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I picked Human.4 by Mike A. Lancaster up in paperback because I thought my son would like to read it.  He’s not a reluctant reader, but he doesn’t read unless I make him do it for homeschool.  I like science fiction so I typically choose SF for him as well.  Oddly enough, he’s never once complained about my choices.

So I picked up Human.4 for him, handed it over, and he read it.  I asked him what he thought and here’s basically how that went:

ME: So, did you like it?

HIM: Yeah.

ME: What was it about?

HIM: Read it and find out.

ME: Was it like the Matrix?

HIM: No.

ME: Like Body Snatchers?

HIM: No.  I’m not gonna tell you, so read it and find out.

Yup.  Did I mention he was 15?

So I did read it.  It’s a quick read, only 231 pages in my PB copy.  And I did like it.  My teenager did mention that it started slow, and I agree.  It took a little long to get going in my opinion, but it picked up and got interesting once the action started.

I don’t enjoy doing plot run-downs, so I’m not going to do that here, I’m just going to let you know what I did and didn’t like.  Here we go:


Young adult science fiction – there is not a lot of this around so I enjoy the fact that it simply exists.

The premise is actually quite well-thought out I think.  I have two science degrees, so I look for that stuff. I don’t mind suspending belief in certain places, but there are little details that must add up or I can’t get past it.  Nothing in this book required me to suspend belief.  I like that a lot.

It was a clean read for my teen boy.  I’m the last one to talk about clean reads with my nasty little Junco character in my books, but I do actually prefer that my son read something with less profanity.

Changes that might make it better:

I did not care for the commentary.  I felt it pulled me out of the novel, however, my son never mentioned this and he’s the one that counts.

That’s pretty much it.

I asked him if he wanted the sequel and he did, but only in paperback, so I had to order it from TBD.  We’re waiting for it to come right now and then he’ll read that.  (And so will I because he’ll refuse to tell me anything about it!)

Until then.

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