the box.

  141. The Christmas gifts I received that came to mind when I read your question was my Barbie Dream Home as a kid. I remember coming down my grandparent’s stairs & seeing the 3 story house with an elevator & being so excited! Thanks for the chance!

  142. My memory is so bad these days especially if I try to recall something in a split second. I may do better when I take time to really ruminate on the question, but off the top of my head I am drawing a blank on gifts and certainly can’t label any THE BEST.
    For my family I think we’ve always focused more on family and the importance of not taking each other for granted. I believe this comes from our family’s loss of loved ones. My maternal grandmother was 20 when she lost her 41 year old father. My mother was only 34 (and I one month away from 16) when her mother (my maternal grandmother) died at the age of 62. Her death shook us terribly. Not only was she my mom’s mom, but since my mom worked fulltime my grandmother was my primary caregiver from age 3 to 15 at the time she fell ill before her death. I had always felt like my mom was an older sister so when Grammie died we were both lost. The only thing that we could focus on was how important we were to each other. We’d both lost our anchor and clung to each other forming an unbreakable, incredibly strong bond that we’ve cherished through the years. I’ve been blessed. I am 55 and both of my parents are still alive and in my life. Every night I thank God for each day He’s giving me this blessing and pray for another. So in answer to your question: what is the best gift I’ve ever received or given, I believe the answer is the realization of the importance of family. My family is everything to me and the time we spend together is precious. We’re fierce in our love and loyalty. We know how lucky we are to have our relationship with each other. Although it came at the horrible price of our loved ones’ deaths, the gift of appreciating time with my family is the greatest gift I’ve ever received.

  143. The best gift i have given was tracking down my mum’s favourite perfume that had been discontinued and buying a bulk load for her

  144. When I was a kid I got a Chatty Cathy. I was thrilled. But about six years ago we gave our kids and their families a trip to Orlando. A short trip, we went Friday before MLK day and came back on Monday. Fifteen of us were in a 7 bedroom house, one bedroom was like a bunk room with six beds. We went too, we had two days at the parks and breakfast and dinner together. It was a fun trip.

  145. I know this isn’t exactly what you were looking for, but my mother told me stories about the great gifts her grandmother used t give! She gave her son a load of manure one year, because he was a very serious gardener. My mother’s favorite was a pound of bacon, because she loves bacon!

  146. The Best gift I received was my first Christmas with my BF now Husband he bought every kitchen appliance available a toaster, can opener, a food processor. A coffee pot. It was a great start & 40 years later we are still together.

  147. The best gift I ever received was my first horse…. She was given to me for getting good grades in high school from my Godfather. She has since passed away but I still have her daughter 🙂

  148. The 2 best gifts I have ever given were to my parents. On my wedding day I gave my dad a swiss army knife with a personalized engraving (you can buy ANYTHING on Etsy, this was one where you could hand write a message and send a picture and then your words are laser engraved in your handwriting on the handle) that made him cry, and to this day he still carries it everywhere with him 🙂 For my mom, her favorite singer of all time is Elton John. I bought her and my dad tickets to go see him and when she opened this gift up one Christmas morning she cried b/c she was so excited to see him live!

  149. The best gift I ever received was in 2019. My Dad always wanted to take us girls (there are 3 of us) to Disneyland when we were growing up but it was never a possibility. In 2019 my older sister bought flights, passes and rented an air b&b house for the whole family (12 of us) so we could all go together as a family with our kids! It was amazing and we had so much fun together, even with the torrential rain we experienced all week 🤣🥰 I don’t think I could ever top that as a gift to someone else. So many great memories together!

  150. The best gift I got was a leather bomber jacket with Snoopy on the back from my husband and daughter. I still have that jacket 20 years later.

  151. My fiancé is an amazing Etsy shopper, he surprises me with things I show him that I like, one of my favorites is art from Paul Castle!

    Happy holidays!

  152. The best gift I received is last year my daughter used her own money and bought me socks. It was tge idea of her using her own money to do it. I loved them.

  153. The best gift I ever received was my candy apple red drum set! My dad was a percussionist and I followed in his footsteps. He was so happy to buy that for me. So special!

    Best gift I gave is hard. I love giving gifts. A few years ago I gave each of my adult sons tickets to Weird AL concert as well as dinner gift certificates and hotel stay so they could have fun bonding brother weekend. They loved it and had a blast.

  154. The best gift I feel like I’m giving is for my daughter. She is obsessed with the vampire diaries. Her dream, yes her dream, is to go to Georgia to where it was filmed and to take pictures at the places. Well I set it all up. We are even doing a vampire diaries tour, her best friend that loves to South Carolina is going to meet us there. I can’t wait for her to open it up. I’m gonna cry. I’m so happy

  155. The best gift I ever received is a teddy bear my mom made out of my grandma’s mink coat. The coat was starting to fall apart and she wanted to do something special. My mom made each grandchild one. She made them when we were at school so it was a complete surprise.

  156. The best Christmas gift I ever gave and got is our beautiful yellow lab, Sweet Magnolia, with whom we gifted ourselves 4 years ago. ❤️❤️

  157. The best gift I ever received was a beautiful creation my old boss made me in illustrator printed out very large, framed and hung on my office wall. It expressed many wonderful things and I will never ever forget it.

  158. I love to give gifts and it is always the little things that are the best. Usually something that a friend wouldn’t buy their self. Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

  159. The best gift given is probably the gift to love books early to my niece.
    The best gift I received was probably my first kindle. Also, getting the surprised gift cards to my favorite eating places.

  160. The best gift I was given was a couple of years before my mom died she got the flu very bad and ended up in the hospital a couple days before Christmas she went into a coma but the night before Christmas I was stroking her hair and saying I love you momma please wake up and her eyes opened and she said I love you too kathy!!!! It was Like nothing ever happened! That will always be the greatest gift to me and even though she’s been gone for going on 17 years I still miss her terribly. Ty! For the chance! Happy holidays !!💋💗

  161. My mom would say the gift of life but materialisticaly my instant pop duo crisp I can pressure cook and air fry with just 1 machine

  162. My mom accidentally broke my laptop in high school and she surprised me with one for Christmas and I wasn’t expecting a big gift like that cause money was tight. I couldn’t help but tear up.

  163. The best gift I ever gave was a motorcycle to my son, who was 14 at the time. We managed to get it home without him seeing it and hid it in the garage. We hid the key to the bike in a stuffed animal (which he was not thrilled to receive), but the look on his face when he found the key was awesome! Still amazed we pulled it off, but he was completely surprised and beyond excited! The smile on his face almost made up for all the near heart attacks I got every time he rode off on it.

  164. A handmade, Bookshelf quilt, made by my sister, was the BEST present I have ever received, and this is why. My mom loved to sew when she was alive; cross-stitch, crochet, and quilting were her GIFT. After my mom died, 6 years ago, my little sister picked up where mom left off, with the quilting. 3 years ago, my little sister and my husband worked together to gather pictures and to “title the books” on the bookshelf quilt. This quilt holds (printed onto fabric) pictures of different family members, both alive and dead, along with the title of each of their own books. The quilt took over 1 year to make and when I opened the gift (my husband recorded the entire thing) and realized what it was, I CRIED. I cried so much for what she made and what it meant to me. The quilt is so beautiful and precious to me and I will never be able to give back to her what she gave to me. That is my story of the BEST present I have ever received for Christmas.

    Merry Christmas everyone. Xoxo

  165. The best gift I ever received were tickets to see Bebe Neuwirth in Chicago on Broadway. (Tbh, had somebody been able to get them, tiks to see Hamilton would have topped that but that’s where silver linings come in. I managed to find a bootleg copy of the show — kids, don’t do that, it’s illegal!! — and THEN, bc of Covid, they made a movie of the Broadway version and released it much much earlier than they were likely planning to do. So Good God, I found something positive to say about the worst thing to hit the globe in the last 100 years. Amazing.) Bebe Neuwirth was AWESOME, by the by, altho perhaps Evita was the best show I saw on stage. Mandy Patinkin is a God & Patti LaPone was okay. (I kid. She too was awesome!) I just didn’t ASK to see Evita. OTOH, I frequently talked about how cool it was that Bebe was going on stage & my God, her legs didn’t stop!!
    Your gift for your mom looks incredible! She should definitely love it. And while every single giveaway you’ve done has been completely imaginative, this would be my favorite bc while I love all of your work, your books are equally loved… this particular bookset is more equal than others. I have read and listened to these bks again and again and again (and again…) They will never lose that je ne sais quoi.
    I would say that I could have saved so much money by waiting until Christmas (albeit, I don’t recall knowing about these giveaways or ignored them in the past) but if I had waited, that would have taken away tens of hours (possibly hundreds?) of wondrous, incredible enjoyment and I would not wish to give that back.
    I must immediately go search on Amazon for an item that at least appears to look like your present for your mom; and/or google it and see if it fits into my budget for the year. Thank you for the last 12 days of fun and pleasure! I too liked reading the comments written by other ppl and realized, if nothing else, that most other people have happy, lovely families that enjoy gathering together & nothing appears to give them more joy than seeing one another, watching their loved ones achieve their goals, basically just a group of ppl who wish the best for the ones they love most. Since I’ve honestly felt as if America had lost that basic sense of love and decency, these days have once more given me hope in the people of our country. I had been thinking of material gifts, but your days of giveaways are the second best present I’ve ever received, next to Pres. Obama winning his presidential bid for two terms. I’ll leave you with this: (I just love the video, I had nothing whatsoever to do with the production. I wish I had!)


  166. I’m making wooden remembrance ornaments for my father whose been missing my mom bad lately, I guess after 60 years of marriage its to be expected. And being vs its his birthday on Christmas day I’m making home homemade eggnog with a spike of southern to it

  167. The best gift I have received would be the diamond earrings my father had given me many years ago, they weren’t large or anything like that, they were just special. I needed up having them made into a ring because my ears were allergic to the metals. The ring I could wear all the time. The best gift given would be the kitchen aid mixer my mom had been wanting. She loved it! As always, thank you and Merry Christmas!

  168. I’m looking forward to my gift from my mum this year – she is sponsoring a special teddy bear in my name to be given to child who has a stoma so they have a bear like them to talk to.

