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I’ve been struggling with trying to get the covers for Clutch, Fledge, and Flight to print true after they get sent to Createspace, but it just wasn’t happening.  My awesome camera can make just about anything look good, but that middle book has a cover that is almost black in normal light.  Fledge and Flight were even worse.  No way was I printing them like that.

I enlisted Scarlett Rugers for some help in adjusting the color and her recommendation was spot on.  The third book is the one I’m going with – it looks light on the screen, but trust me – it’s perfect.  Thanks Scarlett, I owe you!  The files will get uploaded today, accepted Saturday, the proofs should arrive next Wednesday and then HOPEFULLY I can send these freaking things to the printer and get the paperbacks up at Amazon.

I’m done doing my own cover design.  DONE.  That really sucks all the time from my day.

Today is the Supagurl Book Blast – already have lots of posts up around the blogosphere, thanks to everyone who did that! I really appreciate it!

Monday is a government holiday and since I’m a government employee I get it off!  Columbus Day I think…I should really know that.  At any rate, it’s a long weekend and Denver has that big parade I never go to.  I once participated in the St. Patty’s Day parade, threw Mardi Gras beads from the top of a concrete pumping truck.  Since our truck was the tallest one in the parade the leprechaun danced on top of it the entire time…TMI, I know.  I’m running on no sleep, sorry.

This blog is getting a facelift from Rachel at Parajunkee!  She finished New Adult Addiction and it looks great, so now she’s gonna make this one look pretty too!  It needs it, bad.

Tree-Leaf-Seed is coming along.  I did all the audio for the vocabulary cards last night and today I’ll make the online games I think.  It should be out Monday if all goes well. I need to hustle up some products before December, so I’m not going to write much for the fourth Junco book this month.  I’m sending that little snowbird in a new direction anyway, she needs a little more fun and a little less killing in this book.  Course, there’s that revenge plot she’s hatching…she’ll make time for revenge any day.

Says it might snow here in Elizabeth over the weekend – that’s really early but I’m not complaining.  Bring on the freaking snow, this last summer sucked – no rain and 90 degrees for so many days in a row we broke all the records.  A couple times I was down in Lamar and it was 115.  That sucks.

Julie HussThat’s it – I’m off.  OH wait!  I  have a big Giveaway for Supagurl Tours starting today:

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