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Reviews by J. A. Huss

It’s toot-your-own-horn day here at The Blog, so here I go.  I’m tooting!

My blog tour with Bewitching Book Tours is wrapping up soon and I knew I had a review scheduled for tomorrow, but since this was Marketing Monday and I worked my ass off all weekend, I’ve been screwing around this afternoon, just looking for ways to get out of doing more work.  So I figured I’d hop on over to Leah’s blog and see if she posted her review early.


And it is AWESOME!

Here’s an excerpt:

It’s my review stop for the I Am Just Junco Dot Com blog tour! This science fiction series by author J.A. Huss totally took me by surprise. “Just Junco” turns out to be a foul-mouthed super badass heroine and the series totally kicks ass…

…What I really like about this series is the main character, Junco, who is truly a badass killing machine, but we also see a vulnerable side to her. We see how her life has been like since she was young and we see how things affect her. We see her being constantly barraged with things that could bring any person down, but we see her cry, get hurt, and bring herself back up. She is one character that you would truly feel and root for to the end…

…This series is a fun sci fi piece with a dash of dystopian and a little bit of fantasy. It really is pretty exciting and I can’t wait to read what happens next.


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