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The one thing that has helped me the most in book marketing…

And it can be summed up in a single word: Rafflecopter

The Raffelcopter is the best thing to come along for any kind of marketing in like… maybe ever.  If I could point a new author in one direction as far as how they should go about building their platform, I’d have to say this little tool is the only one you should worry about.

Yes, we all like reviews, and when the first book comes out we rush to get those reviews, but that can actually backfire if you’ve got a book that doesn’t appeal to the masses (Junco, anyone?).  By hawking out your book to anyone who will review it, you set yourself up for some bad ones, because the truth is, not everyone will like your book, your book is not for everyone, and lots of bloggers out there are brutally honest.


So asking for reviews of your new book is risky but asking people to follow you on Facebook and Twitter in exchange for an opportunity to win some cool stuff, not at all risky.  In fact, it’s a guarantee in a world that lacks guarantees.

I have one Rafflecopter going right now for my two new releases.  You don’t have to enter it, although I have some nice prizes offered.  But do go through and look at how it’s set up.  I consider myself to be a RC expert.  I’ve run several dozen of these things, I know what works, I know how to format it, I know how much each task should be worth.

So take a moment and look at the RC below, and let me explain some things to you after you do that:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  1. ALWAYS have Twitter follow and retweet as options.  If you do nothing else, do this.  Because book bloggers are rabid about Twitter and they follow these contests.
  2. Always have FB Like, because it’s easy.
  3. Always choose ONE main task that you really want them to do.  In my case, it’s follow me on Blogluvin (my book blog, that is.)  I want them to follow my book blog because that’s my main platform right now.  Not this blog, not my Junco website, not my other non-fiction website and store, but my book blog.  Because I get 500-800 page views a day on that thing and that’s not easy to do.
  4. Third, try new things with your RC.  I have friend or fan me on GR on this one, but sometimes I want Clutch to move up a list over there and I have people vote it up.
  5. Sometimes I want comments – for instance, in a recent blog hop for a YA romance book, I asked everyone to tell me what their favorite qualities in a romance hero are.  This is called author research.  I tell you, that hop gave me a lot to work with as far as writing and characterization go.

RC is a tool, a beautiful, well-functioning, requires little to no upkeep, tool.  And my number one tip for building your Indie platform is to use this tool regularly, become an expert at this tool.

Because when used properly, tools get results.

I hope this helps you guys, see you next month.  (And sorry my post was late!)


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3 responses to “INDELIBLES: Number One Marketing Tip for Writers

    • Julie

      You will never know that, unfortunately, but in my case, my sales have grown, my Twitter base has grown, my Facebook interaction has grown, my comments on the blog(s) has grown, and I have made MANY, MANY new friends through hop giveaways.

      And that’s not something you can put a price on, be it time or money.

      That Romance hop cost me $10 for the prize and I got 143 rabid readers to tell me what they like in a romance hero. Priceless stuff, that. Can’t be measured in sales.