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Hey everyone – just wanted to fill you in on the MANIC release news for this week.  There’s lots of stuff happening over the next seven days, so get the full scoop here!

First of all, Manic will probably go live Thursday early AM on Amazon.  I will try to make sure that Barnes & Noble and KOBO are also live at that time, but sometimes they take a few extra days.

The paperbacks are little more iffy – I still have to approve the final proof, and I have to make changes because I noted a mistake on the page headings, so as soon as the first proof gets here, I will upload the new file and approve it.  Lightning Source is pretty fast about putting those up.

OK – here’s the real news…  There is a book three teaser at the end of Manic.

A full chapter – 2600+ words.

It’s not been edited, so bits of it might change, but for the most part, that’s what the first chapter of PANIC looks like.  Also, I will be sending out special teasers in my author newsletter every week starting in mid-August so if you haven’t signed up for the newsletter and would like to get updates and teasers for PANIC (and the other two spin-off books that will be coming out starting in January 2014) then go ahead and sign up here.


The back cover blurb will also be out on release day, so you’ll get a hint of what’s coming up for Rook and Ronin in the final book, which will release October 24th.  I’ve already finished the cover and that will be revealed some time in September, just as the tour opens up for ARC reviews.

Tomorrow (Monday) I will do a paperback giveaway for Losing Francesca, which is climbing the charts on Amazon, so that’s pretty cool.  I only have one paperback copy of this book right now, it’s the first copy ever printed.  So look for that giveaway on Facebook tomorrow.

Thursday, July 25th is the official release day for MANIC.  I’m going to do a signed paperback giveaway for both TRAGIC and MANIC each day over this coming weekend. So Thursday – Sunday.  This will happen on the Facebook page.

Lots of cool stuff going on this week so stay tuned!

Julie Huss

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