His Turn Release Giveaway – The Series is Complete

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His Turn Release Giveaway – The Series is Complete

JA Huss



The Turning Series
Taking Turns

Taking Turns

Series: Audiobooks, Book 1
Genres: Dark Romantic Suspense, Romance
Tags: Dark, Erotic, Romance

I’ve never been afraid of the dark...but that doesn’t mean I wanted to live in it. And maybe everyone wants what they can’t have, but I should’ve thought it over before I accepted the key and unlocked the door to their forbidden world.

Number One is mostly silent. He watches me with them very carefully. His gaze never wanders. His interest never wanes.

Number Two is mostly gentle. But it’s the other side of him I like best. The wild side.

Number Three is mostly reserved. He refuses to cross the line. Even when I beg.

It was carnal, it was sensual, and it was erotic. That’s it. That’s all it was supposed to be. A trip into the dark. A peek into the forbidden.

I just didn’t expect to like them.

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Turning Back

Turning Back

Series: Audiobooks, Book 2
Genre: Dark Romantic Suspense
Tags: Contemporary, Dark, Romance

I lived in the dark for three years. My whole world revolved around the whims and happiness of three men. It was just a trip into the forbidden. A way out of a bad situation and forward into nothingness.

Quin, with his easy smile and charming good looks. He was always there for me... Until he wasn’t.

Smith, and his dispassionate attention. He was never there for me and he never regretted it.

Bric, the one who listened, but only to himself. Self-absorbed, self-obsessed, and self-serving. He was never the one I wanted.

And now he might be the only one I have left.

It was good while it lasted, I guess. But it could’ve been so much more. It could’ve been so much better.

And that’s why I’m turning back.

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His Turn

His Turn


I look her body up and down as I circle her.
I smile a devious, deviant, I’m gonna make you sorry you ever started playing this game with me smile.
And then I take her hand.
I lead her to the elevator.
We go up to my apartment.
I tie her wrists together with rope.
Raise her arms above her head.
And chain her to the ceiling.
It’s my turn.

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There is nothing quite like the feeling I get when I finish a series. Especially when those final words just complete the whole fucking process. When the Big Picture comes clearly into focus and I write The End feeling like I did this story and these characters justice. There will be more Smith, Chella, Quin, Rochelle, Bric, and Nadia in the next series (The Taking Series) that will be headed by Jordan Wells as the old players fade into their new normal, so if you’re worried about saying “goodbye”, don’t be. They’ll be back.

I will admit that Bric was my lest favorite character in this series as I was writing but somewhere between page beginning and page end of His Turn, I fell in love with the guy. He didn’t have a tragic story, not really. But he definitely had the most emotional one. I didn’t set out to write that either. It was gonna be a straight up dom/sub head game from start to finish. But he got to me. The process  of letting go of Quin (and everyone else, but mostly Quin) brought something out in him I never expected. Vulnerability. I don’t want to say too much but I think if you liked the other two books in the series you will end up loving Bric too.

It’s 4th of July here in the States, so I’m not gonna take up too much of your time. Just have a great day and sty safe! There’s a bunch of shit below to look at/read/watch. One is the new audiobook version of the Taking Turns trailer. The other is a giveaway and the third is an excerpt of my favorite part of His Turn (at least one that won’t spoil the ending!) So enjoy, enter, and give the trailer a watch.

Next up is FIVE which will release on September 19 and you can pre-order it below. AND I have an open ORDER FORM for Signed books! This only happens once a year so if you’ve been wantign a signed book you can get all that info here.




