Resolutions for 2013

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20132I hate making resolutions.  Goals, yeah, I’m on board with goals.  But resolutions never seem to make it back around to the next December.

I did, however, have a pretty successful 2012 in that I published three full length novels and wrote a fourth.  I started writing Clutch on January 3, 2012 and I published all three books on October 1 (actually, it was like September 19th I think).  So yay for me.

Nonetheless, I am now self-employed (with all the awesome tax burdens that come with here in America) and I need to get my act together.  I’ve always been productive, at least by average standards.  But I really need to get back to being a morning person instead of a night owl.  I work so much better in the morning and I love checking things off my list before noon.
Anyway, enough about my lazy tendencies, here’s what I’m resolving to do in 2013:

  1. Publish the last two Junco novels, Range and Return, and the new novella (title still secret- unless you’re James, and then he might have guessed because I sorta told him)
  2. Make a book trailer for Range and Return (and probably the new PNR series too – fuck, that’s like five trailers this year.  It’s a total time suck, so if I get rich, this will be the next thing I’ll outsource)
  3. Write at least two blog posts for this blog each week (Marketing Mondays and something else cool about SF)
  4. Build my Junco newsletter list up to 500 subscribers.  I think I’m at like 250 now, so this might be undershooting.
  5. Publish all three of the new/young adult paranormal/urban romance novels (titles still secret, except James, because I definitely told him this one)
  6. Publish two new units every month for Simple Schooling (one high school and one for the little kids)
  7. Buy Articulate Storyline…I have the money right now but I just can’t make myself click the purchase button…it makes me sick just thinking about buying new e-learning software.
  8. Redesign my SS website and move all my stuff and subscribers over to that new website.
  9. Start a new marketing website for authors.
  10. Actually keep track of my accounting stuff on the computer.  I bought Quickbooks, or whatever that program is called, last year and never even opened it.  I did install it, just never opened it afterward.  I hate dealing with money – I just want it to be there when I spend it. Why can’t that just happen?
  11. Get up at 7 every day.  Boo…I’m not liking this one at all.  I like to sleep in till 9 now.
  12. Go to RomCon in June because it’s in Colorado Springs this year and that would be crack-head insane not to go since I can see Pikes Peak from my window.  And maybe, if the RomCon is fun, go to the Mile-Hi Con too.  It’s at the Tech Center, which is even closer than the Springs, so…yeah.  No excuses next year.  I’ll have five freaking SF books out by then.
  13. EDIT: Oops, I totally forgot about publishing some smut to see if it sells. 

I think my list is overly ambitious, so I expect it will not go as planned, but I’ll be happy with eight nine out of twelve thirteen.


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