NaNoWriMo – Day Three

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JA Huss FictionDay Three

I did 1922 words today but it seriously took me all day to get this scene down in my head before I started writing. The previous scenes were action, which rarely involves theme in my writing. But today was a slowdown scene, you know – those scenes in between the action where characters reflect and think about the bigger picture. That’s what this scene was.  I started planning it this morning around 6 AM and it took me until 9 PM to be ready to write it.  Then it all came out in about 45 minutes. This is how I write all my books. I have the scene completely mapped out and then I just sit down and make it real.

Theme is big in my books and there is nothing, and I do mean this literally, nothing in my writing that is superfluous. Everything has a meaning attached to it, so when I get to a scene that involves theme, it takes longer to plan. I have to get the symbolism right, I have to research things, I have to look back to previous books to see how it fits in to the overall arc of the storyline, and I have to assign dialog to characters.

In the scene I wrote today I introduced a brand new character.  In fact, I made him up early this morning but it took me all day to figure out what his purpose was and what he could say to Junco without making things obvious.

I’m a stickler for that – these book are ALL about the End of Days, but those words do not even appear until book three, Flight.

I Am Just Junco is all about the apocalypse, I just never spell it out because I’m not writing this very twisted character arc and storyline to spoon feed people answers, I’m here to tell the story from the POV of a girl who has no idea what’s going on.  Which means the reader won’t get it until Junco does.  And she has a propensity for dodging the truth whenever she can so this story requires some patience.

Some people will probably hate that. I don’t care, it’s just how it is.  I did take the reader into consideration when I planned the series and that’s why I released the first three books all at one time.  Books one to three are all about Junco coming to terms with reality.  Book four starts a new plot which finally involves some apocalyptic scenes and how Junco deals with her past and moves into the future.  Book five wraps up the entire End of Days plot – one way or another.

I can’t post very much of this scene because it has so much meaning, but I’ll introduce you to the new guy.

Meet Caleb…

I hear soft footsteps behind and stand up in ready position. It’s just the tall guy I was avoiding before.

“Ah,” he says. “Then you’re not deaf as well?”

“I’m not a mute, either. She tends to lie a bit.” I sit back down and continue my survey of the sky.

“Mind if I sit?”

I shrug. “Mountain Republic is still a free country, right? Sit if you want.”

“Not interested in the party?”

“I’m cold, that’s all.”

He walks out in front of me a few paces and then takes a seat on a small rock. “Your friend back there told me your name, but I’m not interested in her lie. So, you wanna tell it to me? Or should I guess?”

I look him in the face. He’s got light brown hair from what I can tell and the firelight dances across his face in a way that creates shadows over his eyes, preventing me from seeing their true color. He’s wearing a white tee shirt and a pair of jeans with those sneakers that are so popular in the Utopias.

“Go ahead and guess.”

He smiles. “You have so many names it’s hard to know where to start, right Junco?”

Fuck! How do they always recognize me? It makes no sense, I barely recognize myself. “Well, I can tell you right now it’s not Junco.”

“No?” He asks. “How about the Seventh Sibling? Or the Lion, that one was popular for a while. The Wind of Vengeance? Snowbird? Nine? Seventh Evil Demon? I hear the newest one is Goddess. So which of those are you, exactly?”

I look back at Selia in a panic. She’s not even there!

“She’s fine, with Jacob.”

I turn back to him and narrow my eyes. “What do you want?”

“I told you, I want your name. Who are you?”

“You know who I am, so I’ll ask you again. What the fuck do you want.

“I know who you are, yes. But you have no idea, so let me say it real slow, OK? Who are you?”


“You’re not Isten, that’s for sure.”

I feel the tears well up in my eyes and swallow to prevent the ache from invading my throat.

“Who are you?”

“I don’t know. Tell me,” I say looking up at him, “who am I?”


“I choose nothing. I’m not anyone. I’m nothing right now. Who the fuck are you?”

He smiles and it gentles my anger. “I’m Caleb, Junco. Do you know who Caleb is?”

There are probably millions of Calebs in the world but I know exactly which one he’s talking about. “A spy.”

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