The Thrill of Discovery

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If you’re a reader you know what I’m talking about. The thrill.  And actually, now that I think about it, the same thing goes for music.  Especially when, for me anyway, music and writing is so tied together.

But the thrilling discovery I want to write about today is the “one book” that catches your eye. Maybe it’s the cover, or maybe it’s the blurb – but whatever. It catches your eye and you take a chance on it. Maybe you have high hopes that this will be the next Takeshi Kovacs novel (my favorite literary character) or maybe you think it might be a fun, fast read.

Either way – you have hopes, right?


We’ve all been there. We’ve all experienced the moment when we know we probably won’t finish this book.

I hate that. I really do because I want to LOVE every book I pick up. But I just don’t. Most of them, I’d say, I don’t ever finish these days. And maybe that’s because books are free or so darn cheap now. They’re consumable in a way they never were before.

When I first got my Kindle I never thought to erase a book. Erase a book? Whatever for? I might want to read it again! Plus I didn’t know how to do it on my particular model. There was that.

But now that I’ve figured it out, that darn erase button has been going crazy.  Sorry. I want to like your book, really I do. I want it to be my first fling with Tak Kovacs all over again. But it never happens. Never.

There’ve been a few “almost” good books.  And those are fine. Beautiful Disaster was one. So was Angelfall. I actually really loved parts of Angelfall. But it wasn’t a great book, just a fun one.  I left a five star review, but I didn’t fall in love with the characters, not like Tak. (maybe there is no other Takeshi out there for me? So depressing.)

So there I am on nights when I can’t turn off my own stories, browsing Amazon looking for the thrill that will introduce me to my next best friend. And that’s why I read Indie books. Because while the traditional publishers over at Del-Rey did bring me Richard K. Morgan, what have they done for me lately?

Nada. They’ve dumped oodles of Stephanie Meyers wanna-bees or J. K. Rowling wanna-bees. And they’ve even stolen fun writers like Amanda Hocking right out from under me. But every time I go look on Amazon for “the one” I see the same old shit.

Dystopian was cool before it was popular. You know, back when it was REAL, the f-ing commies were actually coming to take your f-ing country. Now, people think commies are a myth or something. Or that group of drug addicts that hangs out in city parks and complains about not having jobs even though their parents paid for them to go to freaking college. It’s not real anymore, thus it’s not dangerous, it’s stinking Twilight with dirty streets.

I used to think dystopians had a message. And maybe they still do, but for me the message is – f-ing up America is cool. I’m not into that message. And even though my series deals with a post-war America, people got what they wanted and moved on. Built something new, albeit with lots of illegal bio-engineering going on – but hey. My people got on with life. Who gives a shit about the f-ing war that leads to the break-up.

You want to try something new? How about you think about what happens AFTER the war, huh? Try that on for size.

Anyway – I really did digress because the whole point was the complete lack of unique stories coming out these days. Personally, I’d read any book that held my interest past chapter three and be thankful for it, regardless of how they get to the market.

But what I’m really looking for is the THIRLL. I want a new Kovacs. Bad. I’ve read that series dozens of times. I need something new.

So I wrote my own series and populated my books with characters that would keep my interest and make me think about what they were doing and why they were doing it. You know, like books are supposed to.

I’m all ears for anyone, indie or trad, who’s got a good SF series that will hold my interest. If you’ve written it, hit me up – I’d love to hear about it.

Until then, I’m back on Amazon, cruising the “dystopians” looking for that one book that’s got a character I can love.

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