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JA Huss

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If you haven’t heard I have a new release today. It’s a very sexy, emotional love story that’s a little bit different than the sexy twists you usually get from me. It’s also a little shorter too. Today’s new release is called PRETTY THING and it’s only 99¢ this week and it’s FREE in Kindle Unlimited (if you have that). There will be an audiobook (probably this summer – narrators have been lined up and production will start soon)

But I have some announcements for you. Are you ready?

ONE – this book, Pretty Thing, and the two that come after (Sweet Thing and Wild Thing – two weeks apart – all TRUE STANDALONES) are shorter contemporary romances at about 280 pages each. THEY ARE STILL SUPER SEXY, but they aren’t dark and the first two aren’t twisty.


Because you’e probably noticed that all my books recently went into KU. I did this for several reasons that I will get to in a moment. I don’t really have a KU audience because I’ve been releasing wide pretty much my whole career (which spans more than seven years now) and to be successful in KU you have to have a KU audience.

So I wrote Pretty Thing and Sweet Thing with that in mind. I wanted to appeal to more readers – those who don’t necessarily love the dark twists I write. Those who prefer a shorter book with lots of sex and angsty love.

So these first two books have less twist and more angst. Same amount of sex. The third book releasing in this trio of standalones, Wild Thing, has more dark twists to it. And the books that come after will be a good mixture of both contemporary romance and dark romance releasing in their respective series.

TWO – KU is a great place to find new readers. And since I haven’t been in KU very much (hardly at all) there’s a huge potential pool of new readers for me to find by putting my books exclusive to Amazon.

You may have noticed that there’s a LOT of panic in the author world right now and that’s because Amazon made a bunch of changes last year that affected our visibility. It’s MUCH harder to find new readers than it was prior to 2018. I can’t tell you how many forum posts I’ve read in the last WEEK that have authors talking about quitting this business because they can’t sell books anymore.

I wish everyone who wanted to tell stories as their full-time job could make it work. But being a full-time author is a lot like being a full-time actor, or musician, or artist. It’s fuckin’ hard. The hustle required to make it as a full-time creative is INSANE. I actually don’t mind this part. That’s probably a big reason why I’m still doing great. I fuckin’ LOVE writing and I fuckin’ LOVE marketing. You do not even want to know the kind of hours I keep. And I DO NOT USE GHOSTWRITERS.

So this is why I’m trying out Kindle Unlimited for 2019. Will I be in KU in 2020? No clue.

THREE – Because I’ve had such a relatively long career in indie publishing, and have so many books published at this point I have sincerely lost track of the number, I’m ready to write something different. SO I WILL BE LAUNCHING A PEN NAME in May 2019 – this new name is KC CROSS. She (me) writes sexy Sc-Fi erotica and Paranormal Romance.


Because it’s not a secret. I just want to write some different stories. If you know me at all you have probably heard that I don’t read romance unless there’s a Sci-Fi or paranormal element to it. And even then, I mostly read Young Adult. That’s crazy, maybe some people even think that’s stupid. But when you write 5000-8000 words a day of sexy romance, you kinda need a break.

And I read these other books because I love them. I love exploring new worlds. That’s why I’m a writer.


I just made it super easy to tell the difference. 

FOUR – I have made a promise to my readers, and myself, that I will continue to publish an equal number of books for each author name. This means – if JA Huss releases a book, KC CRoss releases one too. If I write a KC Cross book, the next book I write is JA Huss. Every month, at least until the end of 2019, I will publish this way.

Every month, starting in May, I will release one JA Huss erotic romance and one KC Cross erotic Sci-Fi romance or Paranormal romance. I AM NOT ABANDONING THE JA HUSS NAME. I am not abandoning the JA Huss signature style of book (dark, twisted, erotic romance). I just want to write BOTH GENRES FOR NOW. See point ONE above for why Pretty Thing and Sweet Thing are slightly less twisted.

And because I am such a quick writer and prolific publisher I AM SURE YOU WILL FIND SEVERAL BOOKS in this upcoming year that will rock your world. So please do not worry that your favorite author is changing things up.

FIVE – This bring me back to the length of these new JA Huss books. They are all about 50,000 words which in paperback is 280 pages. Shorter than I usually write (my typical book is around +/- 80,000 words or about 350 paperback pages). Some longer, some slightly shorter, but not much. I rarely, until now, publish a book with less than 70,000 words.

