NaNoWriMo – Day Two

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I can see that this NaNo thing will get boring really fast so I’ll spice it up tonight.  I didn’t get 2500 words today, only about 1800. But I gotta think about the next move here or else it will be boring and I’ll have to re-write it and that SUCKS.  I hate re-writing.  Such a  waste of time.


Anyway, Junco’s face is all over the place, but no one has ever seen my interpretation of Selia.  Selia has gone through some changes in this book, so this Selia and the Selia of past books are not the same.  But here she is in RANGE.

OK, so this scene involves Selia and Junco. They just escaped a battle and are in the desert.  (Yes!  They went from space to desert in >2000 words!)  Actually, Selia wasn’t in the scene I posted yesterday, but she shows up today.  I’d put her grand entrance in the sample today, because really that was the best part of these scenes, but she’s way too F-ing cool in that scene, must save it for the book.  So anyway, Selia and Junco, in the desert, where they are about to enter a raging underground party. Trying to find a way to get to Vegas.

Selia stands, wobbles a little, then shrugs off her backpack and starts to untie the sparkly gold halter top she’s sporting. Her bottom half is a micro mini made of leather.

My eyes follow her tanned legs down to her high heels.


She’s fussing with the spaghetti ties that wrap around her waist now. “Huh?”

“Did you just go into a firefight dressed like a whore?”

“Shut up and gimme your shirt.”

I”m shaking my head when she flips my arms up and yanks my sniper tee off my body.

“Shit, Selia, you really gotta stop undressing me like this.”

She stuffs her shirt in my hands. “Now put that on and take off your pants.”


In the end I’m the one who looks like a whore and Selia has on my sniper tee, although she’s cut the sleeves off and made it shorter so her belly button shows, her black mini, and my combat boots.

I’m wearing that ridiculous gold halter, her high heels, and she’s cut my perfectly good avian light armor pants into shorts that practically go up my butt crack.

I take a few hesitant steps towards the dirt alley between the parked cars. “I can’t walk in these heels, Selia. Trade me.”

“No, Junco. People will associate these field boots with the military and we need them to see you as anything but military. Besides, they’re not heels, they’re wedges.”

I shake my head at her. “The fuck are you talking about?”

She squeezes my lips together and paints on some bright red lipstick. I just roll my eyes. “I’d really like to know what your plan is, Sel, because if you think I’m gonna fuck strangers to get something, I’d rather just kill them.”

She lets out a little laugh before she can lock it down. “Junco, we just need a freaking ride to Vegas. Just be pleasant and follow my lead, we won’t need to do anything, but we have to look like we might. We just need a ride.”

“If you say so, but if they touch me I will not be responsible for—”

“You will not,” she emphasizes, “kill anyone tonight, Junco. If you do we’ll blow everything. If we didn’t need to be careful and avoid detection I’d just steal this fucking truck and we’d be on our way. But we need a ride that cannot be traced, understand?”

I wave her on.


Like she’s the grand pooh-bah of tactical war games or something. I’m the queen of war games. Hell, I’m the Goddess of War Games.

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