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JA Huss Non-Fiction

Wow – what a week. If you’re on the homepage of this blog, you can see the post below was an announcement for my annual open house at Simple Schooling, which is the subscription website I run for homeschoolers. Before I wrote fiction, I wrote non-fiction. A lot of non-fiction.


Anyway, I have two huge promotions each year. In May I run a week long open house where I let anyone come on the website and sample ten of my science courses. Every year has been better than the last and this year I am so incredibly happy to say that still holds true. It was a fabulous turn-out, and I’m writing this right now at 1AM on Saturday and I still have people buying subscriptions. It was a wild last day.

The other promo I do is for Black Friday and that kinda morphs into the Twelve Days of Freebies the first thirteen days of December. It’s basically like a three week long production.

So, a private, or public I guess, YAY for me, because it’s so cool to see customers who started out with me back in 2008 STILL purchasing a yearly subscription at my sales. Some of them have subscriptions through 2015, that’s how loyal they are. I love them.

JA Huss Fiction


Another amazing thing that happened today is TRAGIC went live on Amazon. The official release day is Monday, May 20th, and to be honest, I’m way too tired to promote it this weekend, so I’m so appreciative of my Indie Inked group for helping me spread the word today with giveaways. I could do a whole month’s worth of posts about the authors in the Indie Inked group, talk about AMAZING! I’m in a few groups but these ladies are my number one go-to peeps. Everyone is so supportive, it’s very unique.

So each week I’m going to highlight one for you. Next week is Cameo Renae, because she’s got a new release out this week as well and I just bought it to read for pleasure. I’m not going to muddle up her promo with my ramblings, so I’ll talk all about her next time. 🙂


The third thing to talk about is the tour for Losing Francesca. This book is not like anything I’ve written before. So, you know, maybe some of you won’t like it. That’s OK. It’s a young adult novel, it’s got no sex in it, no violence, no science fiction, no guns—well, one gun. And some tattoos…but that’s it. It’s sweet. Because after writing almost 600,000 words of Fucking Junco, I needed something sweet. And Rook in TRAGIC doesn’t count, because she’s a recovering mess.


Losing Francesca is touring with Xpresso Tours in July and the list of bloggers on the tour is set now, you can see it here.


TRAGIC is also touring with Xpresso, but that one starts in June. You can see the list of bloggers for that tour here.

I’m writing Rook and Ronin, #2 as we speak and even though this series started out as an experiment, I’ve grown to love the story. Rook, oh Rook… she’s wandering into some dangerous territory right now. I’m at 23,000 words, so she’s just settling in to her “new world” as a model and… whoa, this one is getting steamy quick. This book is called MANIC and it releases on August 1st. There will be a cover reveal next month during the TRAGIC tour and a blitz the week of release.


After I finish that (on June 15th to be exact) I’ll start the final Junco book. I have been thinking about Junco ever since I ended Range, privately debating on how to start the next novel.

You’d think that would be easy, start with Junco, right? I kinda left her hanging. But Junco’s not where this book starts, Junco is where this book ends. This book starts with Lucan. I have several points of view planned, all the Big Dudes, to be exact – Tier, Junco, Lucan, and Ashur. Everyone you’ve met in this series has a purpose and they will all play their parts at the end.

But even though the last book, RETURN, is all about things coming home, things coming back, things completing—it is really only about ONE person in the story. And that person is not Junco. Or Lucan, or Ashur.

This book is about Tier. He’s got a purpose and he was made for one reason only.

RETURN will be Tier’s story as it relates to the High Order, Junco, Lucan, Ashur, Gideon, Annun, Tessen, Selia, Inanna, Him, HOUSE, Sera, Amelia, Rikan, Iliana, Subjack, The New Dudes, the Avian Race, the End of the World, and The Future, whatever that may look like.

I can’t wait to start this book. And I can’t wait to introduce you to the real Lucan in Chapter Fucking One. 😉  I’ll have an excerpt ready by end of August and a cover reveal in October.  Tier has yet to grace a cover in the Junco series, but he will. Oh, yes, he will — and he will be spectacular.



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3 responses to “Just a shitload of news

  1. Ahh!! You have no idea how excited I am for RETURN, LOSING FRANCESCA and MANIC!! Well of course, you should know. Anyway, I NEED MORE JUNCO AND TIER HERE, hello? So excited!!

  2. Julie

    I’m so glad you’re excited, June! 🙂 i can’t wait for the last book as well. I’ve run about a hundred scenarios through my head and it’s finally starting to settle. I’ve always known how it ends, but how it gets there was up for internal discussion. Who lives and who dies, also up fin the air. 😉

  3. AHHH!! You’re such a tease! 😉 Congrats! I’m thrilled for you – all your new/upcoming releases and successes – so exciting! And I can’t wait to read ALL of them! LOL But really Julie, you hurt Tier, I may have to hunt you down! 😉