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NaNoWriMo – Day Two

DAY TWO!  WOOO-HOOO. I can see that this NaNo thing will get boring really fast so I’ll spice it up tonight.  I didn’t get 2500 words today, only about 1800. But I gotta think about the next move here or else it will be boring and I’ll have to re-write it and that SUCKS.  I hate re-writing.  Such a  waste of time. Anyway, Junco’s face is all over the place, but no one has ever seen my interpretation of Selia.  […]

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Review of I Am Just Junco at White Sky Project

It’s toot-your-own-horn day here at The Blog, so here I go.  I’m tooting! My blog tour with Bewitching Book Tours is wrapping up soon and I knew I had a review scheduled for tomorrow, but since this was Marketing Monday and I worked my ass off all weekend, I’ve been screwing around this afternoon, just looking for ways to get out of doing more work.  So I figured I’d hop on over to Leah’s blog and see if she posted […]

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Top Ten Attributes of Strong Female Characters

In my new series, I Am Just Junco, my main character is Junco, a nineteen year old girl who’s been trained by her country to be an assassin. She’s got mad, kick-ass skills, but she also has some not-so-kick-ass skills that come in handy in a stressful situation. She’s not your typical strong female character (SFC). We all know the stereotypical SFC, right? Katniss, from The Hunger Games – I’m sure she’s on all the lists for her archery skill […]

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Story Behind the Stories

Story Behind the Stories Have you ever finished a book or a series and wanted to understand more about the details behind the story? If the book is a series you can get this from the next book, but sometimes you get to the last book (or the book was a stand-alone) and you’re still left wondering about certain things. Take my series for instance. The I Am Just Junco series (Clutch, Fledge, Flight) are speculative fiction stories set in […]

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