I Made This Business

Posted August 14, 2012 by Julie in Brag, self-publishing / 3 Comments

I’m gonna brag all about me today.  I never say enough about my awesome success as a non-fiction science writer so today is all about that.

My most recent product, Shark Week Mega Funbook, is sitting at number one.  Now, this is nothing new for me – every time I release a product and promote it, I sit at number one.  But mostly I just keep my mouth shut about it. But not today. Because I have thirty plus products sitting in the top 100 at CurrClick, I have 183 products for sale, and four years ago I had ZERO.

That’s a pretty big deal.

I’m not gonna discuss my average numbers – but they are satisfactory for a part time gig that I created from NOTHING…yes President Obama – I made this.

Government did not sit down and write these workbooks or reach out to customers one person at a time. Government did not sit at a desk, 16 hours a day, every SINGLE weekend for the past four years to write and create learning materials for homeschool parents. Government did not teach me how to build a website, write a unit study, use PowerPoint, create online courses, purchase the software I use, teach me Windows 7 or Photoshop, or InDesign, or After Effects, or Acrobat, or Raptivity.


Not YOU.  Not Congress. Not anyone.

ME. I was here all by my lonesome. I got an idea and I ran with it.

And now look…I made something that can support me if I lose my job. I made something that makes people happy.  I made something that teaches young people about science.

(And the street I live on is barely a street – mine’s made of dirt. So spare me your crap about how your idea of government made my business because of the dirt road in front of my house.)

This year my new idea was expanding my writing into science fiction instead of science fact. So I wrote a book.  No actually, I wrote three.  And more accurately, I’m 15,000 words into the fourth book in this series as we speak.  My goal on January 1, 2012 was to write three books and self-publish them on Amazon.

On October 1, 2012 I will meet that goal three months early.

I made this.  And life in America is good when you can take control of your future.

I hope everyone takes control of their American Dream and runs with it.  If you live here, in the greatest country that ever existed, and still can’t make it work?  Then hang in there, stay home and work those weekends until you fall in bed from exhaustion, try harder.

Because you’ve got it all, but no one said it would be easy, and no one promised you a win.




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3 responses to “I Made This Business

  1. Bloody hell, you have done well Julie! Didn’t realize you iz a science geek! I love science too, and taught myself all about quantum physics, from Heisenbergs uncertainty principle to black hole singularities, quantum thermodynamics and so on. I got to teach it at a school too, which was extreme.
    Who needs bloody universities and help from others eh!

    • You’re awesome, James! 🙂 You’re like me – if you want something, just go get it! (And between you and me, I’m not all that great at physics – makes my head spin…I’ll take biochemistry any day!)

      • Indeed!
        I am learning all about human behavior at the moment – I studied counseling a few years back and always wanted to learn more. Freud is my favorite.
        Chemistry is complicated enough, all that DNA stuff………!