  169. The best gift I ever received was $200 every Christmas from my grandfather. He never missed a Christmas and always made it special. He was just the most generous and funny man. I miss him so much, but am filled with great memories with him.

  170. I think the best gift I have given wasn’t a Christmas gift, but I gave my son some money to put towards the house he bought this past summer. It felt really good to be able to help him like that. I love the idea of getting your mom that old time radio/cd player. What a great idea! I’m sure she’ll love it!

  171. The best gift I gave was when I took all the old 8MM movies that my parents had from long, long ago and had them converted to DVD for them. We all got to watch those early years and appreciate the times when they were much younger.

  172. My mom gave me a Snoopy ornament every Christmas. It caught on and others would give me Snoopy or Peanuts ornaments. I have all of them – enough to decorate at least 5 Christmas trees. My favorite is the one my mom gave me where the characters are all part of the Nativity ☘️

  173. First let me say, The Pleasure of Panic-audio. 10/10 recommend. That said, best gift I’ve received would have to the camera setup the mister gave me 13-14 yrs ago. It started my passion and since then, my work has been featured in exhibits statewide, several magazines including cover features, and I have a few featured on book covers.

  174. The best Christmas gift I ever got was a new iPad from my dad a couple years ago. The one I had was so old and was full, so I couldn’t download anything else. I don’t know how he knew I needed one, but it was perfect.
    The best gift I ever gave was not for Christmas, but for my parents anniversary and mom’s birthday. I was going to Hawaii for a meeting, so I bought tickets and lodging and had my parents join me after my meeting and we stayed for another 10 days and did some island hopping. None of us had ever been there, and we had a great time.

  175. The best gift I ever received was a ring and necklace set that had my babies birthstones that said I love you to the moon and back

  176. The best Christmas gift I have ever received is one I have been getting for 7 years now. My neighbor brings us a plate of homemade sweets every year for Christmas. We don’t know them that well, but she still includes my family in her generosity every Christmas. It’s just the thought that someone spent all that time making these sweets and she always shows up on our doorstep. They are delicious too! I’ve been lucky in my life to not want for much. So, it’s not about the money. It is just the true kindness of someone doing something to bring some holiday joy to others.

  177. This is such a tough question. The best gifts I’ve given are the ones that have light up my loved ones’ eyes. From simple things such as toys, to bigger things like expensive electronics.
    What I treasure the most is being with my friends and family. Time is precious ❤️

  178. My parents had me a couple different Kentucky Wildcats snowmen that I keep out all year long.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  179. My favorite gifts to receive are the pictures or things made by my grandkids. Those mean more than anything to me. On Christmas eve all our kids and grandkids get together to celebrate and we do games and I have random gifts as prizes. The kids tell me the games together mean more than the prizes and that keeps my heart full of love which is another great gift.

  180. The best gifts I ever receive are the homemade ones from my grandbabies. My birthday is 3 days before Christmas so these homemade ones make my year!!!
    The best gift I think I have ever given was a rifle my husband had been drooling over for sometime and I surprised him for Christmas with it!!! Made his day!!!

  181. This is just a comment for you, Julie. Thank you so much for being so real. I love your “end of book shit” and I was a huge fan of your podcast with Jonathan. Thank you for your generosity! And thank you for sharing your amazing talent with all of us. I truly love every one of your books I have read. No, I haven’t read them all yet, but I’m working on it. Life just gets in the way and sometimes its hard to fine the time I’d like to just sit down and read or listen (I’m a huge audiobook fan too.).
    I hope you have an absolutely wonderful Christmas and that 2022 is full of joy and laughter and love and prosperity, and is your best year yet! You certainly deserve it.

  182. My favorite gift that I have ever given is a ring and necklace for my mom. The ring had mine and my siblings birthstones. The necklace had my nephews (grandsons) birthstones.

  183. The best gift I ever received was the birth of my grandchildren, especially my grandson who I got to watch come into this world a few short months ago.❤

  184. My husband gave me a heart necklace and said he was giving me his heart…28 years later I still wear a heart necklace from him

  185. Best gift I ever gave was a scrabble rag quilt that I made for my grandmother. I took all her 12 siblings names and her maiden name and had those be the words on the scrabble board. It turned out really cool and she loved it!

  186. Yeah! I’ve been waiting 12 days for this giveaway!! lol. I got my mom a craft heart with the colors red, white and blue. I didn’t think it was much. But my mom has taken it to 3 houses. Never lost it. And still claims it to be her favorite gift ever. I didn’t get it as a gift. I just thought of my mom when I saw it. Just the fact that she loves it that much, makes me so happy. Merry Christmas Julie! I hope you and your family has a wonderful holiday!! ❤ Thanks for the giveaways!!

  187. Giving my husband a Tonneau cover for his truck. He has been wanted one for 3 yrs. I got it for his this year. I can’t wait to see his face.

  188. My brother was single and ever year he asked for a tall blonde. So the year I drew his name he also wanted a new bed spread. So went to an adult store a got a blow up blonde doll. Blew it up and put clothes on since children around and stuffed in big box. He thought he was getting his bedspread but out popped his tall blonde. He never asked for it again

  189. My best gift ever given or received was one and the same. My daughter was born on the 23rd of December and I took her home on Christmas day. Now that she is an adult and doing great things… Just makes it better!!

  190. Best gift i ever received was from my daughter when she was 5. It is a ceramic owl that she made in kindergarten. She obviously had help cutting out the shapes and molding it but she painted it and even put her name on the back of it. Up until last year it had always hung in my bedroom. Now it is in storage and I can’t wait till I can hang it back up.

  191. I cannot think of either the best gift I ever gave or the best ever given to me. I have been given books by favorite authors, homemade gifts and so on. I try to find things that I think the recipient is really interested in. I find it depressing that others do not do the same for me. Even in everyday life. If I see something I share it. If I find something while out shopping I will pick it up if it is in my budget and gift it to the person for no reason other than I know it will put a smile on their face.

  192. The best/most memorable gift I received was a doll with hair that grew when you pulled her arm. I was so worried I wouldn’t get it, and I woke up in the middle of the night to see if Santa had brought her. I was so excited I ran to my parents room and woke up my mother showing her the dolland saying over and over “I got her, I got her!!” This year my husband and I are giving our kids a trip to Universal Studios in Orlando. They’ve been asking for a trip like this for a long time, and we’re super excited about them seeing the tickets on Christmas morning. These giveaways have been so fun, and thanks for the freebies today. I hope your mother enjoys the CD player! It’s super cute! Merry Christmas 🎄🎄!

  193. The best Christmas present I ever gave my kids a good Christmas during a year when things were more than tight. But love finds a way, always. I love this candle, and as much as I love these bold, I do so wish this candle had been with my all time favourites of yours, Anarchy. Have a Merry Christmas Julie and a truly blessed New Year.

  194. The Best Gift I Have Given Was Concert Tickets, To My Sister To See Her Favourite Band. The Best Gift I Was Given Was A Gold Locket When I Was Young, I Still Wear It To This Day.
    Thank You For The Chance! Merry Christmas And Happy New Year!! 💖

  195. Best gift I ever received was pictures of my kids and the dogs. They scheduled it and dressed all on their own. Best gift ever

  196. Nothing immediately comes to mind. I don’t know if that’s a good sign or bad one. I love gifts that I can tell took time and thought. Expensive gifts don’t impress me. And if a gift I give someone makes them smile then I’m happy.

  197. The best Christmas present I ever got was my son. He was something I wanted more than anything. It took us two years and fertility drugs to get him but he was honestly worth the wait. I am beyond blessed.

  198. Last year I sneakily stole, nope wait- borrowed, a really old photo of my parents from when they first met and restored it to the best of my editing capabilities, then matted and framed it myself. My mom absolutely loved it and the look in her eyes when she saw it was priceless. I don’t know if that’s the best gift I’ve ever given but it’s by far my favorite gift I’ve ever given.

  199. The best gift I ever received was a Louis Vuitton purse. I’ve wanted one for so long and never thought I’d get one. My husband surprised me. I told him it was too much, he said I deserve it for everything I do and everything I’ve put up with. He continued to thank me for helping him get his deegree and pushing him to recognize his worth. I balled my eyes out. That speech alone would have been the best gift of all. But hey, it’s a Louis 👜!!! 💕

  200. Best gift received would be my surprise trip to Disneyland. We flew at night after I’d been at school and afternoon drama play practice, so I didn’t realize I was there until I woke up the next morning. Best gift given would be a gaming computer for my son or the copious amounts of baked goods that I make every year and handout. I bake for a week straight so I can give out cookie/candy trays to neighbors and friends.

  201. A jewelry box from my parents. I’ve had it for 50 years now. They are gone now. Every time I look at it, I think of them. Merry Christmas

  202. My favourite gift I received as a girl was a Barbie camper – I had wanted one so badly! Now, my favourite grownup gift would probably be our espresso machine!

  203. This will be a weird one but one of the best presents I’ve ever received was a Swiss army pocket knife from my husband. It’s got scissors on it and all kinds of other handy gadgets and knives. I’ve used it so many times and I carry it every day.

  204. The best gift I ever received was spending time with my Dad just before he passed. He lived overseas and came to visit for 3 months. He also mailed a beautiful carved wood chest to me and my husband and before it arrived, he passed suddenly.

  205. My best gift I gave was to my mom. She was in the hospital and I bought a stuffed puppy. She kept it on her bed and would pet it. Every time she was in the hospital she would bring the stuffed doggy and have it on the bed with her. She had it with her in the hospice too when she could no longer pet it. Now every time I see the puppy in my bedroom I think of my mom.

  206. I absolutely love giving gifts and trying to find that perfect gift or even that perfect gag gift. My favorite gift was the pink stuffed my little pony I gave my son on his 13th birthday. Yes, it was what he asked for as a joke, but it is exactly what he got which started rhe family tradition of birthday gag gifts. It is all in fun, and we have a great time trying to find the perfect gag gift and laughing it up on our birthdays.

  207. Hello Julie! I surprised my husband with tickets to see his favorite hip hop artist, which was KRS ONE a couple of years ago. He was so surprised and happy 😊

  208. I LOVE Christmas and decorations so my favorite gifts are always ornaments either my kids made or ones that are personal. I love each year pulling out the box of ornaments and all the memories.

