MARKETING MONDAYS: How to Use Goodreads as an Author

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Yes, this post is like two months overdue.  I’m so freaking busy it’s unbelievable and I did make a video to put up, but I forgot to do something in Camtasia, then YouTube wouldn’t accept it, and I said screw it.

I was just over at Kindle Boards reading a thread about the NYT doing an article on Goodreads, and as per usual, people started talking about how hard it is to navigate.  I don’t understand this but here’s what I’ve done, I am not doing a video – I seriously have no time for that, but I did take some screenshots and I’m gonna walk you through it step by step.  Once you see how easy it is, you’ll be like – yeah, that’s easy.

How to use Goodreads as an author:

Create a GR account and log in

Follow the directions for getting an author account here – The link to get to this page is at the BOTTOM of every page on the GR site – see image below:

Go to your homepage by clicking the HOME link on the top menu.  All the important stuff, besides becoming an author and advertising, is located on this ONE TOP MENU at GR.  There’s really no other place to look for stuff.

Use the SEARCH to find books or authors

Use the EXPLORE tab to find Lists, Giveaways, and other cool stuff. 

Use the tabs that say UPDATES and DISCUSSIONS to switch what you’re viewing on your home page. 

Click your PROFILE PICTURE to go to your PROFILE, use the drop down arrow to change your profile settings and add your picture. 

Click HOME whenever you want to come back to this page. 

Add books you’re reading to the CURRENTLY READING SECTION and update your STATUS on your reading progress there. 

Unless you change your setting in your profile, most of what you do on GR is broadcasted to your feed.  This means your fans and friends will see most of it, while those following your reviews will only see books that you review.  REMEMBER: You have a space to review your own book.  DON’T WASTE IT!!!!  You don’t have to use that space to review your book, you can put ads in there or leave messages for readers browsing that book.  I use mine for all sorts of stuff.


My review for Clutch has a flash banner in it and a different blurb – I also put up notices for sales and free days…

FROM YOUR HOMEPAGE: Click the GO TO YOUR DASHBOARD LINK to go to your author dashboard.  Here you can see your stats.

Back on your homepage, if you click your picture, you’ll go to your profile – you have a special profile as an author – DON’T WASTE IT!!!  Add your blog feed, add your twitter account.  Make all this stuff automatic so you get your profile updated without even thinking about it.

You can also add videos, see your own feed, and keep tabs on your friends and fans:

And lastly – you can enter giveaways, host giveaways of your books, and vote on lists.  You can vote on your own book in the lists as well, make sure you do!  Use the EXPLORE tab in the TOP MENU to find GROUPS, LISTS,and GIVEAWAYS.

If your book is high enough on a list, then your cover will be displayed on every page that has that list on it.  If you’re in the top  five of a good list and the books around you are high ranking, then your book gets free exposure with these books. 

Lists are displayed on the book page, just click your cover and you’ll go to your book page.  This is where all your reviews are.  The book page also shows the lists your book is in and if you’re running a giveaway.

OK, that’s pretty much it.  Goodreads is your friend.  Use it.  🙂  IF YOU GET LOST, JUST CLICK THE HOME BUTTON IN THE TOP MENU AND YOU’LL GO BACK TO YOUR HOMEPAGE:


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