I am a fast writer. I can kick out 5000 words a day pretty easy. I can write 8000 or more before noon with some concerted effort. BUT I CANNOT WRITE TWO 80,000 WORD BOOKS IN A MONTH. Well, I guess I could, but I’m not going to. I have a life.

So in order to write this new pen name I had to make a trade off. The world building in a Sci-Fi romance or Paranormal romance is a LOT OF WORK and it requires more words if you want to make the world GREAT. And I do. So that is why the JA Huss books will be shorter for a while.

Does this mean I will not write any more long books as JA Huss. No. Absolutely not. If I have a story that demands 100,000 words like 321 or Taking Turns or Ford, I will write them. Not all stories demand that kind of word count. And believe me when I tell you this, I NEVER PAD MY WORD COUNT. Every word is necessary. If it’s not necessary, I don’t waste my time writing it. I have better things to do than to write utter shit.

SIX – I will be getting a new website some time in the next month to make room for KC Cross. This website was started in 2012 when I first started publishing. It’s HUGE. There’s too many pages, too many posts. Too many “THINGS” So it’s going away and I’m starting fresh.


Most of the posts will be deleted. I will still keep up the FREE MARKETING AND WRITING VIDEO pages.  You will love it, I promise. And next year I will probably publish a NEW SET OF MARKETING VIDEOS for you author fans. Things have changed a lot since I made those in 2016. So much so, they are barely relevant anymore.

SEVEN – And I’m not sure how this one will shake out over the next year. It could change my whole life in ways I’ve yet to imagine. But BIG NEWS – Johnathan McClain and I have MADE ANOTHER DEAL WITH MGM TO WRITE A TV SHOW. Not The Company, which many of you may have heard about. Something BRAND NEW. All we have to do is sign the paperwork and we’ll be writing a pilot. THIS IS VERY EXCITING FOR YOU, ROMANCE FANS. Because once we can fully announce this show, you will DIE WITH HAPPINESS. I promise.

EIGHT – Which brings me to this disclaimer – I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CHANGE MY MIND ABOUT ALL OF THIS NEWS (except SEVEN above) any time I want. I cannot imagine a life without JA Huss books. I really can’t. But once Johnathan and I sign this contract, we are UNDER CONTRACT.

Johnathan and I have at least two books planned for 2019 as well. The Circle (book THREE in the Shape of Love Series and another book in the Tall, Dark, and Handsome Series i.e. The Sexpert books!). The TDH book will RELEASE FIRST (August 2019). PLEASE UNDERSTAND – we had to made a tough decision about the reality of what this new deal means. Once we are under contract with MGM, WE ARE OBLIGATED TO DELIVER A PILOT SCRIPT ON THEIR TIMELINE.

But we will not leave you hanging. We promise.

2019 is also a done deal in my mind. Nothing that happens with the TV show will pull me away from Author JA Huss until this year is over. If it does, then YAY US. We sold a hot TV show and life just went crazy. That’s not likely. lol So for 2019, these announcements should all remain true.

OK, that’s my word count for today! lol If you were bored, I apologize. But you probably should’ve stopped reading at announcement number ONE.

Pick up Pretty Thing TODAY for only 99¢ or READ for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!



About JA Huss

JA Huss is the New York Times Bestselling author of 321 and has been on the USA Today Bestseller’s list 21 times in the past four years. She writes characters with heart, plots with twists, and perfect endings.

Her books have sold millions of copies all over the world, the audio version of her semi-autobiographical book, Eighteen, was nominated for a Voice Arts Award and an Audie Award in 2016 and 2017 respectively, her audiobook, Mr. Perfect, was nominated for a Voice Arts Award in 2017, and her audiobook, Taking Turns, was nominated for an Audie Award and Voice Arts Award in 2018. In May 2018 MGM Television optioned five of her books (Slack, Guns, Come, Come Back, and Coming For You – collectively called THE COMPANY) for a TV Series. She and Johnathan are partners in that TV series project — in fact, they started out writing the teleplay for The Company and soon after found themselves writing novels together too.

Johnathan McClain is her first (and only) writing partner and even though they are worlds apart in just about every way imaginable, it works.

She lives on a ranch in Central Colorado with her family.

