I Am Just Junco

I Am Just Junco

Clutch~Fledge~Flight (1,152 pages) – the first three books in the epic science fiction fantasy saga by New York Times bestselling author, JA Huss.

Series: I Am Just Junco Omnibus Book 1

She is alone. Just a girl and her gun. Junco is a trainer sniper with a death wish because everyone and everything she thought she knew is gone.

And then one day she meets him. Tier. The alien with wings who seems to know all her secrets including who and what she really is.

And then she meets them. His team. And together they make nine. A very special number with a very special purpose in the world of winged aliens.

Suddenly the girl who was alone has eight men on her side. Eight big, strong, ruthless, winged men who will do whatever it takes to pull all their destinies together to save the only person who matters—Lucan. The fallen angel himself.

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