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JA Huss Non-Fiction

I finally finished the Tree-Leaf-Seed course.  I cannot believe how long it took me to get this thing done.  Too much narration for the activities.  Every time I get the bright idea that I’ll narrate all the vocabulary and quizzes so that the little kids can mostly do it on their own, I regret it afterward!  It’s so time consuming.  And boring.

Simpel Schooling Tree-Leaf-SeedAnyway, this is the new promo graphic.  I’ll promote this next week, Monday I think, and it will be number one on CurrClick by Wednesday.  Actually, I predict number one on Monday afternoon, but if I get to over-confident it’ll never happen and I’ll have to be humbled back down from science-unit-study-goddess status.  But the truth is, I have a sure-fire method to get that number one spot, it’s not magic, it’s not quality (although my shit is pretty dam good) – it’s just a very simple formula that I figured out last year.  It works every time.

I Am Just Junco has sold 53 copies this month so far and 40 the last week or so of September, so almost 100 copies in three weeks.  Not too bad!  I’m happy with that.  The reviews are going well…especially on Goodreads.  Boy, I sure wish everyone who left a review on Goodreads would leave one on Amazon, but they don’t.  Only like 10-20% of them leave an Amazon review.  Oh well, what can you do?

The second Supagurl book blast for Fledge took place today.  I was seriously worried about releasing that book because it is so f-ing violent.  RJ even warned me that some people might simply reject one particular scene and not read on, but it’s funny, no one has even mentioned that scene.  Like at all.  Junco is horrible; I barely liked her after that scene, yet nothing? I don’t get it.  And actually, now that I think about it, this book has the highest reviews.  It does have one two-star, but most of them are five stars.  People really seem to like Fledge.  I like book three the best because it has Junco’s back story…and Gideon.  I love Gideon. 🙂

This blog got a makeover!  It’s not finished yet, but still – pretty cool!  Parajunkee again…she’s pretty good at this shizz.

Oh, and, LOL…it’s really not funny, but whatever.  I had my mid-year review for my “real” job yesterday.  We met at a Starbucks in Littleton so I didn’t have to drive all the way into the office in Denver…that was nice.  But she probably wanted me in a public place so I couldn’t make a scene…I suspect that had something to do with it.

Anyway, my job is probably gonna be phased out.  Sure, they’re gonna offer me another job.  A better job, actually – double the pay, but double the hours, too. And I’d be inspecting dairy farms as well as the hog farms.  Which is not bad, I like the dairy biz, I love cows and all, but I’m not gonna take it.  It’s time to leave the government job behind, I think.  I’ve been driving all over Colorado for six years now, I’ve looked at thousands of farms, and I’m about tired of bouncing around in trucks off-road for ten hours a day. I will miss those guys out east, but I cannot even fathom driving into Denver every day (one hour each way with no traffic) and working in a cubicle with fluorescent lights above me.  So, we’ll see. I might be writing full-time by January.

Welp, that’s my update.  Until next time…

Julie Huss

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