  209. Best gift received? Honestly they are all good..hubby knows me well and spoils me but one that I use every single day since he bought it for me is my Amazon Kindle. started w 1 book and hundreds maybe even thousands later I still use everyday.

  210. My favorite gifts to give and get are handmade or experiences. I love the thought and time and care that goes into these kinds of gifts!

  211. My best gift recieved would be a charm bracelet my husband bought me every year he adds another charm with things that I love or relates to our life the most precious thing ever. Taking turns is one of my all time fave books this would be truly incredible! Thank you for these give aways they have made the run up to Xmas more fun.

  212. My favorite was my Nook e-reader. From my kids. Then my Kindle Fire. Upgraded to a Kindle Fire tablet 10. I love books and the ability to store apps of all sorts. Use this device constantly. Talking with you on my fave device right now!

  213. I’m not big on receiving gifts, it makes me really uncomfortable. But I do take a lot of pride in giving them. I like to know the person and give them something personal, and even if it’s someone I don’t know well, like for a work gift exchange, I try to research the person so they get something special. I hate giving (and getting) impersonal things like a gift card or bath set. One of My favorite gifts I gave was a birthday present to a coworker who I had only known a few weeks, she was really into Halloween, and I got her some books on the history of monsters (like Dracula and Frankenstein.) She cried when she opened them, and it made me feel really good that she loved it. 😊

  214. My friends got me a Cricut a few years ago, knowing it was something that I wouldn’t buy for myself, moving to me to tears in the middle of the restaurant.

  215. As a kid, my most memorable gift was a bike. I wanted one really bad and on Christmas morning it wasn’t under the tree. I was disappointed but tried not to show it. A few minutes later my dad left the room and came back in riding my bike!

  216. Just an after thought I love love love the taking turns series have a very happy holiday and thank you for sharing your imagination with us

  217. First edition copy of my favourite book, the Princess Bride. Cried when I got it. Not my gifts make me shed tears, but that one certainly did. Thanks so much for all of the lovely chances. Happy Holidays! 🎄💕

  218. My best gift I ever received was my teddy bear blanket I got when I was 9 years old. That blanket has traveled the world with me and has saw some things with me LOL

  219. It is hard to choose, but I think it has to go back to the first year my hubby now ( boyfriend then) got me a 3ft Bugs Bunny.
    I do think the best Christmas we had was maybe our second year that we were married, because the previous year I had had a miscarriage.
    That year I was working. We both were able to surprise each other with special gifts . He got me a unicorn music box and unicorn house slippers . When I think back on that Christmas it makes my heart smile.

  220. The best gift I received from my husband was 7 yrs ago. We lost our 15 yr old cocker the year before and I was looking for a puppy. I missed Molly and Coco our other cocker missed her too. He said he didn’t want 2 pups again. Christmas Eve he gave me a 2 month old cocker. We named her Sable.

  221. I was probably 12 or 13 years old and I received lace up knee high granny boots. I absolutely loved them!!! I’m surprised I remember this but can’t remember last week 🤣🤣 Thank you for the chance and I hope and yours have a safe and wonderful holiday!!!

  222. I have a couple of favorite gifts that I’ve received. After my ex-husband left in 2013 my sister started “playing” Santa. One Christmas Eve my daughter and brother-in-law break into my house and leave gifts that’s my sister has spent all year looking for. When I get home from our family Christmas there’s tons of gifts under my tree. It keeps things from being really sad on Christmas morning. It’s not the gifts, it’s the effort the 3 of them go through to make it happen. My other favorite is very special to me, my dad passed away due to complications with COVID August 2020. That Christmas a wonderful lady I know made me a Christmas ornament in memory of my Pop with his picture in it. I think the best gift I’ve given is to my sister. I call them “tiny box” gifts. I spend the year looking for things that fit in tiny boxes, no bigger than 4”-5”. There’s usually 10-12 of them. All wrapped and arranged in a basket or lunch tote or something. I have the most fun looking for her tiny gifts all year and she has a blast opening all the tiny boxes.

  223. My husband got me this framed poster of the Twilight cast with almost all the signatures of the cast. This floored me. He also got Jackson Rathbone to do a Cameo video to wish me happy birthday.

  224. My mom has something that looks almost like that!
    My favorite was a diamond cross necklace from my mom
    Thanks for the chance!

  225. I’ve received many wonderful gifts and given lovely gifts through the years. But the one that stands out most to me, and it will seem funny. Years ago we got my girls some Hero Guitar game for their Xbox and they screamed and jumped around like they were kids. And they were adults at the time. It was one of the most memorable Christmas’ that I’ve never forgotten. It was quite hilarious!

  226. Best gift I ever received would be Game of Thrones book set with collectibles to go along with from my kids. Then the Following year they got me the dvd set along with more collectibles.

  227. The best gift I ever got was a red Addias hoodie from my husband. I had one back in high school that was like a security blanket for me. He found one a few years back and surprised me with it for Christmas that year. It meant so much that he remembered how much I loved that hoodie and how sad I was when it fell apart.

  228. My youngest son got a tattoo of the words Love You in my handwriting this year. It was one of the notes I had sent him and he always keeps them on his fridge. He decided to use one of them to have the tattoo made. I cried because he said he always wanted to have it with him ❤️

    1. The best gift I was given or gave to someone else, I would say is the video I made for my mom after my dad very unexpectedly passed away. I got with both of my sisters, took all the pictures we could find of our dad, and made a video with music. The music I picked was songs he loved but also described the type of husband, dad, and all around man he was. He was and always will be my hero. It wasn’t an expensive gift but it’s one if my moms most prized possessions.

    2. One Christmas we got my Mom record player and a VCR. She had a big cabinet stereo but the needle for the record player went bad and she couldn’t find a replacement one. At Christmas time she always likes to listen to the classic Christmas records. The VCR was for their camper.

  229. The best gift I ever received goes back to when I was a kid. My grandma waited in line for a very long time to get me a Cabbage Patch Doll. It meant the world for her to give it to me and I could see the excitement on her face. Enough to still remember this event 35 years later.

  230. the best gift i gave was a replacement wedding band with diamonds for my husband that i worked for and surprised him myself when he lost his long ago.

    1. Love the art work on your constellation book! I homeschooled. Last one just started at community college. I actually get the best gift every year – another year cancer free to enjoy hanging out on this planet spending time with people I love or doing things I love or both. And there are so many ways to die besides cancer and many are just out of our control. Love being alive. Merry Christmas Julie! Looking forward to another year of reading your books.

  231. The best gift I ever recieved was a unicorn and angel lamp that my dad gave me right before he passed away. That will always be my favorite gift because it will always remind me of him. Thank you for the chance ❤

  232. The best gift I ever received was one that goes back to when I was 6 years old from my grandma it was the Gerber baby doll

  233. The best gift I ever recieved was my Abby, a cardigan Corgi, who I have had the pleasure of sharing an adventure with for the last 15 years.

  234. The best gift I ever got was a kitchen set when I was little. Not because it’s what I asked for or wanted, but because I went to bed that Christmas Eve not knowing what I wanted Santa to bring me, and I dreamed he brought me a kitchen set. When I found it under the tree the next morning after not asking for one and only dreaming about one on Christmas Eve, I was convinced more than ever Santa was real. I’ve had and given great gifts since, but that kitchen set made the magic of Santa last a lot longer for me.

  235. I haven’t had too many crazy gifts, but one year a friend paid for a plane ticket so I could go home for my parents 40th wedding anniversary… surprising them. It was partially a gift for them, and partially a Christmas gift for me.

  236. Best gift I ever received was a few years ago I got a wicker basket full of books, symphony chocolate, nail polish, lottery tickets, and Mt Dew. It was absolutely all my favorite things.

  237. The year we told our parents there were going to be grandparents was probably the best gift we ever could have given them. Certainly my most loved and used gift I’ve ever received is my Kindle!!

  238. The best gift I ever received was my son. He was born 2 weeks after my 43rd birthday. After so many years of trying, his arrival, healthy and happy was the best gift ever.

  239. Twenty years ago, my husband and I found out on December 23rd that we were expecting our first child. It was a Christmas if sharing the news with my family and his family, especially being the first grand child on my side ❤️

  240. The best gift I ever received was a little black lab puppy when I was 13. I loved that dog until epilepsy took him away nine years later.

  241. I had always wanted a cedar chest and one birthday my now hubby then bf got me one. Still have it after 42 years together.

  242. There are two best gifts I have ever received: The first was from my mother. As I mentioned in another comment on here, my family didn’t have a lot growing up, but my mother tried hard to get us things we wanted which didn’t always happen. My mother wanted me to enter a pageant for her job so I did. We searched for a week for an evening gown for me to wear and finally found the perfect one, only it was way to expensive. I told my mother we would keep looking. The next day when I came home from school, that gown was hanging on the door to the bedroom. I started crying and just hugged my mother for a long time as I knew the sacrifice she had made for me. The second best gift came from my husband. I had an antique vanity I loved and worked hard to buy. Well I was one of many that was laid off from my job one year and was having a hard time finding a new job. So I sold almost all of my furniture, including my vanity and moved back home to go to college. A couple of years later my husband to be, knowing how much I loved my vanity, bought me the most beautiful Swedish antique vanity. I can’t even begin to describe the vanity except that it has marble slabs on each side where the drawers and small cabinets are, with the full length mirror inbetween. The wood is dark with light swirls in it. Twenty six years later I am still using my vanity. Thank you Julie for everything and Merry Christmas to you and you family. Happy holidays to all of the world!

  243. The best gift from my husband was a cocker spaniel puppy. We lost our 15 yr old cocker the year before. I missed her and so did Coco our other cocker. My husband kept saying he didn’t want two dogs again. Christmas Eve he gave me a 2 month old cocker. We named her Sable. We have since lost Coco and in April we rescued another cocker. Her name is Harley.

  244. Ruth Uhrmann Limeburner on FB. A birth stone ring when I was much younger from my parents. It no longer fits, but I still have it.

