I’m So Excited to be Blogging! YEAH!

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Cool engraving of angels from some famous guy who's name I cannot spell - he might be French.

Not. I hate blogging and I’ll tell you why.

Number Uno – I can never keep up with it.  I start out with the best intentions but you know what happens, you get tired of trying to think of things, the dog gets an ear infection, your new book needs to be edited, blah blah blah.

Numeral Two – I don’t get WordPress. I’m a Joomla guru through and through, but WP – just not my thing.

Three – Uh, everyone has a blog that barely anyone reads. I don’t expect mine to be any different. I have websites that get traffic, but a blog about me ranting?  I don’t have high hopes for this thing.

Quatro – Seriously, those fake bloggers over at www.iamjustjunco.com are SOOOOOOOO much more interesting than I am.  really. Take my word on that. If you visit me here, I’ll talk your ear off about chickens and stuff.

Cinco – I don’t know how to add all that cool stuff over in the sidebars. Like I said, I can work magic with Joomla, but WP, not so much.

Six – I write for a living and all my characters are much more interesting than I am, dammit!  Do I seriously have to write about my mundane life and make it look so much worse?

OK, I’m already out of things to say. I told you.

And edit to say – see major faux paw 🙂 I forgot the image!  Holy shit.  I’ll add one now…

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