The End of the World

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The End of the World as I Think itI was lying in bed last night and a story idea came to me like BLAM.  Ever had one of those?  No, unless you’re a writer, probably not. But anyway – I don’t usually write down ideas like that – I always come back to them somehow if they are great, and if not I replace them with great ones. But this one I wrote down.  Here’s the gist of it:

What if technology gets so advanced that people forget what’s it’s like to live without things like the internet?

And then I open my e-mail today and see this headline:

The Internet, As We Know It, Turns 22-Years-Old Today

And in reading about the birthday of the Internet, which happens to coincide with my daughter – who is 22 on the 15th, I saw this:

Wikipedia Goes Down: Internet Freaks Out


Just like I imagined it! But seriously, this is how the idea came to me, and don’t ask me why I was thinking about how to print up and lay out a print magazine, I just was. It was that twilight before exhaustion takes over and you crash. I was thinking about how to lay out photos for a magazine and I honestly could not even PICTURE a time when there was no digital means to do that. And I’m 43, OK. So I grew up without the internet and in fact, got my first internet capable computer in 1995 (Remember Windows 95!!!! How cool was it!!!)

But for the life of me, I could not imagine how you got those glossy images on to the page.  I still can’t. How did they get it all lined up without InDesign?

So naturally, being a science fiction writer, I started thinking of what would the world look like if we really did have no more Wikipedia, no more internet, no more instant access to information.

And my conclusion was – that would really f-ing suck.

I shudder, literally shudder at the thought of writing a book without my Scrivener, or not being able to have a website. Not least of all because my entire business is online!  I’d be dead broke because that little gig I have inspecting hog farms for Colorado pays next to nothing.

Where would we go for social connecting – I know some of you cynics out there are thinking – uh, same place we used to go. But that’s not true for me. You see the only thing within thirty miles of my neighborhood is a gas station that thinks it’s a pizza shop.

I already have my character for my next series of books and she kicks ass just as much as Junco, so this idea will have to wait. But it’s a good one – especially if you extrapolate technology out several hundred years and then pull the rug out from under them. I’m excited to find out but one thing is certain – if I’m writing this story it won’t be pretty. It will be one nasty turn of events for humanity and maybe, I’m not promising, but maybe, the hero we get to save the world is not quite what we signed up for.

I can’t wait.

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