  245. Best gift I ever received was from my mom. I had my first child by c-section at 40. My mom came out from Indiana to California, parked a RV in the driveway, and stayed for 6 weeks. She helped cook, clean, and took the baby so I could sleep. We made Thanksgiving dinner together and spent hours with that baby. It made my launch into parenthood beautiful and relatively stress free.

  246. The best gift EVER…..my beloved English Springer Spaniel! He couldn’t come home til after the holiday when he was old enough to leave his mom, but he was just the best gift and so worth waiting for!

  247. One of favorite Christmas Gifts was ticket to fly to Honolulu so I could go see Pearl Harbor and the Missouri. I had always wanted to go see these monuments of history. So very interesting and humbling.

  248. The best gift i ever received is my furbaby girl chihuahua Princess Gigi. Shes so sweet and loving and got me through my cancer and major surgery!

  249. I’ve got two best gifts ever received. Years ago, the hubs gave me diamond earrings for Xmas that I wasn’t expecting at all. I’d already received other gifts from him and then my niece (who was only a tot at the time) gave me a small package. I was a little confused until I opened it. The second best gift was when he got us tickets to see Madame Butterfly at the English National Opera. I’d always wanted to see one – that was Feb 2020, just before Covid really hit and the UK went into lockdown a month later. Best gift every given was very recently. I adore my in-laws. We gave them early Xmas gift of tickets to see Gregory Porter in concert. They were absolutely thrilled and loved every minute of it. <3

  250. I gifted my mom a wooden sign decorated with all her grandkids names and birthdays on it. She loves it a lot and immediately hung it up after opening it. It was awesome!

  251. When I was 18 and working in a hotel restaurant and going to college, I found I couldn’t afford textbooks. One of the waitresses heard about it and took me to the bookstore to buy my books. Still makes me weepy-eyed to remember her kindness.

  252. By far, the best and most memorable Christmas gift I received was from my 3 kids when they were all pre-teen. They evidently told their dad exactly what they wanted to get me when we were at the mall in Arlington, TX some 20 years ago, when there used to be a Warner Bros. store and a Disney Store within the Parks Mall. They picked out a pair of big, stuffed Scooby Doo slippers. They are the most comfortable slippers I have ever owned, and I still have them. I only wear them on Christmas Day through the New Year, every year! One other gift I received that is also most cherished, is a diamond heart pendant that my husband gave me on our 5-year anniversary. My engagement ring is a heart also. I collect hearts and he has continued to add to this collection through our 36 years together.

  253. The best gift I received was the chocolate gold-foiled “coins” in my Christmas stocking every year. You should have seen the face on the clerk when I tried to exchange the gold coins for cash. 😀

  254. The best gift I’ve ever given would be last year I saved up to buy my daughter a really nice queen sized weighted blanket. I love giving gifts that are needed and I knew the blanket would help her when her anxiety is high.

  255. The best gift I ever received was when my granddaughter gave birth to her son and my first great-grandchild on December 20. He came home in a Christmas stocking. He is now almost 18 and is a wonderful, loving young man.

  256. The best gift I’ve ever been a part of giving was when we rented out 6 cabins in Fredericksburg, Tx, so we could spend a few days with all of my siblings, their families, and our parents. It sits on 35 acres of land, and the 6 homes are old homes that have all been moved to the site from all over the country (like TN, IN, KY, etc.) The homes are from the 1700’s (1 of them was this old) and 1800’s (most of them were from this century), and furnished with pieces from that time. They have been somewhat modernized with bathrooms and sinks, but there are plenty of original elements as well (like a 150-year-old wooden countertop, complete with scars in the wood from an earlier time). It was a wonderful experience, and we treasured the time together with our parents and all 5 kids and their families. Both of my parents are gone now, so we only have memories left. This one will always be treasured.

  257. The best gift Ive ever received are Audible gift cards and the Audible annual membership plan. I love audiobooks, it’s practically an addiction and it’s great that my bf enables it hahaha!

  258. Best gift ever was believing my ex when he went to gf on Christmas. Later my eyes when open to what a horrible partner _ father he was

    1. I think my husband would agree the best present I ever gave him was a days tractor driving lessons. He loved it !! Best I recieved was him proposing to me on my 25th birthday xxx

  259. The best gift I’ve ever recieved was from my BF (at the time). He told me that roses were too expensive, so for Valentine’s day he took me to Las Vegas for the weekend and we went to a nice dinner and saw Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian.

    The best gift I’ve ever given (based on the sheer joy on her face when she opened them) was a pair of shoes I bought for my sister on her birthday. They were a pair of Converse style low top sneakers, in a camo print with Chinese dragons embroidered on the sides. I knew she’d love them when I saw them, but she completely flipped out when she opened them, and still talks about how that was her favorite gift ever, many years after the shoes were worn out.

  260. Years ago, my husband helped the kids make me a wooden board with clothespins attached that says “FREE DOBBY”. I loved that they worked together on it, were so happy to give it to me, and it still hangs in my laundry room with stray single socks on it.

  261. My best Christmas had to be the year I got married. Dec 23rd in front of a Christmas tree I said I do to my best friend. We were surrounded by our children and family. We got married on 3 days notice and so many people came. My in laws flew because of the short notice. But my everything was there when I got my new family. Best gift ever. Now 11 yrs later I am still happy and in love.

  262. The best gift I ever received was my kids. They mean so much to me.
    The best gift I ever gave, I’m not sure. I’ve gifted a car, a ps5, shoes, clothes. Lots of things.

  263. Best gift I ever received was a gold heart locket with photo’s of my kids and husband. My husband surprised me with it for our 10th anniversary.

  264. My best gift is when I found a new author at our favorite used book store. My husband took notice and when I worked two 17hr shifts in a weekend, he went and found all the books for me in the series that had been released so far. It was so thoughtful and I’ll never forget it.

  265. The best gift I had gotten was a puppy from my aunt years ago. Then I had to give her up before moving in with my niece, which I’m still angry about

  266. Best gift received surprise visit from my son and his girlfriend when I thought they weren’t coming home. Best gift given, garden light plaques for my dad, loved them so much he wanted more

  267. Best gift I ever got was 6 years ago for Christmas my husband was serving overseas and I was with him as a trailing spouse, we were assigned to a small island that had NOTHING. As in I would have to go to 4 markets just to find enough groceries for dinner. It was labeled a “hardship post” for a reason as we found! To treat me to a bit of decadence, he found out there was a plane that went directly to Australia once a week from our island and it only took 45 minutes! He flew me to Australia for the weekend where he surprised me with passes to be a “zookeeper for a day” at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary! I got to clean cages, prepare meals, feed the animals and even participate in the training. I had everything from koalas to pythons to take care of. It was amazing! I will never forget it.

  268. I am not sure what my favorite gift was to get or give. I think it would be hard to choose just one gift that was given or received. I could probably say the best holiday prank was for one of my bosses, I put 3 different kind of candies in a dish and he did not realize they were mixed until he put a handful in his mouth.

  269. My daughter made me a clock. It is this big box thing that spins on a base. 3 sides hold pictures and one side is the clock. It is not perfect and it is not exactly put together correctly. But I love it. It was made from the heart and will always be a favorite of mine.

    1. I actually have two favorites and they both happened last Christmas. First was my youngest son who is in the Army surprised me by coming home for Christmas. My whole family knew he was coming home but I had no clue. The second was a block of crystal that my husband gave me that has us and our kids etched inside of it. It sits on a lamp and lights up, it’s so beautiful.

  270. The best I every got was a gorgeous Diamond heart necklace, it was from my Deceased husband and I treasure that necklace everyday
    Thanks for a chance to win

  271. Best gift I got was my engagement ring (21 years ago). I told my now husband of 20 years, if there was no ring at Christmas, there would be no New Year’s with me. He has now had 21 and counting New Year’s with me.

  272. My best gift wasn’t a Christmas gift it was a mother’s day gift and I received it from my father on my very first mother’s day it was a necklace with a heart pendant mother holding child with mom written on it and a beautiful card.

  273. The best gift I ever received was my daughter. She was born before Thanksgiving after we had been trying to have babies for over 7 years! 13 years later and she is still the joy of my life!

  274. The best gift I gave. Both of my moms parents have passed on. She had this one old picture of her parents playing tennis that she always loved. I got a hold of it and scanned it into my computer. I then sent off for a paint by number on canvas that was 16×24 to be made. I spent 5 months painting this thing. Then I framed it and sent it to her for Christmas. She stared at it for probably 5 minutes without saying anything and then cried for another 5 minutes. She has since hung it in her bedroom where it’s the first thing she sees in the morning and the last thing she sees before she falls asleep.

  275. You asked for the best gift. I got … Was an answered prayer… I have almost lost my husband 3 times… He is by far a special person… I thank God everyday the first time he was fighting for his life in the hospital… I read you Mr. Series 3 times waiting for him to wake. 4 weeks of being in a coma… He is terminally ill but I just keeping praying for everyday. We know the this is a loosing battle for him but we keep the faith

  276. I would have to say either both my daughters because they came early 20th and 29 of December instead of January or my angel necklace and still wear it today its over 21 years old. Thank you for your generosity and chance. Merry Christmas!!!

  277. When my girl was 3 1/2, Christmas morning brought us a sweet beautiful Golden Retriever puppy with a big red bow on her neck. She recently turned 13 & has been the best dog ever♥️

  278. I would say the best gift I ever received was my son. My daughter asked Santa for a brother for Christmas when she was seven And holy cow if I didn’t get a positive pregnancy test for Christmas that year

  279. The best gift I ever received was my first Kindle in 2011. My sister and her husband gave it to me because they knew I loved to read. Since then I have gone through 3 Fire tablets and amassed over 1.400 e-books.

  280. Hi Julie! The best gift I ever gave were clothes and toys for needy children. Every year at work, we would choose boys or girls and get them everything they needed. Clothes, shoes, coat, pajamas and toys. This was the best for all of us! Just wish we could have seen them open their presents!

  281. The best gift I gave is a heart resin picture frame with my Granddaughter and her Great Gramma bonding for the first time.

  282. The best gift I’ve ever gotten is a great question. I can’t specify one because they all mean so much to me. Last year I ghost this awesome hoodie that says Be Kind. From the SunshineSisters.com. It was pretty awesome.

