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Marketing Tip Monday – Tip #2 – How to Sell books with a Takeover

Marketing Tip Monday – Tip #2 – How to Sell books with a Takeover

Well, takeovers are a touchy subject with romance authors these days. Ask just about anyone if they are doing takeovers and they will tell you no. They don’t work. But I’m here to tell you they can work if you do them right. I’m super behind on my current book so I’m going to make this short. So here are the secrets to a FANTASTIC Facebook Fan Page takeover. BTW, you can do this on your own page or a […]

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The Pros and Cons of Marketing Your Book – Marketing Mondays

This is a new series on the blog and it will deal with, wait for it…book marketing.  For this week I’m going to start out slow and give you the pros and cons of marketing your book or books. You’d think that there would be no cons, but that’s not entirely true.  I’m a big marketer – I’m into this stuff. I like to sit around and think up ways to get people involved in my products, and then think […]

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Fake it till ya make it

Friday seems like the only time I have to do any blogging for myself these days.  This week I had blog posts by Tier, Lucan, and Junco.  If you haven’t visited the website yet and read the comments under the posts, you’re missing out on some funny stuff!  These characters are so fun outside of the story!  Sometimes the blog posts are interesting – Lucan’s was this week (How to Make Junco Love You) but mostly it’s what the team […]