She is no longer alone. Just more confused than ever.

Series: I Am Just Junco Book 2

Junco is on the space station Amelia, newly morphed into her avian form, and Tier is on trial for treason for bringing her home.

Lucan, her new commander, either hates or fears her. She’s not sure which (or if one is better than the other considering she’s no longer on Earth). But she can’t go back and in order to stay and save Tier from his inevitable guilty verdict, she must prove herself worthy in a series of battles called Fledge.

On the upside she has new team mates. Isten, the charmer. Braun, the one with the plan. But most important, Ashur. Tier’s brother. Who is patient, and protective, and the perfect friend to guide her in this hostile, alien place.

Soon she’s one of them. Fighting, and killing, and… winning. But in the end saving Tier is the only thing that matters. And there’s just one way to do that.


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