Fantastic fucking game.
She falls asleep first, her breathing finally even and slow. Then Jordan. His grip on her body looser than before. But the dawn is peeking through the sheer curtains before I finally surrender to the win and relax.
I wake up at the motion of the shifting mattress. Nadia is crawling down to the foot of the bed, still between Jordan and me. I grab her ankle out of instinct, startling a gasp out of her as she looks over her shoulder. “I’m just going to the bathroom,” she says.
Her voice is low. Calm.
So I let go of her and she stumbles her way across the room, closing the door to the bathroom behind her.
“Fuck,” Jordan says next to me. “What time is it?”
I glance over at the clock on the nightstand. “Eight fifteen,” I say, croaking out the word.
“Way too fucking early.” Jordan sighs, turning over on his stomach and bunching up the pillow beneath his head.
“Yeah,” I mumble, eyes on the bathroom door. “Should we sleep or eat?”
“Fuuuuuck,” Jordan groans into his pillow.
“We have to feed her before we can let her leave. And she might be ready to leave.”
“Call room service then,” he says, barely audible since he’s talking to the pillow.
“It’s a Club holiday,” I say. “Everyone has today off. No room service.”
Jordan lifts his head and stares at me. “You dick. Are you fucking serious?”
“I didn’t really think this through.” I laugh. “I really thought she’d bolt last night before we even got as far as the chains.”
“Yeah,” Jordan laughs, turning back over, his chest bare and ripped with muscle. His hand wanders down to his dick, absently playing with it. “What a great night.”
I want to fuck them both, I realize. Before we end this session. We were spent last night by the time we got her up here, so we never did get a real threesome.
“Nadia,” I call to the closed bathroom door. “What are you doing in there?”
No answer. “Nadia,” Jordan yells, “Answer him.”
“Fuck off,” she says through the door. I can faintly hear the sound of water.
Jordan grins, still playing with his dick. Eyes closed. “Be nice to her,” he says in a low voice so Nadia can’t hear. “She needs it.”
“Does she?” I ask back. “Because I’m not getting that impression.”
He opens one eye to look at me. “She does.” Like this is final.
So I just shrug, taking his word on that. He’s the one who knows her, not me.
The door opens and Nadia appears. Naked. Her long, lean, ballet body perfect in the morning light. Her dark hair is falling over her breasts like a soft blanket. Her expression is angry, then confused. Then soft. She takes a deep breath. “I’m going home now.”
“Wait,” I say, sitting up in bed. I reach for Jordan and place my hand over his as he strokes himself. “Come be with us for a little bit longer. Then we’ll make you breakfast, and then you can leave. You can’t leave until we feed you. It’s part of the rules.”
“There are no rules, Elias.” I smile when she calls me Elias. “Despite what you think,” she says, her words crisp and clear, “you do not own me.”
I lift my hand off Jordan’s and then drag the white down comforter off him. He grins at her as he masturbates, his cock long and hard, the tip of his swollen head emerging through the grip of his fist on each downward stroke.
She watches him for several seconds. Unconsciously licks her lips.
“Get in bed, Nadia,” Jordan says. “We’re gonna give you something nice now.”


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Series: Five, Book 6
Genre: Romance
Tags: Contemporary, Romance

Five Aston has known Rory Shrike for as long as he can remember. He played with her in the sandbox. He went to every damn horse show just to be supportive. He helped her with her French, walked her home from school, and faked his test scores just to stay with her a little longer and not be sent off to college early.
But eventually he had to move on.
And so did she.
Never has a second chance meant so much to a boy who loves a girl.

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About JA Huss

JA Huss is the New York Times Bestselling author of 321 and has been on the USA Today Bestseller’s list 21 times in the past four years. She writes characters with heart, plots with twists, and perfect endings.

Her books have sold millions of copies all over the world, the audio version of her semi-autobiographical book, Eighteen, was nominated for a Voice Arts Award and an Audie Award in 2016 and 2017 respectively, her audiobook, Mr. Perfect, was nominated for a Voice Arts Award in 2017, and her audiobook, Taking Turns, was nominated for an Audie Award and Voice Arts Award in 2018. In May 2018 MGM Television optioned five of her books (Slack, Guns, Come, Come Back, and Coming For You – collectively called THE COMPANY) for a TV Series. She and Johnathan are partners in that TV series project — in fact, they started out writing the teleplay for The Company and soon after found themselves writing novels together too.

Johnathan McClain is her first (and only) writing partner and even though they are worlds apart in just about every way imaginable, it works.

She lives on a ranch in Central Colorado with her family.

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