I Knocked Myself Out of Number 1

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I updated the picture because I knocked myself out of #2 as well!

I put out two new products this week:

They are at #1 and 2 right now, after kicking out Tree-Leaf-Seed, which has been sitting there at #1 since the day I uploaded it on October 15.  I’m pretty happy with the run it had, considering the election is one week away and the current promotion over at CurrClick is for election related materials.  As you can see in the screenshot, All About the Presidential Election thought it was gonna overtake me at #1 this week.  It didn’t count on me releasing two new products though.

I try and dominate during the holidays by releasing new stuff almost constantly – it allows me to take most of December off at Simple Schooling and still make money.  That’s always nice.  And today I’ve gotten three sales for subscriptions, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but when a subscription goes for $73 a pop, it adds up quick.

Which is good, I still have to buy winter hay…I know one feed store has hay right now, but it’s way expensive because it’s mountain certified and I don’t need mountain certified.  I’d rather not pay $15 a bale if I don’t have to.  Hopefully Big R will have some on Friday when I go order.  And hopefully it won’t be any more than $12 a bale…I need at least 50 of those suckers.

Anyway – next week Evergreen Trees goes out, then the Beatrix Potter Timmy Tiptoes freebie 🙂 and then the week of Thanksgiving, Ice and Snow will go out as a complete course.  I won a promotion for social marketing a few months back and so they’re gonna do a feature on me in the newsletter and make me book of the week or something.  I chose Thanksgiving week  (I still cannot believe no one else chose that week??) because I have a super huge Black Friday sale every year.  Perfect free advertising.  And that sale leads into Cyber Monday sale, which leads right into The 12 Days of Freebies on December 1.

Simple Schooling is almost on auto-pilot and that is so very cool. 🙂

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