  283. The best gift I ever recieved was a framed photograph of All my Nieces ad Nephews.I have 16 Nieces and Nephews so to have them all in one photograph was so special.
    Merry Christmas
    Thankyou so much for the chance xx 💜

  284. The best gift I ever received was a book from my mother. It was sort of like a photo album and baby book all rolled into one. It had notes about what age I reached milestones, first hair cut, lost first tooth, ect. Also, funny things I said during my childhood and funny or happy memories my mother wanted to remember and share with me. She added to it throughout my childhood and gave it to me at my baby shower when I was pregnant with my first baby. I ugly cried in front of everyone I knew. It was awesome!

  285. Best gift I ever gave was when I finally got my disability and got hubby a Harley Davidson Motorcycle for all he had done in the 4 years previous !

  286. The best gift I ever gave will be this year when I give my hubby the painting I had done of him and I as a King & Queen straight out of medieval England sitting on thrones. I am so excited to give him this gift this year and the best gift I ever got was the paper flowers our twins made me when they were in first grade. I still have them in a vase on my mantle all these years later. Your candles are amazing Julie. You truly are talented.

  287. My favorite gift I received is every year with my husband and kids, materialistic was my.243 rifle and my favorite to give is every year I get to give my kids the one big thing they asked for.

  288. The best gift I’ve given is when my brothers and I surprised our parents and they thought they’d celebrate alone,

  289. The best gift I ever received was my son. At the age of 36 I had my son. Being older it was risky to get pregnant. But luck was on my side and my husband and I received the perfect child in 2008.

  290. The best Christmas gift I have ever gotten is the Snoopy lamp and phone. Everyone that knows me knows I LOVE Snoopy. My boss found the Snoopy lamp at a flea market in Chicago. I think the best gift I give every year is hiring the same Santa for almost 20 years. My step-mom LOVES Christmas. If my dad would let her I think she would have a tree up all year round. When Santa shows up on Christmas Eve she is as giddy as a little girl. She is 76 year old, so seeing the glee and joy on her face every year is just magical. My brother started joining us for Christmas Eve celebrations about 15 years ago (he is an adult) and when Santa showed up he turned his back. I went over to see if he was okay and he was crying. I just hugged him and he whispered in my ear thank you. Not only do love the joy this gives my family, but Santa has watched my family grow and change through the years. Last year we had to cancel Christmas due to Covid and my middle child, Storm, got me a Facetime with Santa on Christmas Eve. Yes, I cried. Merry Christmas to you and yours Julie. Thank you for having these contests. They are fun and I love taking a trip down memory lane.

  291. The best gift I ever got was the head of cabbage my husband gave me for my birthday. I laugh so hard I started to cry. You might say he has a very unusual sense of humor.

  292. My best gift received lately was from my youngest son. A Kindle Paper White. About 10 years ago I started reading books again. I hadn’t had the time sense high school. Having kids and allowing dram into my life I was quite busy. Now I’m older and have eliminated lots of life’s dramas I found I actually had the time to read again. I enjoy reading about the drama of others. Fiction or nonfiction. They broaden the mind. At least my mind. Thanks JA Huss for all you do!

  293. One of the best gifts I ever got was from my daughter. She said she wanted to have a girls night and check out a restaurant her professor mentioned in class. OK. Then she says, let’s dress up. OK. Then, since it was in Atlanta, let’s walk around and see what else is around there. So we walk up around the block and there is The Fox Theater. I love old architecture, so I wanted to check it out. We get up there and find out that Phantom of the Opera is playing! I groan and say, “Oh I wish I knew this was playing. I would love to see it!” We go in up under the portico and it’s crowded (i.e. almost time for the doors to open). I am looking up and admiring the ceiling when the doors open and Samantha gets swept up in the surge toward the doors. I tell her to step out since that is a line for people who have tickets. She pulls two out and says, “You mean these tickets?😱 I was stunned! Baby girl not only took me to dinner, but also to the theater for an early birthday present! I love getting gifts that I didn’t necessarily have to ask for.😁

  294. My best Christmas gift was a pair of diamond earrings my husband bought me months after I had my earlobe fixed. It tore through when I was very young and it cost way too much to fix then. When I was an adult I found a doctor who could repair it for a couple hundred rather than a couple thousand. So my sweet husband bought me a small pair of diamond studs so I could wear earrings for the first time in years.

  295. My best gift ever was a Barbie doll in 1960 when I was 8 years old- it wasn’t just the doll, but the box of clothes made by my mom- she even sewed a wedding gown with a train covered in seed pearls- what a lot of hard work she put into all the items- I loved the doll but the clothes were treasured for years!

  296. The best gift I ever received was an engagement ring and getting engaged for Christmas. It’s been a fun 22 years so far with many more to go!

    Love the candle pics!

  297. The best gift I was ever given was a bicycle. I was never able to ride it do to my cerebral palsy but I still loved that bike. That was about forty years ago before hand cycles ever came out.

  298. Best gift was when my husband got me my first ereader from B&N when they first came out. I’m was not a strong reader back then and I still struggle but have gotten better. When I hit about 35 I started reading romance and always carried a dictionary with me because I need help with words. When I started working and B&N on Christmas for extra $$$ we found out about them and he went in one day when I wasn’t working and got me one so I wouldn’t have to carry the dictionary any more I could just press the word and I could look it up.

  299. My favorite gift I’ve given is an afghan that I’ve cross-stitched for a friend. I also make homemade shortbread that I gave to friends and family each year.

  300. The best gift I ever received was a large stuffed lion for my 10th birthday. My mother had remarried and we were set to move to Canada from the UK. I was very close with my Aunt and Uncle and they gave it to me so I could hug it whenever I missed them and my grandfather.

  301. The best gift I’ve given is a trip to Disneyland. Making someone else happy is the greatest joy for me. And to share something I love makes it even better

  302. The best gift ever was my granddoughter om 26-8-2019 she made COVID-19 berable and she make me smile every day,she is sooo funny and smart 🥰🥰🥰

  303. The best gift I received was from my husband – he planned a trip for my Mother and I to go to NYC. We stayed at a posh hotel, enjoyed a broadway show and did after christmas shopping!

  304. The best gift I ever received was my 1st kitten; my mother finally gave in after YEARS of begging the Christmas I was 10–and a love affair was born! <3

  305. The best gift I gave my husband was a huge print of our wedding song with our names and our wedding date. He is super romantic

  306. The best one I ever got was my first Barbie. The best gift I ever gave was to my mom. When she was a child she wanted a Shirley Temple doll and never got one. I gave her one.

  307. The best gift I’ve ever given was telling my parents and in-laws that my wife and I were pregnant with twins!!!! The best gift I’ve ever recieved was autographed sneakers from one of my favorite athletes (Allen Iverson). Happy Holidays!!!!

  308. I don’t necessarily have a best gift I’ve received, but the best gift I’ve given was; I sent my father and his fiancé to Hawaii for a week as a thank you for everything he’s done for me.

  309. A spa day! Which Included a float. Omg it was the first time I felt truly relaxed.

    Him and my daughter made it tradition now. Whether it be a massage, float, reiki … Self care is the best gift!

  310. The best gift my husband and gave was to give a child a happy Christmas from The Salvation Army Angel tree this year. We decided instead of giving each other a gift we would give to a child everything that was on their wish list.

  311. I think the best gift I got was my family being with me on Christmas a couple weeks after we lost my dad. Time is special

  312. The best gift I ever received was the lumberjack Nutcracker my brother got me this year. He got it for me because I would call my husband a lumberjack when he needed to shave. This is very special to me because I lost my husband on November 17th.

  313. One year my boyfriend bought me every book in a special Barnes & Noble imprint of classic books and had them on a fancy book case he wrapped completely and placed so it was the first thing I saw when I came downstairs. No one has ever topped that one, especially since he has been known to be me an ironing board before LOL. We still laugh about his story of the clerk at B&N saying, “I’m sorry…. you want ALL of the books?” and “Do you understand how much that is going to cost?” (We were living with his parents at the time and we were young and stupid so he had lots of extra money that year.)

  314. About two or three Christmas ago. I bought my mum a record player. It looked like the old fashioned ones and you can play vinyls on it, but it also has lots of mod cons on it. My mum can record her vinyls on to USB and other stuff. She is very happy and loves playing her golden oldies on it.

  315. This Christmas I made my Granny a big collage of pictures of her great grandchildren. She has 10 with 1 more on the way. I made it a flower and each pedal is a different family of kids. She was really happy with it.

  316. Last Christmas my family was able to go to Texas and see my mom. She is bed bound and with our crazy schedules we don’t get to see her in person as much as I’d like. She reads a lot and who is responsible for my love of books. We got her a new kindle since hers broke and some gift cards so she could get more books.

  317. My best Christmas present was a trip to NYC with my Mom. We stayed at a posh hotel, saw a Broadway show, ate delicious food and shopped. It’s a trip I’ll always remember, especially since she past in 2018.

  318. The best gift I ever received was from my 13 year old niece. She took the money she had been saving to buy herself a new western saddle and used it to buy me a dog. Bella has brought so much joy to my life, I wouldn’t trade her for anything.

    1. I was married on Christmas morning. 22 years. Celebrity my anniversary with my whole family and the world. Truly awesome.

      I hope I got signed up for all 12 days. Not to sure I’m a truck driver & am electronically challenged.

  319. The very best Christmas present I have ever had was spending Christmas with my Grandchildren. I admit I can go alittle crazy with the presents 🎁 especially when I’m there with them, but to watch there faces light upwhen they look over the railing and come downstairs and open the presents. The laughter 😃, smiles 😏, hugs 🤗 and the craziness of the day….. There is just nothing in the world like it.
    Its been a couple of years since I have been able to go up. I also have a Fabulous gift with me, My 95 year old Dad. He just can’t make the trip up there. Its just too cold. So we stay in sunny Florida 🌞 to keep him warm.
    Thank You for this Phenomenal opportunity wishing you and all those you hold dear a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year 🎊🎉🎊
    And a Merry Christmas 🤶 🎄 🎅 to all. ❤

  320. The best gift I have ever received was from my dad and was a plush unicorn that he got during a white elephant. I still sleep with it everynight and I love it so much. I bring it everywhere I sleep; campus, home, sleepovers, camping, etc. I can’t sleep without now and let’s me have a piece of home with me even if I’m miles away

  321. My best gift? My son… He was conceived on Christmas Eve night/very early Christmas morning… He was definitely a surprise and I’d turned 20 that January, but he’s been the absolute best gift ever!!! He’s 23 now and still the best gift I’ve ever received.

