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Writing Tip Wednesday – Beginnings

Writing Tip Wednesday – Beginnings

Welcome to my brand new free course, The Perfect Story. This course deals with writing craft and it will consist of at least ten videos released every two weeks on WEDNESDAY. The other course released on Mondays, so that’s a new change. The course outline (at present) consists of the following ten topics: Beginnings Middles and Scenes Hooks and Endings Pov/Characters Settings/Series Pacing/Suspense Exposition/Dialogue Sex Scenes Literary Devices Editing/Blurbs As always, if you don’t want to remember to check back […]

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I Blame NaNoWriMo

So, I’m doing pretty well with my NaNo.  I could definitely “Win” if I wanted to. I’m just not sure winning is a good thing anymore.  Don’t get me wrong, NaNo got me to write almost 40,000 words as of today, but I think it came at a price. To my story. I was in a rush every day to get my stinking word count or make up for the previous day’s word count. So?  You ask.  What’s wrong with […]

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Plotting the Series – Fictional Characters in the Beginning

Last week I wrote about plotting the standard story structure through a series, this week I’m going to illustrate how you plot the beginning of the series as well as the beginning of a standalone book. Not all people hate a cliffhanger, but I’d guess and say most people do.  I do.  I really hate getting to the end and I’m left hanging with no closure.  And I know from reading Goodreads reviews that lots of people agree with me […]

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Plotting the Standard Story Structure

I haven’t blogged in a few days, but I have been writing.  I’m not making 2500 words a day, but close.  I write in scenes and sometimes a scene is just over and I’m not in the mood to start a whole new one just to make word count.  Besides, I have to have the scene mapped out before I can write it.  I never just make shit up as I go. I’m also more than 50,000 words into this […]

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