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24 responses to “Long Post – Sorry – Not-Sorry

  1. Pam Schaeffer

    I am so very happy for you and Johnathan. You don’t have to worry about this fan falling away. I have yet to read something of yours or yours and Johnathan’s that I don’t like. I, myself, don’t care for the sci-fi genre, but I want to give it a try. Why? Because you will be writing it! You will be opening the eyes of a new fan. I think it is a great idea to have a pen name for the sci-fi books. It will be easier to tell which genre is which. I am sure I am not the only one that is thinking this, but I am so proud of you’!!! You are such an amazing person. Sorry to rattle on, but I wanted you to know that I am happy for you and wish you well with all these new adventures.

  2. Kendra C

    I’m so very excited about the KC Cross books. I’m in a romance book funk but miss your books and the group chats. Look for me when the first one drops, I’ll be one of the first in line xo <3

  3. Jenn Langford

    I’m forever and always a fan! What just got me hyped is that you’re doing some sci-fi romance cuz I have actually been reading some and am totally loving em! I’m way stoked for your new addition! You do you and I know I’ll love it! Congratulations on all the news! 💕

  4. Tammy Shanahan

    Congrats. I had to laugh when I saw “long post” I seldom read a whole post like that or newsletter but with yours I read every single word. Thanks for all the great into and I look forward to any announcements on the new show

  5. Shannon L Mattson

    Thanks for always keeping it real Julie. I so appreciate your no bullshit approach to all you do. Do what you must do, lady. Your fans will be supporting you in whichever crazy turns you take and enjoying the ride. 😎


    Yay you! I hope everything goes well for you. I can’t wait to read your sci-fi. I love your your books!

  7. Diane Dykes

    Wow Julie…I have no idea how you keep up…I’m really looking forward to getting to know KC Cross…PNR has been a new passion for me the last couple of years and I love the stories..the fact that you’re writing them will be epic!

  8. Naimah Whitley

    Wow what a blog entry! I’m so happy for you and Johnathan. I’m also quite excited for what’s to come from every bullet point mentioned in your blog (i.e. the TV series, the new penname and the new Shape of Love book-I really fell in love with that series). I was once only into paranormal romance but have gotten away from it in the last few years. I can’t wait to read your paranormal books. Looks like it’s going to be an awesome 2019 for you!

  9. I just love you! Your blunt truths and everything you do!!
    Congratulations on everything!! I’m sorry some authors are struggling! It is hard and a lot of work, most don’t realize this. I do my best as a blogger to write and share my blog posts with new releases and bargain e-books but that has changed too. I don’t have the following I used too, but I guess it just comes with the territory, changes in people and what they want as well as their daily life. I however, will not stop blogging about books :0)

  10. Marie

    KC Cross is so exciting to me!! We are going to get along very well. Does she need a new bestie, by any chance?
    You know how I feel about the rest. Bravo ❤️

  11. Tara Rogers

    Even when a book is short I know if it’s written by you it is well worth it. There are authors that pump 1book out a year and even then not half as good as yours. I’m so excited for these new opportunities for you to grow your fanbase so others can see the amazingly talented writer that you are!

  12. Ginelle Blanch

    You are a fuckin’ rock star! I love your face, I love your words, and I love your personality! I look forward to exploring the books under your new pen name. True, Ja-motherfuckin-Huss fan here, long haul! WOOOOT, great things to come, I’m sure!!!!

  13. Vicki Harris

    OH MY GOSH! Can’t wait for KC Cross! Cuz I love me some JA Huss but paranormal romance does it for me! Yay! Lots of good stuff coming our way! Thank you Julie!

  14. Christen Stokely

    I would follow you anywhere and I Will read everything you write! These announcements are so exciting!
    And I love the podcasts! Talk about favorite author (well, second favorite, and so-on) overload! Couldn’t ask for better! Go girl!

  15. Diane

    So excited for your new writing plans! I’m sure I would read/listen to all books under 10 pen names if you write them and enjoy each one in their own way. Thank you for keeping us informed, I think you love your fans, right? Congratulations for your continued success!

  16. Julie Lavalle

    WOW – you are definitely keeping yourself busy!! I cannot wait to see what it all brings – looking forward to it ALL!!!!

  17. Michell Casper

    I am so excited for all the new things to come. I’m also excited for you. And wishing nothing but the best for you. ❤

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