The Motherlode of Turkeys

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Yesterday was inspection day so I thought I’d chronicle another day in the life of a farm inspector. This day was pretty boring.  I woke up early, got distracted by e-mails and numbers and all sorts of stuff so got on the road late.  Forgot to feed my animals before I left, drove into Denver, thankful I’d be missing Romney’s motorcade out in Golden, picked up my state car (which was a Ford Escape Hybrid. I like that car, it has a USB port for my iPhone.)

I had to wait for the car, the guys were in a meeting. I was patient.  I got on the road about 9AM and headed up Colorado Blvd – past City Park where people were lining up to see Obama later in the day.  Then headed up the 76 towards Fort Morgan.  I stopped in Wiggins to grab a soda and some sunflower seeds, then again In Fort Morgan to fill up  the tank.  Whoever used the car the day before forgot to fill the tank.

Then I got off the highway and took a road east.  I have no idea what that road is called.  A number I think.  Made it to Yuma, turned South 59 and headed to CR 23 and went west to find the farm.

This farm has been empty for like five years, so there were no pigs there.  In fact, everything was pretty quiet.  All the farm work is done for the year, the winter wheat is planted, the stalks have been cut and baled into straw, and everyone’s getting ready to kick back over the winter. Occasionally when I go to this particular farm I get attacked by a rooster or a turkey or a guinea that lives across the road.  But someone over there must’ve built a new coop or something, because all the birds were in a pen.

In the spring and summer I often see baby calves and once a big ol’ cow came at me – she shimmied right through that barbed wire fence like it was a satin slip or something.  She didn’t attack, just stood there and looked at me.

But yesterday, nothing.

So after I drove around the farms and took pictures, I headed home.  I take a different route home, just straight south until I hit I-70 in Sievert.

This is where I hit the motherlode of turkeys.  I was pouting to myself because I had nothing interesting to show for all my traveling when a whole gang of turkeys showed up crossing the street.  I’ve seen lots of turkeys, and a few weeks ago I saw some pheasant that were easily as big as my roosters. But I’ve never seen such a large group.  These beauties were the Rio Grande variety, you can tell by the banding on their tail feathers.  I know this because last year at Thanksgiving I made an entire unit on turkeys. It’s pretty informative.  I’m gonna turn it into an online course in a few weeks.

There’s nothing in Sievert so I didn’t stop there, just kept going until I got to Flagler where I picked up some lunch at the I-70 Diner.

By this time it was about 2PM so I figured I could make it back to Denver before traffic and be home in Elizabeth by 5. I went pretty good until I got to City Park.  Apparently the Messiah had just finished speaking and there were crowds of people leaving the park to go home.  That was fun.  Thankfully, again, I missed the motorcade.

And that was pretty much it.  I took the car back, got my car, and drove home. We got snow last night, I guess that was fun.  And the power went out.  It was blowing like a blizzard last night, but this morning, only about 2 inches of accumulation.

Anyway, that’s a day in life of me.  Pretty dumb, huh?

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