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How to Make a Book Banner for a Book Blog Tour

I wrote up a post about how much I love book tour banners over at new Adult Addiction and since I have Range and Magpie Bridge releasing on April 1, I went ahead and made up the banners to go with the tour that will run from April 1-30. I’ve got a lot of sign-ups for the tour – which is pretty cool because I was thinking if I got ten or twelve blogs to do a two week tour […]

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Anti-heroes in Science Fiction – Can a Girl be an Anti-hero?

Watch a special Christmas message from Junco and the Gang! I’ve been wanting to blog about this topic since last summer but I was just too busy to get it down on paper so I tucked it away for later.  But I’ve been seeing quite a few posts about what makes a strong female character lately, and while some of this fits into the anti-hero trope, really the anti-hero is a horse of a different color.  My favorite possibility for […]

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Building Convincing Characters and First Person POV

I love meeting new characters; in fact I can love or hate a book solely based on the characters alone.  The plot can be lacking, the setting thin, but if the characters are well-developed I’m typically a happy reader. This is because plot doesn’t get a reader emotionally involved in the story.  Sure, a twisty thrilling plot can get you excited or make you anxious or scared, but the only reason you feel those emotions is because you care about […]

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Story Behind the Stories

Story Behind the Stories Have you ever finished a book or a series and wanted to understand more about the details behind the story? If the book is a series you can get this from the next book, but sometimes you get to the last book (or the book was a stand-alone) and you’re still left wondering about certain things. Take my series for instance. The I Am Just Junco series (Clutch, Fledge, Flight) are speculative fiction stories set in […]

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