  322. The best gift I ever gave, I actually give every year, each Christmas my kids & I go through the photos we’ve taken in the past 12mths & choose our favorite memories. We then make calendars for their grandparents & aunts/uncles. It helps us remember all the great moments throughout the year & share our precious memories with our loved ones.

  323. The best Christmas gift i’ve ever had was my dogs. Also my dog Maggie getting better after being paralysed just in time for Christmas was the most amazing thing ever!

  324. The best gift I ever got was my engagement ring. We’d been together a few years and had just bought our first place together. He’d been so adamantly against marriage the whole time we had been together so it was a complete surprise. 😍

  325. before id say my nephew gave me a rock when he was 3 he heard the diamonds comercial about rocks being special so he hunted for the perfect ones for my self my mom and his mommy so proud of him self he had his granpa help him wrap them was the most adorable thing ever other best gift would be my neice shes named after me and born on christmas day we nearly lost her shew a sborn still but they revived her but she had a collaped lung and ended up in childrens for it and rsv shes a fighter will be 11 this year and so sassy and sweet, Gifts of memories r so much better then things my better half wrote me a song the year my neice was born every year he sings it to me and her on her birthday

  326. The best one I got was over 50 years ago, I got a baby doll when I was 3 or 4. All these years later I can still remember my joy when I saw it.

    Best I gave was a joint gift with my siblings for my parents, it was a mystery weekend at a hotel over New Year’s Eve and day. My idea.

  327. The best gift I ever received was an airline ticket home. I’d spent the week up until Xmas one year preparing for a lavish dinner for the man whom I was dating. We both travelled for work, and when he returned to town Xmas Eve, he tried to tell me that at he hadn’t agreed to dinner and had dinner plans with somebody else. I was devastated and called my sister-in-law in tears. Well, as much as that had sucked, my brother and SIL buying me a plane ticket home helped ever so much more! Needless to say, the guy was history.

  328. I always appreciate all the gifts I receive, but the most special ones were the ones the kids made me as they were growing up. They were so excited to give them to me and so proud of their creations. Thank you for the chance

  329. The best gift I ever got was when I was 16, my first niece was born on Dec. 11th and was an early Christmas present. I love babies and always have. She was precious then and still is 26 years later!! The best I ever gave were a pair of portraits I painted of my Grandparents to my dad, they had both passed by then and he had very few photos of them.

  330. I think the best gift I have given was a vacation to Virginia Beach to my parents. I planned and paid for a 3 night 4 day spring vacation for them to relax. They really enjoyed it! Merry Christmas 🎅

  331. The best gift I received was a Sony eReader 15+ years ago. It’s pretty beat up now (I dropped it on a train platform) but I take it everywhere and it’s still working. Mostly 🙂

  332. Child gift 🎁 skis from my parents

    Adult gift 🎁 engagement ring from my husband

    Both gifts were the best at each time of my life ❤️

    Thanks for the chance .

  333. The best gift I received was my engagement ring. Still together 20 years later. Thanks for the chance. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  334. This wasn’t a gift for me or from me, but the best gift I have been a part of was in 1999 when my parents, aunts and uncles payed for my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary trip to Hawaii! We all went as a family and stayed at a resort together. My parents, aunts and uncles split all of my grandparents’ expenses. Both grandparents have since passed, but this gift is a memory that I hold dear in my heart

  335. The best gift I ever received was scuba diving lessons. It was with my then boyfriend who is by husband of 33 years and he was always so busy. The scuba diving lessons was dedicated time together doing something learning a new hobby.

  336. The best gift I’ve ever received was my son. He literally saved my life and turned it around for the better. The best Christmas gift was my iPad I love it! I can do everything on it including reading!

  337. My best gifts were a pink light up disco globe my aunt got me one year when I wad younger. She died when I was 12. And the last 2 books in the Twilight series in hardcover to complete my series growing up, along with the pins, book bag, and Twilight poster in the frame my parents got me. Thanks for all the amazing giveaways.

  338. The best gift I received was a sewing machine from my husband. We had very little money and no credit so I know he saved all year for it. 30 years later and I still use it

  339. I don’t really have anything material that stands out except maybe my Safari dinnerware set. My mom tried to talk me out of it, because she said I would get tired of it. Twenty years later, I still love it! It is sad that I don’t really remember most of the gifts I have received over the years. A lot of them were clothing and necessities, so they were not very memorable. However, I think my favorite gift ever was the Saturday father-daughter days I had with my dad when I was younger.

  340. Best gift I ever received was an iPad mini from my sister and her family. We don’t exchange gifts and they wanted to thank me for everything I do for them. It was a total shock!

    Best give I’ve given was a plane ticket home from his duty station that we bought for our son last year.

    I have enjoyed your 12 days so much and reading everyone’s comments reminds me we are a good lot of people.

  341. My best present I ever gave was a trip to Disneyland for my husband on his 39th birthday. I planned it all without his knowledge and even took a week off of work for him with his boss.

  342. Best gift I ever gave was to my brother. I bought him tickets to see his Drag Queen idol. I got him the full package, show, back stage passes and meet/greet tickets. He was so shocked he was speechless and that never happens!

  343. The best gift I ever gave was to the children at the children’s hospital I volunteer at and it was each of them their favorite book. The best thing I ever recurved was for my step children calling me mom one year after loving they’re gifts

  344. I just remember when I was 16, it was the first Christmas I had a job, and bought gifts for each in my family with my own money. I felt 10 feet tall and so accomplished. I’ve loved giving gifts ever since!🎁

  345. Happy December 12th Julie! Best Gift I think I’ve ever given was a gift I gave my mom a year or two before she died.. We worked for the same company and for my mothers birthday we all bought her her favorite yellow roses… I had gone in after hours and filled her entire office with the Roses so she was surprised the next day when she arrived!!!

  346. The best gift I ever received was one my dad got laid off right at Christmas I am 2nd of 8 kids so money was tight I had a kewpi doll she was well played with she needed clothes my mom crocheted dresses panties and hats my favorite was the bright yellow one

  347. The best gift I given was Foo Fighter Tickets for my Husband. It was for his birthday. I best gift I was given was my diamond studs that I always wanted. Thanks again for all these many giveaways.

  348. Best gift I ever got was the look on my parents face when I surprised them with new living room furniture for Christmas. They were shocked and so happy. They loved it, but not as much as I loved being able to give it to them.

  349. The best gift I have received was an original Nook ereader from Barnes & Noble. I used to own a bookstore (long ago and far away) and my apartment was a fire risk because of all of the books, however, my eyesight got to where I could no longer read regular books – the font is too small and the line spacing is too close for e to be able to read . My girlfriend bought me a Nook and I have been hooked! Thanks for the contests you run!

  350. The best gift I ever got was a ring from my son that has mine and his birthstone on it It didn’t cost all that much it just has a lot of sentimental value to me and I will treasure it always .

  351. The best Christmas present I ever got was probably jewelry, it was a bracelet and ring set that my son picked out and was so proud when he gave it to me.

  352. the best gift I gave was my son! he was born days before Xmas, first born son of our family, and first born grandson for my husband’s parent even though my hubby’s little brother got married first. And my son is also the first child of his generation from Hubby’s side as well, so he is a big deal lol

  353. The best gift I received as a kid was this huge Barbie Camper that I remember taking everywhere. And the best gift I’ve received as an adult is my mother’s ring.

  354. My husband went to one of my favorite stores and picked out a lidded vase for me. When I opened it he thought I didn’t like it because I got silent. I was so stunned that he had picked something I would have totally picked for myself. I love that vase to this day.

  355. The best gift I ever received was a t-shirt quilt made by my grandmother that contained important t-shirts that she, my mom & I had gotten over the years…including a Woodstock shirt from her youth, a Meatloaf shirt from my mom’s first concert & a “I love NY” shirt I got from our visit to the Statue of Liberty when I was 6. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen & sooo sentimental. To top it off, it was the last project my grandma completed before the cancer took her faculties and later, her life. It’s now protected in a safe place where it can be cherished forever. I’m currently working on one for my son, made up of t-shirts that I’ve bought from our trips/vacations together!

  356. The best gift I ever received was from my brother and his wife. It was their 25th wedding anniversary and they were going to London (we live in the US). They knew how much I love the British history and Royalty stuff. So they got me a ticket to go with them on their trip. At age 48 it will probably be the only time I will have been able to go. Best big brother ever.

  357. The best gift I ever gave was to my grandma. I had graduated university and she was in awe of my degree. She kept looking at it and
    said how she wasn’t able to go to school being from a large immigrant family. I made her a special degree for being the best grandmother. I used calligraphy and replicated my university degree. When I gave it to her, she cried and said how much it meant to her. The look on her face and how happy she was has stayed with me long after she passed.

  358. The best gift I ever gave was concert tickets for my daughters favorite singer. She was so excited – the look on her face was priceless🥰

  359. The best gift I ever received, as corny as it sounds, is my daughter. She is a December baby and she brought back my Christmas spirit too.

  360. The best gift I ever gave was fulfilling the Christmas wish lists of my children when I could as well what the wishes of kids on my churches giving tree.

    I’m honestly happy with any gift from my family. I love when they think of me.

  361. My paternal grandfather gave me my first instrument when I was 8 years old, it was a clarinet. I went on to learn 6 more. I gave me the gift of music, nothing ever surpassed that and I passed it on to my kids and they are passing it on to theirs.

    msredk at aol dot com

  362. I can’t think of the best gift I have ever been given or have given. I love to give gifts though. I love to give lots of little gifts all themed around what the person likes the most. I can remember giving my daughter in law her first kitten, that may have been the best gift for her.

