Manic – Rook and Ronin, Book Two

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I don’t have the blurb ready yet, but of course I’ve made yet another banner! I love book banners! I just sent in an order for swag, too. Bookmarks to start out. And the Tragic paperback proof came in today. It looks fabulous, so that will be approved tonight and be available at Amazon soon. I’ll give you a sneak peak at the Tragic side to the bookmark, but the Manic side will have to wait for the cover reveal on June 17th!

This cover has been through so many revisions.  Since I made the Tragic one I decided to make all the covers for this series.  Normally I don’t do that, I use professionals. But I’m pretty happy with how they came out.

Next week I’ll be making the trailer for Manic as well. I love making trailers and I’ve had this AE template picked out since I made the Tragic one.  it’s upbeat and fast, very exciting, like Rook’s life in book two.

Tragic is getting some awesome reviews, both on Goodreads and Amazon.  i wish everyone on GR would post an Amazon review, but I realize that some of the readers over there are kids so maybe they don’t have an Amazon account. Or international. Either way, I’m happy about the release.  Over the weekend Tragic was on three best-sellers lists and since you have to have a  picture or it never happened, I took one. (Ten, actually!)



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