Winter Constellations

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Yes, I’m bragging a little because I spent fourteen (FOURTEEN) freaking hours marketing yesterday for various promotions I had going.  Simple Schooling released two new products yesterday – a printable Microscopes unit (now sitting at #14 at CurrClick) and a new Complete Course – Winter Constellations.

I made the original unit of Winter Constellations last year – as I did with all my “Classical Nature Study” units.  But I didn’t make an interactive unit on purpose so I could make some extra cash on the printable.

This year I’m tired of making courses (I’m just being honest) so I’m taking all those printable units I made last year and turning them into my new series “Complete Courses”.  So I rework the printable, update it, make a glossary and some vocabulary worksheets to boost the grade level, and then make an online course and republish under this new series.

So far, it’s working and that’s nice, because I have about 200 unit studies on sale and I’m running out of science topics to write about.

Anyway – yesterday I uploaded the Winter Constellations course, with the Microscope printable I should’ve had up two weeks ago, plus I have this big SFF promo that starts tomorrow for FLEDGE, plus CLUTCH is free until January 31, plus I sent out a newsletter to my Simple Schooling people, another to my CurrClick people, and yet another my Junco people so I could set up a freaking blog tour and cover reveal and release day blitz and all that good shit for RANGE.  I also made like six blog posts, some are scheduled for later this week.

FOURTEEN HOURS OF MARKETING.  And today I did like four more.  I’m tired of marketing. I have two stories in my head right now and I haven’t written anything in three days.  So I’m not marketing again until tomorrow, dammit.  (You thought I was gonna say never, huh?)  No, we have a big promo tomorrow.  So…yeah.  And Chinese New Year is coming and I always do a BIG fun unit on Chinese New Year for my SS people.  Last year’s was awesome because Year of the Dragon, right?  How cool is that?  And this year is the Snake – just as awesome.

Anyway, Winter Constellations is number one today – to my surprise, because my FireFox crashed as I was sending the newsletter to my CurrClick people, which means probably 10,000 people DIDN’T get the notice that it was on sale, and even though very few of the 25,000 names on that list actually buy stuff from me when I send those e-mails, it typically produces a nice uptick in sales.

I checked sales yesterday afternoon and Winter Constellations was at number 6 and I was bummed because all that work and I didn’t even get a screenshot at number one.  Dumb, I know.  But a little reward goes a long way sometimes.

But today – I looked again and I made number one even though the newsletter screwed up.  So I’m happy.

And that’s pretty much it.  I’m just venting and bragging.  Feel free to disregard the whole post.


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