  363. The best gift I ever received was my heart horse. My grandparents had brought him down for me to show in 4-H and they signed him over to me when I was 10. He’s 26 now, soon to be 27 and I have loved every minute I’ve had with him.

  364. I honestly can’t remember the best gift I gave because there have been some really good ones. This is my favorite time of year so I absolutely love giving gifts. My kids have been very blessed to have been given all they have and I can honestly say they have loved most of their gifts. Thank you so much for all these amazing giveaway opportunities! Your wood wick candle is absolutely beautiful!!!

  365. My first Kindle. I fell in love with reading all over again. And it was the perfect break from the kids. Made me a better mom.

  366. The best gift I received was an AMAZINGLY soft and beautiful Soft Surroundings robe 3 days after I gave birth to my first child. My husband bought it for me because I was nursing & it was November & it was the best thing ever. My daughter would snuggle in it and it became her comfort item too. Wait, was it supposed to be a Xmas gift? Oh well. Best gift I’ve ever given was “Angie’s Best Christmas CD Ever!” It was a mixed cd I put together in like 2005. People still text me at Christmas to rave about how it’s still the best Christmas cd ever.

  367. The best gift I ever received wasn’t really a gift. It was a phone call from the IVF clinic on Xmas eve offering us the next month cycle to do IVF, which was successful and we got our Son 10 months after the call. The best gift I gave was a quilt for home made quilt for my son. He asked for one on his Xmas list and he was so excited when he opened it 😁

  368. I suppose the best gift I’ve ever given was my time and hard work to my daughter. She needed a pasture fenced for her little KuneKune pigs. My husband and I fenced and crossed fenced her pasture so she could rotate their grazing.

  369. The best gift I ever got was my grandmother’s birthstone ring…I’m the oldest grandchild, so when she passed away the ring was given to me.
    The best gift I ever gave was for my mother….I made her a scrapbook of all of her children and grandchildren.

  370. The best gift I received for Christmas was my Kindle my son got me and with it a $50 Amazon gift card ready to go for buying and downloading to my new Kindle. He reads a lot too. He always gives such thoughtful gifts. Happy Holidays everyone!

  371. I’m a giver! I would much rather give a gift than receive. Last Year my husband and I were in a little diner in Branson MO for Christmas Holiday. I remember the weather was bitter cold and it was starting to sleet, so not many patrons in the diner when we went in. Our waitress was super sweet, and took very good care of us. We over heard her talking about walking home in the awful weather. Saying something about her car breaking down at the worst time. Of course someone working told her not to worry she would make sure she made it home. Anyway, I told my husband I wanted to gift our waitress. He asked me what I was thinking. I said well I have a $100 dollar bill in my wallet and I’m going to write her a note and leave it on the table for her, but I want to leave before she gets it so she doesn’t feel like she has to tell us thank you. My husband agreed. So he paid the bill, and I wrote a little saying on a napkin. I don’t remember what I wrote but something spiritual and from the heart. When my husband returned to the table for us to leave he handed me another $100 bill and said add this to yours. Yes he’s a keeper! So we scoot out and are headed to our car when the waitress runs out crying, telling us what blessings we are. She shares her story with us, she has children and had not had the money to buy gifts for Christmas and she wasn’t sure what she was going to do. Christmas was only a week away. We said our good byes and my husband and I drove away. Just knowing that we had no idea when we walked into that diner what we were going to do, and deciding to gift our waitress was just a random decision. Well this I will
    Say by far was the best gift I had ever given and honestly the best gift I ever received. The gift for me was the feeling I felt in my soul
    That I was able to bring joy and happiness to a stranger.

  372. The best gift I received was a mother’s ring with my 3 kids birthstones in it. The thought and planning that went into it brought tears to my eyes. I’ll never forget the feeling and wear the ring every day.❤️💚

  373. The best gift I received was the love of two very special parents. They taught me that there is nothing as wonderful as a loving family.

  374. I recently made a blanket for my mother with all of our old photos that I found. There were so many memories in that blanket. I restored the photos and put them all together. It was beautiful and I thought she’d cry. I nearly did!

  375. The best gift I ever received was a GB Packers blanket from my sister. The joke attached to it was the most memorable part… she had a co-worker sign it as my favorite player (at the time). I was so moved by the gift then she surprised me with the joke. Still makes me smile (great memories).

  376. My husband told me today that the Complete series on DVD of Monty Python’s Flying Circus was the best gift I ever gave him, then he added, “after the kids, of course.”

  377. I think the best gift I ever got was when I was 17. I had just gotten my license a few months before bit couldn’t afford a car. Couldn’t get a job without a car either. On Christmas eve we are allowed to open a gift. I picked the smallest gift and it turned out to be a car air freshener. Turns out my parents were giving me a car for Christmas. That was a big surprise.

  378. I would have to say probably receiving my engagement ring for Christmas. The best is that 43 years later we are still married.

  379. The best gift I ever got was my daughter Ashleigh ❤ She was due the 21st of December 1997 but decided she couldn’t wait and came on the first. I was told I would never have children. She is my miracle baby and our last name is Maricle ❤❤

  380. Best gift when I was 10. I had a beautiful China doll and my mom found a gorgeous gold plate cradle for it and a beautiful layette of clothing and on Christmas morning I woke up to that front and center under the tree. Needless to say my belief in Santa survived another year! As an adult every Christmas still having family around me, husband, children, mom, grandma and the best extended family of inlaws too.

  381. The best gift I’ve ever received was a wooden frame with my grandfather’s picture in it. Growing up he would always recite a few lines of Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost…..the woods are weary, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep. Miles to go before I sleep. My mom gave it to me for Christmas about 10 years ago.

  382. Best gift I’ve ever received; I have three.
    1. The year my son was born, he was my Valentine’s gift. Hubby and I started dating on Valentine’s Day and he was born 8 days before Valentine’s Day.
    2. The year my daughter was born, she was my birthday gift, she was born 8 days before my birthday. 8 is now one of my lucky numbers.
    3. This year I turned 50 and my family threw me a surprise birthday party and I will cherish that forever. To really surprise me they did it almost two weeks after my birthday on thanksgiving weekend so it was a real surprise. This is my first birthday party ever!

    Best gifts I’ve given:
    My daughter’s sweet sixteen party, she absolutely loved it and just the fact that I was able to afford it I feel blessed. I didn’t grow up with much so I’m glad we were able to give her a party that she asked for.
    My husband’s 50th birthday weekend celebration is the next. I had to be very creative and stretch the celebration over an entire weekend while in lockdown due to COVID. His birthday was in early April of last year at the very beginning of lockdown so we did dinner and a movie (at home) a zoom party and a cake cutting celebration separately. The house was decorated with balloons and the works. He was surprised and he enjoyed every minute.
    My son’s 21st is coming up but he will be away at college then so I’m already planning a fun birthday gift package to send to him until we can celebrate with him when he comes home. That will be on my favorite gifts list. He’s very low key so it will be a combination of activities like laser tag, paintball and roller skating. I love to see the smile on their faces when they are happy 😊

  383. The best gift I have given was The Christmas Story Leg Lamp to my husband who is obsessed with that movie. The best gift I have gotten was my 2nd son who was born on Dec 29th instead of in January.

  384. The best gift I have been given is my son asking for help and seeking treatment. We all know it is hard to admit we have problems and for him to do this, it is giving me hope for his future.

    Gifts can come in different ways. He stated if we didn’t make him talk to someone that he wouldn’t be admitting he had problems and wanted help. That was a huge step and a great gift.

  385. The best gift I received had to be my bathing suit. It’s like a surfer suit, but it’s also so flexible but doesn’t feel heavy, covers everything and is fashionable too, and comes with this beautiful one-piece and wrap-around skirt, so it’s a three-in-one! My second best gift had to be my Kindle, which my cousins bought and my best friends bought be a Corpse Husband cover to go with it, and even shipped it from overseas 😭♥ Corpse is a streamer, if you didn’t know 🙂 I’m terrible at giving gifts so I normally only do when someone tells me what they want, but if I know I’ll buy it straight away and gift it just for fun 🙂

    Also I love the Taking Turns series. I pretend I live in that world <3

  386. The best gift I ever received was my daughter. She was born at Christmas 30 years ago this year. 1991. Best Christmas ever! Thanks for that giveaway!💜

  387. My favorite Christmas present was from my oldest granddaughter when she was in 1st grade. She made a pottery cup that she painted and fired. She is 24 now, and I still have it on my kitchen counter with odds and ends in it.

  388. I think the best gift I ever gave was the year I got my kids season passes to the waterpark. We had a lot of fun that summer.

  389. I bought a “quillow” (a quilt that folded into a pillow) at a craft fair 20+ years ago and gave it to my aunt and uncle for Christmas. They both recently passed away, but they still had the quillow, which my cousin now uses!

  390. My favorite gift received was a hand crafted quilt from my grandma who has now passed away. My favorite gifts to give are the ones that are homemade and I craft them.

  391. My favorite gift is being together with my family on the Christmas morning and seeing the exitement and joy in my kids eyes when they are unwrapping presents. But if I need to name a materialistic present, I have always loved to get books, since my childhood.

  392. So hard to choose but the best gift I got was a book my daughter had made for me where she wrote all these beautiful words and thoughts and I just cherish it so much. As a parent we never really know if our kids know how much we love them or even if we are doing this parenting thing right, but it was this beautiful gift that showed me she knew and felt my love and she heard me when I’d talk to her and that she knew she has and will always be my priority (along with her brothers) and I knew that even past the blank stairs and eye rolls she knew she was unconditionally loved and that I’m her #1 cheerleader in life!

  393. The best gift I have ever received was my Kindle. My husband bought that for me in 2013 and I was like what the heck am I supposed to do with this, he was like play games or read. I did not read at the time and a friend of mine insisted I read Fifty Shades, been hooked since.

  394. The thing that comes to mind for best present are the calendars my girls made in preschool. They were full of cute poems, handprints, and a whole bunch of artwork by my girls.

  395. Best gift received: my first book. I don’t remember what it was, but I am so grateful for it. My parents instilled a love for reading and writing in me years ago and I thank God for it. Without it, I would likely be a very different person today.

