Friday Productivity and a Snake

Well, holy crap!  It’s Friday again!  What did I get done this week… I did an inspection for work yesterday and attended a meeting. (so fun) I played around on Goodreads, which I consider work 😉 because it’s my author page and all. I wrote a new fake blog post for Gideon I bought a new plotting book called Story Engineering. Really great book. I’m about to read it again.  First I borrowed it from Amazon using my Prime account, […]

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Friday Productivity Check

What the heck did I do this week? Well, here’s the run-down: Put out a new printable called Viruses Put out a new printable called RNA Translation Wrote and created an interactive online course for Viruses (Private link, sorry!) Wrote two scenes for the fourth book in my series – these are the very first two scenes. So basically, I started a new book. Wrote two blog posts on this blog (my author blog) Wrote two blog posts on the […]

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Publishing a Novel (or three)

If you’ve never self-published a book then you probably won’t be interested in this blog post, but just in case you’re thinking about doing what I’m doing (publishing three books at the same time!) I’m gonna give you the skinny on what it’s like. Self-publishing is not the “easy way out” that some might think it is. Sure, you can slap together a PDF of just about anything and upload it to Amazon and take your chances. But that’s not […]

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The Thrill of Discovery

If you’re a reader you know what I’m talking about. The thrill.  And actually, now that I think about it, the same thing goes for music.  Especially when, for me anyway, music and writing is so tied together. But the thrilling discovery I want to write about today is the “one book” that catches your eye. Maybe it’s the cover, or maybe it’s the blurb – but whatever. It catches your eye and you take a chance on it. Maybe […]

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I’m So Excited to be Blogging! YEAH!

Not. I hate blogging and I’ll tell you why. Number Uno – I can never keep up with it.  I start out with the best intentions but you know what happens, you get tired of trying to think of things, the dog gets an ear infection, your new book needs to be edited, blah blah blah. Numeral Two – I don’t get WordPress. I’m a Joomla guru through and through, but WP – just not my thing. Three – Uh, […]

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