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Just a shitload of news

Wow – what a week. If you’re on the homepage of this blog, you can see the post below was an announcement for my annual open house at Simple Schooling, which is the subscription website I run for homeschoolers. Before I wrote fiction, I wrote non-fiction. A lot of non-fiction. Anyway, I have two huge promotions each year. In May I run a week long open house where I let anyone come on the website and sample ten of my […]

My Non-fiction Books

I’m not sure anyone who stops by this blog cares about the science books I write, but I’m having a big open house on my website this week and maybe you know some homeschoolers, or maybe you want to keep your kids busy over the summer, or hell, maybe you are a homeschooler!  At any rate, this blog is in some serious need of attention, so might as well post this up today.  I actually have a lot of news […]

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I Knocked Myself Out of Number 1

I put out two new products this week: Tundra Biomes Nature Study Tundra Biomes Lapbook They are at #1 and 2 right now, after kicking out Tree-Leaf-Seed, which has been sitting there at #1 since the day I uploaded it on October 15.  I’m pretty happy with the run it had, considering the election is one week away and the current promotion over at CurrClick is for election related materials.  As you can see in the screenshot, All About the […]

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Non-Fiction Update

I finally finished the Tree-Leaf-Seed course.  I cannot believe how long it took me to get this thing done.  Too much narration for the activities.  Every time I get the bright idea that I’ll narrate all the vocabulary and quizzes so that the little kids can mostly do it on their own, I regret it afterward!  It’s so time consuming.  And boring. Anyway, this is the new promo graphic.  I’ll promote this next week, Monday I think, and it will […]

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