    Best gift given: I technically haven’t given it yet, but I bought my mother three Willow Tree products! I am SO excited for Christmas this year – she has wanted a Willow Tree angel for years!!

  396. The best gift I ever gave was a Hannibal fanbook because that’s how I met my best friend. She was the person I delivered it to.

  397. My best gift was a concert ticket. John Mellencamp played in Düsseldorf, Germany (this was along time ago :-)) It was an awesome birthday present from my parents.

  398. Thank you for sharing ☺️ I can’t think of anything off the top of my head! I have serious memory issues. I like to buy thoughtful gifts that mean a lot to the individuals I buy for. I hate giving/receiving gifts on certain days of the year because it sometimes feels like an obligation and takes the fun out of it. I prefer to give/receive random little gifts all year round. It makes me happy just to know that we love and care for each other 💗

  399. The best Christmas was with my sons 💙 every year I had with them
    Love them so now.itnis with my grandchildren waking up with them Christmas morning

  400. The best Christmas present I ever received was from my dad when I had just turned 18. I had not seen my father since I was 12 and my father bought my airline ticket to come see him in South Africa. I couldn’t believe it! I would get to spend a month with my father, travel internationally for the first time ever, fly 27 hours by myself, sit in the cockpit of a super 747 (for three hours) and see the sunrise, and spend the best month of my life with my dad. Forty years later, it’s still the best gift I’ve ever received!

  401. I’ve gotten so many amazing gifts over the years. The best is the necklace I got from my parents when I got baptised. I was 11 and they had a pendent engraved with God’s name in Hebrew on the front and the date on the back. I almost never take it off.

  402. The best gift I ever gave was when I gifted my husband a star. I had a star named for him and I gave him that with a telescope. It was very cute and he loved it.

  403. My best gift was bringing my baby boy home from the hospital after a rough week following his birth! It was the very best Christmas gift 😍 he us 8 thus year 😃

  404. One of the best gifts I’ve ever received was from when I was a kid; it was Christmas and my aunt just filled a giant gift bag full of things she knew I would love (i.e. a journal, pens, etc.) and I did love everything. That was my favorite because a lot of thought went into it 🙂

    (Thanks for the chance to win and MERRY CHRISTMAS!)

  405. One of the best gifts I received is a Mickey Watch from my daughter & husband seeing how they both decided to get it for me. One best gifts I gave to someone would be my husband and crafted different photos of us onto coasters however he decided to hang all of them up on the wall 🙂

    Thanks for the chance.

  406. I’d have to say the best gift I ever gave was a digital camera to my mom. She was always taking pictures and epaulets have to send the film off and then wait for it to be processed and mailed back to her. Well she lost a couple of rolls of film that way. But since I have her the digital camera she is even more of a camera nazi than she was before. But I love her for that.

  407. My favorite gift was a special handmade memorabilia of our wedding and love. My husband doesn’t show it often so this was extra special.

  408. The best gift I ever gave was a Nintendo to my kids. It was their most wanted gift that year, and the most unexpected. Needless to say it was a hit and the whole family loved Mario Brothers.

    The best gift I ever received was a reel to reel tape recorder from my grandfather. It was the best gift. I recorded everything and every one.

  409. The best gift I ever gave was to my husband. It was a Garmin GPS long before smart phones and just shortly after the military released to the public the ability to pinpoint locations to within a few feet. We were avid backpackers then. My husband is a “researcher” when it comes to purchasing such expensive things. They were $300 or something for just GPS and tracking where you walked! Oh, but you could hold it in your hand and take it into the wilderness! LOL Anyway, I knew he had it narrowed down to this one, but was debating whether to spend the money just yet, so wifey did it! LOL When he got home from work, I had it behind my back and was bouncing. The look on his face was all the gift I needed in return.

  410. It wasn’t actually a Christmas gift, it isn’t even palpable. I few days ago, my parents, my oldest sister and my oldest niece surprised me at my place a couple of day before my birthday.

  411. This is kind of a hard one. I think any gift given or received is great. But giving to my kids that special toy and seeing their faces is always the best. One year my daughter wanted a Missy Kissy doll. We gave it to her and she was so happy. That makes it worth looking everywhere for the one special gift they’d like. I’ve also been given an e-reader which I love 😉

  412. The best thing I ever got was a Garmin watch and I’ve had it for 5 years and it still works and is great!
    The best thing I have given was probably something I got myself this year. I bought myself a ring and two sets of earrings that match and are my favorite color.

  413. The best gift I ever gave was a family vacation (cruise), extended to all of my children, their spouses or significant others, and my grandchildren. It was a once in a lifetime get together, and now that one of those family members has passed away, I’m even more grateful for the memories.

  414. I have so many here are a few… my husband gave me a Best Friends True Love diamond ring we had been married over 30 years at that time. Then after my mother died September of 2001 we found Christmas presents she had been buying throughout the year tucked away in her closet wrapped so that December we had here there in spirit. Plus anything my kids made or gave us.

  415. The best gift I ever gave… was actually for my moms 80th birthday this year. Got her the most beautiful gold necklace with a garnet for her birth stone. She had tears. It was awesome….I know those were happy tears.

  416. That’s an awesome gift. I bet she’ll love it. Let’s see, I’ve had several “better” gifts but my dad (who wasn’t really in my life) always gave HORRIBLE gifts. One year I wanted skates and shockingly, he got them for me. I think the best gift was my daughter had been wanting to get a cell phone but we told her not yet. Well they happened to have a deal where we got a free phone. Needless to say, she was in tears and ran and gave us a hug.

    Thank you once again for all of these giveaways. I hope you and your loved ones have a happy and healthy New Year.

  417. The best gift I ever got was my son. He was due on Christmas but he decided to come two weeks early so he could be home in time for Christmas.

  418. When eReader first my sister gave me my first kindle. All I could think of was all the books I could put o it. Have a Merry Christmas and Thanks for writing

  419. I love giving personalized gifts. Pictures for my grandma back In the day. Or personalized bags or pillow cases. Christmas for me is always about making other people happy and not about what I am getting.

  420. My sister’s cell phone was not working properly so I surprised her with a new phone and a tablet.
    The best one of all was when I was younger my sis and I got to met and talk with Billy Ocean when he was making the video to one of his songs.

  421. So, as I stated in a previous day’s post, we are literally this week spending the last days and nights with my brother who has cancer. This past week he declined really fast. On Friday, my mom gave me the Christmas present he had made for me because we knew it was his final days. He loved when I cooked for him and he always said I was a chef and not a cook. So he had a chalkboard made for me that says Chef Ronda’s Cafe. It was the best gift I ever received.

  422. My much younger brothers spending their hard earned cash to give me gift cards was a wake up call. They’re all grown up now! I was sorta touched by that.

  423. The best gift I ever received was when my son (he lived across the country in another state) surprised me one year and actually was able to come out a month before Christmas.

  424. The best gift I ever received was my daughter. Second best was my husband surprising me with a trip to the Caribbean for our 15th wedding anniversary. The best one I ever gave was taking my daughter to the Macy’s Day Parade.

  425. The best gift I’ve ever received was a big, soft, cozy Mexican blanket. I’ve had it for 25 years now, and still cuddle under it’s softness and warmth on a cold winter day!

  426. The best gift I ever got was a homemade vanity table my Mom made for me for Christmas and my father put to Adnerb (my name backwards) from the Easter Bunny. We had an argument about it, where my father lovingly teased me about it. Throughout the rest of his life he always gave me a Christmas gift from the Easter Bunny.

  427. The best gift i ever got was a certificate from my co-workers. Right after my dad lost his 6 year battle with brain cancer, they all donated to the National Brain Tumor Society. The best gift i ever gave would have to be when i helped my in-laws re-do their kitchen with my own blood sweat and tears!

  428. I think the best gifts 🙂 I’ve received was a coach purse my hubs bought me on his own and my nespresso machine my mom bought me 🙂 I was so surprised that my hubs went into the coach store for the first time ever to find me a new purse. That was really special to me 🙂

  429. The best gift that I ever gave my husband was two autographed framed pictures of his two favorite players on the Jets the year that I did this he loved it and was so excited I had major points for that meanwhile I worked with the photographer so I asked for a favor. I still remember the look on my husband’s face priceless

  430. I gave my mom a television that made her tear up. She couldn’t believe we’d spend that much on her and was so thankful since hers was dying.

  431. One of the best gift I’ve ever received was a gift certificate for laser hair removal- I cannot tell you how much that simplified my life

  432. The best gift(s) I have given was in 1996, that year we lost our dad in September and sister 6 days before Christmas.
    I put together a collage of photos of them and all of us through the years and gave to each of my brothers and sisters ♥️🥲

  433. My stepmother quilts Like with her fingers on a quilt square and a needle Not machine quilting at all She never and I mean never gives them to anyone. One year my brother husband daughter snd I got to pick from all of them as a gift I almost fell out in the floor So now I have two since the binges ones came woth my husband and I hooe they are passed to my daughter her children their children until there just qorn to shreds When my daddy died my Aunt gave me one of my mamaws quilts and trust me when I say it is old My daddy slept under it when he was a boy and he was 72 when he died two years ago i love these quilts and will cherish them forever BUT when my mom died who. I was 20 She loved to crochet snd has started a new throw My aunt Betty took. It and I had no clue and finished it and gave it to me Now that No one and I mean even myself touches. I know that’s silly but it’s thr last thing I saw my mom working one and I want it to stay perfect forever

    Thanka you for all the amazong giveaways you’ve done this year I hooe you and yiur family have the Merriest Christmas Ever

  434. When I was 17 at Christmas time I was on restriction and had been for 2 months (I can’t even remember why). I didn’t want to participate in our family Christmas because I was mad. My dad made me participate and had me open my stocking. in it was a tiny change purse with a key chain and a key to our VW Bug. Inside was a note that just said “Total Amnesty, Dad”. They let me take the car all day and go visit and have fun with my friends. Best Christmas ever!

  435. My dad gave me the money for my tubal reversal so that my husband and I can try to have a baby. This was huge not only because of the amount but also because he hated my ex-husband so much and believed that I shouldn’t have more kids with him, and by financially assisting in our endeavor to make little ones, he also showed support for our marriage. Having his blessing means the world to me.

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