OFFICIAL Release Day for Clutch

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Yes, I know it’s been out for two weeks already, but today was the official date that I had in my head when I started this little fiction writing venture at the beginning of the year.

What a FANTASTIC day for me!  Seriously, I woke up to a really great review from Kat over at The Book Tart.  Just amazing review that made my whole day.  Then I got a really awesome Goodreads message from a fellow author, Christi Snow, who picked up all three books and is reading her way through them right now.  So that was just the cherry on top for me!

I’m sure well-established authors get lots of nice letters like that, so eventually it might get boring or maybe just not as amazing.  But I get plenty of letters from my non-fiction stuff and each and every time it really makes my day so much brighter.  I will never stop appreciating these moments that come from readers.  And in fiction it is so much more meaningful. Not that it’s not meaningful when people like the science textbooks I write, but it’s not the same as creating a whole cast of characters and then dragging them through story after story of heartbreaking conflict.  It’s just not!

So anyway – it was a big day for me.  There are more reviews up on Goodreads now, but I can’t see them yet due to the infamous lag time they have.  Soon though.  Maybe tomorrow I will wake up and have another fabulous day!  One can hope!

And I made six, yes count them, SIX sales today!  🙂 Yes, I know – six is not a lot. But it’s better than zero and I got yet another sale from Germany.  Thank you, thank you to whoever is promoting my books over in Europe. Some self-pubbers like me never make a sale in Germany and I’ve made several and I’ve only been at this two weeks!

Ditto for the UK.  Now, James and RJ (illustrator and editor) are both in the UK, so maybe they’ve mentioned it to people.  At any rate, I’m making consistent sales in the UK and that’s pretty cool.

The release day blitz with Bewitching Books went well. I got some newsletter sign-ups and Facebook likes, website visits and so on.  The next blitz is with Heather over at Supagurl Tours on October 4th.  She’s so cool.  Love her and her tours.

Parajunkie Design for New Adult AddictionAlso, I got a nice surprise last Friday when Parajunkie e-mailed and said my spot on her web design waiting list was up!  Yay!  So I started a new blog called New Adult Addiction.  She’s working on it right now (preview left) and it looks soooooo sexy and fun!  Not like any of the other websites I run.

After stalking all these book bloggers for months trying to figure out how to get my book in front of them, I decided this little world of book blogging was too good to stay on the sidelines.  They all just look like they’re having so much fun!  So, New Adult Addiction will be my book blog, not for my books, but to review other new adult books from Indie pubbers.  I can’t wait for that.

Tree - Leaf - SeedWell, I totally 100% shirked off my other duties today. And I got no sleep last night, maybe too excited, even though I didn’t feel excited, I must’ve been. So, tomorrow it is back to the grindstone. I have a non-fiction online course coming out called Tree-Leaf-Seed that is just adorable for the little early elementary kids.


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4 responses to “OFFICIAL Release Day for Clutch

  1. Julie

    Thanks James, of course got a bad review today! But ah well, what can you do – these books are definitely not for everyone, that Junco is a pretty nasty girl after all. 😉 Book four is almost halfway completed, so I’m definitely looking forward to the next cover. And here’s something funny – do you know that you and my editor, RJ live in the same town? How weird is that? Of all the people in the world I hire you two, and then you live in the same town…I just think it’s strange! 🙂

  2. *ack* what a surprise to see my name here (and fun…as a new author too!!) Okay I just finished book #3….*sob* OMG, I am emotionally SHATTERED!! Tell me book #4 is out soon… next week soon…OMG. This series is so good, but I really need to go find my happy place now. You’ve definitely left me with a book hangover. My reviews will be up on Smitten with Reading on Friday…all three books earned variations of an A rating. Such an amazing series!! Seriously….

  3. Julie

    Christi – you made my whole day already! 🙂 Thanks a bunch for your really nice words. Book four is about halfway through the first draft and is planned for release about April 1, 2013. If you want an ARC, those will probably go out late February. Just let me know and I’ll send you one. 🙂